Enrique s Journey The Young Adult Adaptation

Hundreds of people helped me in the process of researching and writing this book. ... the best of my abilities, and that doing so might help others understand what families like theirs go through and what the migrant journey is like.

Author: Sonia Nazario

Publisher: Delacorte Press

ISBN: 9780307983152

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 288

View: 899


In this bestselling true story, one Honduran boy goes in search of his mother, who left to find work in the United States ten years ago—when he was just seven years old. This is the true and heartbreaking story of sixteen-year-old Enrique, who sets off on a journey alone to find his mother, who he has not seen for eleven years, not since she left her starving family and illegally entered the United States, hoping to make enough money to send home to Honduras. With little more in his pocket than a slip of paper bearing his mother’s phone number, Enrique embarks on a treacherous odyssey, traveling by clinging to the sides and tops of freight trains. Even when confronted by bandits, thugs, and corrupt cops, he is determined to complete his journey, often buoyed by the kindness of strangers or simply by luck finding water or food. In the face of this hostile world, Enrique’s love for his mother and his desire to be reunited with her endure and triumph. Enrique’s journey tells the larger story of undocumented Latin American migrants in the United States. His is an inspiring and timeless tale about the meaning of family and fortitude that brings to light the daily struggles of migrants, legal and otherwise, and the complicated choices they face. The issues seamlessly interwoven into this gripping nonfiction work for young people, based on the adult phenomenon Enrique's Journey: The Story of a Boy's Dangerous Odyssey to Reunite with His Mother and the Pulitzer Price-winning Los Angeles Times newspaper series that inspired it, are perfect for common core usage and for discussions of current events. Includes an 8-page photo insert, as well as an epilogue that describes what has happened to Enrique and his family since the adult edition was published. Praise for Enrique’s Journey “A heartwrenching account. Provides a human face, both beautiful and scarred, for the undocumented. A must read." —Kirkus Reviews, Starred "This powerfully written survival story personalizes the complicated, pervasive, and heart-wrenching debates about immigration and immigrants' rights and will certainly spark discussion in the classroom and at home."—Booklist

Secrets to Becoming a Successful Author Boxset

Your favorite book as a child, as a middle-grader, as a teen, as a young adult, in middle age, etc. Talk about how those books ... How will sharing my personal writing journey lead them toward my fiction? I do write nonfiction for ...

Author: Maggie McVay Lynch

Publisher: Windtree Press

ISBN: 9781947983885

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 802

View: 508


Frustrated with the plethora of conflicting information on how to self-publish? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sit down with someone who has already made the mistakes, done the analysis, and will provide you the short cuts—the secrets about the things that work? Now you have that chance with the Career Author Secrets series. Indie Publishing (Self Publishing) has changed dramatically in the past five years. There are now new, easier tools to use for every part of the process—editing, formatting, distribution, sales, and analysis. This boxset contains three books. Secrets Every Author Should Know: Publishing Basics It contains everything a DIY author needs to get her book from manuscript to professional publication in both ebook and print, including: * Why books don’t sell * Options for DIY or contracting professionals *The truth about ISBNs & Copyright Registration * Secrets for formatting your book the easy way * Creating book covers that sell * Making decisions about distribution Secrets to Pricing and Distribution: Ebook, Print and Direct Sales Once you have a finished book, you need to get it into readers’ hands. Loading your book to a vendor looks deceivingly easy. However, the career author knows that each vendor has its own methods for promoting books, performing searches, and identifying ready buyers. You need to take advantage of these differences in order to maximize your profits and discoverability. Capitalize on competitive retail pricing in different markets, and use effective metadata to draw more readers to your books. Learn to: * Write compelling book blurbs for each title that focus on “reader cookies” and • marketing. * Unlock keywords and get access to hidden category options. * Take advantage of search algorithm nuances at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple. * Use aggregators to increase distribution opportunities around the world. * Evaluate opportunities for direct sales to bookstores and individual consumers. Secrets to Effective Author Marketing: It’s More Than ‘Buy My Book’ This book provides specific techniques to exploit the value of your books without resorting to the typical overexposure in social media and newsletters with “Buy My Book” sales messaging. Instead, focus on the top three proven techniques that actually sell books. Follow step-by-step instructions and timelines to learn how to: 1) Create an Effective Plan for Communicating to Readers; 2) Use Social Media and Email lists to Engage with Your Readers; and 3) Plan for Effective Campaigns for both Book Launches and Backlist Rejuvenation throughout the year. In addition this book provides techniques to: * Distinguish specific groups of readers most likely to buy your novel or nonfiction book. * Understand your competition and the advantages that your book offers. * Clarify hooks that capture attention of the media, reviewers, and readers. * Identify where and how to reach readers, reviewers, and media. * Create and implement a consistent brand throughout all marketing efforts. * Effectively select, from 100+ options, the appropriate marketing tactics and timing that matches your book intentions and values. * Maximize organic reach and stay to a budget of less than $100 per book campaign. * Develop a long-term online marketing plan.

