Three Plays

Three years of being friends, standing next to each other at soccer games; three
years of slowly realizing we're married to the wrong people— BETH: ... like
always . . . consoling me in some odd way, it's creepy BETH: And what about

Author: Craig Wright

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 9780810128149

Category: Drama

Page: 151

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The three plays in this volume –Melissa Arctic, and Orange Flower Water, and The Pavilion – are all set in the fictional town of Pine City, Minnesota. As the name suggests, these plays share a focus on love and relationships and feature a consistent undercurrent of observation and speculation about the nature of time.

Three Plays for Puritans

LADY CICELY [ whispering ] Dont you feel rather creepy , Mr Rankin ? I wonder
what he ' ll be like . RANKIN . I misdoubt me he will not answer , your leddyship .
There is a scuffling noise in the house ; and Drinkwater shoots out through the ...

Author: Bernard Shaw


ISBN: NYPL:33433074919832

Category: United States

Page: 315

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Three Negro Plays

And none of that creepy stuff my creepy father used to play . [ She puts on a
record – some very modern jazz ; it throbs low and warm and intense . ] Yeah . . .
that ' s good . I have to have music . . . it helps to close things out . It envelops you

Author: C. W. E. Bigsby


ISBN: IND:32000000977340

Category: African Americans

Page: 207

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Brandon s Creepy Mysteries

“Last night, I've manage to separate the sound into three parts,” he explained, “I
want you to listen to all three parts of that sound.” So Mr. McManus plays the
sound in all three soundwaves. Then I've notice something strange about the 1st

Author: Brandon James


ISBN: 9780359321537



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Creepy Archives


Author: Various

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

ISBN: 9781621154471

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 160

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Fans of horror comics and jawdropping artwork, rejoice! Dark Horse Comics continues to showcase its dedication to bringing you the highestquality horror comics ever made with this third bloodcurdling collection of Warren Publishing's groundbreaking horror magazine Creepy. This landmark archive series brings readers, for the first time ever, each and every eerie story from Creepy magazine's original run, featuring work from many of the best artists ever to work in the medium of comics. Frank Frazetta, Gray Morrow, Alex Toth, Joe Orlando, and Angelo Torres are just a sampling of the artists whose work bring horror to life in startling and gorgeously gruesome detail in this third huge collected volume. * Features art by Frank Frazetta, Gray Morrow, Alex Toth, Joe Orlando, Angelo Torres, and others! * Features the original backandwhite artwork meticulously restored, with the original covers of each issue reprinted in luscious full color! "Since the stock is much finer than the authentic newsprint, visually, these pages are better than the originals, with moodly, dark blacks that punctuate the shock endings." Publishers Weekly

The Best 10 minute Plays for Three Or More Actors 2008

MIKE : Not hot and told I'm creepy . PETE : What makes you creepy ? MIKE : Don't
know . It's just what they say . Girls . I drank too much ... I drink to be like them and
I get all weird . PETE : Weird how ? MIKE : Obsess on bad stuff . I think about ...

Author: Lawrence Harbison


ISBN: 1575257106

Category: American drama

Page: 257

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Presents a collection of ten-minute plays taken from a variety of theaters across the United States.

Three plays

I send copy back every afternoon when I can find a live phone , I put in death ,
bloodshed , horror , you know the usual bull — war and slaughter and little
children's heads on bayonets — and the Canadian News Agency turn it sunny
side up ...



ISBN: UCAL:$B800301



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The Women of Hammer Horror

... three different Bond Girls, Daniela Bianchi, Molly Peters, and Caroline Munro.
Her first Hammer credit was the “Miss Belle” episode ofJourney to the Unknown,
where she plays the title character, a woman so cruel and creepy that she easily

Author: Robert Michael “Bobb” Cotter

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476602011

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 248

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The Hammer studio is best known for its horror film output from the mid–1950s through the 1970s. This book provides facts about the hundreds of actresses who appeared in those films, including ones released in the twenty-first century by a resurgent Hammer. Each woman’s entry includes her Hammer filmography, a brief biography if available, and other film credits in the horror genre. The book is illustrated with more than 60 film stills and posters.

