The Sport and Fitness Sector

Drawing together an edited selection of informative readings from a very wide range of sources in the world of sport and fitness management, the book provides a uniquely comprehensive knowledge base and an accessible course companion for ...

Author: Ben Oakley


ISBN: 0415454042

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Drawing together an edited selection of informative readings from a very wide range of sources in the world of sport and fitness management, the book provides a uniquely comprehensive knowledge base and an accessible course companion for students in sport and fitness.

Human Resource Management in the Sport and Leisure Industry

A major part of the SSCs' work has been to develop Sector Skills Agreements in order to help employers identify ... Lloyd (2005a:16) undertook some interesting research into the health and fitness sector in an attempt to unpick the ...

Author: Chris Wolsey

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134102174

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"HRM in the Leisure and Sport Industry provides a comprehensive course textbook and reference for students of HRM, business, sports and leisure management. By its very nature service, leisure and sport are staff intensive sectors, making effective human resource management and development central to understanding the business, and to business success. Containing wide ranging industry specific case studies and full explanation of all key HR issues, this text provides a unique resource to help students develop their understanding of strategic HR theory and practice. HRM in the Leisure and Sport Industry is a dependable and comprehensive resource for students and professionals in the sport and leisure business"--

The Rise and Size of the Fitness Industry in Europe

This book explores the rise, size and shape of the European fitness industry by using harmonised data as well as in-depth analyses of national surveys in fifteen European countries.

Author: Jeroen Scheerder

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030533489

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This book explores the rise, size and shape of the European fitness industry by using harmonised data as well as in-depth analyses of national surveys in fifteen European countries. Following an introduction to the socio-historical and conceptual aspects of fitness, the collection presents the scope of fitness as a business and participatory activity. Furthermore, both policy and governance issues as well as community and supply angles are considered. Drawing on this unique material, the book will appeal to students and scholars of sport business, sport economics, sport management, and social sport sciences, but also to administrators, policymakers and entrepreneurs in the international and national sport and health community.

The Complete Guide to Behavioural Change for Sport and Fitness Professionals

THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE FOR SPORT AND FITNESS PROFESSIONALS covers both theoretical issues related to behaviour change and motivation and practical application in the fitness or sport setting, outlining all the different ...

Author: Sarah Bolitho

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781472902344

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Many fitness professionals and sports coaches working with clients find difficulties in ensuring their clients stay motivated. Any professional prescribing a fitness programme to a client knows that the biggest roadblock to success is the client's ability to make a change in their day-to-day life. You can tell clients what they need to know, but you can't make lifestyle changes for them. You can however show understanding, put changes in perspective, offer motivation and lay out the smaller steps that build towards a greater goal. THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE FOR SPORT AND FITNESS PROFESSIONALS covers both theoretical issues related to behaviour change and motivation and practical application in the fitness or sport setting, outlining all the different models of behaviour change and discussing clear motivation strategies. It is especially relevant for fitness professionals prescribing exercise to clients with health issues, or referred clients who need support to become more active. But it is equally suited to helping recreational and amateur athletes who want to change their lifestyle or mental attitude in order to improve their performance. Written in clear, accessible language for the non-scientist, this a reference guide for: · fitness instructors and personal trainers · sports coaches and sports psychologists · professionals from the health and fitness industry working at Levels 3 and 4 of the qualifications framework · undergraduates and postgraduates in sports studies and health and fitness · those working to promote activity in community settings · anyone wishing to increase personal knowledge of behaviour change and motivation.

Torkildsen s Sport and Leisure Management

Commercial sector growth has been driven by a significant increase in thenumber of commercial fitnessclubs,with development bya number of chains, including Bannatyne's, Cannons, David Lloyd,Esporta, Fitness First, LAFitness, and Virgin.

Author: George Torkildsen

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781135999612

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For nearly thirty years George Torkildsen’s classic textbook has been the most comprehensive and engaging introduction to sport and leisure management available to students at all levels. Now in a fully revised sixth edition, it is still the only textbook that covers all the key topics taught within contemporary sport and leisure management courses. This new edition includes expanded coverage of the practical managerial skills that students must develop if aiming for a career in the sport and leisure industry, from planning and managing people to marketing and entrepreneurship. It includes five completely new chapters on leisure in the home, financial management, quality management and law and enterprise, reflecting important developments in contemporary sport and leisure. This edition retains the hallmark strengths of previous editions, including in-depth discussion of the social and cultural context of sport and leisure, full analysis of the public, private and voluntary sectors, and a review of key products and services, including sport, tourism, the arts, play and leisure in the natural environment. Richly illustrated throughout with up-to-date evidence, data, case-studies and international examples, each chapter also contains a range of useful pedagogical features, such as discussion questions, practical tasks and structured guides to further reading and resources. For the first time, a dedicated companion website offers additional teaching and learning resources for students and lecturers. Visit the companion website at

Torkildsen s Sport and Leisure Management

A substantial industry to supply leisure goods, clothing and equipment has developed. ... travel (6.3 per cent) spectator sports (5.2 per cent) Sport Industry Research Centre Health and fitness centres The fitness sector is diverse, ...

