Vancouver Short Stories

You know Tony ? " Franz shook his head . " Tony ? Tony who ? " " Everybody knows Tony . He's an immigrant . He thinks he's a smart one . Fancy clothes , penthouse and all that . That Tony . A goddamn sonofabitch .

Author: Carole Gerson

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 0774802286

Category: Fiction

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"In a sense, we haven’t got an identity until somebody tells our story. The fiction makes us real."--Robert Kroetsch in Creation Spanning a period of nearly eighty years, the stories in this collection present the experience of living in Vancouver as filtered through the imagination of many of Canada’s most famous writers. The romantic attitude of some of the early writers is balanced by the more sombre version of many later authors, some of whom show the city as a place of loneliness and corruption. In tone, the stories range from the grimness of Dorothy Livesay’s account of Depression misery, to the irony of Ethel Wilson’s narrative of an evening garden party, to the playfulness of George Bowering’s ellipticla story of student life. Other well-known atuhors include Pauline Johnson, Emily Carr, Malcolm Lowry, Audrey Thomas, Alice Munro, and Joy Kogawa--as well as some who have been undeservedly consigned to obscurity--M.A. Grainger, Bertrand Sinclair, Jean Burton, and William McConnell. The more prolific among the younger writers--Frances Duncan, Cynthia Flood, and Kevin Roberts--are in the process of achieving national recognition. The stories evoke a strong sense of place, of Vancouver’s essential relation to its natural setting--forest, mountains, and sea--and its existence as a modern urban centre. Individual episodes recall the great fire of 1886, turn-of-the-century loggers on Cordova Street, rum-running in the twenties, the internment of Japanese-Canadians after Pearl Harbor, the hippie era, and the modern sub-culture of beer parlours and drugs. Particular locales include downtown streets, the east end, the North Shore, U.B.C, Stanley Park, Kitsilano, and the Vancouver Aquarium. Stories of the city’s social and cultural life describe the process of growing up and growing old, family and marital matters, the Chinese community, and the legends and reality of Native Americans. Vancouver Short Stories indicates some of the ways that a particular locality has been transformed into art that, in turn, enriches our understanding of its reality and enhances our sense of identity.

Century One

The entire family loved Franz but he was Tony's dog long before the children were born. The animal had a gentle nature and never had been told he was an animal. He knew his family and that he was a part of it.

Author: Richard Conde

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595162963

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Century One is a story of the human spirit that dwells within each of us. It centers on four individuals who travel back in time to the days Jesus walked the land. They search for him, find him, yet never realize they have done so. This tale is a prophecy. A prophecy of the rebirth or the demise of humanity. It is a richly woven tapestry peopled by characters long dead but not forgotten. A narrative of individuals who lived in antiquity but structured the base from which we now build our lives. A tale of man’s soul, its evil part and its grandeur. The years is 2037 and individuals who live upon the land are as humans beings have always been, but now the planet is wealthy beyond belief in scientific knowledge and accomplishments. Yet, amidst all the intellect of this time, a thing of beauty is missing and a great void exists. The spirit and soul of man is terminally ill. For humans are but threads in a fabric of those who live within our life. A fabric whose pattern is woven by destiny.

The Great Book of Philadelphia Sports Lists

Frank, Reuben Frankford Yellow Jackets Franklin & Marshall Diplomats, The, Franklin, Matthew Franklin, Tony Franz, Dennis Fraser, Curt Frazier, Joe Fredericks, Steve Free, Lloyd “World B.,” Fregosi, Jim Frey, Glenn Friday Night Lights ...

Author: Glen Macnow

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780762432745

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Let the debating begin! Philadelphia is one of the top sports towns in America. Its fans are commonly considered to be the most passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated sports enthusiasts in the country. WIP-AM radio's Glen Macnow and Big Daddy Graham engage in this phenomenon with a compilation of sports lists sure to stir up dialogue within the already buzzing Philadelphia sports community and beyond. Who were the ugliest mugs to ever play in Philadelphia? What Philly athletes gave the best performance in film or TV? What are the top area sports bars? Who are the most overrated and underrated players in Philadelphia history? What Philadelphia mortals had “touched-by-God” moments during the game? Who is the most hated rival to Philly teams? Who made the greatest sports exit? Who are the most beautiful women associated with Philly sports? Plus, dozens of lists from Philly legends like Joe Frazier, Ed Snyder, Harry Kalas, Bobby Clarke, Bernard Hopkins, and many more!

Statement of Disbursements of the House as Compiled by the Chief Administrative Officer from


Author: United States. Congress. House


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Covers receipts and expenditures of appropriations and other funds.