Juicy Writing

A helpful how-to guide for aspiring writers designed to encourage young adults in their journey toward finding their personal voice, developing techniques for dealing with writer's block and other practical advice.

Author: Brigid Lowry

Publisher: Allen & Unwin Australia

ISBN: 1741750482

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 201

View: 237


A helpful how-to guide for aspiring writers designed to encourage young adults in their journey toward finding their personal voice, developing techniques for dealing with writer's block and other practical advice.

George s Run

Our story is told mainly through the journey of one writer, George Clayton Johnson.Throughout this book, you follow along as comics journalist Henry Chamberlain patiently connects the dots in order to unravel the mystery behind the real ...

Author: Henry Chamberlain


ISBN: 1735315702



View: 894


GEORGE'S RUN is a graphic novel that tells the engaging story of George Clayton Johnson's pivotal role in the core group of science fiction and fantasy writers who wrote for The Twilight Zone and Star Trek, as well as his amazing novel, Logan's Run, co-written with William F. Nolan. George's story requires no prior knowledge but a happy leap of faith for anyone interested in a good story. This is a book about the art of storytelling and features some of the very best writers, including Ray Bradbury and Rod Serling. You will learn about these highly ambitious writers and how they found inspiration, especially their never-ending search for "a touch of strange." This book is a fun offbeat story about storytellers, the ones who worked on the original Twilight Zone, Star Trek, and beyond. This is a certain group of writers who blossomed in the 1950s and 1960s in and around Hollywood and redefined science fiction and dark fantasy. Our story is told mainly through the journey of one writer, George Clayton Johnson.Throughout this book, you follow along as comics journalist Henry Chamberlain patiently connects the dots in order to unravel the mystery behind the real George Clayton Johnson and his unlikely adventure going from a life of poverty and adversity to landing his big break as the co-writer of the Rat Pat classic, Ocean's Eleven. How did a scrawny kid from Wyoming end up friends with Frank Sinatra and then go on to secure a significant place in pop culture? This book will appeal to any age and be of great interest to numerous fans of pop culture. George was a firm believer in people power and grass roots fandom and was one of the early supporters of Comic-Con in San Diego.Follow the author at comicsgrinder.com and get updates at twilightzonegraphicnovel.com. George's Run offers a wealth of insight and facts in a madcap ride with a freewheeling zest. As Jeff Smith, the creator of Bone, has said, "It clearly is an act of passion!" File Under: Science Fiction, Young Adult, and Pop Culture.


These words have great meaning to me as I embark on the next installment to this writing journey. I spent my young adult life blinded about what God had in store for me and have come to realize each of us has a gift to share with this ...

Author: Jeffrey Martin

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780578070391

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 789


For most people, an experience with social networking helps them connect with new acquaintances and bridge the gap between long-lost friends. But one man has adopted its resources to fulfill a more sinister agenda. Brandon Thornley uses the database to search for potential victims as he feeds his thirst for blood. What Brandon doesn't realize is that someone has accepted his request...and this person is even more ruthless than him. New Haven Police Detective Patrick Morgan is assigned to investigate a string of ritualistic murders, which leads him to discover that the killer has left behind something valuable. Armed with the evidence he needs to bring a madman to justice, Detective Morgan sets his sights on his target. Unfortunately for him, he's not the only one, and his competition will do anything to ensure he fails.

Utopian and Dystopian Writing for Children and Young Adults

Their liminality is too visible, too extreme; the linearity of a railway journey, which cannot deviate from predetermined and impersonal tracks, provides the fantastical imagination with a necessary literalness that flight, ...

Author: Carrie Hintz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135373368

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

View: 902


This volume examines a variety of utopian writing for children from the 18th century to the present day, defining and exploring this new genre in the field of children's literature. The original essays discuss thematic conventions and present detailed case studies of individual works. All address the pedagogical implications of work that challenges children to grapple with questions of perfect or wildly imperfect social organizations and their own autonomy. The book includes interviews with creative writers and the first bibliography of utopian fiction for children.

Laurie Halse Anderson

“Laurie Halse Anderson,“ Authors and Artists for Young Adults, vol. ... Kelly R. Fineman, “Laurie Halse Anderson,“ Writing anal Ruminating: One Childrens Writers journey, 19 May 2008, http://kellyrfineman.livejournal.com.

