The Sports Stadium as a Municipal Investment

The book illustrates:+ The types of information that can be obtained with modern in vivo imaging;+ The substitution of imaging methods for more destructive histological techniques;+ The advantages conferred by in vivo imaging in building a ...

Author: Dean V. Baim

Publisher: Praeger Pub Text

ISBN: 0313278164

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A comparison of private and public stadiums with respect to cost, use, and amenities is conducted here, together with an attempt to measure the costs and benefits of a sports stadium to a city.

The Economics and Politics of Sports Facilities

outdoor arenas to encourage amateur sport and to boost the reputation of their cities , which they anticipated , would enhance the local economy . ... The Sports Stadium as a Municipal Investment . Westport , Conn .: Greenwood Press .

Author: Wilbur C. Rich

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 1567203175

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Rich and his contributing authors give a far reaching, rigorous analysis of the impact that professional sports stadiums and arenas have on the economies of their host communities. Critical of, yet sympathetic to, the problems of the sports industry, the book emphasizes the cost of sports facilities and makes clear that as engines of economic development, they are of dubious value. Thoroughly researched and scrupulously objective, the book provides among other things the first comparative study of host cities, raises the question of the role of the sports media, and examines the "theater of sports" and its cultural meaning.

Controversies of the Sports World

Are they wise investments for cities and states ? Or are there more vital uses for the money that is spent on sports facilities ? ... RESOURCES AND REFERENCES Books Baim , Dean V. The Sports Stadium as a Municipal Investment .

Author: Douglas T. Putnam

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313305587

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Examines the impact of sports in American life, including such controversies as recruitment procedures, drug use, violence, and discrimination against women and minorities.

Sport Finance

Municipal notes and bonds are publicly traded securities with the benefit of not having to comply with all of the registration ... ARROWHEAD POND OF ANAHEIM LOUISIANA SUPERDOME In The Sports Stadium as a Municipal Investment ( 1994 ) ...

Author: Gil Fried

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 0736067701

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Sport Finance, Second Edition, grounds students in the real world of financial management in sport, showing them how to apply financial concepts and appreciate the importance of finance in sound sport management and operations. Designed for sport finance courses in a sport management curriculum, this text distinguishes the skills and principles of finance from those of economics. This second edition includes five case studies that are referred to throughout the book. These studies - in professional, college, private business, manufacturing, and not-for-profit settings - represent the breadth of the sport world where finance is a critical component of success. As an added benefit to instructors, several ancillary materials are included to make the topics more comprehensive to students.

They Play You Pay

Why Taxpayers Build Ballparks, Stadiums, and Arenas for Billionaire Owners and Millionaire Players James T. Bennett. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. ... Dean V. Baim, The Sports Stadium as a Municipal Investment, p. 135. Ibid., p. 139.

Author: James T. Bennett

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461433323

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They Play, You Pay is a detailed, sometimes irreverent look at a political conundrum: despite evidence that publicly funded ballparks, stadiums, and arenas do not generate net economic growth, governments keep on taxing sales, restaurant patrons, renters of automobiles, and hotel visitors in order to build ever more elaborate cathedrals of professional sport—often in order to satisfy an owner who has threatened to move his team to greener, more subsidy‐happy, pastures. This book is a sweeping survey of the literature in the field, the history of such subsidies, the politics of stadium construction and franchise movement, and the prospects for a re‐privatization of ballpark and stadium financing. It ties together disparate strands in a fascinating story, examining the often colorful cases through which governments became involved in sports. These range from the well‐known to the obscure—from Yankee Stadium and the Astrodome to the Brooklyn Dodgers’ move to Los Angeles (to a privately built ballpark constructed upon land that had been seized via eminent domain from a mostly Mexican‐American population) to such arrant giveaways as Cowboys Stadium. It examines alternatives that might lessen the pressure for public subsidies, whether the Green Bay Packers model (in which the team’s owners are local stockholders) or via league expansions. It also takes a look at little-known, yet significant, episodes such as President Theodore Roosevelt’s intervention in the collegiate football crisis of 1905—a move that indirectly put the federal government on the side of such basic rule changes as the legalization of the forward pass. They Play, You Play is a fresh look at a political and economic puzzle: how it came to be that Joe and Jane Sixpack in the Bronx and Dallas subsidize the Steinbrenners and Jerry Joneses of professional sport.

Managing Capital Resources for Central City Revitalization

Stadiums, professional sports, and city economics: An analysis of the United States experience. In The stadium and the city, ... Sports stadiums as wise investments: An evaluation. ... The sports stadium as a municipal investment.

