The Rivals

... and very dark brown or black hair , much darker than Berdue's , with longer
arms , a slighter built man . ” He went through the whole range of his many
rascalities THE RIVALS +119 from our midst those who have become so baneful
and ...

Author: Arthur Quinn

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803288514

Category: History

Page: 320

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“This is the story of two men—of how they achieved great power and how through their implacable rivalry they destroyed each other,” writes Arthur Quinn. Anticipating California’s admission to the union, both came to the state in 1849 seeking a seat in the U.S. Senate. William McKendree Gwin, an aristocratic Southerner, and David Broderick, a veteran of the bare-knuckle politics of New York, struggled for control of California’s Democratic Party during the 1850s. Their feud, personal as well as political, ended in violent death for one and disgrace for the other.

The Rivals

Jack is thus his own rival. Lydia's other suitors are a country bumpkin, Bob Acres,
who has come to Bath to learn sophisticated ways, and Sir Lucius O'Trigger, a
belligerent Irishman. Sir Lucius believes himself to be wooing Lydia by letter; ...

Author: Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408145029

Category: Drama

Page: 192

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Both Sheridan and Goldsmith lamented the popularity of sentimental comedy in the later eighteenth century and wrote their witty and satirical plays (though never lascivious in the manner of Restoration comedies) to counteract the sentimental mode. The Rivals (1775) was a qualified success: the suave young officer who is 'forced' by his father to marry the very girl to whom he is secretly engaged must always please; but first audiences were as uncertain as later critics about how to evaluate his neurotic friend Faulkland, who invents a series of caveats for his marriage to the earnest Julia. A country squire who becomes alarmingly foppish in town, an impetuous Irishman and the linguistically challenged Mrs Malaprop complete the cast. This edition includes the original preface and several prologues; in an appendix it lists all the fashionable books and songs to which the characters allude.

The Rivals

... Evert the clinician who could have played in a lab coat. Navratilova raged at
herself. Evert never let on what she was feeling. That was the hell of it. Evert
absolutely loathed making mistakes-so much that her reputation for I24 ' THE

Author: Johnette Howard

Publisher: Crown Archetype

ISBN: 9780307419491

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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In the annals of sports, no individual rivalry matches the intensity, longevity, and emotional resonance of the one between two extraordinary women: Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova. Over sixteen years, Evert and Navratilova met on the tennis court a record eighty times—sixty times in finals. At their first match in Akron, Ohio, in 1973, Chris was an eighteen-year-old star and Martina, two years her junior, was an unknown Czech making her first trip to the United States. It would be two years before Martina finally beat Chris, and another year—after Navratilova had dropped twenty pounds and improved her game—before Evert publicly betrayed her first hint of concern. By then, the women were already friends and sometimes doubles partners, and the colorful story that would captivate the world was under way. The Rivals is the first book to examine the intertwined journey of these legendary champions, based on extensive interviews with each. Taking readers on and off the courts with vivid, never-before-published material, award-winning sportswriter Johnette Howard shows how Evert and Navratilova came of age during the rambunctious golden age of tennis in the 1970s, and how—together—they redefined women’s athletics during a time of volcanic change in sports and society. Their epic careers unfolded against the backdrop of the fight for Title IX, the gay rights movement, the women's movement and the fall of the iron curtain. Howard draws entertaining, intimate, and myth-shattering portraits of Evert and Navratilova, describing the personal migrations each woman made, and showing how enmeshed their lives became. Navratilova and Evert’s ability to forge and maintain a friendship during sixteen years of often-cutthroat competition has always provoked wonder and admiration. They were a study in contrasts, a collision of politics and style and looks. Chris was the crowd darling while Martina, her greatest foil, was often cast as the villain. Chris was the imperturbable champion who proved toughness and femininity weren’t mutually exclusive; Martina was portrayed as both emotionally fragile and some fearsome Amazon. Chris’s off-court life was presumed to be bedrock solid, the stuff of Main Street America; Martina’s was derided as outrageous and sometimes chaotic, even during her invincible years. Yet, through it all, the two remained friends who lifted each other to heights that each says she couldn’t have reached without the other. Women’s tennis now is more popular than ever, thanks in large part to the trailblazing of Evert and Navratilova. A rivalry like theirs, filled with so many grace notes, is unique in sports history.

The Rivals

Joan Johnston. #RIVALS PROLOGUE h “My dad is going to flip when he.