The Best 10 minute Plays for Three Or More Actors 2005

What kind of weird shit are you into ? HARLEY : Will you just look at the fucking
birthmark ? TONY : ( Spots the birthmark . ) There it is — Just like a little spider . . (
Starts to cry , wiping his eyes . ) Fucking hormones . . . ! ( Tony sits down , weepy

Author: D. L. Lepidus

Publisher: Smith & Kraus Pub Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015074298806

Category: Drama

Page: 199

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Collected from theaters across America, this new ten-minute collection of 23 plays reveals the power and pleasures of this tightly knit form. Plays for 3 Actors:Shot Americans (3W) by Kayla CaganLarry Gets the Call (2W, 1M) by Matt CasarinoShades (1W, 2M) by Mark Harvey LevineEvery Man (2W, 1M) by Michael NiedermanMolly Whuppie (2W, 1M) by Don NigroIt¿s Called Development (3W) by Anne PhelanAn Ongoing Examination of the True Meaning of Life (2W, 1M or 1W, 2M) by S. W. SenekPistachio Stories (2W, 1M) by Laura ShamasThe Searcher (1W, 2M) by Frederick StroppelMore (1W, 2M) by Jeff TabnickWeird Water (1W, 2M) by Robert Lewis VaughanDead Boy (2W, 1M) by Craig WrightPlays for 4 Actors:Vinny¿s Vision (4M) by Jim GordonBetting the Karmic House (1W, 3M or 2W, 2M) by Bill JohnsonInfant Morality (3W, 1M) by Craig PospisilHow to Speak Man (4M) by Sharyn RothsteinRemind Me Again (3W, 1M) by Sharyn RothsteinHell Hath Three Furies (3W, 1M) by Aoise StratfordA Moment of Your Undivided Attention (3W, 1M) by Alina TrowbridgePlays for 5 Actors:Tina at the Times or Below the Fold (2W, 3M) by Wendy MacLeodPlays for 6 or More ActorsToys in Babeland (1W, 8M) by Delilah GomezAt the time (5W, 3M) by Winter MillerSmall World (3W, 3M) by Tracey Scott WilsonD. L. LEPIDUS is a freelance critic and editor who has covered the New York theater scene for more than twenty-five years. Since 1993, his work has appeared in theater columns for Chelsea Clinton News and the Westsider.

Three Plays

... for us to sleep together in that double bed in there ? No - - ? Well then , which
of us is going to enjoy the luxury , and who is to recline nightly on this creepy -
crawly sofa ? ... ( He does so ) . MARY : So long as we ' re agreed . 134 Three

Author: Críostóir Ó Floinn


ISBN: STANFORD:36105110946303

Category: English drama

Page: 260

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Three Plays

... the background ] : Listen to the yell of Leopold ' s ghost , Burning in Hell for his
hand - maimed host . ' SECOND BOY : ' Hear how the demons chuckle and yell ,
Cutting his hands off down in Hell . ' DEAN : ' Listen to the creepy proclamations ...

Author: Robin Glendinning


ISBN: UOM:39015060618157

Category: Drama

Page: 211

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Hall Three Plays

It ' s dead creepy , right - ELLIOTT : Sounds it – ASH : What ? ELLIOTT : Nothing -
go on . ASH : What ' s wrong with it ? ELLIOTT : Well – is it all like that – the play -
ASH : Like what ? ELLIOTT : All that about drugs - ASH : A lot of it is – why ?

Author: Jonathan Hall

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: UOM:39015059160245

Category: Drama

Page: 221

View: 327


Three insightful comedy dramas exploring modern life from a gay perspective.

Three Plays

It makes me creepy, them bloody flames sweeping in and oot like that. GeoRDIE (
hammering mail). Aye, they'd fair send you back to the Bible readin'. Christ, would
I like to bomb Berlin — bomb the bastards till the ruddy Rhine was red.

