To Conquer the Air

Resting upon the broad wings of a well - tested flying machine , which , yielding to the least pressure of the body , obeys our directions ; surrounded by air and supported only by the wind , a feeling of absolute safety soon overcomes ...

Author: James Tobin

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A history of the first-flight race documents the efforts of such Wright brothers competitors as the Smithsonian's Samuel Pierpont Langley, motocyclist Glenn Curtiss, and Alexander Graham Bell. Reprint. 30,000 first printing.

How to Conquer Air Pollution

A Japanese Experience H. Nishimura. Chapter 4 MONITORING AND SIMULATION YUKIO YANAGISAWA 4. 1 CONTINUOUS MONITORING As mentioned in earlier chapters, there are air quality standards for five air pollutants in Japan, that is, ...

Author: H. Nishimura

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080874975

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Many parts of the world suffer from urban air pollution and, despite the vast amount of knowledge about its causes, most countries are slow to implement counter-measures. An outstanding exception is Tokyo which, once blanketed in a mantle of smog, now enjoys ``clean'' air in spite of highly concentrated activity and congested traffic. Based on the successful Japanese experience, this book describes all aspects of the measures necessary to combat air pollution. It begins with a well-documented history of the fight against air pollution and describes the processes and mechanisms of reaching a social consensus on pollution control. The essential steps in the process are the establishment of ambient air quality standards, the introduction of the total allowable mass of emission, and the legal control of each emission based on diffusion equations. The scientific background to this approach is fully explained, from epidemiology to computer simulations of air quality. An up-to-date account of emission control technology is also given, and the controversial issue of health damage compensation is examined, based on actual experience. An important feature of the book is that it is written by authors who were actually in the forefront of the battle against air pollution in Japan. Two of them worked successively as Director General of the Bureau of Air Quality of the central government, and a third helped local governments to force the central government to implement the most stringent auto-emission controls in the world. The book is intended not only for scientists, engineers and administrative planners dealing with pollution control, but also for anyone concerned about the serious global problem of urban air pollution.

The Amphibians Came to Conquer

a and a half squadrons ( 18 planes ) of dive bombers continuously for striking gun positions in the assault areas and a varying number of fighters , normally one - half squadron ( 6 planes ) , continuously for air cover .

Author: George Carroll Dyer


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The Amphibians Came to Conquer

a > and a half squadrons ( 18 planes ) of dive bombers continuously for striking gun positions in the assault areas and a varying number of fighters , normally one - half squadron ( 6 planes ) , continuously for air cover .

Author: George C. Dyer


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To Conquer Hell

The army rejected Mitchell because of his “ erratic ” flying , but in March 1917 he became an observer with the Allied air forces in France . " He logged hundreds of hours of flying time as he studied British and French methods of ...

Author: Edward G. Lengel

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

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The authoritative, dramatic, and previously untold story of the bloodiest battle in American history: the epic fight for the Meuse-Argonne in World War I On September 26, 1918, more than one million American soldiers prepared to assault the German-held Meuse-Argonne region of France. Their commander, General John J. Pershing, believed in the superiority of American "guts" over barbed wire, machine guns, massed artillery, and poison gas. In thirty-six hours, he said, the Doughboys would crack the German defenses and open the road to Berlin. Six weeks later, after savage fighting across swamps, forests, towns, and rugged hills, the battle finally ended with the signing of the armistice that concluded the First World War. The Meuse-Argonne had fallen, at the cost of more than 120,000 American casualties, including 26,000 dead. In the bloodiest battle the country had ever seen, an entire generation of young Americans had been transformed forever. To Conquer Hell is gripping in its accounts of combat, studded with portraits of remarkable soldiers like Pershing, Harry Truman, George Patton, and Alvin York, and authoritative in presenting the big picture. It is military history of the first rank and, incredibly, the first in-depth account of this fascinating and important battle.


But the flyer has no such warnings; moreover, he must be prepared for instant action in any and all emergencies, and this preparation is the one absolute essential for the person who resolves to conquer the air.

Author: Don Dahler

Publisher: Chronicle Books

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In the spirit of the bestseller Fly Girls comes the definitive and compelling true story of Harriet Quimby, the first American woman to receive a pilot's license. In the early twentieth century, headlines declared that "the era of women has dawned." Against this changing historical backdrop, Harriet Quimby's extraordinary life stands out as the embodiment of this tumultuous, exciting era—when flight was measured in minutes, not miles. This untold piece of feminist history unveils Quimby's incredible story: rising from humble beginnings as a dirt-poor farm girl to become a globe-trotting journalist, history-making aviator, and international celebrity. With her tragic death in 1912 at the age of thirty-seven, her story faded, with her many accomplishments—the first woman to fly solo over the English Channel among them—overshadowed by major events, including the sinking of the Titanic. With black and white illustrations throughout, Fearless,/i> is the definitive biography of the first licensed female American pilot: one of the most inspiring hidden figures of history.

To Conquer Heaven

What about Air? Isn't that an element?” There was a great muttering and harrumphing from Jin and Saffiyah. Jeremy shot Brett a 'you had to ask' look. Saffiyah formed her argument first, talking over Jin. “Air, or breath if you like, ...

Author: Felix Long

Publisher: Felix Long

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The Nameless One... lies but does not rest... dreams but does not wake... waits but does not tire The Lost Tomb of the First Emperor of China is about to be discovered. But the Emperor is a powerful Taoist sorcerer who discovered the Elixir of Life and drank too deep. He sleeps in his mighty tomb, guarded by rivers of mercury, Terracotta Warriors, and a Quicksilver Dragon ready to rise again and resume his quest; to conquer heaven.

Arise to Conquer

In these pages the reader will find, not so much described as vividly reflected, the authentic atmosphere of the life of a fighter squadron of the Royal Air force. He will find one of the first accounts of the Battle of Britain set down ...

Author: Ian Gleed

Publisher: Casemate Publishers

ISBN: 9781908117816

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A Royal Air Force fighter pilot’s action-packed memoir of his service before, during, and after the epic World War II battle. Originally published during the war in 1942, this is the other side of the mirror from the philosophical flight record of authors such as Antoine de Saint Exupery. It is a literal, daily record of an English fighter pilot of 23 years fighting in the Battle of Britain, giving a truly authentic picture of life on a squadron in those times. Gleed details his first sortie in 1939, his breakdown not so long after, his return to the RAF and battles over France, his exploits in the Battle of Britain, becoming an ace, downing Messerschmitts, and eventually being awarded the DFC for his service as leader and fighter. Praise for Arise to Conquer “An epic of the Battle of Britain.” —The Sphere (UK) “An excellent account of the daily life of a fighter squadron in the Battle of Britain… gives spirited descriptions of many air combats.” —Flight

Case studies in the achievement of air superiority

Douhet's main tenets and scenarios for future war flowed from these assumptions.20 Douhet stated bluntly that to insure an adequate national defense, it was necessary to be in a position to "conquer" the command of the air in ...


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The Airman s Almanac

Their study provides an interesting view upon an important aspect of man's long effort to conquer the Air Ocean . The newness of a science with seemingly limitless possibilities one explanation given for the argument - crowded opening ...

Author: Francis Walton


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