Author: Wendy J. Glenn

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810872820

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 184

View: 485


In Laurie Halse Anderson: Speaking in Tongues, Wendy J. Glenn examines the life and works of one of the most popular authors for teens. Drawing from both primary sources (Anderson's writings, published interviews and speeches, the author's blog and other online sources, as well as a live interview with the author) and secondary sources (reviews of and scholarly articles on her work), Glenn explores the themes and impact of Anderson's novels. This richly researched work includes in-depth analyses of each of Anderson's young adult titles, chapters on Anderson's lesser-known writings for children, short stories, and poems, and a synthesis of reviews for each title Anderson has published.

New Daughters of Africa

An International Anthology of Writing by Women of African Descent Margaret Busby ... producers, publishers, science fiction writers, screenwriters, short-story writers, speculative fiction writers, travel writers, young adult ...

Author: Margaret Busby

Publisher: Myriad Editions

ISBN: 9781912408023

Category: Fiction

Page: 840

View: 331


Showcasing the work of more than 200 women writers of African descent, this major international collection celebrates their contributions to literature and international culture. Twenty-five years ago, Margaret Busby's groundbreaking anthology Daughters of Africa illuminated the “silent, forgotten, underrated voices of black women” (Washington Post). Published to international acclaim, it was hailed as “an extraordinary body of achievement...a vital document of lost history” (Sunday Times). New Daughters of Africa continues that mission for a new generation, bringing together a selection of overlooked artists of the past with fresh and vibrant voices that have emerged from across the globe in the past two decades, from Antigua to Zimbabwe and Angola to the USA. Key figures join popular contemporaries in paying tribute to the heritage that unites them. Each of the pieces in this remarkable collection demonstrates an uplifting sense of sisterhood, honours the strong links that endure from generation to generation, and addresses the common obstacles women writers of colour face as they negotiate issues of race, gender and class, and confront vital matters of independence, freedom and oppression. Custom, tradition, friendships, sisterhood, romance, sexuality, intersectional feminism, the politics of gender, race, and identity—all and more are explored in this glorious collection of work from over 200 writers. New Daughters of Africa spans a wealth of genres—autobiography, memoir, oral history, letters, diaries, short stories, novels, poetry, drama, humour, politics, journalism, essays and speeches—to demonstrate the diversity and remarkable literary achievements of black women who remain under-represented, and whose works continue to be under-rated, in world culture today. Featuring women across the diaspora, New Daughters of Africa illuminates the richness and cultural history of this original continent and its enduring influence, while reflecting our own lives and issues today. Bold and insightful, brilliant in its intimacy and universality, this essential volume honours the talents of African daughters and the inspiring legacy that connects them—and all of us.

Travel Writing in the Nineteenth Century

A YOUNG WRITER'S JOURNEY INTO THE NEW ZEALAND INTERIOR: RATIIERINE MANSFIELO'S TIIE UREWERA NOTEBOOK Anne Maxweli In ... of the European Grand Tour in that it functioned as a rite of passage into the independence of adulthood and as a ...

Author: Tim Youngs

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 9781843312185

Category: History

Page: 250

View: 808


An insightful and illuminating collection of essays on the political and cultural dynamics of travel literature in the nineteenth century.

Reading Their World

The Young Adult Novel in the Classroom Virginia R. Monseau, Gary M. Salvner ... Writer and Reader Sue Ellen Bridgers 5 52 Navigating by the Stars : A Writer's Journey Will Hobbs 6 60 Choices and Challenges : Writing for Young Adults.

Author: Virginia R. Monseau

Publisher: Boynton/Cook

ISBN: UOM:39015056175956

Category: Education

Page: 196

View: 706


Reading Their World, 2/e and its companion CD-ROM provide the most extensive examination of young adult literature available today.

Beyond the Blockbusters

Themes and Trends in Contemporary Young Adult Fiction Rebekah Fitzsimmons, Casey Alane Wilson. Native road stories necessarily include ... The Indigenous road trip in YA fiction weaves personal history with national and Native history.

