The Sermon on the Mount

the fifth chapter of his gospel Matthew begins his account of the teaching of Jesus by calling our attention to the context in which the Sermon on the Mount was delivered. Most scholars have suggested that the Sermon was not formulated ...

Author: Carl G. Vaught

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A theological attempt to explore some of the ways in which perfection can be achieved.

The Sermon on the Mount in the Light of the Temple

Although entire volumes have been devoted to presenting bibliographies of Sermon on the Mount scholarly materials,8 the quantity of this scholarly material “exceeds what even computerized bibliographies can handle.

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No religious text has influenced the world more than has the New Testament's Sermon on the Mount, and yet this crucial text still begs to be more clearly understood. Why was it written? What unifying theme or purpose holds it all together? Should it be called a sermon? Or is it some other kind of composition? How would its earliest listeners have heard its encoded allusions and systematic program? This book offers new insights into the Sermon on the Mount by seeing it in the shadow of the all-pervasive Temple in Jerusalem, which dominated the religious landscape of the world of Jesus and his earliest disciples. Analyzing Matthew 5-7 in light of biblical and Jewish backgrounds, ritual studies, and oral performances in early Christian worship, this reading coherently integrates every line in the Sermon. It positions the Sermon as the premier Christian mystery.

The Decalogue in the Sermon on the Mount

W. C. Linss ( Minneapolis , MN : Augsburg Fortress , 1989 ) , 224 ; I. A. Massey , Interpreting the Sermon on the Mount in the Light of Jewish Tradition as Evidenced in the Palestinian Targums of the Pentateuch : Selected Themes ...

Author: Dan Lioy

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In this work, Dan Lioy first investigates the biblical concept of the law. He then conducts a thoroughgoing analysis of the Decalogue and the Sermon on the Mount. He gives particular attention to the connection between these two great bodies of biblical literature. The result is a comprehensive study that argues for the enduring relevance of the moral law. This volume is appropriate for personal study and is also suitable as a college and seminary text.

The Sermon on the Mount

The sermon is the norm for discipleship because it teaches disciples to live in the sphere of God's kingdom. It instructs them to do God's will with single-minded devotion to God. The Sermon on the Mount and the Sermon on the Plain ...

Author: Frank J. Matera

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Saint Augustine once described the Sermon on the Mount as "the perfect measure of the Christian life." Taking his cue from Augustine, Frank Matera provides an exposition of the sermon for contemporary readers who wish to use the sermon as the standard by which they live their lives every day. Matera shows how the Sermon on the Mount summons believers to single-minded devotion and wholehearted service to God. He unfolds the historical and theological background to the sermon. He explores the meaning of the individual Beatitudes, which articulate Jesus' call for a more abundant righteousness, piety without hypocrisy, and the need to become "doers" of the Word. This lively and engaging commentary is an ideal resource for adult education and Bible study groups. It is also ideal for all who want to live their discipleship more fully.

The Sermon on the Mount

CHAPTER 5 The Sermon on the Mount 1When he saw the crowds, he went up the mountain, and after he had sat down, his disciples came to him. 2He began to teach them, saying: continue 5:1-12 THE BEATITUDES Matthew introduces the Sermon on ...

Author: Clifford M. Yeary

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Jesus' call to profound discipleship in the Sermon on the Mount is too often dismissed as special instructions for only the holiest and most exceptional Christians. In The Sermon on the Mount, Clifford Yeary challenges us to hear the sermon once again as Christ intended it, as our call to follow him whose life illustrated its every ideal. Yeary helps us to hear the Sermon on the Mount as a message for each of us, a challenge that is our constant call to renewal. Commentary, study and reflection questions, prayer and access to online lectures are included. 4 lessons.

The Lord s Prayer and the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew s Gospel

This statement would appear to signal a major theme for the Sermon on the Mount, but Luz does not address prayer in his “Sermon themes” section.53 In fact, the centrality of the Lord's Prayer is not mentioned again until Luz summarizes ...

Author: Charles Nathan Ridlehoover

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Charles Nathan Ridlehoover examines the Lord's Prayer in Matthew's Gospel, focusing on the prayer's centrality and showing how this centrality affects our reading of the Sermon on the Mount and subsequently, the prayer itself. Ridlehoover argues that the Lord's Prayer is structurally, lexically, and thematically central to the Sermon on the Mount, and the means through which disciples of Jesus are empowered to live out the kingdom righteousness it defines. In turn, the Sermon on the Mount clarifies what the answer to the petitions of the Lord's Prayer might look like in the life of the disciple of Jesus. Whilst the centrality of the Lord's Prayer has been noted by previous commentators, this centrality and its intended purpose has not hitherto been defined or examined in great depth. Ridlehoover fills this gap with a closely argued and in-depth study, ranging from methodology and the structure of the prayer itself to examining the Father, will, forgiveness and evil petitions, and the relevance of word and deed for hearers and doers. Ridlehoover's examination of the relationship between the Sermon and Prayer advances studies in compositional criticism and intratextuality.

The Sermon on the Mount

As both Chrysostom and Augustine dealt with the challenges they faced, they sought God's guidance and wisdom in the Sermon on the Mount. In the social and religious upheaval known as the reformation, both Martin Luther (1483–1546) and ...

Author: James L. Mayfield

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The goal of this book is for readers to experience a personal encounter with the wisdom of Jesus found in Matthew 5-7. The Sermon on the Mount has grown out of pastor James Mayfield's study and struggles across the years as person, marriage partner, parent, pastor, teacher, and writer. The primary guides for this book have been John Chrysostom, Augustine of Hippo, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Because there are forty chapters, the book is well suited for Lent, but it is not limited to that season.

The Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing

This book is a historical, literary, and theological exposition of the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5–7). More specifically, I am providing a reading of the Sermon that situates it in the dual context of Jewish wisdom literature and the ...

Author: Jonathan T. Pennington

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The Sermon on the Mount, one of the most influential portions of the Bible, is the most studied and commented upon portion of the Christian Scriptures. Every Christian generation turns to it for insight and guidance. In this volume, a recognized expert on the Gospels shows that the Sermon on the Mount offers a clear window into understanding God's work in Christ. Jonathan Pennington provides a historical, theological, and literary commentary on the Sermon and explains how this text offers insight into God's plan for human flourishing. As Pennington explores the literary dimensions and theological themes of this famous passage, he situates the Sermon in dialogue with the Jewish and Greek virtue traditions and the philosophical-theological question of human flourishing. He also relates the Sermon's theological themes to contemporary issues such as ethics, philosophy, and economics.

Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount

0 1 Palestine , as he remarks , we do not find a plain and several mountains rising up out of it ; but what we find ... Matthew tells us simply , that the scene of the sermon was the mountain ; that is , the scene lay in the region of ...

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Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount

Palestine , as he remarks , we do not find a plain and several mountains rising up out of it ; but what we find there ... Matthew tells us simply , that the scene of the sermon was the mountain ; that is , the scene lay in the region of ...

Author: Friedrich August G. Tholuck

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Reprint of the original, first published in 1860.