Hard Time for Unicorn

A beautiful and riotous page-turner about a solitary unicorn who is taken from her home, and how her daring escapades and international fame cannot compare to the joys of home What happened to the last of the unicorns?

Author: Michaël El Fathi

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 1849767424

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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A beautiful and riotous page-turner about a solitary unicorn who is taken from her home, and how her daring escapades and international fame cannot compare to the joys of home What happened to the last of the unicorns? After being caught by an explorer, the unicorn goes on a search to find out what makes her happy. She tries her hoof at playing cards and a spot of dueling. She even performs stunts at the circus! Follow the lively course this unfortunate but very game unicorn takes in a vibrant and playful journey to find happiness. Expect surprises and delights in this fast-paced page-turner, and enjoy an unconventional take on the traditional unicorn theme. From finding stardom to fishing in the cold north seas, what really did happen to the last of the unicorns, and will she ever be happy?

Twilight the Unicorn s Sleepytime Quest

+ We rest quietly in this peaceful time. We have learned so much and we have made such lovely friends, especially Twilight the unicorn! It's time to end our ...

Author: Jaime Amor

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited

ISBN: 9781786780652

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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The hugely successful Cosmic Kids YouTube channel helps children discover yoga by joining presenter Jaime on monthly yoga adventures, each one a story featuring a loveable animal character that achieves something amazing. Aimed at 4 to 8-year-olds, the Cosmic Kids yoga books offer children a chance to take the yoga more slowly than is possible in a fast-moving video, to spend more time in their favourite poses, and also to enjoy reading or listening to the story. Each book is themed around a specific area of wellbeing - in the case of Twilight, this is relaxing at bedtime and exploring the world of dreams. In this truly magical adventure we encounter Twilight the Unicorn in an enchanted night-time forest, as well as a host of other characters, incuding an owl, a mouse and the moon and stars themselves. The Cosmic Kids' mission in this adventure is to scatter starshine and bring a peaceful sleep and lovely dreams to all. The story concludes with a relaxation and some affirmations to reinforce the soothing message of the book. With bright illustrations, the books are designed to mirror the Cosmic Kids look, and to allow children to get to know a range of characters from the Cosmic Kids shows. There's also information at the back to help parents and teachers introduce children to yoga, even if they don't practise yoga themselves.

Time to Be a Unicorn

Now on Sale (Only for Launch Period) Regular Price: $8.59 | ONLY $6.99 BEST GIFT IDEAS FOR YOU AND YOUR KIDS This Book contains There is something magical about a book waiting to be filled with your own gratitude.

Author: Gratitude Notebook

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1983802328


Page: 110

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Now on Sale (Only for Launch Period) Regular Price: $8.59 | ONLY $6.99 BEST GIFT IDEAS FOR YOU AND YOUR KIDS This Book contains There is something magical about a book waiting to be filled with your own gratitude. Whether it's a beautifully detailed to write in, this unicorn gratitude journal for girls/ kids is the perfect place to create your masterpiece. Filled with 110 pages, this notebook book is perfect for kids, girls, teens and tweens who love to create to write to enjoy diary. With 7"x10" sized pages and a high-quality full-color SOFT glossy cover, this unruled book is perfect for school, home or work. Book are perfect for: Stocking Stuffers & Gift Baskets Birthday & Christmas Gifts Graduation & End of School Year Gifts Summer Travel Teacher Gifts Doodle Diaries & much much more.... Write In & Be Happy & FUN!

Being the Unicorn

What is the best time and setting for you? Where can you carve out a consistent safe haven dedicated to thought and personal enrichment?

Author: Gregg J. Herning

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480864962

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 118

View: 800


When a unicorn enters the room, people look in amazement and are certain that something magical is about to happen. When a unicorn enters the room, people look in amazement and are certain that something magical is about to happen. Gregg J. Herning, a business unicorn who has crafted a personal brand to stand out from the masses, shares lessons on how being a unicorn can lead to personal and business success in this guide to making an impact.He shares lessons from visionaries who dared to be different, including: Jack Welch, the outspoken chairman and CEO of General Electric from 1981 to 2001, who boosted the value of the company 4,000 percent during his tenure. Steve Jobs, who may have used his horn a bit recklessly when it came to forging lasting relationships, but whose relentless passion for innovation and perfection in design and marketing changed our lives profoundly. Coach Bill Belichick of the world-champion New England Patriots, who consistently outthinks, outwits, and outmaneuvers his opponents.Whether youre an operational specialist, sales professional responsible for driving revenue, a seasoned manager or an emerging leader, its essential to stand out from the crowd in order to gain an advantage.Boost your career, develop a personal brand, help others, and declutter your life by mastering the art of Being the Unicorn.