Author: Fritz W. Wagner

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317944485

Category: Architecture

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First Published in 2000. This book and its companion volume, Human Capital Investment fo r Central City Revitalization, are the products of a two-year endeavor by the National Center for the Revitalization of Central Cities. The National Center is a consortium of academic institutions that analyzes critical problems facing America’s central cities, evaluates strategies to address those problems, and recommends policy alternatives.

Circling the Bases

See Dean V. Baim, The Sports Stadium as a Municipal Investment (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1994); Rodney Fort and James Quirk, “Cross-subsidization, Incentives, and Outcomes in Professional Team Sports Leagues,” Journal of Economic ...

Author: Andrew Zimbalist

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 9781439902844

Category: Sports & Recreation

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Contains essays in which Andrew Zimbalist examines the challenges facing the sports industry in the second decade of the twenty-first century, discussing the financial crisis in college sports, labor relations in professional leagues, the economic impact of the Olympics, and other topics.

Sport Business Management

Comparison of privately & publicly owned sports arenas and stadiums . Chicago : The Heartland Institute . Baim , D.V. ( 1994 ) . The sports stadium as a municipal investment . Westport , CT : Greenwood Press .

Author: Lori K. Miller

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 083420942X

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In this unique text you'll find practical business theory and professional practice guidelines specifically for the sport business manager. The basics of running a for-profit sport business, as well as influential management tips for survival in the 1990s, make this an ideal book for sport businesses.

Australian Sport

Baim, D.V. The Sports Stadium as a Municipal Investment. Contributions in economics and economic history: no. 151. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1994. Bale, J. 'In the Shadow of the Stadium: Football Grounds as Urban Nuisances'.

Author: Kristine Toohey

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317969143

Category: Sports & Recreation

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Australia is only a small player in the world’s political and economic landscapes, yet, for many decades, it has been considered to be a global powerhouse in terms of its sporting successes. In conjunction with this notion, the nation has long been portrayed as having a preoccupation with sport. This labelling has been seen as both a blessing and a curse. Those who value a Bourdieuian view of culture bemoan sport’s centrality to the national imagination and the consequent lack of media coverage, funding and prestige accorded to the arts. Other scholars question whether the popular stereotype of the Australian sportsperson is, in fact, a myth and that instead Australians are predominantly passive sport consumers rather than active sport participants. Australian sport, through its successes on the field of play and in advancing sport coaching and management, has undergone a revolution, as both an enabler of global processes and as subject to its influences (economic, political, migratory etc.). This book will examine the shifting place of Australian sports in current global and local environs, from the perspective of spectators, players and administrators. This book was previously published as a special issue of Sport in Society.

Home Team

Mark S. Rosentraub and various colleagues question the returns on investments in sports facilities and teams in the Dallas ... the data and analysis later published in his The Sports Stadium as a Municipal Investment ( Westport , Conn .

Author: Michael N. Danielson

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691231129

Category: Sports & Recreation

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Most books that study professional sports concentrate on teams and leagues. In contrast, Home Team studies the connections between professional team sports in North America and the places where teams play. It examines the relationships between the four major professional team sports--baseball, basketball, football, and hockey--and the cities that attach their names, their hearts, and their increasing amount of tax dollars to big league teams. From the names on their uniforms to the loyalties of their fans, teams are tied to the places in which they play. Nonetheless, teams, like other urban businesses, are affected by changes in their environments--like the flight of their customers to suburbs and changes in local political climates. In Home Team, professional sports are scrutinized in the larger context of the metropolitan areas that surround and support them. Michael Danielson is particularly interested in the political aspects of the connections between professional sports teams and cities. He points out that local and state governments are now major players in the competition for franchises, providing increasingly lavish publicly funded facilities for what are, in fact, private business ventures. As a result, professional sports enterprises, which have insisted that private leagues rather than public laws be the proper means of regulating games, have become powerful political players, seeking additional benefits from government, often playing off one city against another. The wide variety of governmental responses reflects the enormous diversity of urban and state politics in the United States and in the Canadian cities and provinces that host professional teams. Home Team collects a vast amount of data, much of it difficult to find elsewhere, including information on the relocation of franchises, expansion teams, new leagues, stadium development, and the political influence of the rich cast of characters involved in the ongoing contests over where teams will play and who will pay. Everyone who is interested in the present condition and future prospects of professional sports will be captivated by this informative and provocative new book.

