Sexual Assault Prevention Response Commander s Guide Together We Can Prevent Sexual Assault

Sexual innuendo and jokes may get a few laughs , but they send absolutely the wrong message about your expectations . The same is true of irresponsible alcohol consumption and improper personal relationships .

Author: Defense Dept., Navy, Department of the Navy Sexual Assault & Response Office

Publisher: Government Printing Office

ISBN: 0160937604

Category: Social Science

Page: 52

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A guide created for military leaders on sexual assault prevention and response programs.

The Girl at the End of the Line

“Well, I could lie to you and say I did,” said Julian, looking Molly in the eye, “but the fact is that I was pretty much relieved ... As you can see, I wouldn't have made a very good father. ... Maybe we can have a few laughs together.

Author: Charles Mathes

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 9781429936439

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Molly O'Hara's young sister Nell is beautiful, spirited, and sweet, and the fact that she hasn't spoken for the last seventeen years--since she was eight--certainly doesn't reflect on her intelligence. After all, it's Nell who does the books for Enchanted Cottage Antiques, which she and her sister operate jointly. Truth is, Nell was home alone with their mother when the woman was murdered, and from that day forward Nell hasn't spoken. She understands, she can make herself understood; it's just that she doesn't utter a word. Rummaging in boxes at a tag sale, Nell comes across an old New York theater Playbill that will change the girls' lives. It will break the monotony of their rather lonely existence in the small North Carolina town from which they have never ventured--and will also shatter the peace they've managed to achieve there. It will send them rocketing to New York, to England, and to New England, in search of a family they didn't know they had. And it will introduce them--and the reader--to as zany a group of relatives as ever bickered over a dog show or a fortune. The cover of the program bears a photo of a lovely young actress in her first big part on the New York stage. And amazingly, the woman is their crusty old grandmother. But when they rush to question the old woman, they arrive to find that she has baffled the medical staff, who saw no reason to expect it, by dying in her bed. The sisters, and especially Molly, who is more stubborn and "goal-oriented" by nature, realize that somewhere they have a family. But in their town, the only sources of information are their stepfather, whom they almost never see--and he can't, or won't tell them much--and their natural father, who is married to a wealthy society woman and is embarrassed by his somewhat unconventional offspring and eager to shoo them away. So they determine to go off on a search of their own. Their travels bring adventure and exhilaration as they have the new and wonderful experience of seeing New York and London and meeting such exotic fauna as professional actors. But it also brings tragedy as "accidents" occur around them, starting with a fatal explosion in their house when they are away. These are dauntless young women, though, and charming ones, and the reader will very much enjoy going along with them on their eye-opening journeys, and will root for them all along the way.

Her Sweetest Revenge 3

It was time to change the conversation. Since we were all together, we might as well eat and have a few laughs before we were all separated again by the other parts of our lives that always seemed to be pulling us apart.

Author: Saundra

Publisher: Dafina

ISBN: 9781617739866

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Mya Bedford's hopes for a normal life, free from the hustle, seem more distant than ever when her best friend's fiancé is shot, Mya's husband is thrown back into the game, and a ruthless new crew hits the streets of Detroit. But there's one bright spot: Mya's father, Lester, has suddenly been released from prison. It seems like love is even blossoming again between Mya’s parents... Mya can't undo the past, but she can do her best to help her dad get his future back on track. The trouble is, the streets don't forget, and the worst is yet to come. Soon Mya's world is shattered in the bloody crossfire of someone else's payback. Now, through the most bitter of tears, it's time for her sweetest revenge... Praise for Her Sweetest Revenge “Mya is an amazing character ... I rooted for her all the way.” —Mary Monroe, New York Times bestselling author “An entertaining and drama-filled story.” —RT Book Reviews

The Left Brain Speaks the Right Brain Laughs

You and I can be better: better partners, better friends, and better constituents of planet Earth. We face problems individually and together, and our brains are the only tools we have to create solutions. We only get a few decades of ...

Author: Ransom Stephens

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781632280473

Category: Psychology

Page: 252

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In The Left Brain Speaks, but the Right Brain Laughs, physicist Ransom Stephens explains the interesting and often amusing tale of how the human brain works. Using understandable metaphors and easy to follow language, Stephens gives readers of any scientific level an introduction to neuroscience and shows them how things like creativity, skill, and even perception of self can grow and change by utilizing the body’s most important muscle. Fans of Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson will love Stephens’ down to earth attitude and those interested in science will appreciate his thoughtful explanations of scientific terms. The Left Brain Speaks, but the Right Brain Laughs is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to know what’s going on inside their head and how they can use that knowledge to make themselves the best humans they can be.

Incomprehensible Demoralization

The spiritual portion of recovery brings me the inner peace and serenity that I need to go through daily life. ... Each Tuesday night, we meet, share our difficulties and our joy, and have a few laughs as we take this journey together.

