Writes of Passage

These essays focus primarily on British travel writers from the 18th and 19th century and explore the tensions between imaginary and real geographical difference.

Author: James S. Duncan

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These essays focus primarily on British travel writers from the 18th and 19th century and explore the tensions between imaginary and real geographical difference.

The Writer s Work

Read the following two passages. Passage B was written by a professional writer
, Sinclair Lewis. How does it differ from passage AP A He dipped his hands in the
bichloride solution. He shook them. The shake was quick. His fingers were ...

Author: Dean Memering

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Observations on the First Part of Dr Knowles s Testimonies from the Writers of the First Four Centuries

And here it may be no imprcper place to remark , that I have examined Tertullian ;
and can find no reason for imagining he alluded to the passage now generally
found in our copies of the John I. Epistle of John * , but solely to another passage

Author: Capel Lofft


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The Official Guide for GMAT Review

It can be inferred from the passage that Whately found Dickens ' characters to be
25. The author would most likely agree that which of the following is the best
measure of a writer's literary success ? ( A ) especially interesting to young
readers ...



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Attempts in verse with some account of the writer written by himself and an intr essay on the lives and works of our uneducated poets by R Southey

A newspaper paragraph , which has been inserted in one of the volumes before
me , quotes from Sheridan the elder , an illnatured passage in allusion to the
writers who have here been noticed . “ Wonder , ” he says , “ usually
accompanied ...

Author: John Jones


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The Writer s Passage

In this way the work also serves as a course in personal development, undertaken through the medium of writing.

Author: Horst Kornberger


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The Writer's Passage is a journey through time in which writers engage with all the vital stages in the history of world literature. In this course of thirty-five lessons, millennia of human experience is turned by way of the alchemy of story into fuel for new creative writing. The journey begins in the childhood of language - in nursery rhyme, fable and fairy tale and then turns to the powerful myths of creation. Myths bestow a powerful charge - simply to hear them can be salutary. To engage with them through creative writing intensifies the experience exponentially, bringing them fully alive with opportunities for creative growth. After that, the course travels through historic time, following the trade routes of culture from ancient India to the twenty-first century. Through depth encounters with the work of Sappho and Socrates, Shakespeare and Ginsberg, students enter the lives of the poets and join in their projects. The shift of perspective demanded by the exercises in this book is in itself deeply liberating. The scope of the soul is enlarged merely by trying on the soul-skin of a different time, culture and personality - to serenely reformulate the eightfold path of the Buddha or passionately hurl oneself into the battle fury of the Viking; to tangle with the verbal eroticism of Sappho or the righteous passion of the prophets. To become the pure Parzival of the medieval epics and then the devil in Goethe's Faust is an unmatched gymnastic for the creative soul. In this approach, rarely does the student of creative writing have difficulty producing work. On the contrary, many find that any existing blocks dissolve. To engage with this journey is an act of integration, an artistic initiation into the vitality of literature and the manifold ways of being human. In this way the work also serves as a course in personal development, undertaken through the medium of writing.

The College Writer A Guide to Thinking Writing and Researching

For example, note how the original passage below lacks a personal voice,
revealing nothing about the writer's connection to—or interest in—the topic. In
contrast, the revision shows that the writer cares about the topic. Original
Passage (Lacks ...

Author: Randall VanderMey

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Combining streamlined instruction in the writing process with outstanding accessibility, THE COLLEGE WRITER is a fully updated four-in-one book-with a rhetoric, a reader, a research guide, and a handbook-for users at any skill level. Throughout the book, numerous student and professional writing samples highlight important features of academic writing-from voice to documentation-and offer models for users' own papers. The fifth edition features a greater focus on writing across the curriculum, further supported within the research chapters by additional coverage of report writing, primary research, and avoiding plagiarism. Each student text is packaged with a free Cengage Essential Reference Card to the MLA HANDBOOK, Eighth Edition. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Writer s Diet

Novice writers often find themselves drawn to ad-words like magpies to
rhinestones, mistakenly believing that adjectives ... The power of this passage
radiates from its active verbs and concrete nouns, which show rather than tell us
how to feel.