Heart Tears of a Unicorn

Diamond Chaser knew he must go, but even the fastest of unicorns could never get the antidote in time and return. He had to try something, for a unicorn can ...

Author: Pararu Quamato

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781434378439

Category: Fiction

Page: 128

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This book comes from personal experience, both as a long time timeshare owner and from selling vacation ownership. What prompted this book? Well, for too many years I have listened to too many people whom, for whatever reasons have a negative impression about the timeshare or vacation ownership industry. As an owner I inevitably found myself asking them why. The reasons varied from "they do not work" to "we cannot afford it." For those folks this book will open your eyes. The second reason was for all those owners who honestly do not have a clue as to what they own. I wanted to let people understand something that they did not already know or have simply forgotten. Having been a timeshare owner for over twenty-five years I understand, and have experienced, the public perception of the industry. I have also seen it change dramatically during that time. However, it was during my first few years in Mexico when I sold timeshare that I came to understand, and appreciate, the real public perception of the industry. From these experiences I realized that the industry could use a simple "how to" and "why" book. The book is written in a simple, straight forward manner that is easy to understand. The book covers the history, marketplace, the players, the IN's and Out's of attending a sales presentation, of buying one -- good and bad, legislation and much more. A quick, easy read it contains personal stories and antidotes, and easy, self awareness quizzes for you to do. By the end you will know whether or not timeshare is right for your lifestyle.

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the First Unicorn

... result of Carroll's dealings with the Time Guardians it made logical sense, as much as it possibly could, all things considered That particular unicorn ...

Author: Lidia Svec

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 9781787053458

Category: Fiction

Page: 107

View: 352


Sherlock Holmes agrees to solve the greatest mystery of all time: What ever became of the very first Unicorn? Along the way he encounters an eccentric inventor who claims that his invention simply walked out of the lab, a Scotsman whose lochs have somehow vanished, a mysterious lady in search of a missing journal, an ages old, secret society involved in Alchemy, Astronomy, and Horology, and more.

The Unicorn Creed

Late in the evening, they had reason to be thankful for Maggie's sweeping spell when they met the third party. Considering the length of time the fugitives ...

Author: Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Publisher: Gypsy Shadow Publishing

ISBN: 9781452466262

Category: Fiction

Page: 302

View: 182


In Song of Sorcery, Book 1 of Songs from the Seashell Archives, hearthwitch Maggie Brown met minstrel Colin Songsmith and a unicorn named Moonshine while saving both her sister and the kingdom. All in a quest's work for a girl who can magically do anything she can convince her power is housework. To reward Maggie, the king makes her a princess, and therefore a good catch for the local noble bachelors. Only problem is, she doesn't want to get married. She wants to be with Moonshine, whose Unicorn Creed, as he understands it, forbids him to consort with anyone except a chaste maiden. It's rather a touchy situation, and so Princess Maggie abandons her crown and with Moonshine, she and Colin set out to see if they can find a loophole in Moonshine's creed. Of course, in the process they have to try to save the land of Argonia again, this time from a were-man, a revolutionary nymph, a town's worth of zombies, an ice worm and an evil wizard.

The Unicorn A Mythological Investigation

The twisted horn in each case is near the Tree, whose type is well reproduced at the present time by the trees in toy Noah's arks. XXVIII. The Unicorn also ...

Author: Robert Brown



Category: Fiction


View: 217


The Unicorn: A Mythological Investigation was first published in 1881. It covers some of the same ground as the more popularly oriented Lore of the Unicorn, by Odell Shepard, before it ventures into comparative mythology. The present volume was written in the late 19th century at a time when all mythological and folklore narratives were believed to be astronomical metaphors. Brown sees the Unicorn as a lunar symbol, and draws on mythology from a wide range of sources to make his case, from Northern European to Vedic and Zoroastrian.

Unicorn Rising

Enjoy the 'Rise and Shine' meditation, taking the time just to be and to enjoy this new beginning. Feel happy to devote time to your Self.

Author: Calista

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781788171007

Category: Self-Help

Page: 360

View: 753


Are you seeing Unicorns everywhere?There is a reason Unicorns are appearing more and more in modern culture: their energy is coming through right now to help those who are ready to raise their vibration and live their most authentic life.In Unicorn Rising, holistic healer Calista explains the true symbolism and energy behind the Unicorns, why right now is a significant time for us to integrate with their healing power and what the Unicorns can do to help you on your soul journey. You’ll learn to live your unique path, power and purpose through releasing what’s been hindering your creative expression, with the Unicorns as your tour guide on this magical, life-changing adventure.Learn ways of honouring both your humanity and your divinity, and live in greater harmony with the world through Calista’s original blend of energetic attunements, meditations, tools and #RisingReflections exercises. Woven with her personal story of rising from closed-off scientist to unstoppable She-Ra, this book shows you that you, too, can ascend with the Unicorns to live in alignment with your soul!

