Romantic Periodicals in the Twenty First Century

... The Story of Rimini to remove the 'jaunty', 'newfangled' coinages (e.g., 'clipsome', 'quoit-like', 'passion-plighted') that Blackwood's and others had found so ridiculous.11 In Towards a Subfield of Romantic Periodical Studies Yet, ...

Author: Mason Nicholas Mason

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9781474448154

Category: Literary Criticism

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Maps a coherent subfield of Romantic periodical studies through studying the trailblazing Blackwood's Edinburgh MagazineAn introduction by two established scholars that articulates a case for the more sustained, systematic study of Romantic periodicals and justifies the volume's focus by retracing Blackwood's emergence as the era's most innovative, influential and controversial literary magazine.Features eleven essays modelling how the wide-ranging commentary, reviews and original fiction and verse published in Blackwood's during its first two decades (1817-37) might meaningfully inform many of the most vibrant contemporary discussions surrounding British Romanticism. Contributes to field-wide bicentenary celebrations and reappraisals both of Blackwood's and the authors and works - including Shelley's Frankenstein, Byron's Don Juan and Keats's Poems - whose reputations the magazine helped shape.This book pioneers a subfield of Romantic periodical studies, distinct from its neighbours in adjacent historical periods. Eleven chapters by leading scholars in the field model the range of methodological, conceptual and literary-historical insights to be drawn from careful engagements with one of the age's landmark literary periodicals, Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Engaging with the research potential unlocked by new digital resources for studying Romantic periodicals, they argue that the wide-ranging commentary, reviews and original fiction and verse published in Blackwood's during its first two decades (1817-37) should inform many of the most vibrant contemporary discussions surrounding British Romanticism.

Romantic Periodicals and Print Culture

Studies approaching Romantic writers by way of periodical culture continue into the present decade. ... The first is that the periodicals create various separate readerships with different assumptions about how to interpret words and ...

Author: Kim Wheatley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135756727

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Building on a revival of scholarly interest in the cultural effects of early 19th-century periodicals, the essays in this collection treat periodical writing as intrinsically worthy of attention not a mere backdrop to the emergence of British Romanticism but a site in which Romantic ideals were challenged, modified, and developed. Contributors to the volume discuss a range of different periodicals, from the elite Quarterly and Edinburgh Reviews, through William Cobbett's populist weekly newspaper Two-Penny Trash, to the miscellaneous monthly magazines typified by Blackwood's. While some contributors to the volume approach the phenomenon of Romanticism within periodical culture from a more materialist standpoint than others, several elaborate upon recent intersections between Romantic studies and gender studies.

Literary Manuscript Culture in Romantic Britain

Edinburgh Critical Studies in Romanticism Series Editors: Ian Duncan and Penny Fielding Available Titles A Feminine ... Levy Forthcoming Titles Towards Romantic Periodical Studies: 12 Case Studies from Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine ...

Author: Levy Michelle Levy

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9781474457088

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A study of the production and circulation of literary manuscripts in Romantic-era BritainOffers a detailed examination of the practices of literary manuscript culture, particularly the production, circulation and preservation of manuscripts, based on extensive archival researchDemonstrates how literary manuscript culture co-evolved with print culture, in a nuanced study of the interactions between the two mediaExamines the changing cultural attitudes towards literary manuscripts, and how these changes affected practices and valuesSurveys the impact of digital media on our access to and understanding of historical manuscriptsThis book examines how manuscript practices interacted with an expanding print marketplace to nurture and transform the period's literary culture. It unearths the alternative histories manuscripts tell us about British Romantic literary culture, describing the practices by which handwritten documents were written, shared, altered and preserved, and explores the functions they served as instruments of expression and sociability. By demonstrating how literary manuscript culture co-evolved with print culture, this study illuminates the complex entanglements between the media of script and print.

Dialectics of Improvement

Edinburgh Critical Studies in Romanticism Series Editors: Ian Duncan and Penny Fielding Available Titles A ... Culture in Romantic Britain Michelle Levy Forthcoming Titles Towards Romantic Periodical Studies: 12 Case Studies from ...

Author: McKeever Gerard Lee McKeever

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9781474441704

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Explores the nature of Scottish Romanticism through its relationship to improvementProvides new insight into the concept of 'improvement'Advances current thinking on Scottish RomanticismIdentifies how improvement was involved in key aesthetic innovations in the periodIncludes case studies across poetry, short fiction, drama and the novelThis book develops new insight into the idea of progress as improvement as the basis for an approach to literary Romanticism in the Scottish context. With chapter case studies covering poetry, short fiction, drama and the novel, it examines a range of key writers: Robert Burns, James Hogg, Walter Scott, Joanna Baillie and John Galt. Improvement, as the book explores, provided a dominant theme for literary texts in this period, just as it saturated the wider culture. It was also of real consequence to questions about what literature is and what it can do: a medium of secular belonging, a vehicle of indefinite exchange, an educational tool or a theoretical guide to history.

Periodical Studies Today

pains to repudiate any Philistine idea that anything like ridicule was here attempted. ... The periodical codified a collective form of Romantic authorship, a largely informal scribal culture, in which authors circulated their journals ...


