Studies in the Structure of the Urban Economy

New Haven: Yale University Press, 1954. [16] Lowry, Ira S. A Model of Metropolis. Rand Corporation, RM-4035-RC, August 1964. [17] . Seven Models of Urban Development: A Structural Comparison. Rand Corporation, P-3673, September 1967.

Author: Edwin S. Mills

Publisher: Baltimore : Published for Resources for the Future by Johns Hopkins Press

ISBN: UOM:39015007222592

Category: Urban economics

Page: 151

View: 814


Focuses on decentralization of metropolitan areas as one of the key issues of urban economics.

The Routledge Companion to Urban Media and Communication

This shift fitted in the neoliberal concept of urban development and the local state supported the bar owners against ... The unfolding of the “spatial turn” in consumption and media studies, along with the “cultural turn” and, ...

Author: Zlatan Krajina

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351813266

Category: Social Science

Page: 488

View: 738


The Routledge Companion to Urban Media and Communication traces central debates within the burgeoning interdisciplinary research on mediated cities and urban communication. The volume brings together diverse perspectives and global case studies to map key areas of research within media, cultural and urban studies, where a joint focus on communications and cities has made important innovations in how we understand urban space, technology, identity and community. Exploring the rise and growing complexity of urban media and communication as the next key theme for both urban and media studies, the book gathers and reviews fast-developing knowledge on specific emergent phenomena such as: reading the city as symbol and text; understanding urban infrastructures as media (and vice-versa); the rise of global cities; urban and suburban media cultures: newspapers, cinema, radio, television and the mobile phone; changing spaces and practices of urban consumption; the mediation of the neighbourhood, community and diaspora; the centrality of culture to urban regeneration; communicative responses to urban crises such as racism, poverty and pollution; the role of street art in the negotiation of ‘the right to the city’; city competition and urban branding; outdoor advertising; moving image architecture; ‘smart’/cyber urbanism; the emergence of Media City production spaces and clusters. Charting key debates and neglected connections between cities and media, this book challenges what we know about contemporary urban living and introduces innovative frameworks for understanding cities, media and their futures. As such, it will be an essential resource for students and scholars of media and communication studies, urban communication, urban sociology, urban planning and design, architecture, visual cultures, urban geography, art history, politics, cultural studies, anthropology and cultural policy studies, as well as those working with governmental agencies, cultural foundations and institutes, and policy think tanks.

The Urban Political Elite in Tribal India

Tribal Myths of Orissa , Oxford University Press , London , 1954 . Encyclopaedia Britanica , Vol . 18 , Chicago , 1981 . Eulan , H . and M . Czudnowski , Elite Recruitment in Democratic Politics ( ed . ) , New York , 1979 .

Author: G. C. Nayak

Publisher: Gyan Books

ISBN: UOM:39015062465367

Category: Baudh Khondmals (India)

Page: 296

View: 680


This representative research study has been conducted in Phulbani district of Orissa. It offers reforms study on the urban political elite the counsellors, about their background, nature, orientation, political awareness, political involvement and leadership process, political ideals and aspirations etc. It is a learned study and useful for policy planners.

The Fabric of Space

In this book, Matthew Gandy considers the cultural and material significance of water through the experiences of six cities: Paris, Berlin, Lagos, Mumbai, Los Angeles, and London.

Author: Matthew Gandy

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262321778

Category: Architecture

Page: 362

View: 429


A study of water at the intersection of landscape and infrastructure in Paris, Berlin, Lagos, Mumbai, Los Angeles, and London. Water lies at the intersection of landscape and infrastructure, crossing between visible and invisible domains of urban space, in the tanks and buckets of the global South and the vast subterranean technological networks of the global North. In this book, Matthew Gandy considers the cultural and material significance of water through the experiences of six cities: Paris, Berlin, Lagos, Mumbai, Los Angeles, and London. Tracing the evolving relationships among modernity, nature, and the urban imagination, from different vantage points and through different periods, Gandy uses water as a lens through which to observe both the ambiguities and the limits of nature as conventionally understood. Gandy begins with the Parisian sewers of the nineteenth century, captured in the photographs of Nadar, and the reconstruction of subterranean Paris. He moves on to Weimar-era Berlin and its protection of public access to lakes for swimming, the culmination of efforts to reconnect the city with nature. He considers the threat of malaria in Lagos, where changing geopolitical circumstances led to large-scale swamp drainage in the 1940s. He shows how the dysfunctional water infrastructure of Mumbai offers a vivid expression of persistent social inequality in a postcolonial city. He explores the incongruous concrete landscapes of the Los Angeles River. Finally, Gandy uses the fictional scenario of a partially submerged London as the starting point for an investigation of the actual hydrological threats facing that city.

