The Thirty Six Dramatic Situations

Mike Figgis is the renowned film-maker and musician whose career began with the People Show in the 1970s.

Author: Mike Figgis


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All drama takes the form of one of 36 situations. That was Georges Polti's theory about theatre, which he put forward in his book 36 Dramatic Situations, published in French in the mid-19th century. A century and a half later, Mike Figgis was struggling with a film treatment. He couldn't get it right. But when he turned to Polti's book, the sample situations helped clarify his ideas and broaden the landscape of his creativity. He saw just how useful this sort of a framework could be for writers, and decided to rework Polti's theory for a modern, film-focused audience. Combining re-imagined situations with cinematic examples, and chart-based analysis of 150 great films, the resulting book is an invaluable and stimulating tool for any writer.

The Thirty Six Dramatic Situations

Godfather I, II and III, The: 1, 3, 4, 12, 13, 14, 17, 21, 23, 24, 27, 28, 30, 31 (14) Goodfellas: 5, 12, 13, 17, 24, 27, 30, 31 (8) Graduate, The: 9, 17, 27, 28, 34, 35, 36 (7) Grand Budapest Hotel, The: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, ...

Author: Mike Figgis

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The original 36 Dramatic Situations was written in in French by Georges Polti in the 1850s. Polti synthesised all drama as belonging to combinations of 36 situations. In the book he illustrates each 'situation' with examples from classical and French theatre. When Mike Figgis used the book as an aid in putting together a treatment for a film, he found that his landscape of creativity had altered quite radically and ideas came forth with relative ease.He realised that Polti's book was system of reference which could be a powerful tool for writers. So he began updating all of the references, moving the focus away from theatre and focussing primarily on cinema. In the first half, each 'Dramatic Situation' is laid out under the 36 headings. The specific 'Situation' is then explained more fully, followed by an example from a specific film, accompanied by an explanation of how the device is used in the film. In the second half of the book there are a series of charts which analyse 150 great films (of all genres) based on the 36 situations.


Essential reading for writers and those involved in the dramatic arts.

Author: Georges Polti

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Essential reading for writers and those involved in the dramatic arts. It helps writers to expand creative boundaries, remove writer's block, and increases their power to deliver a compelling story. It is also gives actors and directors a new perspective of the dimensions found in a story.

The Thirty six Dramatic Situations

to Others , Under the Pressure of Necessity : -Euripides ' " Melanippe " ; " Lucrèce Borgia , " ( II , 5 ) . ( 2 ) --Duty of Sacrificing , Under the Same Circumstances , Ones Father : —The " Hypsipyles " of Aeschylus , and of Metastasio ...

Author: Georges Polti


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Creating Solo Performance

Appendix. 2: 36. dramatic. situations. This appendix is a list of dramatic situations based on Georges Polti's 1890 publication, Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations. The list is for use as an inspiration for basic dramatic situations.

Author: Sean Bruno

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Creating Solo Performance is an innovative toolbox of exercises and challenges focused on providing you – the performer – with engaging and inspiring ways to explore and develop your idea both on the page and in the performance space. The creation of a solo show may be the most rewarding, liberating and stressful challenge you will take on in your career. This book acts as your silent collaborator as you develop your performance, by helpfully arranging exercises under the following headings: Beginnings Creating character Generating material Using your performance space Technology Endings Collaboration Exercises can be explored in sequence, at random or according to your specific needs and interests as a performer. By enabling you to create a bespoke formula that best applies to your specific subject, area of interest, style and discipline, this book will become an indispensable resource as you produce your solo show.

From Drama Technique to Scenology

Polti's classification of the thirty-six dramatic situations: 1. Supplication; 2. Deliverance; 3. Crime Pursued by Vengeance; 4. Vengeance Taken for Kindred upon Kindred; 5. Pursuit; 6. Disaster; 7. Falling Prey to Cruelty or Misfortune ...


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Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies

In 1916 Georges Polti posited the widely cited idea that there are only thirty-six plots or “dramatic situations.”2 And yet, that acknowledgment of finitude turns out not to be so bleak or limiting as it might sound.

Author: Marilyn Chandler McEntyre

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The author offers 12 strategies of stewardship for those concerned with preserving the vitality and precision of the spoken and written word.

