State of Mind

At periodic intervals since 1961 McMurtry has launched what James Ward Lee labels his " decadal diatribes " against the shabby state of Texas writing . In fact , the last of these diatribes appeared in the early 1980s , so with the ...

Author: Tom Pilkington

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 089096839X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 192

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A collection of essays that discuss the evolution of Texas literature from the state's settlement through the twentieth century.

Underdevelopment is a State of Mind

But in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe, except perhaps for Spain, they have gone largely unnoticed. ... to crystallize into the framework that guided the writing of Underdevelopment Is a State of Mind and its successors.

Author: Lawrence E. Harrison

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781568331478

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

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Originally published in 1985, Underdevelopment Is a State of Mind was one of the first studies to examine Latin America's rocky development as cultural, rather than colonial, byproduct.

A Purple State of Mind

A Purple State of Mind or creative? Who wouldn't want to hang out with the earthy, artistic types in their Mac world? Far too often, our churches run like PCs, our worship laid out like a spreadsheet rather than an open-ended encounter ...

Author: Craig Detweiler

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736924603

Category: Religion

Page: 242

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Our culture has been reeling from divisiveness and strife. People have been divided politically (into red and blue states), morally, and spiritually. How can you reach across these rifts, mend fractured relationships, and share the healing love of God? You can become a "purple" Christian-a follower of Christ who finds middle ground, not to compromise but to converse. A purple Christian... embodies the love of God and avoids evangelistic cliches, encourages creativity and the arts as expressions of God's goodness, revels in love and joy but also faces disappointment and doubt honestly advocates for all people, not only the unborn but also those lacking education and health care or struggling with poverty, helps all people experience the benefits of Christ's reign instead of determining who is "in" and who is "out". Christians have become known for what they oppose rather than what they propose-faith, hope, and love. A Purple State of Mind dismantles unhelpful misrepresentations of Jesus' life-giving message and shows how you can live out the good news in a pluralistic world. Book jacket.

Innovation is a State of Mind

That's how I wrote my first novel for children. I realised that after we put the kids to bed I used to watch television for an hour or so, and that I could use that time for writing. So I made one simple rule: I would not watch ...

Author: James O'Loghlin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780730324416

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

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A modern framework for practical innovation—from individual ideas to an innovative organisational culture Everyone says that innovation is important. The problem is that no one tells you how to be innovative. Innovation is a State of Mind sets out a step-by-step guide to creating innovative ideas and putting them into action. You'll learn how to generate more ideas with greater potential, how to grow and evaluate them, test their effectiveness and then implement the ones that are going to improve your business. Author James O'Loghlin has worked with over a thousand of Australia's best inventors and innovators in the eight years he hosted ABC-TV's The New Inventors. He studied what they do differently and how they are able to identify and take advantage of opportunities that the rest of us miss. Packed with engaging stories and a good dose of humour, this insightful guide helps you to make innovation a part of what you do every day. Change your thinking and identify overlooked opportunities Step around common roadblocks to innovation Generate better ideas, and find the ones that will improve your business Create a culture where innovation is part of everyone's job Harvest innovative ideas from the entire staff and find the ones that will make a difference Innovators see things differently. They solve problems that the rest of us can't, and create solutions to problems that we never noticed we had. Getting stuck in routine and procedure is the death knell for modern business. Most companies undervalue and underuse the creative potential of their people, because they underestimate the impact of continuous innovation. Innovation is a State of Mind shows you how to think like an innovator and create a culture of innovation, so you can stay out in front of the future of business.

State Of Mind 2 0

However, he openly admitted to not being a very good writer. So how did he go on to write over two dozen different screen plays? He had a daily routine. Stallone woke up every morning State of Mind 2.0 45.

Author: Christopher A. Pinckley

Publisher: Christopher A. Pinckley

ISBN: 9781523666799

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 190

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Dream Big!!! You have a big idea and you want to shock the world. But, you’ve tried to get yourself going and constantly get sidetracked. Or, you’re trying to expand your business to go global, but you can’t seem to break through the barriers to entry. Or, you’re a business leader, but you don’t seem to command the level of respect that you need in order to make the kind of impact that you want. In State of Mind 2.0 executive coach Christopher Pinckley explains the secret formula that creates the type of individual who will achieve any goal, command the utmost respect as a leader, and has the ability to create a global impact. You’ll learn to: Use the principle of singularity and become effective by focusing on one goal at a time Put a cast iron shield around your time and energy so you get more done Obsessively self manage yourself so that you prioritize taking action-steps that create results Arrange your action-steps so that they build, one upon the other, to support your goals and build your amazing vision Tune out the chaos and become immune to outside influences that could distract you from your mission Be consistent by disciplining yourself with a daily regiment that sets you light years apart from all but the absolute best of the best Harness the full power of your mind to become unstoppable under any circumstance no matter what Walk the road that few have the courage to and become one of the most productive people on the planet If you want to achieve uncommon success, make the biggest possible contribution to humanity that are potentially capable of, and take up your own page in the history books, then you need to think differently than every single person around you. You need tune out the noise and maintain the type of focus that is beyond obsessive. You need to learn how to trust yourself beyond trust. You need to learn how to become ultra productive. Now you have a road map like no other. “This remarkable book collects proven tactics from some the most successful people of our day and presents them in concise, authoritative language that’s suitable for anyone looking to advance!” - Marshall Goldsmith – The Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World.