California Watersheds at the Urban Interface

Land Use and Forest Resources in a Changing Environment: The Urban/Forest Interface. University of Washington Press, Seattle, WA. Clawson, M. 1984. The Urban/Forest Interface: Summary Observations and Research Needs.

Author: Johannes J. DeVries


ISBN: MINN:31951D01152989U

Category: Water conservation

Page: 193

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Introducing Urban Anthropology

Weiss, Brad (2009) Street Dreams and Hip Hop Barbershops: Global Fantasy in Urban Tanzania. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press. WHO (World Health Organization) (2011) World Report on Disability. Geneva: World Health Organization.

Author: Rivke Jaffe

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317363989

Category: Social Science

Page: 186

View: 989


This book provides an up-to-date introduction to the important and growing field of urban anthropology. This is an increasingly critical area of study, as more than half of the world's population now lives in cities and anthropological research is increasingly done in an urban context. Exploring contemporary anthropological approaches to the urban, the authors consider: How can we define urban anthropology? What are the main themes of twenty-first century urban anthropological research? What are the possible future directions in the field? The chapters cover topics such as urban mobilities, place-making and public space, production and consumption, politics and governance. These are illustrated by lively case studies drawn from a diverse range of urban settings in the global North and South. Accessible yet theoretically incisive, Introducing Urban Anthropology will be a valuable resource for anthropology students as well as of interest to those working in urban studies and related disciplines such as sociology and geography.

Geography The Media and Popular Culture

Futures, 16 Gold, J.R. (in press) The Urban Vision: Modernism and Twentieth Century Images of the Future City, Croom Helm, London Gold, J.R. and Barke, M. (1978) Communications Media and the Future, Discussion Paper 4, Geography Section ...

Author: Jacquelin Burgess

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317333777

Category: Social Science

Page: 274

View: 325


In this book, originally published in 1985, British and North American geographers present original and challenging viewpoints on the media. The essays deal with a diverse content, ranging from the presentation of news to the nature of television programming and from rock music lyrics to film visions of the city.

The Urban Climate Challenge

Oxford: Clarendon Press. ... IEA (International Energy Agency) (2012) “Urban Energy Policy Design,” last accessed 21 January 2013 at ... Kennedy, C. (2011) The Evolution of Great World Cities: Urban Wealth and Economic Growth.

Author: Craig Johnson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317680062

Category: Political Science

Page: 258

View: 216


Drawing upon a variety of empirical and theoretical perspectives, The Urban Climate Challenge provides a hands-on perspective about the political and technical challenges now facing cities and transnational urban networks in the global climate regime. Bringing together experts working in the fields of global environmental governance, urban sustainability and climate change, this volume explores the ways in which cities, transnational urban networks and global policy institutions are repositioning themselves in relation to this changing global policy environment. Focusing on both Northern and Southern experience across the globe, three questions that have strong bearing on the ways in which we understand and assess the changing relationship between cities and global climate system are examined. How are cities repositioning themselves in relation to the global climate regime? How are cities being repositioned – conceptually and epistemologically? What are the prospects for crafting policies that can reduce the urban carbon footprint while at the same time building resilience to future climate change? The Urban Climate Challenge will be of interest to scholars of urban climate policy, global environmental governance and climate change. It will be of interest to readers more generally interested in the ways in which cities are now addressing the inter-related challenges of sustainable urban growth and global climate change. Chapter 9 and Chapter 11 of this book is freely available as a downloadable Open Access PDF at It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 3.0 license.

