The WAC Casebook

This text contains descriptions of writing situations from instructors experienced in WAC courses.

Author: Christopher M. Anson

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0195127757

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Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) invites instructors from other departments to teach writing courses in their discipline in the composition program. This text contains descriptions of writing situations from instructors experienced in WAC courses.

Kidner s Casebook on Torts

The fifteenth edition of Kidner's Casebook on Torts has been thoroughly revised
to reflect all recent developments in ... Mother and Litigation Friend, WAC) v
Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust [2017] • on occupier's liability: Spearman
v ...

Author: Kirsty Horsey

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198830887

Category: Law

Page: 600

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Kidner's Casebook on Torts is the essential companion for undergraduate tort law students, providing a comprehensive portable library of leading cases in the field. Kirsty Horsey and Ericka Rackley, authors of the best-selling tort law textbook, combine their talents again to update Kidner's popular casebook; bringing together an impressive range of carefully edited extracts and combining insightful commentary with questions and annotated cases to help your students identify and analyse the key elements of each case. Online resources The text is supported by online resources which provide a comprehensive suite of resources, including downloadable annotated cases, flashcard glossary, and web links and video clips of current items.

Moot Court Casebook

The Washington Administrative Code , Chapter 38 8-82 , provides in relevant
sections : WAC 388-82-005 Medical Care - General description of programs .
There are two programs under which medical care is available . Medical
assistance ...



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A Case Book in Speech Therapy

One more session like that and I join the WAC ' s . Let me work with the girl alone
. She ' s not ready to do group speech therapy ... A CASE BOOK IN SPEECH
THERAPY . COPYRIGHT , 1953 , BY PRENTICE - HALL , INC . , N . Y . Observer '
s ...

Author: Charles Van Riper


ISBN: STANFORD:36105042859376

Category: Speech therapy

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Composition s in the New Liberal Arts

Second , because this form of faculty development is so highly contextualized , it
tends to prompt the WAC leader to focus on micro - level concerns , such as ...
The WAC Casebook : Scenes for Faculty Reflection and Program Development .

Author: Joanna Castner Post


ISBN: IND:30000124524301

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This book brings a diverse group of scholars together to discuss how composition studies should evolve in the context of ongoing changes related to higher education. These changes include new shifts in student demographics, increasing demands for accountability in educational outcomes, continuing expectations that a university education will lead to a good job, questions about the utility of composition, and more. Such commonly cited changes have been occurring for quite some time, creating the necessity for compositionists to continually re-evaluate their approaches to writing instruction. The editors believe that composition studies has entered an exciting period of change with opportunities to consider new places and purposes for writing instruction.

Keywords in Writing Studies

For the faculty and administrators trying to begin or develop WAC/WID initiatives,
however, the generality of the terms WAC and WID presents a quandary. WAC ...
The WAC Casebook: Scenes for Faculty Reflection and Program Development.

Author: Paul Heilker

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9781457193484

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Keywords in Writing Studies is an exploration of the principal ideas and ideals of an emerging academic field as they are constituted by its specialized vocabulary. A sequel to the 1996 work Keywords in Composition Studies, this new volume traces the evolution of the field’s lexicon, taking into account the wide variety of theoretical, educational, professional, and institutional developments that have redefined it over the past two decades. Contributors address the development, transformation, and interconnections among thirty-six of the most critical terms that make up writing studies. Looking beyond basic definitions or explanations, they explore the multiple layers of meaning within the terms that writing scholars currently use, exchange, and question. Each term featured is a part of the general disciplinary parlance, and each is a highly contested focal point of significant debates about matters of power, identity, and values. Each essay begins with the assumption that its central term is important precisely because its meaning is open and multiplex. Keywords in Writing Studies reveals how the key concepts in the field are used and even challenged, rather than advocating particular usages and the particular vision of the field that they imply. The volume will be of great interest to both graduate students and established scholars.

Bibliographic Research in Composition Studies

Occasionally, practical knowledge can be located through a search for books and
journal articles; one example of a book that is practical knowledge about WAC is
Chris Anson's edited collection The WAC Casebook: Scenes for Faculty ...

Author: Vicki Byard

Publisher: Parlor Press LLC

ISBN: 9781602357938

Category: Education

Page: 163

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Bibliographic Research in Composition Studies is a student-friendly guide to how knowledge is constructed and disseminated in composition studies, as well as a thorough handbook on how to conduct bibliographic research in the discipline. Student readers are taught Stephen North's taxonomy of scholarship, empirical research, and practice so that they can better contextualize the sources they read, and they learn the unique ways that some genres of publication function in composition studies. The book also leads students through the entire process of completing a bibliographic assignment.

Teaching L2 Composition

In C. M. Anson (Ed.), The WAC casebook: Scenes for faculty reflection and
program development (pp. ix-xxii). New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Anson
, C. M. (Ed.). (2002b). The WAC casebook: Scenes for faculty reflection and
program ...