Customs Today

Taking the mobile metal analyzer ( MMA ) to the steel beam , as demonstrated by Tony Franz , is the most efficient way of sampling . Protocol of concentration between 0.01 and 0.0001 percent with confidence limits of 99.7 percent .



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Chotuna and Chornancap

... Ellen Howe, Dick Stone, Tony Franz, and the rest of the staff of the Objects Conservation Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for their interest and expert help with most of the lab work described here, and for the use of ...

Author: Christopher B. Donnan

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 9781938770173

Category: History

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Christopher Donnan's Chotuna and Chornancap: Excavating an Ancient Peruvian Legend, explores one of the most intriguing oral histories passed down among ancient Peruvians: the legend of Naymlap, the founder of a dynasty that ruled the Lambayeque Valley of northern Peru centuries before European contact. Naymlap is said to have built his palace at a place that many now consider to be the archaeological sites of Chotuna and Chornancap. In an effort to test the validity of the Naymlap legend, Donnan directed extensive archaeological excavations at Chotuna and Chornancap--completing plans of the monumental architecture, mapping and excavating most of the major structures, and developing a chronology for the sites. This book presents the results of these excavations and demonstrates the extent to which the archaeological evidence correlates with the sequence of events described in the Naymlap legend.

The Colonial Andes

... was conducted at the Metropoli— tan Museum by Nobuko Shibayama and Tony Franz of the Department of Scientific Research ("Analysis Report," April 26, 2004). The metals were analyzed using X-ray fluorescent spectrometry (XRE), ...

Author: Elena Phipps

Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art

ISBN: 9781588391315

Category: Art, Spanish colonial

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"This unique volume illustrates and discusses in detail more than 160 extraordinary fine and decorative art works of the colonial Andes, including examples of the intricate Inca weavings and metalwork that preceded the colonial era as well as a few of the remarkably inventive forms this art took after independence from Spain. An international array of scholars and experts examines the cultural context, aesthetic preoccupations, and diverse themes of art from the viceregal period, particularly the florid patternings and the fanciful beasts and hybrid creatures that have come to characterize colonial Andean art."--Jacket.

Franz Boas

43 Toni had no sooner received the letter from Marie than she shared it with Franz. In a letter written to Marie twelve days later, Franz told her with sweet honesty of his emotions on hearing this news: “I cannot comprehend the ...

Author: Rosemary Lévy Zumwalt

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9781496217479

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Rosemary Lévy Zumwalt tells the remarkable story of Franz Boas, one of the leading scholars and public intellectuals of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The first book in a two-part biography, Franz Boas begins with the anthropologist’s birth in Minden, Germany, in 1858 and ends with his resignation from the American Museum of Natural History in 1906, while also examining his role in training professional anthropologists from his berth at Columbia University in New York City. Zumwalt follows the stepping-stones that led Boas to his vision of anthropology as a four-field discipline, a journey demonstrating especially his tenacity to succeed, the passions that animated his life, and the toll that the professional struggle took on him. Zumwalt guides the reader through Boas’s childhood and university education, describes his joy at finding the great love of his life, Marie Krackowizer, traces his 1883 trip to Baffin Land, and recounts his efforts to find employment in the United States. A central interest in the book is Boas’s widely influential publications on cultural relativism and issues of race, particularly his book The Mind of Primitive Man (1911), which reshaped anthropology, the social sciences, and public debates about the problem of racism in American society. Franz Boas presents the remarkable life story of an American intellectual giant as told in his own words through his unpublished letters, diaries, and field notes. Zumwalt weaves together the strands of the personal and the professional to reveal Boas’s love for his family and for the discipline of anthropology as he shaped it.

Screen world

Toni . Franz . Richard . Karl . Lore . Groppo . CAST Eva Bartok Curt Jurgens Bernhard Wicki Robert Freytag Willi Rose Helene Stanley Adi Berber THE FLESH IS WEAK Producer , Raymond Stross ; Director , Don Chaf- fey ; Associate Producer ...

Author: Daniel Blum

Publisher: Biblo & Tannen Publishers

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Doomsday Flight

Franz flipped his wet checkbook closed dramatically as if to say , " You missed your chance , chump . ” Then with a signal to his coworkers , Tony Franz and the SNS contingent mounted up and slowly retreated to Airport Road .

Author: Ed Stewart

Publisher: Chariot Victor Publishing

ISBN: 1564764826

Category: Fiction

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LAPD Sgt. Reagan Cole and his journalist wife Beth race to intercept a jetliner loaded with members of a religious cult bent on self-destruction.