Author: Jared Combs

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462804217

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 184

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Book Review: 5 Stars Courageous... We have an erroneous vision of what an addict looks like. The person sitting next to you in church could be an addict. It could be your doctor, lawyer, postal worker, or the little old lady that lives next door. Incomprehensible Demoralization drew me in and held me captive. Jared Combs describes the life of an addict and pharmacist. His marriage was deteriorating, but the pills were more important. Through the Lord, his Church, the support of his family and AA, he has become a recovering addict. Combs seizes every opportunity to help others. Share his witness. Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for

Chinese Working Class Lives

Couples who differ too much cant be together. We could have married, in later years, but we never did. Many men who had registered ... People despise me, but I can still live, talk with friends, have a few laughs. Me and my old lover!

Author: Hill Gates

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9781501719912

Category: History

Page: 271

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Taiwan’s working class has been shaped by Chinese tradition, by colonialism, and by rapid industrialization. This book defines that class, explores that history, and presents with sensitive honesty the life experiences of some of its women and men. Hill Gates first provides a solid and informative introduction to Taiwan’s history, showing how mainland China, Japan, the convulsions of twentieth-century wars, and the East Asian economic expansion interacted in forming Taiwanese urban life. She introduces nine individuals from Taiwan’s three major ethnic groups to tell the stories of their lives in their own words. The narrators include a fortuneteller, a woman laborer, and a retired air force mechanic. A former spirit medium and a janitor are among the others who speak.

A Summer In Doubt

We went out to dinner, went to the movies, played minigolf together—basically, we spent every waking hour together. We were able to have a few laughs and keep our minds somewhat off my dad and his whereabouts. I just knew he was alive.

Author: A Dex Winchester Novel

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781483467887

Category: Fiction


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The summer in Louisiana is hot, and the action is hotter yet as three teenage boys become the chief suspects in a string of robberies unlike their small town has ever seen. It may have been a case of wrong place, wrong time, but the damage has already been done. The town is on high alert as the robberies unfold, and the police are desperate to make an arrest. The local police department won’t believe the boys’ claims of innocence, as they search for evidence to arrest the boys. It is up to Dante, Anthony, and Miles to prove their innocence, and bring the villains to justice. The three teens enlist the help of an unforgettable cast of characters in their race against time, and the police. Will the boys succeed in their attempt to capture the criminals, or will the police foil their plans?


Every six months or so, our group gets together. We meet ... Chance and I miss our friends a lot, and we will love them all forever. A few ... We compare notes about the kids, share pictures, and have a few drinks, a few laughs and lots ...

Author: Dallas A. Davis

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781514430071

Category: Fiction

Page: 164

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“WITH A WINK AND A NOD” By Dallas Adrienne Davis Dr. Laura Willows (Protagonist), a woman in her 30’s, reflects on the past as she drives into a New England town to start a new life in a new City. Her work at a government experimental lab went awry when two of her colleagues were poisoned. Although she is pro-life Laura chooses to work for an Abortion Clinic; hoping to get completely away from her life at the government lab and out of the lime light of society. Her supervisor, Dr. Charles Knight (Antagonist), blackmails her into doing the unspeakable. Laura’s ex-coworker, Dr. Chauncey Sinclair (Protagonist), enters the picture in the guise of being in Dr. Knight’s corner. Chauncey and Laura team up against Dr. Knight, in hopes of bringing him to his knees. Chauncey Sinclair, a secret government agent, brings his team of men into the plot to overthrow the scientists who have joined Dr. Knight in their pursuit of a “Perfect Society”. Chauncey (Laura’s pet name for him is Chance) and his team are members of the National Independent Covert Agency. The N.I.C.A. is a secret agency under the direction of one man in the C.I.A., code named “Chameleon”. Dr. Knight has built a complex in the mountains of Wyoming with state-of-the-art equipment under an enormous dome with fruit trees, vegetable gardens and housing for several hundred people. A conflict ensues and the good guys win, with a few mishaps. The complex is redirected and turned into a youth camp for needy and orphaned children.

We Are the Bears

We would go out together, confide in each other, have a good time together. We used to get together every Friday night at Dan Neal's house [Bear center, 1975–1983] for a few laughs, some beers, maybe play some cards.

Author: Richard Wittingham

Publisher: Triumph Books

ISBN: 9781623689438

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 256

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Featuring exclusive interviews with the greatest players in team history, Richard Whittingham’s We Are the Bears is the definitive story of this classic NFL franchise, told by the men who built it. This oral history of the team, which features numerous legends—including Mike Singletary, Mike Ditka, Gayle Sayers, Dan Hampton, and many others—will delight fans of all ages.

A Twist Of Fate

“What doyou say weget together? You know, have a couple of drinks anda few laughs. ... Erin could almost picture Lee's collegeboy good looks—thick blond hair withjust the right amount of waveand laughing blue eyes. “I don't think so,” ...

Author: Lisa Jackson

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781474024167

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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When Kane Webster buys First Puget Bank, he knows he is buying trouble. Someone is embezzling funds, and the evidence points to Erin O'Toole. Kane is determined to see her incriminated–until he meets her. He never expected to feel such an intense attraction to Erin–or to fall in love with her.