The Spirit of Prophecy Defended

From a safe distance almost three centuries later , we may judge that the major shortcoming of The Spirit of Prophecy Defended is the absence of any significant self - evaluation or self - criticism . Lacy evidently believed that the ...

Author: John Lacy

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 0391041851

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First published in 1713 as "The General Delusion of Christians", this is an apology for the miracles, signs and wonders of the Christian past and the so-called French prophets. This edition includes the text of the 1713 edition, John Lacy's marginalia, and the notes and preface of Edward Irving.

Christian Peoples of the Spirit

Spirit of Prophecy Defended (1713), probably written by John Lacey, a morally disgraced English Camisard, under the original title The General Delusion of Christians. This work links these early modern Camisards to the church's ancient ...

Author: Stanley M. Burgess

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814799987

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Among all groups in Christendom, the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement is second in size only to the Roman Catholic Church, with growth that shows no signs of abatement. Its adherents declare the Pentecostal Movement, which began at Azusa Street in 1906, to be unprecedented in Christian history since the first century of the Church in its embrace of manifestations of the Holy Spirit such as divine healing, miracles, and speaking in tongues. Yet although it may be unprecedented in size and rate of growth, Stanley M. Burgess argues that is hardly unprecedented in concept. In Christian Peoples of the Spirit, Burgess collects documentary evidence for two thousand years of individuals and groups who have evidenced Pentecostal/charismatic-like spiritual giftings, worship, and experience. The documents in this collection, bolstered by concise editorial introductions, offer the original writings of a wide variety of “peoples of the spirit,” from Tertullian and Antony of the Desert to the Shakers and Sunder Singh, as well as of their enemies or detractors. Though virtually all of the parties in this volume considered themselves Spirit-gifted, or given special qualities by God, they are in many ways as different from one another as the cultures from which they have emerged. In providing such an impressive array of voices, Burgess convincingly demonstrates that there have indeed been Spirit-filled worship and charismatic saints in all periods of church history.

Knowing Demons Knowing Spirits in the Early Modern Period

speaker, James Cunningham, between the end of 1710 and the beginning of 1714.38 The prophets claimed they were heirs of the second-century Montanists, who had defended the continuing work of the Holy Spirit through the spontaneous ...

Author: Michelle D. Brock

Publisher: Springer

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This book explores the manifold ways of knowing—and knowing about— preternatural beings such as demons, angels, fairies, and other spirits that inhabited and were believed to act in early modern European worlds. Its contributors examine how people across the social spectrum assayed the various types of spiritual entities that they believed dwelled invisibly but meaningfully in the spaces just beyond (and occasionally within) the limits of human perception. Collectively, the volume demonstrates that an awareness and understanding of the nature and capabilities of spirits—whether benevolent or malevolent—was fundamental to the knowledge-making practices that characterize the years between ca. 1500 and 1750. This is, therefore, a book about how epistemological and experiential knowledge of spirits persisted and evolved in concert with the wider intellectual changes of the early modern period, such as the Protestant Reformation, the Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment.

A Short View of the Pretended Spirit of Prophecy

Leyden confeffed his Sins ; but his Two Prophets defended what they had done , and all Three were tied fast to Pofts , and dismember'd by Peice - meal , and puced in pieces with hot burning Pincers and Tongs : And afterwards their ...

Author: Francis Hutchinson


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A Short View of the Pretended Spirit of Prophecy taken from its first rise in the year 1688 to its present state among us Together with some observations upon their doctrines and pretended miracles etc

Their King John , and his Two Prophets , were taken alive , and carricd a Spectacle to several Princes , and afterward were brought back to Munfter . Leyden confessed his Sins ; but his Two Prophets defended what they had done , and all ...

Author: Francis HUTCHINSON (Bishop of Down and Connor.)


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An Attempt to Illustrate and Defend the Scripture Doctrine of Human Depravity the Atonement the Unity of God and the Character of Jesus Christ

Whatever meaning you give to the expression“ No man can fay that Jesus is the Lord , but by the Holy Spirit , ” - I think it refers to his ... The tribe , the family , and even the very town , are all marked by the spirit of prophecy .

Author: John CAMPBELL (of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.)


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Say What

A Biblical and Historical Journey on the Connection between the Holy Spirit, Prophecy, and Tongues Jeremiah Campbell ... work titled The General Delusion of Christians in 1713, latter called, The Spirit of Prophecy Defended (Lacy 2003).

Author: Jeremiah Campbell

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532646997

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Have you ever wondered about the gifts of tongues, prophecy, or the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? So many opinions and points of view vary on these topics. Are they for today? Did they die with the apostles? This book takes a look at these issues with a panoramic journey throughout the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments, their effects in church history, and what that means for us today. If you have ever wondered or struggled with these topics, then this book is for you.

Enlightening enthusiasm

130–1, 221, 295, 400–1; Spirit of Prophecy Defended, pp. 411–12. Martin, 'Tongues of Angels', pp. 563,577. Frank D. Macchia, 'The Question of Tongues as Initial Evidence: A Review of Initial Evidence, Edited by Gary B. Mcgee', ...

Author: Lionel Laborie

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9781784996635

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In the early modern period, the term ‘enthusiasm’ was a smear word used to discredit the dissenters of the radical Reformation as dangerous religious fanatics. In England, the term gained prominence from the Civil War period and throughout the eighteenth century. Anglican ministers and the proponents of the Enlightenment used it more widely against Paracelsian chemists, experimental philosophers, religious dissenters and divines, astrologers or anyone claiming superior knowledge. But who exactly were these enthusiasts? What did they believe in and what impact did they have on their contemporaries? This book concentrates on the notorious case of the French Prophets as the epitome of religious enthusiasm in early Enlightenment England. Based on new archival research, it retraces the formation, development and evolution of their movement and sheds new light on key contemporary issues such as millenarianism, censorship and the press, blasphemy, dissent and toleration, and madness.

An Alarm to Christians or the Best way to defend the Bible

The wise men of the East , were his witnesses , when they came from afar and paid trim bute and offerings , gold and incense to the King of Ifrael . Simeon and Anna in the temple , by the spirit of prophecy , witnessed to the Holy Child ...



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Protestant Communalism in the Trans Atlantic World 1650 1850

and Moravians preached throughout Cheshire.4 Even remnants of the French Prophets—a radical French Protestant sect ... Prophets, was nevertheless resident in Cheshire as late as the 1720s: John Lacy The Spirit of Prophecy Defended, ed.

Author: Philip Lockley

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137484871

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This book explores the trans-Atlantic history of Protestant traditions of communalism – communities of shared property. The sixteenth-century Reformation may have destroyed monasticism in northern Europe, but Protestant Christianity has not always denied common property. Between 1650 and 1850, a range of Protestant groups adopted communal goods, frequently after crossing the Atlantic to North America: the Ephrata community, the Shakers, the Harmony Society, the Community of True Inspiration, and others. Early Mormonism also developed with a communal dimension, challenging its surrounding Protestant culture of individualism and the free market. In a series of focussed and survey studies, this book recovers the trans-Atlantic networks and narratives, ideas and influences, which shaped Protestant communalism across two centuries of early modernity.