A State of Mind

Let me enlighten you on myself as an author, as it will explain a bit when it comes to my writing style. My mind jumps from point to point, and it does not connect the dots as much as it identifies those dots.

Author: Dillon Jepsen

Publisher: Dillon Jepsen


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 145

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Are you seeking hidden knowledge on the mystical universe? In the first chapter the author unsuspectingly develops a psychotic disorder and begins his descent into the Abyss that is his imagination. Beginning with actual events in his life the book progresses to an introduction to his personal belief system told through the lens of his newfound identity. Giving you his mind in hopes of revealing a new inner nature and significance to the universe is what he wants, and this is how he begins… For all curious or awakened people who are inspired by the title of the book, A State of Mind by Dillon Jepsen offers a wealth of new perceptions and wisdom. In this work of creative non-fiction, encounter supernatural dimensions and realize deep reflections on the sublime nature of the universe. Follow Mark, the alter-ego of the twenty-something-year-old schizophrenic author, as he explores the mind of God in the living universe by entering new realms of altered consciousness and discovering the secret narrative of the cosmos. The author Dillon Jepsen offers powerful insight and perspective developing a new form of alternative spirituality. With provoking new curiosities of the reader this book focuses on various real-world topics like sociology, philosophy, religion, and science, while placing emphasis on the creative aspects of reality. Anticipate reading horrors and fantasies as you investigate the significance of symbolic reality and come to understand profound esoteric insights. Take the journey with Mark, purchase this book and add it to your collection!

Rich Is a State of Mind

When I asked for his help to write the book , he was adamant that I write from the perspective of the client instead of the planner . Good advice . As I've only ever been a client , and have no desire to be a planner , it's the only ...

Author: Robert M. Gignac

Publisher: Author's Choice Publishing

ISBN: 0973184906

Category: Estate planning

Page: 266

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Single State of Mind

We all have chosen to do our own things once the show is over; my exes have chosen to go on television shows, I now have chosen to write. All's fair in love and reality television, right? There seems to be no way to be truly raw and ...

Author: Andi Dorfman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781501174230

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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The breakout star of ABC’s The Bachelorette and New York Times bestselling author of It’s Not Okay returns with a “relatable AF” (Cosmopolitan) collection of her adventures as a still-single gal surviving and thriving in New York City. Sharing moments like finding her first New York apartment (the front door broke so she had to use the fire escape), her first dates on “celebrity Tinder” (just as bad as regular Tinder) and finally, watching her ex-fiancé propose to another woman on Bachelor in Paradise, Andi Dorfman doesn’t shy away from pulling back the curtain on the life of a reality star who’s returned to reality. Once again, Dorfman “doesn’t hold back” (HuffPost) as she recounts her romantic mishaps, city adventures, and, of course, insider Bachelor experiences. Single State of Mind is Sex and the City for the reality TV generation.

Ensouling Language

of mind and a perceptual reality that is very different than the one inhabited by most of Western culture. As Gardner says, “One knows by experience the 'feel' of the state one is after.” To gain that experience, every writer actually ...

Author: Stephen Harrod Buhner

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781594779008

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 480

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The first comprehensive work on nonfiction as an art form • Shows how nonfiction, especially how-to and self-help, can take on the same power and luminosity as great fiction • Develops processes to reliably induce the dreaming state from which all writing comes • Teaches the skill of analogical thinking that is the core perceptual tool for writers • Explores the subtle techniques of powerful writing, from inducing associational dreaming in the reader, to language symmetry, sound patterning, foreshadowing, feeling flow, and more Approaching writing as a sacred art, Stephen Buhner explores the core of the craft: the communication of deep meaning that feeds not just the mind but also the soul of the reader. Tapping into the powerful archetypes within language, he shows how to enrich your writing by following “golden threads” of inspiration while understanding the crucial invisibles essential to the art of both fiction and nonfiction: how to craft language with feeling and vision, employ altered states of mind to access the writing trance, clear your work by recognizing the powerful sway of clichéd thinking and hidden baggage, and intentionally generate duende--that physical/emotional response to art that gives you chills, opens up unrecognized aspects of reality, or simply resonates in your soul. Covering some very practical aspects of writing such as layering and word symmetry, the author also explores the inner world of publishing--what you really will encounter when you become a writer. He then shows how to develop a powerful and engaging book proposal based on understanding the proposal as a work of fiction--the map is never the territory, nor is the proposal the book that it will become. This book, written using all the techniques discussed within it, offers a powerful, experiential journey into the heart of writing. It does for nonfiction what John Gardner’s books on writing did for fiction. It is one of the most significant works on writing published in our time.

A State of Mind My Story

Tears of joy came to my eyes ; the writing could have been none other than James's . Frank drove me home from the hospital . When we pulled into the driveway , the living room curtains dropped back into place as if someone had been ...

Author: J Z Knight

Publisher: Ramtha's School of the Mind

ISBN: 1578730023

Category: Mediums

Page: 544

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JZ Knights intimate and very special story of her life. It is a life she was chosen for but a life with every conceivable hardship and obstacle imposed on it. Throughout her life JZ Knight has fought disease, prejudice, and loneliness and has triumphantly overcome them all.It is her and Ramthas revealingly candid and unforgettable story that will touch anyone who ever asked the great questions: Why am I here? How can I truly enrich my life? What does the future hold for me and the world?