PLOTTO Genie The Endless Story

Thirty-one. Basic. Dramatic. Situations ...on Which All Drama and Fiction Are Based By Wycliffe A. Hill Past literary masters have for ages classified all the basic ... Two of these have never been included in the original thirty-six.

Author: Dr. Robert C. Worstell


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Some Family

... the defender of the traditional Italian commedia dell'arte, that there were only thirty-six dramatic situations.2 Intrigued by this speculation, Georges Polti, a serious scholar, managed to come up with thirty-six plots which, ...

Author: Donald Harman Akenson

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

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Using supporting evidence that runs from the Solomon Islands and classical China to ancient Ireland, Akenson argues that there are four basic genealogical forms. Highly significant on its own, this insight also provides the information needed to assess the Latter-day Saints' efforts to provide a single narrative of how humanity keeps track of itself. Appendices cover topics of vital interest to historians, genealogists, and ethnographers, such as the use and limits of genetic data in genealogy, the reality of false-paternity as a widespread phenomenon in genealogical lines, and the vexing issues of incest and cousin-marriage. A unique study of a neglected topic, Some Family illuminates the stories that cultures tell themselves through their family trees.

Current Literature

MATTERS MUSICAL , ARTISTIC AND DRAMATIC 66 46 torThe Thirty - six Dramatic Situations regret to say , unknown to me ) ... the plots of about eight hundred plays and or kinswoman can be avenged on every other , the pertwo hundred novels ...



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Copyright and Related Topcs

13 As the situations which give rise to conflict around which dramatic incidents in novels or plays are built 14 are few , the Courts , in refusing to place originality in ideas or themes , are singularly realistic.15 II ORIGINALITY IN ...

Author: Los Angeles Copyright Society

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Endocrine Evaluation

Firstly an example translation of interactions from a linear narrative, the Odysseus battle with the Cyclops [6] is ... 2. Drama. Monomythic narrative template elements described by Campbell [3], and the dramatic situations defined by ...


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To Exercise Our Talents

10/2; “A Short Story: With Notes and Comments upon the Method of Its Construction: 'He, She, and It': By Louise ... Fallon, Factors of Fiction, 2; Vivian, Story-Weaving, 39, 45–49; Georges Polti, The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations, ...

Author: Christopher Hilliard

Publisher: Harvard University Press

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In twentieth-century Britain the literary landscape underwent a fundamental change. Aspiring authors--traditionally drawn from privileged social backgrounds--now included factory workers writing amid chaotic home lives and married women joining writers' clubs in search of creative outlets. In this brilliantly conceived book, Christopher Hilliard reveals the extraordinary history of "ordinary" voices. In capturing the creative lives of ordinary people--would-be fiction-writers and poets who until now have left scarcely a mark on written history--Hilliard sensitively reconstructs the literary culture of a democratic age.

Inscribing Jingju Peking Opera

See Mei Lanfang, Wutai shenghuo sishi nian, 2: 48. 233 For an attempt to apply Georges Polti's scheme in The ThirtySix Dramatic Situations, Lucile Ray, tr. (Ridgewood, N.J.: Editor Co., 1916) to the Jingju repertoire, see Zhou Yibai, ...

Author: David Rolston

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What was the most influential mass medium in China before the internet reaching both literate and illiterate audiences? The answer may surprise’s Jingju (Peking opera). This book traces the tradition’s increasing textualization and the changes in authorship, copyright, performance rights, and textual fixation that accompanied those changes.

Current Opinion

MATTERS MUSICAL , ARTISTIC AND DRAMATIC The Thirty - six Dramatic Situations regret to say , unknown to me ) . ... the plots of about eight hundred plays and or kinswoman can be avenged on every other , the pertwo hundred novels ...



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Fiction The Art and the Craft

It may trigger ideas and the reader should certainly brainstorm each term and if possible find some story or novel they know which uses the particular dramatic situation. GEORGES POLTI'S THIRTY-SIX DRAMATIC SITUATIONS 1. Supplication 2.

Author: Colin Bulman

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

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Fiction - The Art and the Craft is a highly practical exposition of all the major elements of fiction - such as plot, conflict, suspense, the hook, inference, character and dialogue - and how these elements are combined to make a compelling story. Using examples from well-known works of literature and incorporating exercises, research suggestions and activities, this informative, interesting and accessible book is a must-read for any author.

