The Sarajevo Olympics

The book begins and ends by reminding readers that less than a decade after it hosted the Olympics, the Bosnian city of Sarajevo found itself at the vortex of a bloody and brutal civil war that would end with the dissolution of the ...

Author: Jason Vuic


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To most observers, the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, were an unmitigated success. That year, the unlikeliest of candidate cities in the unlikeliest of candidate countries did what many had thought impossible: it hosted an international sports competition at the highest level, housing and feeding hundreds of athletes and thousands of tourists while broadcasting a positive image of socialist Yugoslavia to the world. The first Winter Games held in a communist country, Sarajevo also marked the first Olympic confrontation of Soviet and American athletes since the U.S. boycott of the 1980 Moscow Summer Games. And the competitions themselves were spectacular and memorable. This was the Olympics of British ice dancers Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, American skiers "Wild Bill" Johnson and Debbie Armstrong, and East German skaters Katarina Witt and Karin Enke, not to mention a Soviet hockey team that rebounded from its stunning loss to the Americans at Lake Placid four years earlier to win all seven of its matches. Yet The Sarajevo Olympics is more than just a history of sport. Jason Vuic also retraces the history of the Olympic movement, analyzes the inner workings of the International Olympic Committee during the troubled 1970s and 1980s, and places the 1984 Winter Games in the context of Cold War geopolitics. The book begins and ends by reminding readers that less than a decade after it hosted the Olympics, the Bosnian city of Sarajevo found itself at the vortex of a bloody and brutal civil war that would end with the dissolution of the multiethnic Yugoslavian state.

Beyond the Sarajevo 1984 Olympicscape

Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a unique setting for studying Olympic legacy, a city that hosted XIV Winter Olympic Games in 1984 and only eight years after was home to the longest siege of a capital city in the history ...

Author: Erna Husukić


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Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a unique setting for studying Olympic legacy, a city that hosted XIV Winter Olympic Games in 1984 and only eight years after was home to the longest siege of a capital city in the history of modern warfare. Aiming to contribute to the debate on mega-events from an urban studies perspective, this research reconstructs one segment of the shared history of the Winter Olympic Games through the Sarajevo 1984 Olympics experience, and as such strengthens respect and understanding through trans-national practices.

Survey Sarajevo

Sarajevo is confident that , in the course of February 1984 , it will be a city of
friendship , peace and international respect . Another significant fact linked with
Sarajevo as an Olympic city is that this is the first time in the history of winter
olympic ...



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Periodical for social studies.

Chronicle of the Olympics 1896 1996

Dream Team The British ice dancers Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean were
the undisputed stars in Sarajevo.They crowned their amateur career with an
Olympic title win and their fourth world championship title in 1984. When
Sarajevo ...


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For the past 100 years at regular four year intervals, the summer and winter Olympic games have taken place. Whatever political or economic crises may have occured, athletes from every continent have come together regularly for peaceful competition among nations. Only the two World Wars have stopped the Games from taking place.

Historical Dictionary of the Modern Olympic Movement

cevica 6 in Sarajevo. As of 1996, access to these records is not known, but they
are not readily available because of the civil war. An archival collection that
contains important material on the 1984 Olympics is the Olympic Collection, 1976
-92 ...

Author: Kimberly Pelle

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A unique guide to events, controversies, and political and economic issues surrounding the Olympics.

Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement

The railway station and airport were remodeled and expanded, water and
sewage networks and power lines were improved, and fifteen hotels were built or
remodeled. The Olympics raised the standard of living in Sarajevo with
improvements ...

Author: John E. Findling

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Looks at the historical context in which the modern Olympic Games have taken place, covering the highlights of each competition along with information on site selection, economic impact, and political controversies.

The Olympic Games

Author: Dorling Kindersley


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Oganized chronologically with an in-depth look at each Summer and Winter Games over the last century - Complete list of all the events and medallists - All the venues, athletes and events of Sydney 2000.

The Winter Olympics

The primary beneficiary of this soured relationship was Richard Pound . The U . S
. television negotiations for the Sarajevo Olympic Winter Games greatly exercised
Monique Berlioux . Sarajevo ' s point man , Ahmed Karabegovic , resisted the ...

Author: Larry R. Gerlach


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Features the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games, with information presented by L'Association des Familles Meloche Ltd. Highlights the Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee. Discusses issues such as press venues and ski patrol.

The A to Z of the Olympic Movement

On the next - to - last night , at the figure skating exhibition , Jayne Torvill and
Christopher Dean skated “ Bolero ” as they had done so hauntingly in 1984 at
Sarajevo . Koss donated a major portion of his Olympic bonus ( about $ 33,000 (
US ] ...

Author: Bill Mallon

Publisher: A to Z Guide Series

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Presents alphabetical entries covering both the competitive and administrative aspects of the Olympics, with information on organizers, athletes, events, federations, and countries.

A Cultural History of the 1984 Winter Olympics

This book examines the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games. It tells the story of the extensive infrastructural transformation of the city and its changing global image in relation to hosting of the Games.

