Reporting War

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Author: Ray Moseley

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300226348

Category: History

Page: 440

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This “excellent, wonderfully-researched” chronicle of WWII journalism explores the lives and work of embedded reporters across every theater of war (Chris Ogden, former Time magazine bureau chief in London). Luminary journalists Ed Murrow, Martha Gellhorn, Walter Cronkite, and Clare Hollingworth were among the young reporters who chronicled World War II’s daily horrors and triumphs for Western readers. In Reporting War, fellow foreign correspondent Ray Moseley mines their writings to create an exhilarating parallel narrative of the war effort in Europe, Pearl Harbor, North Africa, and Japan. This vivid history also explores the lives, methods, and motivations of the courageous journalists who doggedly followed the action and the story, often while embedded in the Allied armies. Moseley’s sweeping yet intimate history draws on newly unearthed material to offer a comprehensive account of the war. Reporting War sheds much-needed light on an abundance of individual stories and overlooked experiences, including those of women and African-American journalists, which capture the drama as it was lived by reporters on the front lines of history.

Modern Indian English Novel

air ” ( 107 ) .18 The war , thus , is presented as an event of proud self - realisation for the subject race . ... and was desperately endeavouring to stem the twin tides of war reverses suffered abroad and the nationalist upsurge close ...

Author: Manmohan Krishna Bhatnagar

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist

ISBN: 8126902256

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The Study Is A Painstaking Probe Into The Unfolding Of A Hitherto Ignored Thematic And Stylistic Dimension Of Modern Indian English Fiction. Beginning With An In-Depth Analysis Of The Political Underpinnings In The Early Phase, The Study Moves To A Scholarly Critique Of The Same In The Post-Independence Context. Indian English Novel Has Been Appraised As A Human Document, Chronicling Most Credibly The Political Vicissitudes Of The People In General. The Crippling Nature Of The Popular Creed Has Been Isolated As The Cause Of The Personal As Well As The Political Tragedy. The Critique Discovers In Gandhism A Liberating Panacea Which Later Got Ossified Into A Myth. The Differing Perceptions In Novels Of The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Forms Part Of The Next Stage Of The Scholarly Argument. Last But Not The Least, The Book Examines The Artistic Modes Of Projection Of The Political Motif.A Refreshing Insight Into Indian English Fiction, Indian Socio-Political Psyche, The Sociology Of Faith As Well As The Artistic Amalgam Of Aesthetics And Ideology In Indian Literature.An Invaluable Source Book For Researchers, Teachers And Students Of Literature, Politics, Sociology And Philosophy.

The Woman War Correspondent the U S Military and the Press

This article, about war correspondents Iris Carpenter, Ann Stringer, and Lee Carson, reported that in the Army's ... Robert William Desmond, Tides of War: WorldNews Reporting, 1931–1945 (Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 1984), 449.

Author: Carolyn M. Edy

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781498539289

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Honorable Mention recipient for the American Journalism Historians Association Book of the Year Award, this book outlines the rich history of more than 250 women who worked as war correspondents up through World War II, while demonstrating the ways in which the press and the military both promoted and prevented their access to war. Despite the continued presence of individual female war correspondents in news accounts, if not always in war zones, it was not until 1944 that the military recognized these individuals as a group and began formally considering sex as a factor for recruiting and accrediting war correspondents. This group identity created obstacles for women who had previously worked alongside men as “war correspondents,” while creating opportunities for many women whom the military recruited to cover woman’s angle news as “women war correspondents.” This book also reveals the ways the military and the press, as well as women themselves, constructed the concepts of “woman war correspondent” and “war correspondent” and how these concepts helped and hindered the work of all war correspondents even as they challenged and ultimately expanded the public’s understanding of war and of women.

Military Law Review

TIDES OF WARI REVIEWED BY MAJOR ALEX G. PETERSON2 When the shadows began to lengthen , the Spartan Corps of Peers ... 3 A biographical fiction of Alcibiades , an Athenian general in the Peloponnesian War , Steven Pressfield's Tides of ...



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Historical Dictionary of War Journalism

Tides of War . 1984 ; Phillip Knightley . The First Casualty . 1975 . EMENY , STUART ( 1904-1944 ) . He reported the Italian invasion of Ethiopia for the Daily Chronicle in 1935. His battle reportage while accompanying Haile Selassie's ...

Author: Mitchel P. Roth

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313291713

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Content Description #Includes bibliographical references and index.

FlowCard Volume V

{Pages/Combat( ),Command( ),Feat( ),Randym( ),Affinit( )} Combat/Art of War/Tides of War Att_Def_Force Range Fortune /Att Def Force Range Fortune_/ Att_Def_Force Range Fortune— Command/Art of War Item Att Def Category /Item /Att Def ...



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Watching the Sun Rise

Browne , " Japan : Early Broadcasting Days ; " Desmond , Tides of War , pp . 11-13 ; J. N. Bellinger , " Japan , " pp . 77-78 ; Chugo Koito , " Japan , " Journalism Quarterly vol . 15 , no . 4 , 1938 , pp . 423-24 , and vol . 17 , no .

Author: Jacqui Murray

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739107828

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Journalist and researcher Murray reviews the reporting on Japanese imperial aggression by the Australian mass circulation media in the years between Japanese attack on the Manchurian capital of Mukden in 1931 and the defeat of British and Australian forces by the Japanese in Singapore in 1942, which "was the final event that shocked a.