The Rhetoric of Cool

The Rhetoric of Cool: Composition Studies and New Media offers a historical critique of composition studies’ rebirth narrative, using that critique to propose a new rhetoric for new media work.

Author: Jeff Rice

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 9780809387601

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The Rhetoric of Cool: Composition Studies and New Media offers a historical critique of composition studies’ rebirth narrative, using that critique to propose a new rhetoric for new media work. Author Jeff Rice returns to critical moments during the rebirth of composition studies when the discipline chose not to emphasize technology, cultural studies, and visual writing, which are now fundamental to composition studies. Rice redefines these moments in order to invent a new electronic practice. The Rhetoric of Cool addresses the disciplinary claim that composition studies underwent a rebirth in 1963. At that time, three writers reviewed technology, cultural studies, and visual writing outside composition studies and independently used the word cool to describe each position. Starting from these three positions, Rice focuses on chora, appropriation, commutation, juxtaposition, nonlinearity, and imagery— rhetorical gestures conducive to new media work-- to construct the rhetoric of cool. An innovative work that approaches computers and writing issues from historical, critical, theoretical, and practical perspectives, The Rhetoric of Cool challenges current understandings of writing and new media and proposes a rhetorical rather than an instrumental response for teaching writing in new media contexts.

The Rhetoric of Western Thought

11 If radio and television illustrate the differences between “ hot ” and “ cool
media , so , too , do glasses and sunglasses . On this point , McLuhan says : The
principle that distinguishes hot and cool media is perfectly involved in the folk ...

Author: James L. Golden

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It has gotten to be sort of an everyday statement around here that we cool the
rhetoric . I congratulate you gentlemen on keeping the rhetoric cool and keeping
the facts dramatic . I believe with it we can take that and make a case before the ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Ways and Means


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A Sense of Community

Jeff Rice's book The Rhetoric of Cool presents a way of understanding the
rhetoric of new media texts. Rice offers a set of criteria that examines the rhetor-
ical strategies of new media texts, adapting rhetorical strategies for texts that
operate in ...

Author: Ann-Gee Lee

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786475902

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Television's Community follows the shenanigans of a diverse group of traditional and nontraditional community college students: Jeff Winger, a former lawyer; Britta Perry, a feminist; Abed Nadir, a pop culture enthusiast; Shirley Bennett, a mother; Troy Barnes, a former jock; Annie Edison, a naive overachiever; and Pierce Hawthorne, an old-fashioned elderly man. There are also Benjamin Chang, the maniacal Spanish teacher, and Craig Pelton, the eccentric dean of Greendale Community College, along with well-known guest stars who play troublemaking students, nutty professors and frightening administrators. This collection of fresh essays familiarizes readers not only with particular characters and popular episodes, but behind-the-scenes aspects such as screenwriting and production techniques. The essayists explore narrative theme, hyperreality, masculinity, feminism, color blindness, civic discourse, pastiche, intertextuality, media consciousness, how Community is influenced by other shows and films, and how fans have contributed to the show.

The Congregationalist

Cool precision, gentlemen, not rhetoric ; even at the edge of the tomb, cool
precision l'' (Page 182.) Though in this particular case “cool precision” is enjoined
, in others it is sometimes lacking. The published works of Professor Draper, Dr.

Author: Robert William Dale


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C . J. Bell , Pasco - Hernando Community College digital culture , and he does
warn the reader that this rhetoric of cool will not be instrumental . Fair enough :
this is not “ Teaching Rhetoric in the Electronic Age for Dummies . " Yet he
spends ...



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The Rhetoric of Aristotle

Od . B 274 , el 8 où kelvov y cool yovós kal IInveloteins . This seems to me no
instance of it at all ; and as it is equally unexplained on my principle , it must be
regarded as an exceptional case , and remain without explanation . All the rest of
the ...

Author: Aristoteles


ISBN: OSU:32435054668603

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The rhetoric of conversation ed by S Jenner

Your cool manner will command their feelings , and seeing you labouring to
suppress your emotions , and giving a plain and unexaggerated view of the
subject , they will render you double for all the feeling you have withheld , and
fully supply ...

Author: George Winfred Hervey


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Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents

I would hope that all of the members of this administration would have in mind the
fact , a rule that I have always had , and it is a very simple one : When the action
is hot , keep the rhetoric cool . ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN CAMBODIA ...



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The Rhetoric of Yes

Roberto Morales , the fat man , the shrewd contratista , was a bully man , busily
darting his blob about , exhorting his priceless pickers to hurry , answering
questions , giving advice in the cool half - light , impatiently , pushing , growling
orders .

