The Surfer Coach

4. Adjust your speed as needed. Do small pumps if you need to increase speed, and use a stall method, such as the hand or kick stall, in order to slow down. 5. Find an exit, and continue surfing.

Author: Aaron Wisewell

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781105610592

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This book is a modern guide to sea surfing. The Surfer Coach provides professional coaching for all ages and levels, . Learn to surf in safety with a beginner course, improver lesson or develop your surfing skills with Intermediate & advanced coaching session. This lesson is perfect for someone who has already been on a beginner course or a novice looking for some helpful tips. you can take your surfing to the next level; learn about how to ride unbroken waves, surf etiquette, surfing 'out the back', suitable equipment for yourself; about surf conditions and generally improve your surfing skills in a safe and fun environment.

How to Be a Surfer

Coach's. Advanced. Surfing. Drills. Checklist. 1) Establish drill duration: 20-30 min maximum. 2) Visualization of the move or move combination before the drill: Study photo sequences, memorize certain chosen parts of a surf movie and ...

Author: Joao De Macedo

Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Verlag

ISBN: 9781841262017

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Aim at helping surfers and non-surfers improve their surfing skills, as well as their enjoyment in the water.

The Coaches

What areas should young coaches master and make a priority in order to become an effective surfing coach? You have to understand what high-performance surfing is, but I think that's probably easier said than done.

Author: David Becker

Publisher: Sports Wisdom

ISBN: 9780980767209

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Tap into the wisdom of 12 of Australia's finest coaches as they reveal their personal stories and success philosophies. Their secrets can take you to the top of your sports parenting or coaching game!

Art of Surfing

This thoroughly revised edition gives you all this information and more: · The basics of boards and other gear, the anatomy of waves, and a review of basic maneuvers · Advanced techniques for everything from paddling to turning to walking ...

Author: Raul Guisado

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780762775729

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Surfing has evolved from a relatively obscure pastime to one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Today, there are millions of surfers across the globe. The Art of Surfing was the first book of its kind to avail participants, both beginner and advanced, with the same training and coaching principles of the more established and traditional sports. It has empowered both recreational and competitive surfers to prepare for and catch the best waves. This thoroughly revised and updated new edition—with 160 color photos—covers boards and equipment, the anatomy of waves, body position and stance, and techniques for everything from paddling to walking the nose. Special chapters on competition and training, biomechanics, and the psychology of surfing round out this first-of-its-kind textbook for the developing surfer. Inside you'll find information on: · The basics of boards and other gear, the anatomy of waves, and a review of basic maneuvers · Advanced techniques for everything, from paddling to turning to walking the nose · Basic and advanced exercises for improving flexibility, balance, and stability · Strength-training and power-building routines · Cardiovascular endurance workouts, as well as cross-training options · Tips on performance nutrition, and the latest advances in sports psychology A chapter on surf contests rounds out this coaching and training manual. Let The Art of Surfing help you develop a game plan to boost your physical, technical, and mental performance--and prepare to catch the next wave.

Adventure Sports Coaching

For example, the surf coach positioned on the beach must wait until the surfer returns to the beach to give them feedback. Therefore, generally speaking the beachbased surf coach is restricted to giving delayed feedback.

Author: Matt Berry

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317753940

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Coaching adventure sports is part of the core work of many adventure educators but has been largely neglected in the adventure studies literature. This is the first book to link contemporary sports coaching science with adventure sports practice. It examines the unique set of challenges faced by adventure sports coaches, such as the dynamic natural environment and the requirement to train athletes to levels of high performance outside of traditional structures of competition, and explores both key theory and best practice. The book covers key topics such as: Skill acquisition and skill development Models of learning and teaching Performance analysis Tactics and decision-making Training principles Mental skills techniques Goal setting and progression Risk management Each chapter contains applied examples from a range of adventure sports, including mountaineering, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, and winter sport, as well as practical coaching techniques and a guide to further reading. Written by a team of authors with wide experience of coaching, teaching, researching and high performance participation in adventure sports, this book is invaluable reading for any student or practitioner with an interest in adventure, outdoor education, sports coaching or lifestyle sport.


Modules include the culture of surf, surf media and events, surf practice and production methods. ... The recognized qualification for surf coaching in the UK is the ISA/SGB Surf Coach Level 1 award, which allows you to seek employment ...

Author: Chris Nelson

Publisher: The Crowood Press

ISBN: 9781785002298

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Crowood Sports Guides are the perfect tool for anyone wanting to improve their performance, from beginners learning the basic skills to more experienced participants working on advanced techniques. These practical, no-nonsense guides will help give you that all important advantage. Fully illustrated with over 150 colour photographs, Surfing - Crowood Sports Guides covers: the history of surfing; choosing and maintaining a board; reading the ocean; skills development; advanced techniques; environmental care and surf contests and careers. This instructional and practical guide is aimed at surfers, surf enthusiasts and surf instructors and is superbly illustrated with 150 full colour photographs.