Author: Rebekah Fitzsimmons

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781496827159

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 254

View: 295


Contributions by Megan Brown, Jill Coste, Sara K. Day, Rachel Dean-Ruzicka, Rebekah Fitzsimmons, Amber Gray, Roxanne Harde, Tom Jesse, Heidi Jones, Kaylee Jangula Mootz, Leah Phillips, Rachel L. Rickard Rebellino, S. R. Toliver, Jason Vanfosson, Sarah E. Whitney, and Casey Alane Wilson While critical and popular attention afforded to twenty-first-century young adult literature has exponentially increased in recent years, classroom materials and scholarship have remained static in focus and slight in scope. Twilight, The Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars, and The Hate U Give overwhelm conversations among scholars and critics—but these are far from the only texts in need of analysis. Beyond the Blockbusters: Themes and Trends in Contemporary Young Adult Fiction offers a necessary remedy to this limiting perspective, bringing together essays about the many subgenres, themes, and character types that have until now been overlooked. The collection tackles a diverse range of topics—modern updates to the marriage plot; fairy tale retellings in dystopian settings; stories of extrajudicial police killings and racial justice. The approaches are united, though, by a commitment to exploring the large-scale generic and theoretical structures at work in each set of texts. As a collection, Beyond the Blockbusters is an exciting entryway into a field that continues to grow and change even as its works captivate massive audiences. It will prove a crucial addition to the library of any scholar or instructor of young adult literature.

Queer Anxieties of Young Adult Literature and Culture

It Was Worth the Trip. (212) The typical gay young adult fiction protagonist, according to author Brent Hartinger, is all grown up. The stereotypical lonely and troubled teen of yore whose sexual resolution was often perpetually ...

Author: Derritt Mason

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781496831002

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 246

View: 741


Young adult literature featuring LGBTQ+ characters is booming. In the 1980s and 1990s, only a handful of such titles were published every year. Recently, these numbers have soared to over one hundred annual releases. Queer characters are also appearing more frequently in film, on television, and in video games. This explosion of queer representation, however, has prompted new forms of longstanding cultural anxieties about adolescent sexuality. What makes for a good “coming out” story? Will increased queer representation in young people’s media teach adolescents the right lessons and help queer teens live better, happier lives? What if these stories harm young people instead of helping them? In Queer Anxieties of Young Adult Literature and Culture, Derritt Mason considers these questions through a range of popular media, including an assortment of young adult books; Caper in the Castro, the first-ever queer video game; online fan communities; and popular television series Glee and Big Mouth. Mason argues themes that generate the most anxiety about adolescent culture—queer visibility, risk taking, HIV/AIDS, dystopia and horror, and the promise that “It Gets Better” and the threat that it might not—challenge us to rethink how we read and engage with young people’s media. Instead of imagining queer young adult literature as a subgenre defined by its visibly queer characters, Mason proposes that we see “queer YA” as a body of transmedia texts with blurry boundaries, one that coheres around affect—specifically, anxiety—instead of content.

Novel Short Story Writer s Market 2017

... romance, suspense, paranormal, and pop culture); Alyssa Eisner Henkin (picture books through young adult fiction, ... (literary and commercial fiction, young adult fiction, narrative nonfiction, memoirs, travel, science, ...

Author: Rachel Randall

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440347894

Category: Reference

Page: 508

View: 847


The best resource for getting your fiction published! Novel & Short Story Writer's Market 2017 is the only resource you need to get your short stories, novellas, and novels published. As with past editions, Novel & Short Story Writer's Market offers hundreds of listings for book publishers, literary agents, fiction publications, contests, and more. Each listing includes contact information, submission guidelines, and other essential tips. Novel & Short Story Writer's Market also includes valuable advice to elevate your fiction: • Discover creative ways to conquer writer's block. • Wield exposition and summary effectively in your story. • Amplify your author brand with 8 simple ingredients. • Gain insight from best-selling and award-winning authors, including Garth Stein, Patrick Rothfuss, and more. You also receive a one-year subscription to WritersMarket.com's searchable online database of fiction publishers, as well as a free digital download of Writer's Yearbook, featuring the 100 Best Markets: WritersDigest.com/WritersDigest-Yearbook-16. Includes exclusive access to the webinar "Create Edge-of-Your-Seat Suspense" by Jane K. Cleland.

Come On In

WELCOME From some of the most exciting bestselling and up-and-coming YA authors writing today…journey from Ecuador to New York City and Argentina to Utah…from Australia to Harlem and India to New Jersey…from Fiji, America, Mexico and ...

Author: Adi Alsaid

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781488069383

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 304

View: 676


This exceptional and powerful anthology explores the joys, heartbreaks and triumphs of immigration, with stories by critically acclaimed and bestselling YA authors who are shaped by the journeys they and their families have taken from home—and to find home. WELCOME From some of the most exciting bestselling and up-and-coming YA authors writing today…journey from Ecuador to New York City and Argentina to Utah…from Australia to Harlem and India to New Jersey…from Fiji, America, Mexico and more… Come On In. With characters who face random traffic stops, TSA detention, customs anxiety, and the daunting and inspiring journey to new lands…who camp with their extended families, dance at weddings, keep diaries, teach ESL…who give up their rooms for displaced family, decide their own answer to the question “where are you from?” and so much more… Come On In illuminates fifteen of the myriad facets of the immigrant experience, from authors who have been shaped by the journeys they and their families have taken from home—and to find home.

