Total Health and Fitness Revolution

Health Physical fitness. Longevity Doctor Joseph Cheung. Australian nutritionist, the WW diet is way above all other commercial weight-reducing diets currently being promoted in Australia. In the WW workshop, which is at the heart of ...

Author: Doctor Joseph Cheung

Publisher: Dr. Joseph Cheung

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Total Health and Fitness Revolution presents the latest scientific findings on how to age healthily and attain a long life. This book should be read by people of all ages, as the earlier one develops good practices the healthier one will be and the longer one will live. Any parent concerned with their child’s welfare will be keen to discover the information herein which will help them to put their child onto the path of optimum health. Dr Joseph Cheung covers the benefits of exercise, diet, vitamin supplements and preventative medicine, drawing on his decades of clinical practice and research.

Public Health and Welfare Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

DataSetCode=HEALTH_STAT) The decreasing in the health expenses increase speed have been seen almost all around the world ... As is seen in Table 2, Korea had the lowest the total health spending to GDP (gross domestic product) ratio and ...

Author: Management Association, Information Resources

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The prevention and treatment of diseases is a primary concern for any nation in modern society. To maintain an effective public health system, procedures and infrastructure must be analyzed and enhanced accordingly. Public Health and Welfare: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications provides a comprehensive overview of the latest research perspectives on public health initiatives and promotion efforts. Highlighting critical analyses and emerging innovations on an international scale, this book is a pivotal reference source for professionals, researchers, academics, practitioners, and students interested in the improvement of public health infrastructures.

God s Health Plan The Audacious Journey to a Better Life

"Total Health" Seminar Dr. Bill Gothard is a highly respected Bible teacher in the Christian community who has conducted seminars for forty years exploring the relationship between health problems and spiritual causes.

Author: Ricki Pepin

Publisher: Xulon Press

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GOD'S HEALTH PLAN - THE AUDACIOUS JOURNEY TO A BETTER LIFE A Principle Approach Study to Food, Health Care & Environmental Issues By Ricki Pepin A desperate Mom is willing to do a lot for a chronically ill child. After 12 years of disabling, undiagnosed sickness for her son, the author had all but lost hope. She began her own research to find relief for her child, unaware of the vast scope of the journey before her. Sickness carries not only physical, but spiritual roots. Health encompasses not just diet, but lifestyle choices, medical decisions and environmental issues. The solution to her son's dilemma came through prayer, study and application of seven biblical principles. God's health plan is about wholeness and restoration; adding life to your years, not just years to your life. It's not what you have to do. It's what you can do. God's health plan is not a destination. It's a daily journey - a sometimes audacious journey. Are you ready to begin yours? ."This book would be a valuable reference to anyone who wants to understand God's principles of health." - Bill Gothard, President - Institute in Basic Life Principles ."you will learn to better understand your God-designed body and how to care for it." - Dr. Bill Sears, widely known as "America's Pediatrician" Ricki Pepin is a wife, mother and grandmother. A former homeschool teacher to her children, she was introduced to the Principle Approach to education in 1991 and developed an enthusiastic vision for entire families to learn and apply the seven principles to every area of their lives. She does not set herself up as an expert on health, but rather equips the reader with the tools necessary to search out their own answers, as she did. Her excitement and hope are contagious as she spreads the message of personal and corporate stewardship practices that can change individual's lives and make this earth a healthier place for our great-great-grandchildren.

African Health Leaders

Recent analysis by the African Regional Office of WHO (2013)2 has reviewed the status of health financing in Africa, including the status of out-of-pocket payments for healthcare as a share of total health expenditures (THE).

Author: Francis Omaswa

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

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Written by Africans, who have themselves led improvements in their own countries, the book discusses the creativity, innovation and leadership that has been involved tackling everything from HIV/AIDs, to maternal and child mortality and neglected tropical diseases.

Quality of Life Balance of Power and Nuclear Weapons 2015

And let us compare these two major indicators of health care with two indicators that characterize the type of health care delivery system: total health care expenditures as a percentage of GDP and public health care expenditures as a ...

Author: Alexander V. Avakov

Publisher: Algora Publishing

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Who has the most nuclear assets in the Middle East? Whose power is waning, whose increasing? Updated with data from 2013, the latest available, these tables of economic, demographic and military indicators establish the pecking order for 236 countries, with estimates of all nuclear arsenals including rarely published data on non-signatory nations. The author also sums up what statistics in the developed world show in relation to the efficiency of private health insurance versus a 'public option' and whether it is true that 'taxation stifles the economy.' This statistical annual presents fundamental data comparing measures of (1) Quality of Life, (2) Balance of Power, and (3) Developed Market Economies since 1960. It is far more complete other statistical publications. Section 2 includes data about nuclear delivery systems and the number of nuclear warheads of all nuclear powers, including estimates of the Israeli nuclear arsenal which usually do not appear in the press. Official estimates of Russian military expenditures distributed by U.S. and British intelligence communities are methodologically flawed, claiming to show military expenditures of other countries at market exchange rates while they apparently cite Russian military expense figures at purchasing power parities, thus distorting the comparison. Such deceptive practices of the Anglo-American intelligence services are counter-balanced by presenting two different tables, showing military expenditures estimates both at market exchange rates and by purchasing power parities. Members of the U.S. Congress and others who care about the foundations of power politics in the nuclear age will find facts that speak for themselves in this novel yearbook.

