Toward a Grammar of Passages

Ambiguity is thus a necessary and desirable feature of human discourse, which a "grammar of passages" must accommodate, not avoid. For a "grammar of passages," unless it confines itself to surface features, such as cohesion cues, ...

Author: Richard M. Coe

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 9780809314201

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“The mature writer is recognized ... by his ability to create a flow of sentences, a pattern of thought that is produced, one suspects, according to the principles of yet another kind of grammar—a grammar, let us say, of passages.”—Mina Shaughnessy Richard M. Coe has developed such a “grammar,” one which uses a simple graphic instrument to analyze the meaningful relationships between sentences in a passage and to clarify the function of structure in discourse. Working in the tradition of Christensen’s generative rhetoric, Coe presents a two-dimensional graphic matrix that effectively analyzes the logical relations between statements by mapping coordinate, subordinate, and superordinate relationships. Coe demonstrates the power of his discourse matrix by applying it to a variety of significant problems, such as how to demonstrate discourse differences between cultures (especially between Chinese and English), how to explain precisely what is “bad” about the structure of passages that do not work, and how best to teach structure. This new view of the structure of passages helps to articulate crucial questions about the relations between form and function, language, thought and culture, cognitive and social processes.

Theorizing Composition

By analyzing the structure of paragraphs and longer passages, it can help identify the characteristics of rhetorical ... My work, Toward a Grammar of Passages, for instance, reports studies by colleagues who have identified a 134 ...

Author: Mary Lynch Kennedy

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313299278

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The last 25 years have witnessed extraordinary growth in the field variously known as composition studies or as rhetoric and composition. What was noticeable about the field in its infancy was a preoccupation with practice, a lack of emphasis on theory, and an exclusive reliance on writing as a process. As its disciplinary status has grown, composition studies has expanded its focus, reconceptualized the writing process, and embraced a wide range of contemporary critical perspectives. This reference book is a guide to the numerous theories that now form the foundation for composition studies.

Toward a History of American Linguistics

45 While Chomsky took a negative attitude towards meaning in Syntactic Structures by insisting that “grammar is autonomous and independent of meaning” (1957:17), this position mellowed during the early 1960s and in Aspects we may detect ...

Author: E.F.K. Koerner

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134495085

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Beginning with the anthropological linguistic tradition associated primarily with the names of Franz Boas, Edward Sapir and their students and concluding with the work of Noam Chomsky and William Labov at the end of the century. This book offers a comprehensive account of essential periods and areas of research in the history of American Linguistics and also addresses contemporary debates and issues within linguistics. Topics covered include: * The sources of the 'Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis' * Leonard Bloomfield and the Cours de linguistique générale * The 'Chomskyan Revolution' and its Historiography * The Origins of Morphophonemics in American Linguistics *William Labov and the Origins of Sociolinguistics in America. Toward a History of American Linguistics will be invaluable reading for academics and advanced students within the fields of linguistics and the history of linguistics.

A Companion to Jean Gerson

There is no truth to the primary signification of the words (i.e., the bare grammar). ... These are the passages which not only instruct the intellect toward something spiritual, but also excite and exercise the affect.

Author: Brian Patrick McGuire

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789047409076

Category: History

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This guide to the life and writings of Jean Gerson (1363-1429) provides the reader with a state-of-the-art evaluation of the place of this central theologian and church reformer in the transition from medieval to early modern culture, spirituality and religion.

Biblical Hebrew Workbook

A deductive approach systematizes the grammar of the language and then presents it in lessons which give the ... Toward the end of such an approach , actual biblical passages are sometimes included , but normally students turn to the ...

Author: A. Vanlier Hunter

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 0819157155

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This work is a simplified introductory grammar of Biblical Hebrew based on the inductive study of selected chapters from the Hebrew Bible: Genesis 22, Genesis 12, Deuteronomy 5, Joshua 24, II Samuel 11-12, Genesis 1, Jeremiah 1, and Psalm 51.

A Glasgow Voice

aye) for emphasis and how come for why.5 It is to be expected that there are also many grammatical features that are ... In grammatical terms, the English lexis-oriented passage is entirely consistent in its use of English grammar, ...