Author: Dana R. Ferris

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136696640

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 425

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This popular, comprehensive theory-to-practice text is designed to help teachers understand the task of writing, L2 writers, the different pedagogical models used in current composition teaching, and reading–writing connections. Moving from general themes to specific pedagogical concerns, it includes practice-oriented chapters on the role of genre, task construction, course and lesson design, writing assessment, feedback, error treatment, and classroom language (grammar, vocabulary, style) instruction. Although all topics are firmly grounded in relevant research, a distinguishing feature of the text is the array of hands-on, practical examples, materials, and tasks that pre- and in-service teachers can use to develop the complex skills involved in teaching second language writing. Each chapter includes Questions for Reflection, Further Reading and Resources, Reflection and Review, and Application Activities. An ideal text for L2 teacher preparation courses, courses that include both L1 and L2 students, and workshops for instructors of L2 writers in academic (secondary and postsecondary) settings, the accessible synthesis of theory and research enables readers to see the relevance of the field’s knowledge base to their own present or future classroom settings and student writers.

Writing on the Edge

The WAC Casebook : Scenes for Faculty Reflection and Program Development .
NY : Oxford University Press , 2002 . Bazerman , Charles , and David Russell ,
eds . Landmark Essays on Writing across the Curriculum : Volume 6. Davis , CA ...



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Working with Student Writers

The WAC Casebook: Scenes for Faculty Reflection and Program Development.
Edited by Chris M. Anson. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002: ix–xiii.
Herrington, Anne, and Charles Moran. “The Idea of Genre in Theory and Practice.

Author: Leonard A. Podis

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: PSU:000067086801

Category: Education

Page: 396

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This revised, expanded collection provides practical and theoretical knowledge for undergraduate writing associates and graduate teaching assistants. Unlike similar collections, this volume is comprised largely of pieces authored by tutors themselves, offering hands-on advice for current classmates and future tutors; thus the volume highlights specific issues that arise when writing associates and novice teachers actually attempt to practice their craft. When used in pedagogy courses, the essays can serve both as sources of instruction about tutoring and teaching and as models for students' own course papers. This edition incorporates fifteen new essays to complement the best selections from the first edition.

Student Writing in the Quantitative Disciplines

[]. Retrieved November
2010. Angelo, T. A., and Cross, K.P. Classroom Assessment Techniques (2nd ed.
). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1993. Anson, C. M. (ed.). The WAC Casebook.

Author: Patrick Bahls

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118205822

Category: Education

Page: 192

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Designing interesting problems and writing assignments is one of the chief tasks of all teachers, but it can be especially challenging to translate and apply learning theory, good teaching techniques, and writing assignments into STEM and other quantitative disciplines. Student Writing in the Quantitative Disciplines offers instructors in math-based disciplines meaningful approaches to making their coursework richer and more relevant for their students, as well as satisfying institutional imperatives for writing curricula. This important resource provides instructors with the hands-on skills needed to guide their students in writing well in quantitative courses at all levels of the college curriculum and to promote students' general cognitive and intellectual growth. Comprehensive in scope, the book includes: Ideas for using writing as a means of learning mathematical concepts Illustrative examples of effective writing activities and assignments in a number of different genres Assessment criteria and effective strategies for responding to students' writing Examples of ways to help students engage in peer review, revision, and resubmission of their written work "Those of us who spend our lives urging faculty in all disciplines to integrate more writing into their courses have wished for the day when someone like Patrick Bahls would step forward with a book like this one."—Chris M. Anson, University Distinguished Professor and director, Campus Writing and Speaking Program, North Carolina State University "Written by a mathematician, this readable, theoretically sound book describes practical strategies for teachers in the quantitative sciences to assign and respond to students' writing. It also describes numerous approaches to writing that engage students in disciplinary learning, collaborative discovery, and effective communication."—Art Young, Campbell Professor of English emeritus, Clemson University "Loaded with practical advice, this timely, important, and engaging book will be an invaluable resource for instructors wishing to bring the benefits of writing-to-learn to the quantitative disciplines. As a mathematician thoroughly grounded in writing-across-the-curriculum scholarship, Bahls brings humor, classroom experience, and pedagogical savvy to a mission he clearly loves—improving the quality of student learning in math and science."—John C. Bean, professor, Seattle University, and author, Engaging Ideas

Classroom Spaces and Writing Instruction

His most recent book , The WAC Casebook : Scenes for Faculty Reflection and
Program Development ( Oxford University Press ) , is an edited collection of open
- ended scenarios for use in crosscurricular discussions of writing . Kevin Ball ...

Author: Ed Nagelhout

Publisher: Hampton Press (NJ)

ISBN: UCSC:32106017538239

Category: Education

Page: 234

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This work calls attention to the ways that teachers of writing must attend to the idea of the classroom, must be conscious of the spaces in which they meet students and must be aware of the physical, material conditions that constrain or affect the teaching of writing.