Author: George Torkildsen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134390083

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For this new edition the book has been completely revised, bringing the subject up to date in line with recent developments. Key changes address issues surrounding government policy and public sector leisure provision, the National Lottery, global conditions such as the world economic climate and the European Union, and communication and travel advances. New content also covers: play, recreation, leisure and the needs of people leisure trends, planning and government the legacy of CCT and the introduction of Best Value management, training and operational aspect of Leisure & Recreation management Leisure and Recreation Management deals with the theory of leisure studies as well as the day-to-day practicalities of managing sport, leisure and recreation facilities, ensuring this book's continued success as a student textbook and a guide for the practitioner.

The Economics of Sport and Recreation

The third factor encouraging sector overlap is a corollary of the higher prices most agencies now charge for services. ... by Crompton is the competition between public sector leisure centres and commercial health and fitness clubs.

Author: Peter Taylor

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135824907

Category: Business & Economics

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This new edition includes an overview of the history of the development of sports markets and the role of economics in the analysis of these markets. It has been thoroughly updated to take account of new developments.

The Global Private Health Fitness Business

He has published several books, articles and reports on the sports and fitness sector. Z. Wang is an Associate Professor of Sport Economics, College of Sport Management and Leisure at Guangzhou Sport University, China.

Author: Jerónimo García-Fernández

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781800438507

Category: Business & Economics

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The Global Private Health & Fitness Business shows the globalization of the health and fitness industry, and its different forms of management according to different countries, the objective being to show the various business models in the fitness industry in seventeen countries around the world and explore their methods of marketing.

The Private Sport Sector in Europe

Sports that are exceptionally distinguished in the private club activities include for example tennis, golf and martial arts. Fitness market in Lithuania is still in its early development stages. The fitness penetration of 1.29% (i.e. ...

Author: Antti Laine

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319613109

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This book outlines the private sport sector in different European countries. Sport in the European countries is organized in three distinct sectors. These are the state/public sector, which provides financial and political support for sport infrastructure; the civic/non-profit sector, which provides sport activities and services for citizens, usually in the forms of sport clubs; and the private sector, which is comprised of profit-making private companies and professional teams that produce and sell sport products and services. The private sport sector is becoming ever more important in a global market economy and a financial climate characterized by a public sector in crisis. Taking this into consideration, this book provides a detailed outline of the structure and characteristics of the private sport sector, discusses recent developments in the sector, and compares data across business fields and countries. Containing contributions from sport academics from eighteen countries, this book provides an overall, up-to-date picture of the private sport sector in Europe. Filling a significant gap in sport sociology and economics scholarships, this book will be of use to students and scholars of business and social sciences of sport as well as decision makers and the entrepreneurs.

EBOOK Teaching Sport and Leisure 14

SkillsActive is the sector skills council responsible for education and training in Sport and Leisure. ... at this stage, we might note that Skills Active divides its work into five sub-sectors: Sport and Recreation, Health and Fitness, ...

Author: Cliff Huggett

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335238255

Category: Education

Page: 160

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How do you teach a multi-faceted subject like Sport and Leisure? Drawing on years of teaching and lecturing experience, Huggett and Manley explain the growing importance of Sport and Leisure within society - from the government's policies to combat obesity to the London Olympics - then look at the various qualifications that are available to those who want to follow a career in the industry. The authors address different aspects of sport and leisure including areas such as competitive sports, community sports development, the health and fitness industry and adventurous outdoor activity. They consider the skills, knowledge and understanding learners need to develop, taking into account the life experiences and aspirations of different groups of learners. They also look at the organizations that provide education and training, and the government initiatives that support their activities. This text supports trainee and experienced teachers involved in developing exciting and engaging Sport and Leisure programmes for learners 14+ whether in schools, colleges, higher education or in-service training. It brings together the theory and practice of learning for Sport and Leisure as a vocational pathway, offering the educational practitioner a pedagogical framework for the delivery of their subject. About the Teaching 14+ series Written to support the unique challenges of teaching vocational subjects, the Teaching 14+ series provides the pedagogical skills required to become a successful teacher. Alongside coverage of issues and debates, the series includes interactive exercises, case studies and activities that can be used to develop a variety of teaching and learning strategies to improve the delivery of these subjects.