Author: Helen Sword

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Do your sentences sag? Could your paragraphs use a pick-me-up? If so, The Writer’s Diet is for you! It’s a short, sharp introduction to great writing that will help you energize your prose and boost your verbal fitness. Helen Sword dispenses with excessive explanations and overwrought analysis. Instead, she offers an easy-to-follow set of writing principles: use active verbs whenever possible; favor concrete language over vague abstractions; avoid long strings of prepositional phrases; employ adjectives and adverbs only when they contribute something new to the meaning of a sentence; and reduce your dependence on four pernicious “waste words”: it, this, that, and there. Sword then shows the rules in action through examples from William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Martin Luther King Jr., John McPhee, A. S. Byatt, Richard Dawkins, Alison Gopnik, and many more. A writing fitness test encourages you to assess your own writing and get immediate advice on addressing problem areas. While The Writer’s Diet is as sleek and concise as the writing ideals contained within, this slim volume packs a powerful punch. With Sword’s coaching writers of all levels can strengthen and tone their sentences with the stroke of a pen or the click of a mouse. As with any fitness routine, adhering to the rules requires energy and vigilance. The results, however, will speak for themselves.

Sample exercises

Lodge owners D. Disabled persons ( Passage # 32 ) 17. What is " pretty scary "
according to the writer ? ( Passage # 19 ) 11. Who or what ambled across the
square ? A. Mules B. People C. Black dogs D. Grassy sidewalks A. That her
family ...

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Notes on Select Passages of the Greek Testament

1 , 22 ) only differs from our construction of this passage of St. Mark's in the length
of the intervening discourse : 8 8 åteκρίνατο ... The use of őri for ti , when the
interrogation is indirect , is sanctioned by the practice of the best writers ; as
Herod .

Author: Frederick Field



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Paradigms in Passage

All the writers being at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem , this
summarystatement of the Israeli school on the period that there is called the age
of " the Second Temple , the Mishnah , and the Talmud , " exhibits the strengths
and weaknesses ...

Author: Jacob Neusner

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Over the past three decades, "Torah study," previously conducted exclusively by Judaic religious people as an act of worship of God, found itself in a new placeóthe secular university. One result has been a lively debate over Torah study and the academic method. In this volume, Neusner explores the evolution of Torah study and the battles that have erupted between leaders of the new and older paradigms. Co-published with Studies in Judaism.

The Longman Guide to Writing Center Theory and Practice

This passage from “ The Idea of a Writing Center , " whatever its strategic value
for other purposes , can lay an unnecessarily heavy burden on such tutors and
such writers . Passage 2 : Think of the writer writing as a kind of host setting .

Author: Robert W. Barnett

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The Longman Guide to Writing Center Theory and Practice offers, in unparalleled breadth and depth, the major scholarship on writing centers. This up-to-date resource for students, instructors, and scholars anthologizes essays on all major areas of interest to writing center theorists and practitioners. Seven sections provide a comprehensive view of writing centers: history, progress, theorizing the writing center, defining the writing center's place, writing-across-the curriculum, the practice of tutoring, cultural issues, and technology.

The Writer s Toolbox

ace , table of contents , and chapter overviews — that provide a roadmap of a text
, writers very often give readers a more detailed set of signposts to guide them
through individual passages . For example , if you see a sentence like this one ...

Author: Stuart C. Brown

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The Three Voyages of Martin Frobisher in Search of a Passage to Cathay and India by the North west A D 1576 8

While the writers who had seen it , Nares and Markham , identified the
Washington Irving Island monument as European ... In reading this passage
years ago , I concluded that the cairns were built by the natives of that coast , who
afterwards ...

Author: George Best

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MCAT Comprehensive Review

B The citation after the passage and the general tone of the writing suggest that "
magazine art critic " is most fitting . Were the writer a painter , we would expect
more information about the artwork . An investigative reporter would have a ...



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