Publisher: BRILL

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International specialists explore magazines and newspapers from a sociocultural perspective allowing us to understand the relation between its audience and these much beloved friends from the late seventeenth to the twenty first century. A must-read for academic and interested readers who wish to explore new and relevant ways to analyse periodicals.

Romantic Periodicals in the Twenty First Century

This book pioneers a subfield of Romantic periodical studies, distinct from its neighbours in adjacent historical periods.

Author: Nicholas Mason

Publisher: Edinburgh Critical Studies in

ISBN: 1474448135

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This book pioneers a subfield of Romantic periodical studies, distinct from its neighbours in adjacent historical periods.

Politics and Emotions in Romantic Periodicals

For all their diversity, what characterises these different forms of political criticism is the attempt to distance ... every field in literary and cultural studies—from American studies to animal studies, from feminist theory to New ...

Author: Jock Macleod

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030324674

Category: Literary Criticism

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This book comprises eleven essays by leading scholars of early nineteenth-century British literature and periodical culture. The collection addresses the many and varied links between politics and the emotions in Romantic periodicals, from the revolutionary decade of the 1790s, to the 1832 Reform Bill. In so doing, it deepens our understanding of the often conflicted relations between politics and feelings, and raises questions relevant to contemporary debates on affect studies and their relation to political criticism. The respective chapters explore both the politics of emotion and the emotional register of political discussion in radical, reformist and conservative periodicals. They are arranged chronologically, covering periodicals from Pigs’ Meat to Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine and the Spectator. Recurring themes include the contested place of emotion in radical political discourse; the role of the periodical in mediating action and performance; the changing affective frameworks of cultural politics (especially concerning gender and nation), and the shifting terrain of what constitutes appropriate emotion in public political discourse.

Women and Romanticism 5V

The transformation of Romantic studies has occurred quickly, and while much critical attention has been given to women ... More archival research resulting in editions of the collected letters, journals and works of women writers will ...

Author: Roxanne Eberle

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000743654

Category: Literary Criticism

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Demonstrating the breadth and scope of women’s writing in the Romantic period, this collection covers a variety of topics ranging across polemical treatises, private correspondence, philosophical and historical disquisitions, and poetry and prose fiction. Helping to contextualise the areas discussed, the collection includes a general introduction by the editor, which traces the history of criticism in the field, and thus current definitions of "Women and Romanticism", before going on to discuss the contents of each volume.

Editing as Cultural Practice in Canada

... considered paramount to a critically rigorous reading of a text. However, unlike socialtext editing, with its roots in Romantic studies, modern periodical studies has been articulated by scholars of modernism including Sean Latham, ...

Author: Dean Irvine

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9781771120944

Category: Literary Criticism

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This collection of essays focuses on the varied and complex roles that editors have played in the production of literary and scholarly texts in Canada. With contributions from a wide range of participants who have played seminal roles as editors of Canadian literatures—from nineteenth-century works to the contemporary avant-garde, from canonized texts to anthologies of so-called minority writers and the oral literatures of the First Nations—this collection is the first of its kind. Contributors offer incisive analyses of the cultural and publishing politics of editorial practices that question inherited paradigms of literary and scholarly values. They examine specific cases of editorial production as well as theoretical considerations of editing that interrogate such key issues as authorial intentionality, textual authority, historical contingencies of textual production, circumstances of publication and reception, the pedagogical uses of edited anthologies, the instrumentality of editorial projects in relation to canon formation and minoritized literatures, and the role of editors as interpreters, enablers, facilitators, and creators. Editing as Cultural Practice in Canada situates editing in the context of the growing number of collaborative projects in which Canadian scholars are engaged, which brings into relief not only those aspects of editorial work that entail collaborating, as it were, with existing texts and documents but also collaboration as a scholarly practice that perforce involves co-editing.

Edinburgh Companion to Atlantic Literary Studies

She has written essays on twentieth-century American literature and post-9/11 literature and culture for journals such as Journal of American ... include Romanticism, transatlantic and periodical studies, and environmental writing.

Author: Leslie Eckel

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9781474402958

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 432

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New and original collection of scholarly essays examining the literary complexities of the Atlantic world systemThis Companion offers a critical overview of the diverse and dynamic field of Atlantic literary studies, with contributions by distinguished scholars on a series of topics that define the area. The essays focus on literature and culture from first contact to the present, exploring fruitful Atlantic connections across space and time, across national cultures, and embracing literature, culture and society. This research collection proposes that the analysis of literature and culture does not depend solely upon geographical setting to uncover textual meaning. Instead, it offers Atlantic connections based around migration, race, gender and sexuality, ecologies, and other significant ideological crossovers in the Atlantic World. The result is an exciting new critical map written by leading international researchers of a lively and expanding field. Key FeaturesOffers an introduction to the growing field of Atlantic literary studies by showcasing current work engaged in debate around historical, cultural and literary issues in the Atlantic WorldIncludes 26 newly-commissioned scholarly essays by leading experts in Atlantic literary studiesFuses breadth of historical knowledge with depth of literary scholarshipConsiders the full range of intercultural encounters around and across the Atlantic Ocean