Linguistic Pragmatics of Intercultural Professional and Business Communication

Processes of formation and functioning of euphemisms in “death”, “disease” and “age” semantic fields (A case study of ... The linguistics of euphemism: a diachronic study of euphemism formation. ... The Wordsworth book of euphemisms.

Author: Elena N. Malyuga

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319687445

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 145

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This monograph presents the result of the authors’ scientific research on the development of cognitive discursive approach to issues of intercultural professional and business communication (IPBC) and the study of the language of professional communication, the links binding the language with non-linguistic and extralinguistic realia in the framework of cognitive linguistics, as well as oral and written communication in intercultural professional business discourse. The authors proceed from the assumption that IPBC can only reach maximum efficiency provided that its participants assimilate its inherent norms and rules and are able to skillfully implement these norms and rules to verbalise their cognitive activity in the sphere of professional business interaction. Topics covered include: analysis of the theory of business communication, of codified and uncodified vocabulary, theory of euphemy, and euphemisms used in intercultural professional and business communication.

The Little Style Guide to Great Christian Writing and Publishing

Cincinnati, Ohio: Writer's Digest Books, 1995. Where to find sources of information on manysubjects for writers ofstories, articles, andbooks. Morris, Evan. The Word Detective: Solving the Mysteries ... The Wordsworth Book of Euphemism.

Author: Carolyn Stanford Goss

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781433670237

Category: Religion

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The Little Style Guide to Great Christian Writing and Publishing provides a fresh understanding and distinctively Christian examination of style and language. It covers all the basic rules of grammar, style, and editing and will be of immediate interest to Christian writers and editors. The Little Style Guide will be cross-referenced with the Chicago Manual of Style, Fifteenth Edition and will be a welcome companion to the CMS in handling concerns that are unique to Christian writing and editing.The burgeoning field of electronic publishing has greatly increased the number of Christian writers. In the U.S. alone, there are over 500 Christian writers conferences and guilds each year. The Little Style Guide will serve the needs of the largest publishing houses and their authors and editors along with the smallest churches who weekly publish a newsletter and communicate through a Web site.

Encyclopedia of Linguistics

Euphemisms for public places where one may go to 'shit' include: the 100, the w.c., the toilet, the restroom, the washroom, the lavatory, the jensen, the john, the 'ladies', and the 'gents'. ... The Wordsworth book of euphemism.

Author: Philipp Strazny

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135455224

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Utilizing a historical and international approach, this valuable two-volume resource makes even the more complex linguistic issues understandable for the non-specialized reader. Containing over 500 alphabetically arranged entries and an expansive glossary by a team of international scholars, the Encyclopedia of Linguistics explores the varied perspectives, figures, and methodologies that make up the field.

Performing Live Comedy

One common use of creative language in comedy, as in everyday life, is the euphemism. ... Here are a couple of the more bizarre ones from the wonderful Wordsworth Book of Euphemism — see if you can work them out: 'shake the dew off the ...

Author: Chris Ritchie

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408147245

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 240

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Comedy is a global multibillion dollar industry and it is also one of the easiest ones to get into. Performing Live Comedy is for anyone who has ever thought about getting up onstage and being funny or for those who have already started. It offers a breakdown of the process of live comedy and provides a basic toolbox for the student and aspirant comedian, covering all aspects of live comedy such as stand-up, music, double acts, ventriloquists and magicians. Gender, sexuality, ethnicity and disability are also covered in this book as well as ethical considerations on what we should or should not joke about. The book breaks down the entire process of live comedy from writing a simple one-liner to creating a complete act, from organising an open spot at the local comedy club to getting into the Edinburgh Festival and running your own venue. Performing Live Comedy is full of advice and original interviews with comedians and writers currently involved in the comedy industry such as Rob Grant (Red Dwarf), Shazia Merza, Henning Wehn, Ed Aczel, Paul Zerdin and Lucy Greaves.

The Philosophy of Envy

The Wordsworth Book of Euphemism. Ware: Wordsworth. Neill, M. A. F. 2006. Othello, the Moor of Venice: The Oxford Shakespeare. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Neu, Jerome. 1980, “Jealous thoughts.” In Explaining Emotions, edited by Amélie ...