Author: Joan Johnston

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 141656179X

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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New York Times bestselling author Joan Johnston brings to life an unforgettable love story between two strong-willed people from different worlds in her thrilling new novel featuring the Blackthornes of Bitter Creek, Texas, and their formidable rivals, the Grayhawks of Wyoming. Juggling single motherhood and her job as deputy sheriff of Teton County, Sarah Barndollar hasn't lost hope of solving two cold cases of missing young women. When a third vanishes, all hell breaks loose -- because she's the illegitimate daughter of Texas scion Clay Blackthorne and the granddaughter of his mortal enemy King Grayhawk. The crisis pits the two powerful families against each other in a race against time. Playboy Drew DeWitt, a Blackthorne cousin, insists on taking part in the search -- putting him on a collision course with Sarah. Her cop instincts tell her the sexy Texan is trouble. But when evidence emerges of a conspiracy against the U.S. government, Sarah accepts Drew's high-powered help as she negotiates a shadowy landscape of hidden rivals and ruthless greed where every moment counts in saving lives, including her own.

The Rivals

Author: Richard Sheridan


ISBN: 1458707180

Category: Drama


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A comedy of manners that focuses on and satirizes the sentimentality and pretentiousness of the people of Eighteenth century. The theme revolves around false identities, romantic entanglements and relationship between parents and children. The unique and in-depth characterization moves the plot forward. A popular play of its time that captures the fantasy.

The Rivals

Author: The New York Times

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781429909464

Category: Sports & Recreation

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A Struggle for the Ages. . . BOSTON GLOBE JANUARY 6, 1920 RED SOX SELL RUTH FOR $100,000 CASH -------- Demon Slugger of American League, Who Made 29 Home Runs Last Season, Goes to New York Yankees -------- FRAZEE TO BUY NEW PLAYERS The Yankees vs. the Red Sox. Each baseball season begins and ends with unique intensity, focused on a single question: What's ahead for these two teams? One, the most glamorous, storied, and successful franchise in all of sports; the other, perennially star-crossed but equally rich in baseball history and legend. In The Rivals sports writers of The New York Times and The Boston Globe come together in the first-ever collaboration between the two cities' leading newspapers to tell the inside story of the teams' intertwined histories, each from the home team's perspective. Beginning with the Red Sox's early glory days (when the Yankees were perennial losers), continuing through the Babe Ruth era and the notorious trade that made the Yankees champions (and marked the Sox with the so-called "Curse of the Bambino"); to Ted Williams vs. Joe DiMaggio; Thurman Munson and Carlton Fisk; Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez; down to last year's legendary playoff showdown, The Rivals captures the drama of key eras, events, and personalities of both teams. And who better to tell the story than the baseball writers of the two rival cities? For The New York Times, it's Dave Anderson, Harvey Araton, Jack Curry, Tyler Kepner, Robert Lipsyte and George Vecsey who report on the Yankee view of the rivalry, while The Boston Globe loch's Gordon Edes, Jackie MacMullan, Bob Ryan and Dan Shaughnessy recount the view from the Hub. And their stories are richly illustrated with classic photographs and original articles from the archives, capturing the great moments as they happened. For Red Sox fans, Yankees fans, or anyone interested in remarkable baseball history, The Rivals is an expert, up-close look at the longest, and fiercest of all sports rivalries.

The Rivals and Polly Honeycombe

Toward that end, I have organized this Introduction as a series of overviews of the
most important contexts for imagining how Polly Honeycombe and The Rivals
might have struck their initial audi— ences in the 1760s and 1770s, when they ...

Author: Richard B. Sheridan

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 1770483500

Category: Drama

Page: 324

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The Rivals and Polly Honeycombe revolve around young women who wish the world would conform to novelistic convention. Unlike most eighteenth-century heroines keen on novel reading, however, Lydia Languish and Polly Honeycombe are neither deluded nor in any real danger. Rather, they inhabit a world in which everyone is engaged in some sort of quixotic performance; the more appealing characters are just willing to admit it. Both farcical and wise, these plays teasingly celebrate the perennial appeal of fiction, while never letting us forget how much it relies upon the everyday rituals of performance. The introduction to this Broadview edition explores the interrelations between print and performance in the eighteenth century, including a detailed and well-illustrated account of what it was like to go to the theater. Appendices include material on the original casts, the often dubious reputation of novel reading and circulating libraries, Sheridan’s high-profile elopement with Elizabeth Linley (which made him a celebrity before he ever staged a word), and the narrative possibilities conjured up by setting The Rivals in the resort city of Bath.

The Rivals with audio

The Rivals was Sheridan's first play, and this charming comedy of
mannerscontinues tobe widely performed today. ActI.Scene I. A street inBath.
Captain Jack Absolute's valetFag meets upwith AdmiralAbsolute's coachman
Thomas and ...