Informational Bulletin

“ The Economic Impact of Stadiums and Professional Sports on Metropolitan Area Development . ” Growth and Change ( 1990 ) : 1-14 . Baim , Dean V. The Sports Stadium as a Municipal Investment . Westport , CT : Greenwood Press , 1994 .

Author: Wisconsin. Legislature. Legislative Reference Bureau


ISBN: UOM:39015039635894

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Playing the Field

See Deam Baim , The Sports Stadium as a Municipal Investment ( Westport , Conn .: Greenwood , 1992 ) . Quotations are from a conversation I had with Baim in June 1992 . 44. Benjamin A. Okner , “ Subsidies of Stadiums and Arenas ...

Author: Charles C. Euchner

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 080184973X

Category: Law

Page: 217

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"Sports is not a dominant industry in any city," writes Charles Euchner, "yet it receives the kind of attention one might expect to be lavished on major producers and employers." In Playing the Field, Euchner looks at why sports attracts this kind of attention and what that says about the urban political process. Examining the relationships between Los Angeles and the Raiders, Baltimore and the Colts and the Orioles, and Chicago and the White Sox, Euchner argues that, in the absence of public standards for equitable arbitration between cities and teams, the sports industry has the ability to steer negotiations in a way that leaves cities vulnerable.

Public private Partnerships for Major League Sports Facilities

Selling the game: estimating the economic impact of professional sports through taxable sales. Southern Economic Journal, 74(3): 1974–810. Baim, D. 1994. The sports stadium as a municipal investment. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

Author: Judith Grant Long

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780415806930

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 222

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This volume takes readers inside the high-stakes game of public-private partnerships for major league sports facilities, explaining why some cities made better deals than others, assessing the best practices and common pitfalls in deal structuring and facility leases, as well as highlighting important differences across markets, leagues, facility types, public actors, subsidy delivery mechanisms, and urban development aspirations. It concludes with speculations about the next round of facility replacement amidst rapid changes in broadcast technology, shrinking domestic audiences, and the globalization of sport.


In addition , both Euchner and Rosentraub argue that new stadiums are so cost ineffective that it is unlikely that ... Dean Baim's The Sports Stadium as a Municipal Investment examines the financial history of sixteen professional ...

Author: Donald L. Deardorff

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313304459

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 361

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This guide to the available literature on sports in American culture during the last two decades of the 20th century is a companion to Jack Higg's Sports: A Reference Guide (Greenwood, 1982). The types of individual or team sports included in this volume include those that are viewed as physical contests engaged in for physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological fulfillment. With a focus on books alone, chapters review the available literature regarding sports and each concludes with a bibliography. Academic journals likely to contain articles on the topics discussed are listed at the end of each chapter. Twelve chapters discuss sports and American history, business and law, education, ethnicity and race, gender, literature, philosophy and religion, popular culture, psychology, science and technology, sociology and world history. This reference and guide to further research will appeal to scholars of popular culture and sports. An index and two appendixes are included, one listing important dates in American sports from 1980 through 2000 and one listing sports halls of fame, museums, periodicals, and websites.

District of Columbia Stadium Act Amendments

15 Bibliography Robert A. Baade and Richard F. Dye , " Sports Stadiums and Area Development : A Critical Review , " Economic Development Quarterly , 1 ( August 1988 ) . Dean Baim , The Sports Stadium as a Municipal Investment ( Westport ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Natural Resources. Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands


ISBN: PSU:000023027213

Category: Football teams

Page: 335

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Fair and Foul

Mark Yost, “The Price of Football That Even Nonfans Pay,” Wall Street Journal, February 3, 2011, D6. ... The Sports Stadium as a Municipal Investment (Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1992); Mark S. Rosentraub, “Sport and Downtown Development ...

Author: D. Stanley Eitzen

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442248458

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 328

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Fair and Foul explores our love of sport, just as it reveals sport’s darker side—the influence of big business, corruption, price gouging, political maneuvering, gender bias, media grandstanding, and more. The sixth edition features a new chapter on mass media and sport, a revised introduction that lays out the two themes of the book with fresh examples, and a significantly revised chapter on college sport that asks whether or not big-time college sports are compatible with higher education. This edition also features new material throughout, such as the rising costs and increasing injuries in youth sports, fantasy sports, homophobia in sport, “one and done,” and more. Fair and Foul draws on examples ranging from youth to pro sports to give us a deeper understanding of how sports shape our everyday world. Ideal for sparking classroom discussion, Fair and Foul is an excellent book for students of sports and society, American culture, and other courses

San Francisco Bay Area Sports

Dean V. Baim, The Sports Stadium as a Municipal Investment (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1994); Dennis Coates and Brad R. Humphreys, “The Effect of Professional Sports on Earnings and Employment in the Services and Retail Sectors in ...