Coaching for Human Development and Performance in Sports

sports coaching and research in sports coaching can be framed into the BMX, parkour, surfing scenarios. We highlight the importance of recognizing adventure sports coaches as individuals who attempt to contribute to develop athletes' ...

Author: Rui Resende

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030639129

Category: Psychology

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This book addresses important topics of coaching in order to better understand what sports coaching is and the challenges that arise when assuming this activity. It provides the reader with useful insights to the field of sports coaching, and discusses topics such as coaching education, areas of intervention, and main challenges. With contributions by experts and well-known authors in the field, this volume presents an up-to-date picture of the scholarship in the coaching field. It introduces key aspects on the future of the science of coaching and provides coach educators, researchers, faculty, and students with new perspectives on topics within the field to help improve their coaching effectiveness.

Foundations of Sports Coaching

For example, the surfing coach delivering dry-land drills before going out on the water would coach the skills of the paddling stroke, pushing the arms up to bring the legs through the body in order to stand up, then adjusting body and ...

Author: Paul E. Robinson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134105250

Category: Medical

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Athletes and sports people at all levels rely on their coaches for advice, guidance and support. Foundations of Sports Coaching is a comprehensive introduction to the practical, vocational and scientific principles that underpin the sports coaching process. It provides the student of sports coaching with all the skills, knowledge and scientific background they will need to prepare athletes and sports people technically, tactically, physically and mentally. With practical coaching tips, techniques and tactics highlighted throughout, the book covers all the key components of a foundation course in sports coaching, including: the development of sports coaching as a profession coaching styles and technique planning and management basic principles of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and psychology fundamentals of training and fitness performance analysis reflective practice in coaching. Including international case-studies throughout and examples from top-level sport in every chapter, Foundations of Sports Coaching helps to bridge the gap between coaching theory and practice. This book is essential reading for all students of sports coaching and for any practising sports coach looking to develop and extend their coaching expertise.

Foundations of Sports Coaching

For example, the surf coach delivering dry-land drills before going out on the water would separately coach the skills of the paddling stroke, pushing the arms up to bring the legs through the body in order to stand up, ...

Author: Ashley Gill

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000375107

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The fully revised third edition of the popular Foundations of Sports Coaching textbook aims to provide a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the practical and theoretical principles that underpin the sports coaching process, from both a participation and performance perspective. The focus of this contemporary edition is to bridge the gap between practical sports coaching delivery and the conceptual theories that underpin a sports coach’s practice. It provides a wealth of real-world examples and up-to-date case studies from a wide range of sports to support the developing practitioner and help sports coaches understand how to apply key concepts and theories to their practice. In addition, there are countless practical coaching tips, techniques and strategies to further support sports coaches in their practice and development. The book will provide the reader with the skills, knowledge and background they will need to prepare athletes and sports people technically, tactically and strategically, covering the key components of a sports coaching-related undergraduate course, including: ■ the continuing professionalisation of sports coaching ■ the International Sports Coaching Framework (I.C.C.E.) ■ the fundamental skills of a sports coach ■ how to coach populous groups ■ coaching philosophy ■ coaching pedagogy ■ creating a positive learning environment ■ talent ID and sevelopment ■ the reflective coach ■ performance analysis to support coach feedback. This third edition updates the style of previous versions with all-new chapters focusing upon international professional practice frameworks, coaching philosophy, coaching pedagogy, talent identification and development, and reflective practice. All of these are critical for the contemporary practitioner to understand in order to ensure they provide the best possible coaching environment for their athletes to develop and succeed. No other introductory textbook explains the importance of a holistic approach to sports coaching practice. This is an essential companion to any sports coaching course.

Secrets of Winning Coaches Revealed

As notwo waves are ever the same,how frustrating isitfora surfing coach to achieve attention to detail in training? It's the most difficult thing in surf coaching, but it's also difficult for the surfer,waiting for theideal wave to ...

Author: David Becker

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 9781622121090

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Discover the winning secrets to peak performance in the National Bestselling and 2nd Edition book, Secrets of Winning Coaches Revealed. The first in a series of books, it imparts the collective wisdom of Australia?s finest coaches using their personal stories and insights.The book is aimed at athletes, sports parents, teachers, coaches and business leaders and focuses specifically on key personal and developmental insights which aim to fast track a young athlete to individual excellence not only in their sport but in life. Some of the coaches featured include: Wayne Bennett (rugby league), Norma Plummer (netball), Lindsay Gaze (basketball), Frank Farina (soccer) Ric Charlesworth (hockey), Rod Macqueen (rugby union), Ron Barassi (AFL), Laurie Lawrence (swimming) and many more.Whether you want to create a winning environment in sport or business, you can learn from the ?master? coaches who have nurtured success attributes in athletes and managed to foster environments of success and have taken athletes to the limits of their ability.