Urban Geography

Temple University Press, Philadelphia, 1984. Slums and Slum Clearance in Victorian London. J. A. Yelling. Allen & Unwin, Winchester, Mass., 1986. The Social Production of Urban Space. Mark Gottdiener. University of Texas Press, Austin, ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105117371216

Category: Cities and towns


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Aging and Society Volume 3

“The Liverpool Estate,” in Neighborhood and Community, Liverpool: University Press of Liverpool, Morris, R. N., ... “Age and Sex Composition of Urban Subareas,” in Nam, Charles B., editor, Population and Society, Boston: Houghton ...

Author: Matilda White Riley

Publisher: Russell Sage Foundation

ISBN: 9781610446839

Category: Social Science

Page: 668

View: 636


Represents the first integrated effort to deal with age as a crucial variable in the social system. Of special interest to sociologists for whom the sociology of age seems destined to become a special field.

Urban Transformations

Power, People and Urban Design Ian Bentley ... unpublished MA dissertation, Oxford Brookes University, Joint Centre for Urban Design, 1993. ... Bourdieu, P. and Haacke, H., Free Exchange, Cambridge, Polity Press, 1995.

Author: Ian Bentley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134796366

Category: Architecture

Page: 320

View: 633


Cities affect every person's life, yet across the traditional divides of class, age, gender and political affiliation, armies of people are united in their dislike of the transformations that cities have undergone in recent times. The physical form of the urban environment is not a designer add-on to 'real' social issues; it is a central aspect of the social world. Yet in many people's experience, the cumulative impacts of recent urban development have created widely un-loved urban places. To work towards better-loved urban environments, we need to understand how current problems have arisen and identify practical action to address them. Urban Transformations examines the crucial issues relating to how cities are formed, how people use these urban environments and how cities can be transformed into better places. Exploring the links between the concrete physicality of the built environment and the complex social, economic, political and cultural processes through which the physical urban form is produced and consumed, Ian Bentley proposes a framework of ideas to provoke and develop current debate and new forms of practice.

The Urban Sketching Handbook Architecture and Cityscapes

This guide will help you to develop your own creative approach, no matter what your skill level may be today.

Author: Gabriel Campanario

Publisher: Urban Sketching Handbooks

ISBN: 9781592539611

Category: Architecture

Page: 112

View: 266


Provides keys to help make the experience of drawing architecture and cityscapes fun and rewarding, using composition, depth, scale, contrast, line and creativity.

The Postcolonial City and its Subjects

Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1987. Harvey, David. Consciousness and the Urban Experience. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1985. Harvey, David. The Condition of Postmodernity: An Enquiry into the Origins of ...

Author: Rashmi Varma

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136804021

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

View: 571


This book considers twentieth and twenty-first century literary and cultural formations of the postcolonial city and the constitution of new subjects within it. Varma offers a reading of both historical and contemporary debates on urbanism through the filter of postcolonial fictions and the cultural fields surrounding and containing them. In particular, she presents a representational history of London, Nairobi and Bombay in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and engages three key theoretical frameworks—the city within postcolonial theory and culture (its troubled salience in the construction of postcolonial public spheres and identities, from local, rural, ethnic/"tribal", and regional to "national", cosmopolitan and transnational subjects and spaces); postcolonial fictions as constituting a new world literary space and as a site of the articulation of contending narratives of urban space, global culture and postcolonial development; and postcolonial feminist citizenship as a universal political project challenging current neo-liberal and post neo-liberal contractions and eviscerations of public spaces and rights.

Design and Management of Sustainable Built Environments

Ahmed KS (2003) Comfort in urban spaces: defining the boundaries of outdoor thermal comfort for the tropical urban ... Danish Architecture Press, Distributed by Island Press, Skive Georgakis C, Santamouris M (2006) Experimental ...

Author: Runming Yao

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781447147817

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 432

View: 547


Climate change is believed to be a great challenge to built environment professionals in design and management. An integrated approach in delivering a sustainable built environment is desired by the built environment professional institutions. The aim of this book is to provide an advanced understanding of the key subjects required for the design and management of modern built environments to meet carbon emission reduction targets. In Design and Management of Sustainable Built Environments, an international group of experts provide comprehensive and the most up-to-date knowledge, covering sustainable urban and building design, management and assessment. The best practice case studies of the implementation of sustainable technology and management from the BRE Innovation Park are included. Design and Management of Sustainable Built Environments will be of interest to urban and building designers, environmental engineers, and building performance assessors. It will be particularly useful as a reference book for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the built environment field.

