The Zen Commandments

This is a wonderful book with rich wisdom and deep insight.” —Rabbi David Cooper, author of God Is a Verb “No matter what your religion (or lack of it), this book shows how to live the kind of life people ache for.

Author: Dean Sluyter

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101161937

Category: Religion

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The Ten Commandments tell us how to behave, but they don't say much about the inner awareness from which outer behavior springs. Do the right thing, of course-- but better yet, find your inner light and doing the right thing becomes as natural as breathing. THE ZEN COMMANDMENTS offers ten powerful nudges toward that light. Drawing on sources from Zen stories and the Bible to jazz and rock 'n' roll, from American movies to Tibetan meditative techniques, Dean Sluyter steers clear of dogma and emphasizes what works-- a sort of spiritual street smarts. He shows that the state of boundless freedom and happiness isn't something distant or exotic, but is right here, while you're stuck in traffic or taking out the trash. And revisiting the Ten Commandments, he shows how on a deeper level they offer some surprising enlightenment wisdom of their own. “The book is extremely well written and joyously entertaining.” —Publishers Weekly “With sparkling clarity and wit, Sluyter's ten suggestions lay out the practical essentials of the path. My suggestion is: listen to this guy.” —Lama Surya Das, author of Awakening the Buddha Within “Dean Sluyter clearly presents simple but profound ways to live one's life consciously and skillfully. He teaches that the source of universal truth not only rests in the heart of every one of us, but is the essence of what ultimately brings us true happiness and freedom. This is a wonderful book with rich wisdom and deep insight.” —Rabbi David Cooper, author of God Is a Verb “No matter what your religion (or lack of it), this book shows how to live the kind of life people ache for. It turns out to be pretty simple.” —Jane Cavolina, co-author of Growing Up Catholic

Ten Commandments of Faith and Fitness

There is also The Zen Commandments and The Ten Commandments of Golf. The list is endless. Ten is a manageable number of related ideas to learn and put into practice. As Moses did not quibble with God's prescription of Ten Commandments ...

Author: Henry G. Brinton

Publisher: CSS Publishing

ISBN: 9780788024634

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In today's live-fast society, poor health and obesity are at epidemic proportions. People have seemingly forgotten to treat with reverence Gods first and greatest gift to themtheir bodies.Building on the Ten Commandments that guide our spiritual lives, Henry Brinton and Vikram Khanna have devised Ten Commandments of Faith and Fitness, a scientifically sound resource that teaches how to properly incorporate physical activity into daily life and how to eat better, while building faith in the process. For everyone looking to glorify Christ in their spirits and their bodies, Ten Commandments of Faith and Fitness is an invaluable tool to guide you every step of the way.Henry Brinton and Vikram Khanna have written an inspiring book calling on Christians to honor their bodies as well as their hearts, minds, and souls. And they are clear that as with our spiritual lives, this too requires dedication, discipline, and perseverance. Ten Commandments of Faith and Fitness is also wonderfully practical and encouraging, as it lays out a step-by-step journey toward physical fitness. The authors provide up-to-date assessments of the value of diet programs and various training programs, and valuable advice for measuring and staying on course. Many Christians have been notoriously poor stewards of their physical lives. Here is a powerful proposal for turning that reality around.- The Very Reverend Samuel T. Lloyd III Dean of Washington National Cathedral, Washington, DC Ten Commandments of Faith and Fitness by Vik Khanna and Henry Brinton is an entertaining, yet factual book that will guide the reader toward achieving individualized health, fitness, and spiritual goals. No matter what your faith, age, or health status, this book will enlighten and inspire you to adopt a more healthy, nutritious, and active lifestyle. Highly recommended.- Melinda S. Sothern, Ph.D., C.E.P.Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Author of Trim Kids Professor and Director of Health Promotion, LSU Health Sciences Center This book merges seamlessly inspiration and information, fact and faith, science and soul, sound judgment and common sense. This is a thought provoking, yet practical guide for attaining and sustaining spiritual and physical health and wellness.- Ralph F. Boyd, Jr.Executive Vice President, Freddie Mac Chairman, The Freddie Mac Foundation

The Truth Exposed

Buddhism returned me home to my center—the core of who I am, and today that presents along the same vibration as the elements of Zen Bud— dhism. The book, The Zen Commandments by Dean Sluyter speaks to living Zen and how the Zen ...

Author: Msw Kissiah Young

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595415618

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The Truth Exposed takes you along a tender journey of pain rooted in childhood abuse, religious conflict, and sexuality. This journey begins with the impact of a domineering, controlling, and abusive mother, a life alone at eighteen-battling sexuality and Christianity, and the sudden death of the author's father, to self-acceptance and spiritual wholeness. The Truth Exposed reveals the infinite possibilities present even when met with complete chaos, uncertainty, and aloneness. It offers profound insight and deep healing. The Truth Exposed is more than a book; it is a profound experience.

Einstein Zen

( 2001 ) The Zen Commandments . New York : Jeremy P. Tarcher / Putnam . ( 2005 ) Cinema Nirvana . New York : Three Rivers Press / Random House . Smick , David M. ( 2008 ) The World Is Curved . New York : Penguin Smith , David Geoffrey .