Author: Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Publisher: L.A. Theatre Works

ISBN: 9781611239874

Category: Drama

Page: 300

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Enhanced ebook edition of The Rivals featuring a full cast audio performance of the play, starring Lloyd Owen as Captain Jack Absolute and Lucy Davis as Lydia Languish. Romantic havoc ensues in the town of Bath when Sir Anthony arrives to arrange the marriage of his son Captain Jack Absolute to the wealthy Lydia Languish. Jack and Lydia are already in love, but because of Lydia’s obsession with romantic novels, Jack has disguised himself as a poor officer named Ensign Beverly – and he is only one of Lydia’s many suitors. The Rivals was Sheridan’s first play, and this charming comedy of manners continues to be widely performed today. The ebook also features an interview with Linda Kelly, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and the author of Richard Brinsley Sheridan: A Life. By merging text and audio, this is a perfect learning tool for enhancing comprehension and enjoyment. The text includes plot summaries of each scene, and it is highly recommended as a study aid for students, teachers, actors and directors. Includes scene-by-scene and word-for-word text and audio of L.A. Theatre Works’ full cast performance starring: Lloyd Owen as Captain Jack Absolute Lucy Davis as Lydia Languish Rosalind Ayres as Mrs. Malaprop Kenneth Danziger as Thomas Neil Dickson as David Sarah Drew as Julia Julian Holloway as Sir Lucius O’Trigger Christopher Neame as Sir Anthony Absolute Moira Quirk as Lucy Alan Shearman as Fag Simon Templeman as Bob Acres Matthew Wolf as Faulkland. Directed by Martin Jarvis for L.A. Theatre Works. Lead funding for this production, and its presentation as an enhanced ebook, is generously provided by The Sidney E. Frank Foundation.

The Rivals a Comedy

... to his face- this is to his face ! Abs . Thus then let meenforce my suit . [ Kneeling
, Mrs. Mal . Aye - poor young man ! -down on his knees entreating for pity ! -I can
contain no longer , . longer . Why , thou vixen ! -- I have 52 THE RIVALS ,

Author: Richard Brinsley Sheridan


ISBN: KBNL:KBNL03000128954

Category: English drama

Page: 100

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Lydia is pursued by many suitors, Jack who pretends to be Ensign Beverley a poor army officer, Bob Acres a somewhat buffoonish country gentleman, and Sir Lucius O'Trigger an impoverished and combative Irish gentleman.

The Rivals A Comedy

... to wait a day for the alternative . Julia . Nay , this is caprice ! Lydia . What , does
Julia tax me with caprice ? my for . 1 yet have -I thought her lover Faulkland had
inured her 28 Act 1 . THE RIVALS :

Author: Richard Brinsley B. Sheridan


ISBN: BL:A0019558790


Page: 155

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The Rivals and Tracy s Ambition

... and his birth might have entitled him to put forth his claims in circles far more
brilliant than that in which they moved at She wished that the Rivals might
become friends , but this was a desire which it was easier to indulge than to
accomplish .

Author: Gerald Griffin


ISBN: BL:A0017460694


Page: 429

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The Rivals of Acadia

... of Hector , broke into a lively French air , the words and tune of which were
perfectly familiar to his ear . The dog also seemed to recognize it ; he started on
his feet , listened attentively , and then , with a joyful bark RIVALS OF ACADIA .

Author: Harriet Vaughan Cheney


ISBN: HARVARD:32044097913503

Category: Acadia

Page: 271

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The School for Scandal and The Rivals

... reason why The Rivals , The School for Scandal , The Duenna , and The Critic
should not triumphantly emerge through the ordeal and be received as warmly
throughout the twentieth century as they ever have been during the nineteenth .

Author: Richard Brinsley Sheridan


ISBN: WISC:89001093970

Category: Bookbinding

Page: 365

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The Rivals The Fourth Edition By Richard Brinsley Sheridan

RIVALS. 1 Acres . Faith ! I have followed Cupid's Jack - aLantern , and find myself
in a quagmire at last . --- In short , I have been very ill - ufed , Şir Lucius . --- I don't
choose to mention names , but look on me as on a very ill - used gentleman .

Author: RIVALS.


ISBN: BL:A0022978836


Page: 99

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The Rivals With remarks by Mrs Inchbald

... for , though not over rich , I found he had too much pride and delicacy to
sacrifice the feelings of a gentleman to the necessities of his fortune . [ Exit , L.H.
END OF ACT I , ACT II . SCENE I.- Captain Absolute's Lodgings . Enter 12 THE

Author: Richard Brinsley Sheridan


ISBN: BL:A0018105662


Page: 76

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