Mediated Geographies and Geographies of Media

Durham: Duke University Press. Parker, S. (2004). Urban theory and the urban experience: Encountering the city. New York: Routledge. Pieterse, E. (2009). African cities: Grasping the unknowable. Inaugural lecture.

Author: Susan P. Mains

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789401799690

Category: Social Science

Page: 470

View: 822


This is the first comprehensive volume to explore and engage with current trends in Geographies of Media research. It reviews how conceptualizations of mediated geographies have evolved. Followed by an examination of diverse media contexts and locales, the book illustrates key issues through the integration of theoretical and empirical case studies, and reflects on the future challenges and opportunities faced by scholars in this field. The contributions by an international team of experts in the field, address theoretical perspectives on mediated geographies, methodological challenges and opportunities posed by geographies of media, the role and significance of different media forms and organizations in relation to socio-spatial relations, the dynamism of media in local-global relations, and in-depth case studies of mediated locales. Given the theoretical and methodological diversity of this book, it will provide an important reference for geographers and other interdisciplinary scholars working in cultural and media studies, researchers in environmental studies, sociology, visual anthropology, new technologies, and political science, who seek to understand and explore the interconnections of media, space and place through the examples of specific practices and settings.

Behavior and the Natural Environment

New York: Oxford University Press, 1977. Bartenstein, F. The future of urban forestry. Paper presented at the 10th Anniversary of the Consortium for Environmental Forestry Research, Longwood Gardens, Pa., May 1980 (available from ...

Author: Irwin Altman

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461335399

Category: Psychology

Page: 346

View: 371


The theme of the present volume concerns people' s response to the natural environment, considered at scales varying from that of a house hold plant to that of vast wilderness areas. Our decision to focus on this particular segment of the physical environment was prompted in part by the intrinsic interest in this subject on the part of a diverse group of sodal scientists and professionals-and of laypersons, for that matter and in part by the relative neglect of this topic in standard treatments of the environment-behavior field. It also serves to bring out once again the interdisdplinary nature of that field, and we are pleased to have been able to inc1ude representatives from geography, sodology, soda! ecology, and natural recreation among our contributors. We believe that this volume will serve a useful purpose in helping to integrate the find ings and concepts in this presently somewhat fragmented field, scat tered as they are over a very diverse array of publications representing a similarly varied group of spedalties. It is hoped that the result will be to stimulate future development of this area and to add a measure of in creased coherence to it. Volume 7 of our series will be devoted to the theme of elderly people and the environment, with M. Powell Lawton joining us as guest co-editor. The titles of the papers comprising Volume 7 are shown on page v. Irwin Altman J oachim F. Wohlwill ix Contents Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Contesting Islam Constructing Race and Sexuality

... Urban and Social Change. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 2004. Greenberg, Cheryl Lynn. Troubling the Waters: Black-Jewish Relations in the American Century. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2010.

Author: Sunera Thobani

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350148116

Category: Philosophy

Page: 272

View: 853


The current political standoffs of the 'War on Terror' illustrate that the interaction within and between the so-called Western and Middle Eastern civilizations is constantly in flux. A recurring theme however is how Islam and Muslims signify the 'Enemy' in the Western socio-cultural imagination and have become the 'Other' against which the West identifies itself. In a unique and insightful blend of critical race, feminist and post-colonial theory, Sunera Thobani examines how Islam is foundational to the formation of Western identity at critical points in its history, including the Crusades, the Reconquista and the colonial period. More specifically, she explores how masculinity and femininity are formed at such pivotal junctures and what role feminism has played in the wars against 'radical' Islam. Exposing these symbiotic relationships, Thobani explores how the return of 'religion' is reworking the racial, gender and sexual politics by which Western society defines itself, and more specifically, defines itself against Islam. Contesting Islam, Constructing Race and Sexuality unpacks conventional as well as unconventional orthodoxies to open up new spaces in how we think about sexual and racial identity in the West and the crucial role that Islam has had and continues to have in its development.