Author: Ray Fabrizio


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The Rhetoric Reader

Ralph remained cool and self - possessed . b . John decided to let his motor cool
. c . They sat on the front porch enjoying the cool of the evening B. Point out every
noun in the following passage : " A man that is young in years , may be old in ...

Author: John Erwin Talmadge


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Under the banner " International , ” the rhetoric on the website today remains
enthusiastic about bringing " euphoric ” ice cream to “ folks around the world , ”
from Israel to Europe to all of North America . A commercial ice - cream company
that ...

Author: Marilyn Powell

Publisher: Penguin Books Canada

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In this delicious story of ice cream, we are taken on an exotic journey from the old world to the new, from ice harvesting in ancient China to birthday celebrations in the age of Louis XIV to ice-cream cones painted by Andy Warhol in the twentieth century. It's a story filled with history, adventure, myth, and intriguing facts about ice cream. Did you know that the Scots believed ice-cream parlours were dens of iniquity? Or that there are more than seven hundred flavours and that the flavour you prefer expresses your personality? In all its many forms, ice cream has become one of the oldest, most popular, and democratic of pleasures. "The only emperor is the emperor of ice cream,"writes poet Wallace Stevens. A wonderfully surprising, entertaining, and intelligent book, Cool is about the dessert itself and how we regard it. As Marilyn Powell reveals, ice cream is the dessert of memory, a perfect food for the imagination. Containing illustrations, anecdotes, and famous recipes, Cool will delight ice-cream lovers around the world.

The Cool Knife

In this too , USA leaders were speaking the rhetoric of initiation as well as that of
ethnicity . The USA leaders claimed that the ancestral dead had caused some of
Kaguru ' s current difficulties because they were unhappy with the divisiveness ...

Author: Thomas O. Beidelman

Publisher: Smithsonian Inst Press

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The first ethnography that examines both male and female initiations in an African society in equal detail, the book describes how Kaguru elders teach novices to value ambiguity and wordplay, to understand the body and its appetites, and to practice a complex etiquette that regulates daily behavior. Built up from the the manifold experiences and cues of everyday Kaguru routine, the ritual provides initiates with a unifying ethnic vision that allows for multiple perspectives and interpretations.".

How to Cool the Planet

Geoengineering and the Audacious Quest to Fix Earth's Climate Jeff Goodell.
good intentions . And as the rhetoric about cutting emissions grows increasingly
hollow and the risks of rapid climate change grow ever higher , the public debate
is ...

Author: Jeff Goodell

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

ISBN: PSU:000068129446

Category: Climatic changes

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Goodell persuades readers that geoengineering may just be the last best hope--a Plan B for the environment. His compelling tale of scientific hubris and technical daring is sure to jump-start the next big debate about the future of life on Earth.

Presidential Communication

His presidential rhetoric was filled with “ coolness ” reminders , as if saying “ cool
” would help him in staying “ cool . ” The “ rule ” which he said he followed was “
When the action is hot , keep the rhetoric cool . ” 20 Eulogizing Eisenhower ...

Author: Robert E. Denton (Jr.)

Publisher: Praeger Pub Text

ISBN: UOM:39015011359034

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Presidential Communication is the first book to combine a study of the American Presidency with communication theory. The book brings readers a new way of looking at the Chief Executive Office. First Presidential Communication builds a case for the "rhetorical presidency"--what it means and how it works--and why an approach based on an analysis of presidential rhetoric and persuasion works better than others to uncover the essential nature of the office. The authors also examine the presidency from the major areas of concentration traditionally found in communication scholarship.

Keep Cool

But the rhetoric of revolution seemed to fade from the Messenger as the years
passed and Randolph , Owen , Schuyler and company failed to gather strength in
the Black community . Their cultural estrangement from the grass roots appears
to ...

Author: Ted Vincent

Publisher: Pluto Press (UK)

ISBN: UOM:39015034900095

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Traces the movement from its roots at the turn of the nineteenth century and the contribution of the all-star Army bands of the 1910s, through to its "discovery" by the white music industry in the 1920s.

Radical Philosophy

Hijacking the rhetoric of May '68 , this new capitalism privileged spontaneity ,
multitasking and hedonism . By the twenty - first century , ' cool ' and ' capitalism '
are firmly yoked together , and not only in the West . A 2004 market research
report ...



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Political Communication

When Richard Nixon said he believed that when the action is hot the rhetoric
should be kept cool , was he giving away his own tendency to respond in the
heat of the moment rather than taking time to cool down ? Perhaps so . Beyond
self ...

Author: Dan F. Hahn

Publisher: Strata Publishing

ISBN: IND:30000063937290

Category: Communication in politics

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