The What not or Ladies handy book

And why not , maiden ? Is there any wrong in the expression of an innocent feeling ? " , said the sculptor . And advancing somewhat nearer , he whispered in her ear the dream of first affection . Say no inore , I beseech thee , ” said ...



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How to Amuse Yourself and Others The American Girl s Handy Book

Beard, Lina 8596547051725 551 pages "Things Worth Doing and How To Do Them" by Lina Beard is a book for girls about merry frolics and active games that stimulate the health and renew the vitality of the body and there are scores of ...

Author: Lina Beard

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The American Girl's Handy Book was one of the earliest works written primarily for girls' amusement and enjoyment. It introduced original and novel ideas to open new routes for enterprise and entertainment for girls. The main goal was to engrave upon the girls' minds that they all have talent and the ability to achieve more than what they think is possible. During the time of this book's publication, it was unusual to promote girls to be inventive. But the writer desired to awaken this creative side in them by giving detailed methods of new tasks and amusements, to put them on the road they could travel and explore alone. Anyone curious about knowing the initiatives taken for girls' empowerment in the olden days will find this work beneficial.

Handy Book of Literary Curiosities

Now , the Vandals were a splendid race , who had an important mission to perform ; but they were not gentlemen , they were not ladies . Statisticians have decided that there are more “ ladies ” among colored than among white people .

Author: William S. Walsh





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The American Girl s Handy Book How to Amuse Youself and Others

I would not like to state the number of eggs eaten on these occasions, but there is a boy (not a girl) who once consumed fourteen and lived to tell the tale. Sometimes the egg which breaks another is called “the cock of one,” and when ...

Author: Adelia Belle Beard

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

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HIS is the children’s own day, and no assumption of dignity on the part of their elders can deter them from exercising the privileges granted to them by acknowledged custom and precedent. “April fool! April fool!” cries my little nephew, as he dances with delight to see his aunt walk out of the room with a piece of white paper dangling from a hooked pin, attached to her dress. “April fool! April fool!” shout the children in the street, thus announcing the success of some practical joke. “April fool!” laughs everyone at the table, when some unfortunate bites into a brown, wholesome-looking cruller, only to find it a delusion and a snare, the coat of a cruller, but the inside of cotton. “April fool! April fool!” is what even the little sparrows seem to chirp, as with a “s-w-h-e-r-r” they sweep down from the tree and, frightening away the kitten, take forcible possession of her bone. What does all this mean? Why is the first day of April called “All-Fools-Day,” and when or where did the custom of the day originate? Who can tell? No one seems to know. Even the derivation of the word April does not appear to have been definitely settled, and this saucy month, with her mischievous tricks and pranks, her surprises and mysteries, fools and puzzles our wisest men. Through many centuries the observance of All-Fools-Day has descended to us. In many climes and many countries this day is chosen as the proper time for playing tricks on the unsuspecting. “Festum Fatuorum,” or “Fools’ Holiday,” is what it was called in England at the time of the arrival of the early Christians in that country. Easily caught like the mackerel, which are plentiful on the French coast in April and are said to be deficient in understanding, the April fool in France derives his name from that fish, and is called “Poisson d’Avril” or “April Fish,” and again, “Silly Mackerel.” From the cuckoo, a bird that does not know enough to build its own nest, the appellation of “gowk” is taken, and is given to the foolish one in Scotland who allows himself to be duped on this day.

The American Girl s Handy Book

The delightful out-door surroundings give it a novel charm and make it entirely different from the frolics usually ... Because the entertainment is not noisy it need not be the less enjoyable, and a party of bright, merry girls will ...

Author: Lina Beard

Publisher: Courier Corporation

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For good old-fashioned fun, nothing beats this 1887 gem and its illustrated explanations of hobbies and games. Handmade dolls, bookshelf building, and other projects use common household items, encouraging imaginations and creativity.

Soup Through the Ages

Classbook of Botany, Claremont, N.H., 1851; Buist, Robert, The Family Kitchen Gardener, New York, 1861. It has been considered as one of ... Murray's Modern Cookery Book, by a Lady. 20. ... The What-Not, or Ladies' Handy-Book, 1861. 2.

Author: Victoria R. Rumble

Publisher: McFarland

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As cooking advanced from simply placing wild grains, seeds, or meat in or near a fire to following some vague notion of food as a pleasing experience, soup—the world’s first prepared dish—became the unpretentious comfort food for all of civilization. This book provides a comprehensive and worldwide culinary history of soup from ancient times. Appendices detail vegetables and herbs used in centuries-old soup traditions and offer dozens of recipes from the medieval era through World War II.

Ladies Home Journal and Practical Housekeeper

HANDY BOOK , One of the worst phases of liquor selling in the person who sends us a club , even if it is Package mail goes more slowly than regular London , and other English cities , is the em- but two names . We enter no names which ...



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Author: Mark McWilliams

Publisher: Oxford Symposium

ISBN: 9781903018897

Category: Cooking

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Essays on Food and Celebration from the 2011 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery. The 2011 meeting marked the thirtieth year of the Symposium.