The SAGE Dictionary of Leisure Studies

Back, L., Crabbe, T. and Solomos, J. (2001) The Changing Face of Football: Racism, Identity and Multiculture in the English ... Barker, C. (2004) The Sage Dictionary of Cultural Studies. London: Sage. Barthes, R. (1957) 'Histoire et ...

Author: Tony Blackshaw

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446202326

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What is Leisure Studies? Who are the key figures in the field? How can we evaluate the relevance of concepts in the field? This is the first full length Dictionary of Leisure Studies. It examines the key concepts, assesses the work of central figures and helps students zero-in on essential issues and conceptual distinctions. The Book: • Provides an unprecedented critical survey of the field • Offers students authoritative, comprehensive accounts of the basic concepts and leading figures • Provides students with core resources to write essays and pass exams Written by teachers experienced with the needs of undergraduates and postgraduates in the field, the book will be quickly recognized as a vital asset in making sense of Leisure Studies.

Christianity and Change in Northeast India

Chris Barker , The Sage Dictionary of Cultural Studies , Sage Publications , London , 2004 , p . 94 . 4. Chris Barker , The Sage Dictionary of Cultural Studies , Sage Publications , London , 2004 , p . 96 . 5. For a useful discussion on ...

Author: Tanka Bahadur Subba

Publisher: Concept Publishing Company

ISBN: 818069447X

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Contributed seminar papers.

The SAGE Dictionary of Sports Studies

CULTURAL STUDIES A distinctive range of cross-disciplinary approaches (including sociology, history, philosophy and communication studies) which is closely associated with the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCCS) at the ...

Author: Dominic Malcolm

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781849205405

Category: Social Science

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'...a welcome addition to the literature in the rapidly expanding field of sports studies. It is up to date, comprehensive, and well and clearly written. Though primarily sociological in its orientation, it will help students -postgraduate and undergraduate alike and their teachers as well - to establish connections between the various sub-disciplines and guide them to sources which will enable them to probe issues more deeply... It is a beautifully crafted book and is sure to be a hit with students and their teachers. It would not surprise me in the least, however, if it appealed to sports lovers more generally... It is a tour de force and I recommend it unreservedly' - Eric Dunning, Professor in Sociology, The Centre for the Sociology of Sport, University of Leicester Sports studies is one of the fastest growing fields in higher education today. The SAGE Dictionary of Sports Studies brings a timely, much-needed and comprehensive tool for all students in this multi-disciplinary field. Each entry provides a basic definition, a guide to research themes and a clear account of the relevance of the concept in understanding sport. Not only indispensable for quick clarification of terms, it will give students a springboard for more in-depth research and critical analysis. It offers: " Cross referencing to assist critical thinking " A list of key readings for each entry " Expert definitions drawn from sociology, history, psychology, economics, management and business, politics and policy, physical education and health, and research methods. " Concise, student-friendly and authoritative entries. Covering sociology, history, psychology, politics, business, physical education, health and research methods, The SAGE Dictionary of Sports Studies provides the first one-stop reference guide for all students who study the social aspects of sport.

Anglo American Cultural Studies

You'll also come across a popular dictionary of cultural studies also written by Barker and published by Sage, The Sage Dictionary of Cultural Studies, after the turn of the millennium. You can find short and clearly written articles ...

Author: Jody Skinner

Publisher: UTB

ISBN: 9783825259402

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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The third edition of Skinner's introduction to Anglo-American cultural studies has been thoroughly revised to include Brexit, Trump, the pandemic, and the war in Ukraine. This standard textbook now includes new full-color graphics as well as updated recommendations for further reading and watching at the end of each chapter. Anglo-American Cultural Studies refreshingly breaks with the tradition of dry impersonal summaries of facts and figures to provide German students with first-hand experience of the personal tone and humor that can characterize academic discourse in Britain and the US.

De Centring Cultural Studies

The SAGE Dictionary of Cultural Studies. London: Sage. Barker, Chris, and Darisuz Galasinski. 2001. Cultural Studies and Discourse Analysis: A Dialogue on Language and Identity. London: Sage. Barthes, Roland. 1977. Image-music-text.