The Darkest Unicorn

It was then that Sander saw him as a unicorn for the first time. The Greatest Unicorn. As a unicorn, his powers were ten times that of a common sorcerer.

Author: Alice Hemming

Publisher: Scholastic UK

ISBN: 9780702304170

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 384

View: 576


Some bad unicorns steal away magic, and some steal away precious memories. There are even some that steal away people - and those are possibly the most dangerous unicorns of all. In the usually peaceful city of Arvale, people are going missing. Men, women - even children. The palace makes an urgent decree: all royal subjects must abide by a strict curfew for their own safety. But for Thandie and her friends, a curfew means more adventure. They dare each other to sneak about the city at night - although Thandie is the only one brave enough to actually do it. One night, as an eerie fog sets in, Thandie is startled by a strange boy - a boy she's never seen before. He looks about her age but there's something unsettling about him, leaving Thandie to wonder if he's someone she should trust. Little does she know that this meeting will force her life wildly off-track, pushing her towards an unexpected danger and a fearsome unicorn who is at the very heart of the terrible disappearances she's heard so much about.

Time to Be a Unicorn Summer Journal

Summer Sun List: a list your child can discover fun and exciting things to do to keep busy during the summer vacation. Time To Be a Unicorn will magically run into your Summer Journal to help you remember your Fun and Adventures.

Author: Saf's Design Journal


ISBN: 1096215381


Page: 102

View: 989


SUMMER VACATION IS A GREAT TIME FOR JOURNALING!Open your children's world to the fun of journaling this summer and help them create a summer vacation memory book that will be treasured forever! Bring this fun exciting Unicorn with you on your travels and adventures let him inspire your on your experience, and he will alway be there to help you journal your summer memories. Summer Sun List: a list your child can discover fun and exciting things to do to keep busy during the summer vacation. Time To Be a Unicorn will magically run into your Summer Journal to help you remember your Fun and Adventures.-Summer Bucketlist: a page for them to make a personal summer adventure plans-Let's Read: For those rainy days they can find a book to read and add it to the reading list. -Songs of Summer: Make a list of all your favorite songs to take along on your holiday trip. -My Day: with 90 pages of "My Day" to encourage daily journal writing and make writing inspiring

The Thirteenth Unicorn

It would seem that time gets distorted when you travel here. I came back to the same time frame here - the same amount of time that passed in our world has ...

Author: W. D. Newman

Publisher: W. D. Newman

ISBN: 9781460966204

Category: Fiction

Page: 280

View: 434


While spending the summer with their grandparents, on a remote farm in South Carolina, Ben Alderman and his sister Casey uncover a hidden world of magic; a world their grandmother is secretly visiting. It is a world where elves and dwarves are locked in mortal combat against a witch who is trying to free the last surviving wizard from exile. The witch has been defeated once before, but with the combined power of the wizard, no one will be able to stand against them. Much to Ben's dismay, he learns that he is the one foretold in the ancient elfin prophecies to bring about the downfall of the witch and save this exciting new world from destruction.

A Unicorn Dies

There always seemed to be time in the day to consult the social network of Facebook, and most days he posted on-line a few nuggets of news about what he was ...

Author: Paul S. Fiddes

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532693670

Category: Fiction

Page: 244

View: 648


Giles Questing, an undergraduate student at the University of Oxford, finds his life taking an unexpected turn after the suspicious death of a PhD student, a death the police believe to be suicide. He determines to solve the mystery by following a trail of artworks that depict a unicorn. Travelling to museums and galleries, he gradually discovers the truth about whether the student has taken his own life or been murdered, and who - if anyone - is guilty. His quest immerses him in the world of the unicorn in medieval and Renaissance art, and introduces him to the present-day obsession with the unicorn in the media, advertising, and social networks. All this enables him to crack the code of the unicorn that has been buried in the tradition of the Christian church for many years, and to answer the questions he has about a death that deeply affects him personally and that finally threatens his own life.

Finding Your Unicorn Job for Pharmacists Financial Freedom Flexible Hours and Personal Fulfillment Beyond the Pharmacy Counter

A Part-Time Unicorn Pharmacist Job A relevant and recent episode of the host's podcast includes an interview with the co-founder of Academy & Apothecary.

Author: Tony Guerra

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780359630035

Category: Education

Page: 164

View: 428


This book will help you solve the problem of answering: 1) How do I work as a pharmacist if I have to or want to live in a specific geographic place? and/or 2) How do I work as a pharmacist if I can or want to work only certain hours of the day? Only a Unicorn Job, one that fits my place-bound and time-bound needs perfectly, would work well for me and many others. Traditional pharmacist jobs are fundamentally incompatible or unavailable for me to be a present parent and spouse and what's available in the market might not work for you as well.