Author: Christine Amanda Müller

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443831444

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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This book focuses on James Kelman, a leading Scottish author, and his use of language. It examines how Kelman presents a spoken Glasgow working-class voice in his stories while breaking down the traditional distinction made between speech and writing in literature. Three main themes are explored: the use of Glaswegian/Scots language, the inclusion of working-class discourse features, and an expressive preference for spoken over written forms. Kelman’s writing is approached through an examination of his use of punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, swearing, and body language. Throughout, examples from Kelman’s writing are analysed and statistical comparisons are made between his writing and the Scots Corpus of Texts and Speech. In summary, the reader will find a detailed and systematic analysis of Kelman’s use of language in literature, showing linguistic patterns, identifying key textual strategies and features, and comparing these to the standards that precede him and those that surround his work.

Thayer s Greek English Lexicon of the NT

Winer's Grammar , 38 , 232 [ 218 ] ; Buttmann , 185 [ 160 ] ) : Mt 3:17 Mt 12:18 Tr ; 17 : 5 ; Mr 1:11 Lu 3:22 ( on the tense in the preceding passage cf. Winer's Grammar , 278 [ 261 ] ; Buttmann , 198 [ 171 ] ) ; 1Co 10 : 5 2Co 12:10 ...

Author: Joseph Thayer

Publisher: Christian Classics Reproductions


Category: Religion


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For over a century, Thayer's has been lauded as one of the best New Testament lexicons available. Both accessible and thorough, it is a work suited for the student of New Testament Greek. Thayer's provides dictionary definitions for each word and relates each word to its New Testament usage and categorizes its nuances of meaning. Its exhaustive coverage of New Testament Greek words, as well as its extensive quotation of extra-biblical word usage and the wealth of background sources consulted and quoted, render Thayer's an invaluable resource.

Assessment and Intervention for English Language Learners

... student orally reads a 1-minute Measurement skills to monitor progress passage to determine instructional (GOM) toward larger, ... Whenever you use the Spelling and Grammar check, you will also get the Flesch-Kincaid reading level.

Author: Susan Unruh

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319526454

Category: Psychology

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This book presents evidence-based practices for appropriate assessment of and school-based services for young English language learners. It identifies and addresses the challenges of assessing and intervening with these students at the curricular, instructional, environmental, and individual levels, particularly the complexities of determining the presence or absence of learning disabilities. Case studies and comparisons with fluent English speakers illustrate the screening and evaluation process – including multi-tier system of supports (MTSS) and response to intervention (RTI) – and proactive intervention planning in core literacy and math domains. Together, these chapters model effective teaching practice, advocacy, and teamwork with parents and colleagues as well as policy development toward meeting the needs of this diverse student population. This invaluable guide: Examines challenges of data collection when working with English language learners. Traces the development of dual-language fluency and competence. Discusses language-acquisition issues affecting oral language assessment. Reviews commonly used assessment and intervention tools in use with English learners. Features specialized chapters relating to reading, writing, and mathematics competencies. Can be used regardless of first language spoken by students. Assessment and Intervention for English Language Learners is an essential resource for researchers, professionals, and graduate students in diverse fields including school and clinical child psychology; assessment, testing, and evaluation; language education; special education; and educational psychology.

Women Leadership and the Bible

Woman's whole attitude toward learning should be that of learning in quietness (not silence) and full submission. ... WORDS AND GRAMMAR Look at the words and grammar in this passage and in other passages attributed to the author.

Author: Natalie R. Wilson Eastman

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781630871765

Category: Religion

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What do you believe about women's roles in church leadership? Should women lead groups that include men? Should women preach? Should women be ordained? More importantly, why do you believe what you believe? Plenty of books exist telling women what to think; precious few help women think for themselves, particularly about theological issues. Women, Leadership, and the Bible helps women learn to interpret the Bible and discern for themselves answers to their questions about women's roles in the church, along with any other issue they may face in life. In straightforward, plain language, Dr. Natalie Eastman introduces women to a five-step, easy-to-follow process for studying the Bible and interpreting what they study. [NOTE to designer: if there is not enough space on the back cover then cut the following section in italics] This book encourages women that they can think for themselves and can analyze significant theological issues, despite any hesitations they may have, any conflict surrounding an issue, or any lack of theological training. By the time readers finish this book, they will have a biblically defendable, theologically reasoned, and thoroughly discerned understanding of what they believe Scripture says about women's roles and how that understanding could play out within the church. No longer will they feel as though they have nothing to contribute when the subject of women's roles--or any other of life's theological questions--arises.