Author: Paul Vincent Carroll


ISBN: UCAL:$B794538


Page: 306

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Three Plays

... the girl from the prairie got a ladder in her stocking , stairway to Heaven , my
belly will grow like a new mountain , it will have climbers on it , I ' m conquered
forever . . . all creepy with hard hands and fingers . . . get off me . . . get him off me

Author: Edward Thomas

Publisher: Seren Books/Poetry Wales PressLtd

ISBN: STANFORD:36105017041349

Category: Drama

Page: 216

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Three Plays

GUT Pause . Nuther thing . When we pull up at a service station , ' e goes for a
slash . ( open his eyes , looks at MOLESTER . ) In the lav . MOLESTER ( opens
his eyes , looks at GUT ) . Creepy . GUT Very . Both turn away and close their
eyes .

Author: Howard Brenton

Publisher: Burns & Oates

ISBN: UOM:39015053660943

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 164

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Three Plays

... m going to come to the show . It sounds too creepy . MISS ZAMPA Come on ,
mummy , don ' t let ' s exaggerate . . . THE WAITER ( approaches from upstage
right followed by two porters carrying a large wicker basket ) Put it here , right
here .

Author: Eduardo De Filippo

Publisher: Hamish Hamilton

ISBN: UOM:39015033477061

Category: Italian drama

Page: 246

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Barker Plays Three

HACKER : What ? CLOUT : Standing on - a million dead Englishmen – did he
say ? HACKER : Something like that . CLOUT : Not so much ground , he said ,
more ' uman flesh . . . HACKER : Give over , Clout . CLOUT : Creepy , Mr ' acker .

Author: Howard Barker

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: STANFORD:36105131699352

Category: Drama

Page: 256

View: 858


Includes the plays Claw, Ursula, He Stumbled and The Love of a Good Man The plays in this volume range over twenty years, beginning with Barker's first major work for the stage, Claw, a study of urban discontent and political impotence, developed over three stylistically contrasting acts. Its terrible conclusion marked the debut of a vivid dramatic imagination. In Ursula Barker's engagement with the pains of the past, and his way of reinvigorating ancient arguments reaches a high point in his treatment of the legend of St Ursula and the martyrdom of 11,000 virgins, where the virtues of celibacy and marriage are set against the catastrophic passion of a woman described as a 'perfect liar'. Barker's scrutiny of the body and its complex meanings is never more intense than in He Stumbled, the tragedy of a celebrated anatomist whose last dissection becomes his own. The body as a site of political and personal investment is also at the heart of The Love of a Good Man, an early work set on the empty battlefields of the Great War, where the burial of the dead becomes a pretext for private ambition as well as national grief.

Shaplin Three Plays

Wreck the Airline Barrier; Victory at the Dirt Palace; Pugilist Specialist Adriano
Shaplin. LT . STUDDARD : I didn ' t see any reason to be concerned . LT . STEIN :
He ' s creepy . LT . FREUD : It ' s a good thing we cut danger out of the war thing ...

Author: Adriano Shaplin

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: UOM:39015062628717

Category: Drama

Page: 228

View: 406


Includes the plays Pugilist Specialist, Wreck the Airline Barrier and Victory at the Dirt Palace. Three plays by acclaimed US playwright, Adriano Shaplin. Pugilist Specialist won every major award at the Edinburgh Festival 2003 -a soaring and timely premiere dissecting the American military's hunt for evil in foreign lands.

Three Questor Plays

Then this journalist creepy crawly fellow asks how many in our house and he
writes down all our names . Mrs . Verney naturally told him about Mr . Mason '
aving a stroke . HICKS : Naturally . She ' s a proper information bureau . MRS .

Author: Dannie Abse


ISBN: UOM:39015053659077

Category: English drama

Page: 135

View: 533


Three Really Nasty Plays

[ His room darkens , except for a tight spot on his face and upper body . Eerie ,
creepy music . ] VOICE : Mr . Rice ? RICE : Huh ? VOICE : Mr . Rice .
Acknowledge us please . RICE : . . . Hello ? VOICE : Mr . Rice , despite your loud
accordion , we ...

Author: Ronald Mark Chambers

Publisher: Players Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105023090918

Category: Drama

Page: 192

View: 293