Author: Conrad P. Pritscher

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 1433108704

Category: Education

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This book makes a strong case for free schooling, comparing the mind of Albert Einstein - who said much - to Zen conscious practice, which says little but encompasses everything. Examining the work of brain researchers, neuroscientists, physicists, and other scholars to illuminate the commonalities between Einstein's thought and the Zen practice of paying attention to one's present experience, the book reveals their many similarities, showing the development of self-direction as a key to fostering compassionate consideration of others and to harmonious, semi-effortless learning and living. Examples demonstrate that students who choose to study what is interesting, remarkable, and important for them tend to become more like Einstein than students with the rigid school curricula; students who are free to learn often demonstrate empathy, and less rigid rule-following, while involved in the process of imaginatively becoming their own oracles and self-educators.

30 Days of Conviction

r e t u t 9 FoUR The 'Zen Commandments flpply to Us StiUTocfay I. You shall have no other gods hefiJreyou 2. You shall not mahefiJryourselfand carved image to serve 5. You shall not take the Lordyour God in vain 4.

Author: S.e. Norton

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781449757847

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This is an intensive thirty-day journey into your walk with God. I was hellbound for years, doing what I thought would get me to heaven, rather than doing what the Bible said. I wrote this book so everyone could know where they stand with God, because eternity is not the place to realize for the first time what Jesus did for you on that cross.

The Ten Commandments

While these laws were central to the people of the Old Testament, they remain vital to God's people today, 77-e Zen Commandments is a series of sermons preached from the pulpit of Ashley Baptist Church in Belding, Michigan.

Author: David A. Oliver


ISBN: 9781365351877

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Written with the finger of God nearly 3,500 years ago, the Ten Commandments still provide GodOs moral standards and principles for worship. EWhile these laws were central to the people of the Old Testament, they remain vital to GodOs people today.E The Ten Commandments is a series of sermons preached from the pulpit of Ashley Baptist Church in Belding, Michigan.E These sermons explore several facets of each commandment, and at the same time provide the reader with a big picture statement and point of application. These messages on the Ten Commandments are "profitable" (II Tim.E3:16) for practical living, but most importantly, they point to the Jesus Christ as the Savior from sin (Gal.E3:24).E

Altered States

The Zen Commandments.” In Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics, ed. Allan Hunt Badiner and Alex Grey, 179–88. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2002. Suzuki, Shinryu. Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. Ed. Trudy Dixon and Richard Baker.

Author: Douglas Osto

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231541411

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In the 1960s, Americans combined psychedelics with Buddhist meditation to achieve direct experience through altered states of consciousness. As some practitioners became more committed to Buddhism, they abandoned the use of psychedelics in favor of stricter mental discipline, but others carried on with the experiment, advancing a fascinating alchemy called psychedelic Buddhism. Many think exploration with psychedelics in Buddhism faded with the revolutionary spirit of the sixties, but the underground practice has evolved into a brand of religiosity as eclectic and challenging as the era that created it. Altered States combines interviews with well-known figures in American Buddhism and psychedelic spirituality—including Lama Surya Das, Erik Davis, Geoffrey Shugen Arnold Sensei, Rick Strassman, and Charles Tart—and personal stories of everyday practitioners to define a distinctly American religious phenomenon. The nuanced perspective that emerges, grounded in a detailed history of psychedelic religious experience, adds critical depth to debates over the controlled use of psychedelics and drug-induced mysticism. The book also opens new paths of inquiry into such issues as re-enchantment, the limits of rationality, the biochemical and psychosocial basis of altered states of consciousness, and the nature of subjectivity.

Brains Inventing Themselves

Einstein and zen: learning to learn. New York; Peter Lang. Ranciere', J. (1991). The ignorant schoolmaster: five lessons in ... The zen commandments. New York: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam. Sluyter, D. (1998). Why the chicken crossed the ...

Author: Conrad P. Pritscher

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789460917080

Category: Education

Page: 227

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Neuroscience has found that neuroplasticity of brain cells allows brains to invent themselves. Remodeling of brains can be facilitated by schools and universities. What may be done to accelerate that positive inventing so as to prepare for rapidly accelerating change? As an IBM advertisement reads: “It is time to ask smarter questions.” This book helps the reader do that. What is worse than being blind to something? “Being blind to your blindness” says Eric Haseltine who has worked for both Disney and the National Security Agency. Being blind to what our brains can do is slowly changing. Brain researchers recently found that we can now be our own subjects of brain experimentation. Research shows how one can change one’s brain by changing one’s mind. In her 2010 high school valedictorian speech Erica Goldson courageously said: “The majority of students are put through the same brainwashing techniques in order to create a complacent labor force working in the interests of large corporations and secretive government, and worst of all, they are completely unaware of it.” This book shows professors, teachers, parents, and interested citizens how students can become aware and reach higher levels of consciousness.

Zeal for Zen

ZEN COMMANDMENTS Devotion to Buddha, the discoverer of the Dharma; Devotion to the Dharma, the law of the universe; Devotion to Buddhist Society, where compassion prevails. All life long we should devote ourselves to the cause of ...

Author: Norimoto Iino

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504067089

Category: Philosophy

Page: 93

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The Zen scholar and author of Hints in Haiku offers a revealing introduction to Zen thought and practice in this collection of essays. In 1964, when he accepted a visiting professorship at Coe College teaching non-Western studies, Norimoto Iino wrote this uniquely insightful introduction to Zen for his students. As he says in the preface, “Zen is a subject notoriously elusive. It goes beyond the happiest form of linguistic expression.” And yet, Iino pursues his topic with illuminating clarity and probing insight. In Zeal for Zen, Iino discusses Zen as an ever-evolving way of seeing and a powerful antidote to the egoistic pursuit of power. He covers a wide range of topics, from Soto Zen and Zen prayer to mathematics, modern physics, and the Zenlike works of English philosopher Alfred North Whitehead.