Author: Sara Protasi

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781009020312

Category: Philosophy


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Envy is almost universally condemned and feared. But is its bad reputation always warranted? In this book, Sara Protasi argues that envy is more multifaceted than it seems, and that some varieties of it can be productive and even virtuous. Protasi brings together empirical evidence and philosophical research to generate a novel view according to which there are four kinds of envy: emulative, inert, aggressive, and spiteful. For each kind, she individuates different situational antecedents, phenomenological expressions, motivational tendencies, and behavioral outputs. She then develops the normative implications of this taxonomy from a moral and prudential perspective, in the domain of personal loving relationships, and in the political sphere. A historical appendix completes the book. Through a careful and comprehensive investigation of envy's complexity, and its multifarious implications for human relations and human value, The Philosophy of Envy surprisingly reveals that envy plays a crucial role in safeguarding our happiness.

Bosom Friends

The Wordsworth Book of Euphemism. Reprint; Hertofdshire, England: Wordsworth Editions, Ldt., 1995. Nelson, Anson and Fanny Nelson. Memorials of Sarah Childress Polk. New York: Anson D. F. Randolph & Co., 1892; reprint: Newtown, ...

Author: Thomas J. Balcerski

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190914615

Category: History

Page: 352

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The friendship of the bachelor politicians James Buchanan (1791-1868) of Pennsylvania and William Rufus King (1786-1853) of Alabama has excited much speculation through the years. Why did neither marry? Might they have been gay? Or was their relationship a nineteenth-century version of the modern-day "bromance"? In Bosom Friends: The Intimate World of James Buchanan and William Rufus King, Thomas J. Balcerski explores the lives of these two politicians and discovers one of the most significant collaborations in American political history. He traces the parallels in the men's personal and professional lives before elected office, including their failed romantic courtships and the stories they told about them. Unlikely companions from the start, they lived together as congressional messmates in a Washington, DC, boardinghouse and became close confidantes. Around the nation's capital, the men were mocked for their effeminacy and perhaps their sexuality, and they were likened to Siamese twins. Over time, their intimate friendship blossomed into a significant cross-sectional political partnership. Balcerski examines Buchanan's and King's contributions to the Jacksonian political agenda, manifest destiny, and the increasingly divisive debates over slavery, while contesting interpretations that the men lacked political principles and deserved blame for the breakdown of the union. He closely narrates each man's rise to national prominence, as William Rufus King was elected vice-president in 1852 and James Buchanan the nation's fifteenth president in 1856, despite the political gossip that circulated about them. While exploring a same-sex relationship that powerfully shaped national events in the antebellum era, Bosom Friends demonstrates that intimate male friendships among politicians were--and continue to be--an important part of success in American politics.

The Christian Writer s Book

From affluenza to zip code wine , this book covers the origins of intriguing words that make a statement about our society . The Wordsworth Book of Euphemism , by Judith S. Neaman and Carole G. Silver ( Ware , Hertfordshire , Eng ...

Author: Don M. Aycock

Publisher: Bridge Logos Pub

ISBN: 0882706950

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 424

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A Humanitarian Past

Neaman, Judith and Carol Silver, Wordsworth Book of Euphemism (Ware, UK: Wordsworth Editions, 1995:34) Nicoll, Allardyce, World Drama, From Aeschylus to Anouilh (London: George G Harrap & Company, 1952). Norretranders, Tor, The User ...

Author: Adele Änggård

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781496993342

Category: Social Science

Page: 310

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This book opens a window on our historical past. We find antiquity has drawn a blind over earlier and more humanitarian cultures, writing off their artistic and egalitarian practices – while antiquity’s social habits escalated stress. Psychologists have recently made us aware that stress has very negative results for community life. Simultaneously, archaeologists have uncovered information about Neolithic cultures and art that makes no sense seen beside ancient Greek descriptions. The more we learn about Old Europe, the more staggering and distorted the policies conveyed in ancient Greek myths, dramas, and epic poems become. Surprisingly, the Achaeans also show an intimate knowledge about their predecessor’s social values. Sadly, the Renaissance uncritically fell for the ancient Greek’s version of history, seeing it as the cradle of civilisation and our cultural heritage. They have even passed on these ideas to us today. Discovering A Humanitarian Past pitches us into an exciting and previously unexplored part of the human story.

The Wordsworth Book of Urban Legend

Again , ' kidneys ' is a euphemism for ' testicles ' and that , added to the urogenital ( not to be confused with Eurogenital ) connection , gives the kidneys a special aura of singularity , and links kidneys and sterility .

Author: Rodney Dale

Publisher: Wordsworth Editions

ISBN: 1840223030

Category: Anecdotes

Page: 208

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As a genre, the urban legend was recognised and named only in the mid-1970s. This book brings together a rich variety of these tales which continued to flourish and circulate, classified under different headings for ease of reference, and linked together by the author's narrative. Uncle Joe's ashes baked in a cake (Delicious!); Granny's corpse stolen along with the family car; sewers alive with alligators...all these alleged occurrences - and many, many others - are the stuff of urban legend: the extraordinary things that you're told happen to that elusive 'friend of a friend' (foaf); someone whom you can never pin down, however hard you try.