Academic Writing Consulting and WAC

Although many WAC programs have evolved into other entities , such as
teaching and learning centers or communication across the ... 1999 ) . Another
resource for faculty in other disciplines is Chris Anson ' s The WAC Casebook :
Scenes for ...

Author: Jeffrey Jablonski

Publisher: Hampton Press (NJ)

ISBN: STANFORD:36105127431968

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 217

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This book provides theoretical models and practical methods for helping writing teachers and writing program administrators within postsecondary institutions conduct the interdisciplinary, collaborative consulting activities that are common with formal and information writing across the curriculum (WAC) programs. It specifically discusses how to conduct the day-to-day work of negotiating close working partnerships with faculty in other disciplines and is the first book length treatment to do so. The book deepens current understandings of how writing specialist collaborate with non-writing specialists in academic contexts and provides a map for structuring successful collaborations in the future.

To Improve the Academy

A WAC casebook : Scenes for faculty reflection and program development . New
York , NY : Oxford University Press . Baxter - Magolda , M . ( 1992 ) . Knowing and
reasoning in college . San Francisco , CA : Jossey - Bass . Baxter - Magolda ...

Author: Catherine M. Wehlburg

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

ISBN: 1882982657

Category: Education

Page: 372

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An annual publication of the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network in Higher Education, volume 22 of To Improve the Academy is a collection of articles that focus on the role of faculty, instructional, and organizational development in ensuring excellence in education. Recognizing the urgency caused by a recent rash of budget and staff cuts and falling course enrollment, the authors provide new perspectives on how to address the growing need for providing quality, effective higher education. The book is divided into six sections: Section I, Past, Present, and Future of SoTL: provides an overview of the scholarship of teaching and learning Section II, Assessment and Faculty Development: presents tested methods for assessing both student learning and the impact of faculty development Section III, Curriculum Design and Evaluation: describes different tools for redesigning curriculum and improving student learning Section IV, Faculty Development Tools: presents models for enhancing current methods of faculty development Section V, Student Learning and Faculty Development: focuses on helping faculty work with students to enhance and improve their learning Section VI, Faculty Development with Part-Time Instructors: includes ideas for integrating adjunct faculty and graduate students into the life of an institution This book makes sense of how the changing climate in higher education is affecting how, when, and in what circumstances American students are learning. It offers an essential resource for improvement in higher education to faculty and instructional development staff, department chairs, deans, student services staff, chief academic officers, and educational consultants.

The Practice of Response

This text sets out to help teachers gain a practical understanding of response to student writings.

Author: Richard Straub

Publisher: Hampton Press (NJ)

ISBN: UCSC:32106017275436

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 335

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This text sets out to help teachers gain a practical understanding of response to student writings. It displays and analyzes various sets of comments, defining the strategies used in each and situating teacher response in the larger context of writing instruction.

Marriage Counseling

A Casebook; the Theory and Practice of Marriage Counseling Including 41
Typical Cases Contributed by Members of American ... Jane , still a bit jolted by
the “ beautiful WAC , ” said she did not want acceptance if it meant that he
forgave her ...

Author: American Association of Marriage Counselors


ISBN: UOM:39015072107157

Category: Marriage

Page: 488

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Writing across the curriculum and the Academic Library

Programmatic Issues WAC programs have varying structures and models .
Fulwiler and Young ' s casebook , Programs That Work : Models and Methods for
Writing Across the Curriculum ( 1990 ) , offers descriptions of widely varying
programs ...

Author: Jean Sheridan

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: UOM:39015038407873

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 240

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Provides background information and practical suggestions to librarians and instructors involved with Writing-Across-the-Curriculum.

Going the Distance

1993 . Classroom Assessment Techniques : A Handbook for College Teachers .
San Francisco : Jossey - Bass . Anson , Chris M . 2002 . The WAC Casebook :
Scenes for Faculty Reflection Program Development . New York : Oxford
University ...

Author: Susan J. Clayton

Publisher: Neal Schuman Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015066830608

Category: Computers

Page: 239

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Going the distance looks at the best ways to design, deliver, colllaborate, and assess distance instruction. --pref.

Teaching Writing Online

The WAC Casebook : Scenes for Faculty Reflection and Program Development .
New York : Oxford UP , 2002. Print . Arnoldy , Ben . “ Students Sue Antiplagiarism
Website for Rights to Their Homework . ” Christian Science Monitor 10 Apr.

Author: Scott Warnock

Publisher: National Council of Teachers

ISBN: UOM:39076002812027

Category: Computers

Page: 235

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How can you migrate your tried and true face-to-face teaching practices into an online environment? This is the core question that Scott Warnock seeks to answer in Teaching Writing Online: How and Why. Warnock explores how to teach an online (or hybrid) writing course by emphasizing the importance of using and managing students' written communications. Grounded in Warnock's years of experience in teaching, teacher preparation, online learning, and composition scholarship, this book is designed with usability in mind. Features include: How to manage online conversations; Responding to students; Organizing course material; Core guidelines for teaching online; Resource chapter and appendix with sample teaching materials. - Publisher.