Author: Zlatko Jovanovic

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

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This book examines the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games. It tells the story of the extensive infrastructural and socio-political transformation of the city in relation to hosting of the Games. Examining the changing global image of Sarajevo from the 1960s to the 1980s, the book explores how the promotion of the city as a future global tourist centre resulted in an increased awareness among its populace of the city’s cultural particularities. The analysis discloses how the process of modenisation relating to hosting of the Olympics provided an opportunity to re-imagine the city as a particularly environmentally sensitive city. Placed within the field of studies of late socialism, the book offers important insights into Yugoslav society during the period, including those relating to the country’s unique geopolitical position

Sarajevo s Holiday Inn on the Frontline of Politics and War

But in addition to hosting the IOC, the heads of International Sports Federations (
such as FIFA), the National Olympic Committee, and the delegations of the
Organising Committees of the Games,55 the hotel would also host various other

Author: Kenneth Morrison

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Sarajevo’s Holiday Inn on the Frontline of Politics and War charts the rich history of the city’s famous Holiday Inn hotel. Describing in detail the tumultuous events that took place within its walls and in its immediate environs, this book explores the opening of the building in advance of the 1984 Winter Olympics through the early 1990s when the hotel was utilized by political elites through to the siege of Sarajevo, when the hotel became the main base for foreign correspondents. Kenneth Morrison draws upon a plethora of primary and secondary sources, and includes extensive interviews with many participants in the drama that was played out within the confines of the hotel, contextualizing the case of the Holiday Inn by analyzing how hotels are utilized in times of conflict.

Olympic Review

Hidy and Howdy " , the Welcome Bears made their debut during the closing
ceremonies of the XIVth Olympic Winter Games in Sarajevo . The Sarajevo
Olympic Organizing Committee invited " Hidy and Howdy " to perform before a
worldwide ...



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Balkan Idols

No other phenomenon better symbolized the pride, elan, and relative prosperity
of Tito's Yugoslavia than internationally recognized Yugoslav sports. The
Sarajevo Olympics came as an international recognition of Yugoslavia's success
as a ...

Author: Vjekoslav Perica

Publisher: Oxford University Press

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Reporting from the heartland of Yugoslavia in the 1970s, Washington Post correspondent Dusko Doder described "a landscape of Gothic spires, Islamic mosques, and Byzantine domes." A quarter century later, this landscape lay in ruins. In addition to claiming tens of thousands of lives, the former Yugoslavia's four wars ravaged over a thousand religious buildings, many purposefully destroyed by Serbs, Albanians, and Croats alike, providing an apt architectural metaphor for the region's recent history. Rarely has the human impulse toward monocausality--the need for a single explanation--been in greater evidence than in Western attempts to make sense of the country's bloody dissolution. From Robert Kaplan's controversial Balkan Ghosts, which identified entrenched ethnic hatreds as the driving force behind Yugoslavia's demise to NATO's dogged pursuit and arrest of Slobodan Milosevic, the quest for easy answers has frequently served to obscure the Balkans' complex history. Perhaps most surprisingly, no book has focused explicitly on the role religion has played in the conflicts that continue to torment southeastern Europe. Based on a wide range of South Slav sources and previously unpublished, often confidential documents from communist state archives, as well as on the author's own on-the-ground experience, Balkan Idols explores the political role and influence of Serbian Orthodox, Croatian Catholic, and Yugoslav Muslim religious organizations over the course of the last century. Vjekoslav Perica emphatically rejects the notion that a "clash of civilizations" has played a central role in fomenting aggression. He finds no compelling evidence of an upsurge in religious fervor among the general population. Rather, he concludes, the primary religious players in the conflicts have been activist clergy. This activism, Perica argues, allowed the clergy to assume political power without the accountablity faced by democratically-elected officials. What emerges from Perica's account is a deeply nuanced understanding of the history and troubled future of one of Europes most volatile regions.

The Official Book of Figure Skating

Ithough their personal triumph at the Sarajevo Olympics in 1984 certainly stands
out for Peter O Carruthers , he recognizes an earlier moment as pivotal in helping
him work toward that victory . Four years earlier , the Carruthers competed at ...

Author: United States Figure Skating Association

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The ultimate guide to the sport of figure skating offers diagrammed instructions for more than forty skating moves; profiles of renowned skaters including Sonja Henie, Scott Hamilton, and Michelle Kwan; and striking photos of talented skaters in motion. 75,000 first printing.

Sarajevo Marlboro

During the Sarajevo Olympics in 1984 Mira quietly and gracefully departed this
world . Soon afterwards her poor distraught son began to stop passers - by in the
street in order to ask irrelevant questions about their family trees . As a rule ...

Author: Miljenko Jergovic

Publisher: Penguin Uk

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A collection of stories about life in a city under siege. The author was born in Sarajevo and remained in the city throughout the years of war.

Major Marketing Campaigns Annual 1999

In fact , the commercial was not a pitch for John Hancock so much as a plea for
viewers to donate to the Sarajevo Olympic Children ' s Fund . Visuals were made
up of footage from the 1984 Winter Games , held in that city , which was then part

Author: Thomas Riggs


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Freedom at Issue

Press Freedom at the Sarajevo Olympics Ambassador Kampelman in Munich IOJ
: Implacable Foe of American. inform the public about the realities of the country
are important . Some of the facts are depressing : there is excessive inequality ...



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