The Black Unicorn

“That was why the black unicorn was so frightened of me at first. Even in its need, it was terrified. I felt its fear each time I came close and again, ...

Author: Terry Brooks

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780748118205

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 756


***50 MILLION TERRY BROOKS COPIES SOLD AROUND THE WORLD*** 'Terry's place is at the head of the fantasy world' Philip Pullman An outcast king fights for his throne! A year has passed since Ben Holiday bought the Magic Kingdom and claimed the throne despite the machinations of the wizard Meeks. Three loyal friends had come to his aid: the incompetent Court Wizard, Questor Thews; the court scribe, Abernathy, a talking dog; and the lovely willow, who was sometimes a tree. Now Ben dreamt of a former partner, Miles Bennett, in grave trouble. But when he returned to Earth, Miles was in the best of spirits. His home-coming to Landover was shattered by the disappearance of Willow and the partial destruction of Questor's books of magic. Not only that, no one seemed to recognise Ben himself. And Meeks had taken on Ben's appearance, and the role of king. Ben Holiday and his kingdom were in deep trouble. Praise for Terry Brooks: 'A master of the craft . . . required reading' Brent Weeks 'I can't even begin to count how many of Terry Brooks's books I've read (and re-read) over the years' Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Name of the Wind 'I would not be writing epic fantasy today if not for Shannara' Peter V. Brett, author of The Painted Man 'If you haven't read Terry Brooks, you haven't read fantasy' Christopher Paolini, author of Eragon

The Black Unicorn

cried Unicorn, chomping down on the spinach. Choking on a mighty mouthful, he gulped and gasped, “Wait . . . wait a couple weeks until it's berry time.

Author: George the Good

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475941333

Category: Fiction

Page: 640

View: 836


Despite the warnings of his father, the great white Unicorn, Blackie ventures from his secure refuge in the heart of the forest into the restless, striving world of humans. His travels take him from the peaceful Shrine at the top of the world to the burning dragon pit at its bottom. Blackie meets monsters and beasts and humans of every rank from beggars, gypsies, peasants, and priests to knights, nobles, and his irrepressible, irresistible Princess. He learns the joys of love, friendship, and a well-baked bowl of cookies, as well as the miseries of sickness, treachery, and death. Ultimately, he learns what it means to be unicorn, a "holy beast" to the humans with his celebrated horn of violence in battle and healing in sickness.

The World Time Parallel

Now it is a fact that tigers exist, but unicorns do not. ... tiger (20) would be formalised as (22) Elx tiger x while (21) would be (23) ~ Elx unicorn x.

Author: A. A. Rini

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139505512

Category: Philosophy


View: 157


Is what could have happened but never did as real as what did happen? What did happen, but isn't happening now, happened at another time. Analogously, one can say that what could have happened happens in another possible world. Whatever their views about the reality of such things as possible worlds, philosophers need to take this analogy seriously. Adriane Rini and Max Cresswell exhibit, in an easy step-by-step manner, the logical structure of temporal and modal discourse, and show that every temporal construction has an exact parallel that requires a language that can refer to worlds, and vice versa. They make precise, in a way which can be articulated and tested, the claim that the parallel is at work behind even ordinary talk about time and modality. The book gives metaphysicians a sturdy framework for the investigation of time and modality - one that does not presuppose any particular metaphysical view.

The Unicorn Girl

“Chester isn't happy unless he's obscurely insulting or insultingly obscure at least three times a day.” “Oh,” Sylvia said. She smiled sweetly at Chester.

Author: Michael Kurland

Publisher: Courier Dover Publications

ISBN: 9780486838045

Category: Fiction

Page: 176

View: 624


"Settle in for a trip to a wonderful half-real, half-imaginary era." — Richard A. Lupoff Mike and Chester, the alien-fighting hippies of The Butterfly Kid, have found their way from New York City to San Francisco — but that's just the first step of their odyssey. When Mike meets the girl of his dreams, he and Chester join her and her circus friends on a quest in search of a lost unicorn. Psychedelic hilarity ensues as they travel through time to encounter Victorian nudists, fire-breathing dragonettes, and live dinosaurs. Touted as a "brain-blowing science-fiction freak out" upon its 1969 publication, The Unicorn Girl is the second book in the Greenwich Village Trilogy, a shared-world scenario written by three different authors, all of whom appear in the books as characters. Dover Publications returns this cosmic adventure to print for the first time in nearly 40 years, along with its predecessor, The Butterfly Kid, and its sequel, The Probability Pad. This edition features an appreciative new Foreword by science-fiction author Richard A. Lupoff.