Journey Into Poetry A Guide for Young People

Whether reading or writing it you can let your imagination run wild and free, keep your mind open to possibilities and project your own thoughts and personality into its meaning. A single poem can be read by a dozen different people and ...

Author: Dennis S Martin

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781312979161

Category: Poetry

Page: 83

View: 621


If you are young and have at least a passing interest in poetry, then this book may be for you. Whether you have questions about how to write a poem or are just interested in how to get more our of your poetry reading, you can benefit from this book.

The Easter Journey Signs of Life

In her spare time, Heidi writes Young Adult fiction, plays classical piano, and leads worship at their church as often as possible. She is rarely without her laptop, iPad, or a really good book. Ellie Stevens Ellie Stevens is a ...

Author: Waiting for Water

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781304504944

Category: Religion

Page: 158

View: 550


The Easter Journey: Signs of Life - A Study in the Gospel of John is a compelling, biblically centered and life changing study written for small groups, individuals or families who want to deepen their walk with God and engage their faith in the world through the weeks leading to Easter Sunday. This nine week study creatively explores the seven miracles (signs) that Jesus performed in the gospel of John. While the study begins from the Sunday before Ash Wednesday through the Sunday following Easter, it can be used at any time of the year by those who want to make a difference in the world. Written by pastors and leaders from across the United States, this study has the potential to change lives throughout the world. Working with international water organizations (Blood: Water Mission, India Partners, Living Water International, Living Waters for the World, Seeds of Hope International and The Water Project), this study will have a tangible impact in people's lives

The Best Women s Travel Writing 2008

Colorado-based Laura Resau is an award-winning author of two young adult novels set in rural Oaxaca: What the Moon Saw and Red Glass. Her travel writing has appeared in anthologies by Travelers' Tales and Lonely Planet, ...

Author: Lucy McCauley

Publisher: Travelers' Tales

ISBN: 1932361553

Category: Travel

Page: 312

View: 483


Presents exciting, uplifting and unforgettable adventures from women who have travelled to the ends of the earth to discover new people, places and facets of themselves.


Two journeys.

Author: Sherry D. Ficklin

Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing

ISBN: 9781634220514

Category: Fiction


View: 915


Two journeys. One inescapable outcome. No time to lose. What should be a routine mission leaves Ethan with a serious problem. He's fractured—a break between mind and body that leaves him at the mercy of his Rifter abilities, which are quickly tearing him apart. He will have to trust the only person who might know how to fix him, a mysterious Rifter named Stewart Stills, who seems to have a special connection with the time stream. Forced to face his dark past and a decision he may never forgive himself for, he will be trained unlike any of the others, to become a true guardian for time. If he accepts, it will mean leaving everyone he loves behind. If he refuses, time itself could unravel. After a glimpse of the dark future awaiting them all, he will have to choose between destiny and desire. Will he rise up and take his place as a defender of the natural order, or will he watch as all of time burns at the hands of the girl he loves? Welcome to the time war. Action Adventure Thriller Action Adventure Books for Teen Boys Books for Teen Girls Boys and Men Issues Girls and Womens Issues Fantasy books Free young adult books Free teen books Free historical fiction Free YA books Free romance Historical Historical Romance Myths and Legends Romance Romance books Romance historical Romance time travel Royalty Romance Science Fiction Science Fiction Science Fiction romance Steam punk Steampunk Super powers Survival Stories Teen and Young Adult Books Teen fantasy Teen fiction Teen fiction books Teen Fantasy books Teen historical fiction teen historical fiction books Teen Sci Fi Teen Science Fiction Teen steampunk Time Travel Time Travel Books Time travel romance Time travel romance historical Urban Fantasy Visionary & Metaphysical YA books YA books best sellers YA books fantasy YA books for teens YA books for teens YA novels YA Science Fiction YA Steampunk young adult adventure books young adult adventure fantasy Young adult books best sellers 2017 Young adult books for boys Young adult books free Young adult books romance Young adult fiction series Young Adult Science Fiction young adult science fiction thriller Young adult Steampunk Young adult time travel

Herstory 2011

She is a business and technical writer, who generally manages to keep her creative writing projects simmering on the back burner, and mother of three young adult children. Amy Jo Ehman is a freelance writer and former cbc reporter in ...


Publisher: Coteau Books

ISBN: 9781550504279



View: 869