Sex in Language

Euphemistic and Dysphemistic Metaphors in Internet forums Eliecer Crespo-Fernández. McGlone, M. S. and Batchelor, J. A. (2003) ... Neaman, J. S. and Silver, C. (1990), Book of Euphemism, Ware: Wordsworth. OED3: Oxford English Dictionary ...

Author: Eliecer Crespo-Fernández

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472596550

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 240

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Metaphor has long provided a rich way to speak about the unspeakable, to refer to delicate issues. Sex is one such area. This book follows a cognitive-linguistic and relevance-theoretic approach to the language of sex, considering metaphor as a bridge that brings together mind and language. It does this through the analysis of the antithetical mechanisms of verbal mitigation and offence. These two mechanisms are (more commonly know as) euphemism and (its lesser known companion term) dysphemism. The volume reflects on the social and communicative functions that sexual metaphors perform in a sample of almost two hundred postings taken from internet forums. How do people think about sex? How do people avoid talking about sex? How do people paraphrase sexual topics? It offers an account of how real language users understand sexual taboo in present-day English and also a great grounding in manual corpus work on a qualitative level.

The Lying Ape

The Penguin Book of Lies , Penguin , 1990 Judith S. Neaman and Carole G. Silver , The Wordsworth Book of Euphemism , Wordsworth , 1995 Matthew Parris , Scorn , Hamish Hamilton , 1994 Samuel Pepys , The Diary of Samuel Pepys , Random ...

Author: Brian King

Publisher: Icon Books

ISBN: 1840467991

Category: Psychology

Page: 212

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We tell an average of six lies a day, psychologists believe. This work unravels the extent of the deceit that surrounds us, and the lies we tell ourselves to preserve our precious self-esteem. It also reveals how scientists can observe the brain as it suppresses the awkward truth in favour of the convenient lie.


How to avoid saying what you mean Why do we use euphemisms ? ... Silver ( published in 1990 as Kind words ) it is worth buying the paperback reprint ( The Wordsworth book of euphemism , 1 85326 339 ) because it has a classified approach ...



ISBN: UOM:39015082972509

Category: Information services


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Holy Bingo the Lingo of Eden Jumpin Jehosophat and the Land of Nod

A Dictionary of Euphemisms and Doubletalk. New York: Crown Publishers, ¡98¡. Shaw, Eva. The Wordsworth Book of Divining the Future. Ware, England: Wordsworth Editions, ¡997. Speake, Jennifer. The Oxford Dictionary of Foreign Words and ...

Author: Les Harding

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476608389

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 236

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Christianity abounds with fascinating, little-known trivia. Gas station attendants, for example, enjoy their own patron saint. So do stamp collectors, truss makers and sailors in the Bolivian navy. Jesus and Judas were common names in the biblical period, and Jesus of Nazareth had a brother named Judas. The forbidden fruit was more likely an apricot than an apple, and Delilah hired a barber to cut Sampson’s hair. This dictionary of miscellany combs the annals of Christian esoterica, offering the most intriguing facts that are often forgotten, overlooked or ignored. Departing from the standard subject matter, this work serves as an unruly companion to the typical Bible dictionary. Nearly 1500 entries range from Aaron’s beard (a popular name for Saint John’s wort) to zounds (an antiquated Christian swear word). Information is cross-referenced and includes numerous quotations.


... Bloomsbury Good Word Guide ( second edition 1990 ) Judith S. Neaman and Carole G. Silver , The Wordsworth Book of Euphemism ( 1990 ) Norman W. Schur , 1000 Most Obscure Words ( 1990 ) J. A. Cuddon , ( 1991 ) Dictionary of Literary ...

Author: Wimal Wickramasinghe


ISBN: UOM:39015053535731

Category: English language

Page: 634

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Taking the Piss

... London , 1971 ) The Wordsworth Book of Euphemism , Judith S. Neaman & Carole G. Silver ( Wordsworth Editions Ltd , Ware , Hertfordshire , 1983 ) – originally published as Kind words : a thesaurus of euphemisms ( Facts on File ...

Author: Adam Hart-Davis

Publisher: Nonsuch Publishing, Limited

ISBN: 1845883519

Category: Humor

Page: 190

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Broadcast as an award winning radio-programme on BBC Radio 4 under the title of "Taking the Piss out of London", this work contains anecdotes and tales, from Marilyn Monroe to the Victorians, together with some discoveries about an area with which we are familiar.