The Wanderers

The other Wanderers sat as if nailed into their chairs . " That's the trouble with you rotten kids today . ” He raised his hand over his head , a riot of muscle movement in his arm , and caressed the arch of the door frame .

Author: Richard Price

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0395977746

Category: Fiction

Page: 239

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A teenage gang comes of age in the 1960s Bronx. Written when the author was twenty-four, this story was the basis for a major feature film.

The Wanderers

It was the 24th of October, and Juan Aranda was facing the end of the world. Hewas twentyfive years old, although he looked much older. The marine breezemade his long, curly black hair flutter, andhis gray eyes werelooking at some ...

Author: Carlos Sisi

Publisher: Permuted Press

ISBN: 9781618680150

Category: Fiction

Page: 215

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The city of Malaga is dead, but the promised eternal rest has yet to come to its inhabitants. In the Carranque camp, thirty survivors have built a shelter to keep out the dangers of the world. They fight not only to recover the city, but also the physical and mental degradation of surviving day to day after the pandemic. One of the survivors, Isabel, casts handwritten notes from the penthouse into the dead-filled streets below. But a mad priest, Father Isidro, is the only living soul to find these cries for help. And now he knows precisely where to find the camp and carry out his morbid judgment.

Khadim and the Wanderers

Chapter 1: The Wanderers A long time ago, there lived a tribe of people known as Wanderers. Wanderers had no homes – they were nomads, moving from town to town, city to city, village to village across the land of the kingdom.

Author: Bennett L. Schwartz


ISBN: 9780557222629


Page: 228

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Khadim and her family are Wanderers, nomads in a mythical land. This is the story of their adventures.

The Wanderers Five Times F A Cup Winners

Bases seem to have been preferred to the word goals in describing a score. It was certainly a word used at Harrow School and could well have originated there although why it never appeared in any Wanderers reports prior to this time is ...


Publisher: Rob Cavallini

ISBN: 9780955049606



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The Wanderers on Earth

El Morya and Amerissis went first and surrounded each of the wanderers with the Blue Ray, adding a layer of protection to their auras and aligning them even more closely with the Will of the Divine. Next, Paul the Venetian and Lady Ruth ...

Author: Susan Plunket

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781789045338

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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As this second book opens, the wanderers from the fifth dimension are now incarnate on Earth in the third dimension as 21 year old humans living around the world - in Moscow, New York, London, Tehran, Mumbai, Dublin, Tokyo, and Jerusalem. Growing up they have each had many strange encounters with the dark side, and now suspect they are not from this time and place. When they wake up, they reunite with their twin flames, and remember who they are and why they incarnated. Once awake, they work through a virtual reality game called Fifth Dimension, travelling to hot spots around the world and battle the dark lords to prevent disaster. The second volume in the Mission From Venus saga by Susan Plunket.

When the Wanderers Come Home

And now, this same child, welcoming home the mother, who has become the wanderer. This same child, pulling boxes and springs, tools and shovels, felling old, unnecessary trees, pulling rocks so stones, fallen two decades ago, ...

Author: Patricia Jabbeh Wesley

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803288577

Category: Poetry

Page: 126

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Described by African scholar and literary critic Chielozona Eze as “one of the most prolific African poets of the twenty-first century,” Patricia Jabbeh Wesley composed When the Wanderers Come Home during a four-month visit to her homeland of Liberia in 2013. She gives powerful voice to the pain and inner turmoil of a homeland still reconciling itself in the aftermath of multiple wars and destruction. Wesley, a native Liberian, calls on deeply rooted African motifs and proverbs, utilizing the poetics of both the West and Africa to convey her grief. Autobiographical in nature, the poems highlight the hardships of a diaspora African and the devastation of a country and continent struggling to recover. When the Wanderers Come Home is a woman’s story about being an exile, a survivor, and an outsider in her own country; it is her cry for the Africa that is being lost in wars across the continent, creating more wanderers and world citizens.

Esperanza Or The Home of the Wanderers

Mr. Merton paused , and then agreed that they should use Niger as their own ; for as he understood the horses which roamed over the Pampas were common property , they should not infringe on justice by appropriating this wanderer .

Author: Anne Bowman


ISBN: OXFORD:600055410

Category: Adventure stories

Page: 435

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The wanderers by sea and land with other tales

the Bible ; and she thought she should never see her babe in this world or another . Having taken food and rested herself on the grass , Lariboo began to look around , to see what she could discover in her lonely stopping - place .

Author: Peter Parley (pseud.)


ISBN: OXFORD:600022767



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Melmoth the Wanderer

Then a new and untold feeling trembled at the heart of one of the young wanderers. Julia remembered the occurrence of a preceding evening, – she thought of the tempting gold, the flattering language, and the tender tone of the young ...

Author: Charles Robert Maturin


ISBN: 9781427070982

Category: Fiction

Page: 424

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The Wanderer

With All the Motto's in Latin and English: to which is Added The Publick Spirit, an Heroick Poem. By Mr. Fox Mr. Fox (John). NUMBER XVI . nostri memorem , Sepulcro Sculpe querelam . Hor . TRANSLATION , Remember me , and o'er my Grave ...

Author: Mr. Fox (John)


ISBN: OXFORD:N11658730


Page: 183

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