Theatre to Cinema

2. Tom Gunning . The Cinema of Attractions ' , in Elsaesser and Barker , Early Cinema , 59 . 3. ... 1779 ; both cited in Dramatic Works of Sheridan , ii . ... Subsequent citations refer to The ThirtySix Dramatic Situations , trans .

Author: Assistant Director Center for Film and Theater Research Ben Brewster

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0198182678

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This study of the origins of film looks at the relations between early cinema and 19th century theatre, examining how film-makers in Europe and America assimilated and adapted 19th century theatrical and acting styles.

Fearless Consulting

2 Clearly, the drama triangle is only one of many triangular dramatic situations that a consultant could become ... A classic in the latter field is The thirty-six dramatic situations by Georges Polti (1895), where triangles abound.

Author: Erik de Haan

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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The history of consulting dates back to the original ‘intervention’ of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, and today's consultants have just as dubious a reputation. They are tempted by flattery and over-assessment of their abilities, and run the risks of uncertainty, responsibility without authority and loss of control. In order to steer a middle course, they must understand their own intention as consultants. Fearless Consulting clearly demonstrates that, in spite of the many risks and temptations, consultants can approach their profession and clients fearlessly, and offers a range of philosophical inspirations for readers as well as specific intervention models and practical methodologies.

Matinee Melodrama

Perhaps the most influential and certainly the most accessible is Georges Polti's 1895 book The Thirty-six Dramatic Situations. Polti hopes to challenge playwrights to construct more original plots, a project he undertakes not by ...

Author: Scott Higgins

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Long before Batman, Flash Gordon, or the Lone Ranger were the stars of their own TV shows, they had dedicated audiences watching their adventures each week. The difference was that this action took place on the big screen, in short adventure serials whose exciting cliffhangers compelled the young audience to return to the theater every seven days. Matinee Melodrama is the first book about the adventure serial as a distinct artform, one that uniquely encouraged audience participation and imaginative play. Media scholar Scott Higgins proposes that the serial’s incoherent plotting and reliance on formula, far from being faults, should be understood as some of its most appealing attributes, helping to spawn an active fan culture. Further, he suggests these serials laid the groundwork not only for modern-day cinematic blockbusters like Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark, but also for all kinds of interactive media that combine spectacle, storytelling, and play. As it identifies key elements of the serial form—from stock characters to cliffhangers—Matinee Melodrama delves deeply into questions about the nature of suspense, the aesthetics of action, and the potentials of formulaic narrative. Yet it also provides readers with a loving look at everything from Zorro’s Fighting Legion to Daredevils of the Red Circle, conveying exactly why these films continue to thrill and enthrall their fans.

Lois Weber

Domestic drama with a humorous touch and amusing but not too broad situations is much in demand. ... Weber was likely referring to Lucille Ray's translation, The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations (Ridgewood, NJ: Editor Co., 1917). 2.

Author: Martin F. Norden

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

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Lois Weber (1879–1939) was one of early Hollywood’s most successful screenwriter-directors. A one-time Church Army worker who preached from street corners, Weber began working in the American film industry as an actress around 1908 but quickly ascended to the positions of screenwriter and director. She wrote, directed, starred in, edited, and titled hundreds of movies during her career and is believed to be the first woman to direct a feature film. At the height of her influence, Weber used her medium to address pressing social issues such as birth control, abortion, capital punishment, poverty, and drug abuse. She gained international fame in 1915 with her controversial Hypocrites, a complex film that featured full female nudity as part of its important moral lesson. Her most famous film, Where Are My Children?, was the Universal studio’s biggest box-office hit the following year and played to enthusiastic audiences around the globe. These productions and many others contributed to her standing as a truly world-class filmmaker. Despite her many successes, Weber was pushed out of the business in the 1930s as a result of Hollywood’s institutionalized sexism. Shoved into the corners of film history, she remained a largely forgotten figure for decades. Lois Weber: Interviews restores her long-muted voice by reprinting more than sixty items in which she expressed her views on a range of filmic subjects. The volume includes interviews, articles that Weber wrote, the text of a speech she gave, and reconstructed conversations with her Hollywood coworkers. Lois Weber: Interviews provides key insights into one of our first great writer-directors, her many films, and the changing business in which she worked.