The Woman with the Wolf


Author: Renée Vivien

Publisher: Modern Language Association

ISBN: 9781603295284

Category: Literary Criticism

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Although Renée Vivien led a life of wealth and privilege in belle epoque Paris, she often felt like an outsider because she was attracted to other women. Financially secure, she wrote books to suit her own taste rather than that of the literary market. The Woman with the Wolf (La dame à la louve), from 1904, shows her at the height of her powers. These fierce, surprising stories challenge moral hypocrisy and normative views about gender, beginning with the title work, which offers a coded representation of same-sex love in the seemingly inexplicable commitment between a woman and her canine companion. The following stories feature a reimagined fairy tale in which Prince Charming turns out to be a young woman, a western adventure whose narrator goes mad with thirst, and other unconventional narratives that range across time and space.

Proud Wolf s Woman

“Is my husband a woman that he needs to tell me his movements?” She smirked. “He is gone, I tell you. Do you want to purchase the captive? Is that why you ask? I will tell you now that if you want to purchase the woman, you will have to ...

Author: Karen Kay

Publisher: PK&J Publishing


Category: Fiction

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Proud Wolf’s Woman He rescued her from slavery…now he is captive to desire. Lakota Warriors, Book 2 Stolen from a cruel husband by the savage Kiowa, Julia Wilson’s life has gone from bad to worse. Just when she has reached the end of her endurance, salvation rides into camp. Neeheeowee, a proud Cheyenne brave who once filled her young heart with romantic dreams, has come to save her from everything—except the flames of desire that still burn. Bitter and intent on vengeance against the man who killed his wife and unborn child, Neeheeowee has no room in his heart for love. His captured ponies and treasured robes were supposed to be traded for Kiowa weapons. Instead, to his annoyance, he must trade everything for his old friend’s life. Hard as he tries to hang on to his anger at being set off his mission, he cannot deny that he yearns for the woman whose gentle, healing presence reminds him that happiness might exist beyond revenge. Her lips tease him with passion he dare not risk, for those who are long dead still haunt him. To take the love she offers risks his honor—perhaps his very life. This book has been previously published. Warning: Sensuous romance might cause one to go West to find one’s own true love.

Lone Wolf s Woman

Lone Wolf noted the shocked expression on the woman's plump face when she came forward. The consensus was that Julia was marrying beneath her station. She seemed to be the only one in town who didn't give a fig.

Author: Carol Finch

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459231740

Category: Fiction

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A WARRIOR SPIRIT…A GENTLE HEART Vince Lone Wolf is the justice system's last resort. And, in spite of his dangerous reputation, Julia Preston will give her soul if she can borrow him for just one night. Because her brother's life—and the family ranch—depend on Lone Wolf's reputed skills. Julia's fearlessness and determination make it impossible for Lone Wolf to resist her desperate cry for help. And though he's always prided himself on his independence, she reminds him of everything that is missing in his life. But can a bounty hunter ever lay claim to the love of a lady?

Lone Wolf s Lady

I'm not sure if you remember this, but years ago, a young Indian woman named Runs With Horses came by here with her son, Lone Wolf. Do you know why she came and why she was sent away?” Maria sighed and shook her head.

Author: Judy Duarte

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9780373829965

Category: Fiction

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"Inspirational historical romance"--Spine.

Mountain Wolf Woman

There, Mountain Wolf Woman's family and 4 or 5 other families would build wigwams. Her grandmother and mother made their wigwam and covered it with mats of woven cattails. The other families were her sisters and their husbands and ...

Author: Diane Holliday

Publisher: Wisconsin Historical Society

ISBN: 9780870205408

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 86

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With the seasons of the year as a backdrop, author Diane Holliday describes what life was like for a Ho-Chunk girl who lived in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Central to the story is the movement of Mountain Wolf Woman and her family in and around Wisconsin. Like many Ho-Chunk people in the mid-1800s, Mountain Wolf Woman's family was displaced to Nebraska by the U.S. government. They later returned to Wisconsin but continued to relocate throughout the state as the seasons changed to gather and hunt food. Based on her own autobiography as told to anthropologist Nancy Lurie, Mountain Wolf Woman's words are used throughout the book to capture her feelings and memories during childhood. Author Holliday draws young readers into this Badger Biographies series book by asking them to think about how the lives of their ancestors and how their lives today compare to the way Mountain Wolf Woman lived over a hundred years ago.

The American Encyclop dic Dictionary

wolf's claw 4535 woman - suffrage * wolf's claw , wolf's foot , 8 . șimple , non - extended substance ) , cosmology ( deal . wol - vēr - ēne , wol ' - vēr - îne , s . [ Formed from Bot .: Club - moss , Lycopodium clavatum , a cryp- ing ...



ISBN: MSU:31293017641592

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Frontier Lady Lone Star Legacy Book 1

Afterfour daysofthis, the Cheyenne women beganto prevail upon their husbands totalk Walking Wolf into taking thewoman back toher people. Broken Wing, Crooked Eye, StandsintheRiver, Red Feather, Yellow Shirt, andtwoor threeothers whohad ...

Author: Judith Pella

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781441262974

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Deborah Graham learns too late--on her wedding night--that her escape from the ravages of the Civil War to the plains of Texas is really no escape at all. A captivating first book in the historical fiction Lone Star Legacy series.

A Wolf Song

They hadn't quite reached the neighborhood with the house on the corner, and yet they felt and could hear this woman. “She sounds so scary!” Margaret whispered to Hanna. “Why can we hear her?” Hanna responded, standing still facing ...

Author: Lisa Osina

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452585901

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 217

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A Wolf Song is a healing story about a multidimensional, dual-life journey of tragedy, gratitude and forgiveness. Its key characters--Hanna and Margaret; their "spirit" wolves, Nano and Nala; family members; and teacher Trudy Goodenough--meet every ten years under Trudy's guidance and the wolves' whims. the story begins at childbirth; the girls meet nearing their tenth birthday and discover their wolf spirits under a jump rope. Each chapter contains a verse which reveals the lessons of each chapter. Ordered to meet every ten years by the wolves, Hanna and Margaret meet at twenty in Wales and in New York City at thirty. Nano and Nala are not necessarily balanced. Their karmic rites spill over into the young women's lives. One of the wolf spirits wreaks havoc at a public event, and a battle between light and darkness ensues. "Lisa Osina's book brings you into an enduring balance between the physical world and the world of spirit." Lynn Andrews, shaman and author of Medicine Woman and 27 other spiritual and self-empowerment books.

The American Encyclopaedic Dictionary

He divided metaphysics into ontology ( treating of the existent in general ) , rational psychology ( of the soul as a boil , boy ; pout , jowl ; cat , çell , chorus , woman - suffragist Of these , 50,913 are from Scotland. wolf's claw ...



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