Author: Rita Liberti

Publisher: University of Arkansas Press

ISBN: 9781682260203

Category: History

Page: 354

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San Francisco Bay Area Sports brings together fifteen essays covering the issues, controversies, and personalities that have emerged as northern Californians recreated and competed over the last 150 years. The area’s diversity, anti-establishment leanings, and unique and beautiful natural surroundings are explored in the context of a dynamic sporting past that includes events broadcast to millions or activities engaged in by just a few. Professional and college events are covered along with lesser-known entities such as Oakland’s public parks, tennis player and Bay Area native Rosie Casals, environmentalism and hiking in Marin County, and the origins of the Gay Games. Taken as a whole, this book clarifies how sport is connected to identities based on sexuality, gender, race, and ethnicity. Just as crucial, the stories here illuminate how sport and recreation can potentially create transgressive spaces, particularity in a place known for its nonconformity.

Consumer Services and Economic Development

Baim , D. ( 1990 ) Sports stadiums as wise investments : an evaluation , Detroit , MI : Heartland Institute Policy Study no . 32 . ( 1992 ) The sports stadium as a municipal investment , Westport , CT : Greenwood Press .

Author: Colin C. Williams

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 041514504X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 293

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Consumer Services and Economic Development evaluates the role of consumer services as motors for local economic development in contemporary advanced economies. The contributions that specific consumer service industries are making to local economic development are analysed. Tourism, sports, universities, retailing and the cultural industries are each examined in turn. Following this, the roles that the consumer services sector are playing in economic regeneration are investigated in a number of different contexts: a global city; several contrasting urban areas; and a rural locality. In each case, whether consumer services have taken a lead or supportive role in local economic development is surveyed, and their effectiveness in promoting economic regeneration is evaluated. This book dispels the common myth that consumer services are residual activities dependent upon other economic sectors for their vitality and viability. Providing a comprehensive overview and evaluation of the contributions of the consumer services sector to economic development, this book reveals the need for a fundamental reconceptualization of both the function of services in particular and economic development theory and practice more generally.

The SAGE Handbook of Sports Economics

The sports stadium as a municipal investment. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. Bohlmann, H. R., & van Heerden, J. H. (2005). The impact of hosting a major sport event on the South African economy. University of Pretoria, Department of ...

Author: Paul Downward

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781526444523

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 610

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Sports economics is a well-established and dynamic area of study; a key component in the fields of sport management, sport science and sport studies, as well as in other areas of economics, finance and management. Covering amateur to professional sports, individual events and organised tournaments, this Handbook provides an authoritative contribution to the understanding of sport in the economy. The editors of The SAGE Handbook of Sports Economics have brought together a global team of respected scholars to create this benchmark collection of insights into sports economics. Each chapter includes a study of a specific context in which issues arise in sports economics, a critical presentation of its main theoretical contributions, an overview of current research findings, and an outline of enquiry for future research. PART I: The Nature and Value of the Sports System and Economy PART II: Amateur Sports Participation, Supply and Impact PART III: Professional Team Sports PART IV: Professional Sports Leagues PART V: Sports Events and their Impacts PART VI: Individual Sports PART VII: Future Research

Handbook of Sports Studies

Thus, for workers in sporting goods and equipment manufacturing in the Third World, there is overwhelming evidence that transnational investment in assembly production ... Baim, D.V. (1994) The Sports Stadium as a Municipal Investment.

Author: Jay Coakley

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446265055

Category: Social Science

Page: 570

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Now available in paperback, this vital handbook marks the development of sports studies as a major new discipline within the social sciences. Edited by the leading sociologist of sport, Eric Dunning, and Jay Coakley, author of the best selling textbook on sport in the USA, it both reflects and richly endorses this new found status. Key aspects of the Handbook include: an inventory of the principal achievements in the field; a guide to the chief conflicts and difficulties in the theory and research process; a rallying point for researchers who are established or new to the field, which sets the agenda for future developments; a resource book for teachers who wish to establish new curricula and develop courses and programmes in the area of sports studies. With an international and inter-disciplinary team of contributors the Handbook of Sports Studies is comprehensive in scope, relevant in content and far-reaching in its discussion of future prospect.