Public Health Informatics

Net household expenditure is the total consumption expenditure of the household minus the health expenditure. This is useful to measure the financial hardship caused in nations where a large part of the population lives close to poverty ...

Author: Sundeep Sahay

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198758778


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Over the last three decades enormous effort has gone into strengthening public health information systems (HIS). They are now a key element of health sector reform initiatives, but are growing in complexity. This is driven by the increasing diversity of technology platforms, increasing demands for information, the multitude of actors involved, and the need for data security and privacy. Initiatives like Universal Health Coverage and Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases are expected to place further burdens on all health systems. However, they will pose particular challenges in resource-constrained settings, such as low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), where health systems have struggled to provide quality care. Public Health Informatics discusses the challenges that exist in the design, development, and implementation of HIS. Key problem areas, such as sub-adequate data and problems of inter-operability, are analysed in detail and the book looks at possible approaches to addressing these challenges in LMICs. Case studies critically appraise the experiences of countries and health programmes in the building of HISs, to determine the successes and failures of varying approaches. Finally, the book explores how future systems in developing countries can be shaped. The expert author team has two decades experience in over 30 LMICs, and includes researchers and practitioners from the fields of informatics, public health, and medicine. This uniquely comprehensive account of information systems in the public health setting will be of use to the wide range of people working in this broad cross-disciplinary field, from software developers to public health practitioners and researchers.

Cost Effectiveness in Health and Medicine

Box 4.1 Calculation of the Incremental Cost-Effectiveness Ratio, Healthcare Sector Perspective* Let: IC = incremental cost IE = incremental health outcome (e.g., QALYs) ICER = incremental cost-effectiveness ratio TC 1 = total costs, ...

Author: Theodore G. Ganiats

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190492939


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Preceded by: Cost-effectiveness in health and medicine / edited by Marthe R. Gold ... [et al.]. New York: Oxford University Press, 1996.

Chinese Research Perspectives on Society

Among total health expenses, government health expenditure was 952.14 billion yuan, up 13.0% compared with 2012. Personal health expenditure was 10,726.8 yuan, up 11.1% compared with the previous year—the growth of government health ...

Author: Peilin LI

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004375819

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This volume gives an overview of China’s social conditions. Issues discussed include trends in the job market, income, consumption, social security, internet development and others. Groups such as urban residents, migrant workers and university students and graduates receive special attention.

Understanding West Africas Ebola Epidemic

Donors 143,610,224.00 24.4 Non-Governmental Organizations 42,229,458.00 7.2 Out-of-Pocket (OOP) 362,660,015.00 61.6 Source: Ministry of Health and Sanitation – National Health Accounts (2013) For 2013 the global average total health ...

Author: Ibrahim Abdullah

Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.

ISBN: 9781786991713

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From 2013 to 2015, over 11,000 people across West Africa lost their lives to the deadliest outbreak of the Ebola virus in history. Crucially, this epidemic marked the first time the virus was able to spread beyond rural areas to major cities, overturning conventional assumptions about its epidemiology. With backgrounds ranging from development to disease control, the contributors to this volume - some of them based in countries affected by the Ebola epidemic - consider the underlying factors that shaped this unprecedented outbreak. While championing the heroic efforts of local communities and aid workers in halting the spread of the disease, the contributors also reveal deep structural problems in both the countries and humanitarian agencies involved, which hampered the efforts to contain the epidemic. Alarmingly, they show that little has been learned from these events, with health provision remaining underfunded and poorly equipped to deal with future outbreaks. Such issues, they argue, reflect the wider challenges we face in tackling epidemic disease in an increasingly interconnected world.

Public Policy and Canadian Nursing

Table 7.7: Total Health Expenditures, Canada, 1975 and 2014 TOTAL HEALTH EXPENDITURES 1975 2014 Total health expenditures in current dollars ($ millions) 12,199.4 214,907.0 Per capita health expenditures ($) 527.1 6,045.2 Total health ...

Author: Michael J. Villeneuve

Publisher: Canadian Scholars’ Press

ISBN: 9781551309705

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Public Policy and Canadian Nursing: Lessons from the Field is the first text to explore the structure, governance, financing, and outcomes of Canadian health systems through a nursing lens. Drawing from his years of experience as a nursing leader in Canada, Michael J. Villeneuve looks to the impending system challenges for which policy interventions by nurses would make a valuable difference to Canadians. Intended to bolster the policy leadership competency of nurses, this volume is divided into three modules that guide nurses from the basics of Canadian governance to the history and evolution of health care in Canada and the tools and strategies needed to tackle public policy work. The author introduces readers to essential topics in health policy, including system financing and costs, Canadian population health status, and performance outcomes. Citing examples of nursing action and interventions throughout, this groundbreaking text offers practical tools and strategies to support Canadian nurses taking on policy development and highlights the vital role of the nursing profession in health system transformation. Reader-friendly and highly accessible, it features brief profiles of influential public policy leaders in nursing and other disciplines, discussion questions appropriate for undergraduate and graduate nursing students, and additional policy resources.