The Rule of Law and the Separation of Powers

As a result, when we think of the separation of powers today, we think of separations among these branches of the state – the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary. Yet equally important in the history of the separation of ...

Author: Richard Bellamy

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The rule of law is frequently invoked in political debate, yet rarely defined with any precision. Some employ it as a synonym for democracy, others for the subordination of the legislature to a written constitution and its judicial guardians. It has been seen as obedience to the duly-recognised government, a form of governing through formal and general rule-like laws and the rule of principle. Given this diversity of view, it is perhaps unsurprising that certain scholars have regarded the concept as no more than a self-congratulatory rhetorical device. This collection of eighteen key essays from jurists, political theorists and public law political scientists, aims to explore the role law plays in the political system. The introduction evaluates their arguments. The first eleven essays identify the standard features associated with the rule of law. These are held to derive less from any characteristics of law per se than from a style of legislating and judging that gives equal consideration to all citizens. The next seven essays then explore how different ways of separating and dispersing power contribute to this democratic style of rule by forcing politicians and judges alike to treat people as equals and regard none as above the law.

The Separation of the Spouses with the Bond Remaining

This change was explained by the Commission for the Revision of the Code of Canon Law as a way to avoid possible confusion if the expression vitae coniugalis communio would be used in the canons on separation since the new canonical ...

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Discontinuation of conjugal and family life is a very serious matter that affects not only the interpersonal relationship between the spouses and the well-being of their children but also the common good of society as a whole. Complex and sensitive questions concerning many couples, whose common conjugal life has somehow ended, call for theological, canonical and pastoral study. This dissertation attempts a partial response to that call as well as a small contribution to understanding of the Church's present legislation on the separation of spouses. The novelty of the work lies in its presentation of the many facets of the theme and its theological, anthropological, historical, substantive and procedural canonical elements.

The Separation of Services from Assistance Payments

However , visible signs of separation may be employed by States as a means of breaking the traditional pattern and making clear the integrity of each function . ( See Exhibit V , VI , VII in the appendix . ) But there is no intent in ...

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Microporous Materials for Separation Membranes

chiral layers or films as stationary phases for highly effective separation but also demonstrated that a chiral poly(l-DOPA) substrate had the ability to improve enantiomer separation for homochiral MOF thin films.

Author: Xiaoqin Zou

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A guide to membrane separation based on a variety of porous materials with promising separation applications Microporous Materials for Separation Membranes offers an in-depth guide that explores microporous materials? potential for membrane applications. The authors?two experts on the topic?examine a wide range of porous materials that have application potential including: microporous silica, porous carbons, zeolites, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), and porous organic frameworks (POFs). Comprehensive in scope, the book covers a broad range of topics on membrane separations such as: hydrogen recovery, carbon dioxide capture, air purification, hydrocarbon separation, pervaporation, and water treatment. In addition, this up-to-date resource explores the most recent materials for preparing microporous membranes and explores the most promising applications for industrial use. This important book: -Examines the use of microporous materials as membranes to perform with different gases and liquids -Offers an overview of the basic knowledge of membrane separation and an intense examination of separations -Describes the state-of-the-art of membrane separation with porous materials -Highlights the most promising applications of industrial interest Written for scientists working in the fields of membranes, gas and liquid, Microporous Materials for Separation Membranes offers a valuable guide to the potential of microporous materials for membrane applications.

The North American Review

The following figures may indicate the progress in the business deparment : - Before the separation from the New York Society the Boston Society received in four years , from sales , In four years after the separation , Before the ...

Author: Jared Sparks


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Vols. 277-230, no. 2 include Stuff and nonsense, v. 5-6, no. 8, Jan. 1929-Aug. 1930.

UTIAS Report

Size separation 2 . ... Maximum throughput rates are not yet known , but separations have been made at 480 kg / hr in a separation zone 100 mm wide . Scale - up to larger capacity is straightforward . separation zone 100 mm wide .