Author: Patricia Bastida-Rodríguez

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443867078

Category: Social Science

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The academic resistance that cultural studies has encountered remains especially visible in Eastern and Southern European countries. One such example is Spain, where cultural studies is seen at best as an emergent research field. Hence the interest of this volume, conceived in Spain by an all-Spanish editorial team and written by a diverse range of authors who prove that, in spite of all difficulties, cultural studies continues to bloom – even in Southern and Eastern Europe. The different chapters offer interdisciplinary insights into a wide selection of cultural materials whose relevance goes well beyond purely aesthetic issues. Altogether, the volume (1) provides interesting theoretical reflections on the subtle (yet arbitrary) borders between popular and canonical culture; (2) explores how the popular culture of yesteryear has influenced and inspired later “canonical” cultural materials; and (3) studies how the reception of, and representation in, popular culture can be accounted for from the crucially relevant perspectives of gender and age. This collection of essays studies and explores the connections between a wide range of materials, including relevant examples of classic and contemporary literature, Arthuriana, pop music and videos, political and mainstream film, newspaper advertising, television, and the phenomenon of the (trans)media star.

The Ashgate Research Companion to Heritage and Identity

After all , the ' heritage crusade ' started thanks to the cultural elite . ... International Journal of Heritage Studies 10 : 2 , 209–12 . ... Barker , C. ( 2004 ) , The Sage Dictionary of Cultural Studies ( London : Sage ) .

Author: Brian J. Graham

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0754649229

Category: Science

Page: 492

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Heritage represents the meanings and representations conveyed in the present day upon artefacts, landscapes, mythologies, memories and traditions from the past. It is a key element in the shaping of identities, particularly in the context of increasingly multicultural societies. This Research Companion brings together an international team of authors to discuss the concepts, ideas and practices that inform the entwining of heritage and identity. They have assembled a wide geographical range of examples and interpret them through a number of disciplinary lenses that include geography, history, museum and heritage studies, archaeology, art history, history, anthropology and media studies. This outstanding companion offers scholars and graduate students a thoroughly up-to-date guide to current thinking and a comprehensive reference to this growing field.

The SAGE Dictionary of Criminology

Evaluation Cultural Studies in Birmingham has been subjected to a variety of critical evaluations. Some have been what might be called 'disciplinary' disputes, in which people in established fields (sociology, literature, ...

Author: Eugene McLaughlin

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781526480378

Category: Social Science

Page: 609

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Now in its fourth edition, The SAGE Dictionary of Criminology has established itself as an authoritative reference text for the key concepts, theories, and methods in criminology and criminal justice. Edited by two leading figures in the field of criminology, the book includes over 325 entries from 120 academics and practitioners from Europe, USA, Canada, China, Australia and New Zealand. All concepts are precisely defined, followed by a section outlining the concept’s origins, development and general significance, a list of associated concepts, and finally, further reading suggestions to help extend students′ knowledge. New to the 4th Edition: Up to 30 new entries, covering topics such as cyber security, wildlife crime, crimmigration, and penal populism. Updates to entries including new ‘further reading’ suggestions A new section ′Evaluation′ is included for concepts considered to have the greatest theoretical weight, allowing for a critical assessment of how the concept can be debated, challenged and reworked. Further contributions from international academics. An essential reference tool for students and academics within criminology, criminal justice and legal studies.

The SAGE Dictionary of Qualitative Inquiry

CULTURE 59 Rodman, G. “Subject to Debate: (Mis)reading Cultural Studies,” Journal of Communication Inquiry, 1997, 21(2), 58–69. CULTURE What constitutes culture and how it is best described and interpreted are matters of much debate.

Author: Thomas A. Schwandt

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412909273

Category: Social Science

Page: 361

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" ... Is the only comprehensive lexicon of terms and phrases that elucidates the origins, logic, meaning, and methods of the ever-expanding field of qualitative inquiry. The dictionary entries are intended to serve as a guide to the methodological and epistemological concepts and theoretical orientations of qualitative research."--Page 4 de la couverture

The SAGE Dictionary of Social Research Methods

Distinctive Features The impact and meaning of culture has long been an issue that has fascinated, and to a degree, mystified, researchers from a wide range of disciplines including Sociology, Cultural Studies, Politics, Economics, ...

Author: Victor Jupp

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781847877147

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

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Bringing together the work of over eighty leading academics and researchers worldwide to produce the definitive reference and research tool for the social sciences, The SAGE Dictionary of Social Research Methods contains more than 230 entries providing the widest coverage of the all the main terms in the research process. It encompasses philosophies of science, research paradigms and designs, specific aspects of data collection, practical issues to be addressed when carrying out research, and the role of research in terms of function and context. Each entry includes: - A concise definition of the concept - A description of distinctive features: historical and disciplinary backgrounds; key writers; applications - A critical and reflective evaluation of the concept under consideration - Cross references to associated concepts within the dictionary - A list of key readings Written in a lively style, The SAGE Dictionary of Social Research Methods is an essential study guide for students and first-time researchers. It is a primary source of reference for advanced study, a necessary supplement to established textbooks, and a state-of-the-art reference guide to the specialized language of research across the social sciences.