Author: University of Toronto. Institute for Aerospace Studies


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Frontiers on Separation Science and Technology

However, one problem encountered in its industrial application is the separation of D(-)-mandelic acid from its fermentation broth. Because the concentration of D(-)-mandelic acid in the fermentation broth is very low, ...

Author: Zhangfa Tong

Publisher: World Scientific

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This book presents the latest achievements of separation science and technology. It highlights the application of separation with regard to problems of current interest, such as the protection of the environment and the development of emerging technology, including chemical engineering, biotechnology, renewable energy sources and recycling of materials. Contents:Plenary Paper:Modeling, Optimization and Control of SMB Processes (S-B Lee et al.)Phase Equilibria, Mass Transfer:Measurement and Calculation of the Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Ionic Liquid [bmim][PF6] (Y S Kim et al.)Effect of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide on the Thermal Properties of Synthetic Polymers (H Kim et al.)Distillation, Extraction, Absorption:Separation of Isoprene Compounds via π-Complexation in C5 Mixtures (S-J Son et al.)Effects of Nano-Sized Ag Particles on Heat Transfer in Ammonia-Water Absorption Systems (C H Lee et al.)The Stainless Steel Fiber Recycle from Grinding Swarf by Using Supercritical Fluids (J Y Yang et al.)Adsorption, Chromatography, Ion Exchange:Normal Paraffin Adsorptive-Separation Technology for Naphtha (Z Yao & J Wang)Water Treatment System Using Granular Activated Carbon Bed (M T Ravanchi & T Kaghazchi)Decomposition of NO Gas by Copper Impregnated Activated Carbon Fibers (S K Ryu et al.)Membrane Separation:Morphology and Pervaporation Characteristics of PAA/POLY (BMA-co-MMA) IPN Membranes (S C Kim & B-Y Lim)Carbon-Silica Membranes for Improved Gas Separation (Y M Lee & H B Park)Bio-Separation:Removal of Toluene from Unsaturated Soil by Bioventing (H Sui et al.)Solid–Liquid Extraction of Quercetin from Onion Skin and Concentration by Reverse Osmosis (J Yoon et al.)Study of Separating and Abstracting L-Leucine from Fermentation Liquor (S H Wu et al.)Miscellaneous:Preparation of Ceria Fine Particles by Using Various Supercritical Fluids (E-Y Lee et al.)ASES Crystallization of Biodegradable Polymers Using Supercritical CO2 as an Anti-Solvent (H-S Jung et al.)Transesterification Between Methanol and Ethylene Carbonate Over Fixed-Bed K/MgO Catalyst for Reactive Distillation (B S Ahn et al.)and other papers Readership: Graduate students, academics, researchers and industrialists in chemical engineering and industrial chemistry. Keywords:Separation;Phase Equilibria;Mass Transfer;Distillation;Extraction;Adsorption;Membrane Separation;Bioseparation

NASA Tech Briefs

In particular , descriptions are entrained into three vortexes . separation , or vice versa . in terms of bubbles vs. free - vortex layers • The concept of a closed three - dimen- This work was done by Ching - Mao Hung and open vs.



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Separation Processes in the Food and Biotechnology Industries

Chapter 7 Innovative separation methods in bioprocessing J. A. ASENJO , Biochemical Engineering Laboratory , Department of Food Science and Technology , The University of Reading , Reading RG6 6AP , UK and J. B. CHAUDHURI , School of ...

Author: A S Grandison

Publisher: Woodhead Publishing

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This book concentrates on the more recent methods and techniques for separating food components and products of the biotechnology industry. Each chapter deals with a specific type or area of application and includes information on the basic principles, industrial equipment available, commercial applications, and an overview of current research and development. Much of the emphasis is on extraction of macromolecules, increasing the added value of foods and recovering valuable components from by-products and fermentation media. Many of the methods discussed are now in commercial practice, while others are being vigorously researched. Separation and filtration technology is of major importance in food processing and biotechnology. This book provides a very detailed examination of the most important, advanced separation processes now in use.