The Prophets of Eternal Fjord

A gorgeous, strange, dark-edged novel that has garlanded critical acclaim throughout Europe and won the prestigious Nordic Council's Literature Prize.

Author: Kim Leine

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd

ISBN: 9780857897923

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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A gorgeous, strange, dark-edged novel that has garlanded critical acclaim throughout Europe and won the prestigious Nordic Council's Literature Prize. Idealistic, misguided Morten Falck is a newly ordained priest sailing to Greenland in 1787 to convert the Inuit to the Danish church. A rugged outpost battered by harsh winters, Sukkertoppen is overshadowed by the threat of dissent; natives from neighboring villages have united to reject Danish rule and establish their own settlement atop Eternal Fjord. As Falck becomes involved with those in his care-his ambitious catechist, a lonely trader's wife, and a fatalistic widow he comes to love-his faith and reputation are dangerously called into question.


"Idealistic, misguided Morten Falck is a newly ordained priest sailing to Greenland in 1787 to convert the Inuit to the Danish church.



ISBN: 085789790X

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"Idealistic, misguided Morten Falck is a newly ordained priest sailing to Greenland in 1787 to convert the Inuit to the Danish church. A rugged outpost battered by unremittingly harsh winters, Sukkertoppen is simmering with the threat of dissent: natives from neighboring villages have unified to reject Danish rule and establish their own settlement atop Eternal Fjord. As Falck becomes involved with those in his care--his ambitious catechist, a lonely trader's wife, and a fatalistic widow he comes to love--his faith and reputation are compromised"--

New Dimensions of Diversity in Nordic Culture and Society

The Prophets of Eternal Fjord does not follow the template of heroic romance, as it might have been written a few decades ago, but instead approaches the tragic perspective of history and the human condition. The historian Hayden White ...

Author: Jenny Björklund

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443892377

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

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In the new millennium, categories of identity have become particularly destabilized with the emergence of a new generation of people in the Nordic region who demand more dynamic and fluid identities. New Dimensions of Diversity in Nordic Culture and Society reinvestigates the tired concept of “diversity” to make room for dynamic new realities, as well as the ample new questions to which they give rise. This volume assumes diversity to be a fundamental feature of Nordic modernity. Given that the Nordic countries consistently rank among the world’s wealthiest, most educated, and most egalitarian, these case studies provide important counter-narratives to prevailing local and global discourses of Nordic-ness. The contributors not only interrogate historical categories of diversity in a Nordic context, including gender, sex, class, ethnicity, and race; they also show how these categories intersect. They examine new forms of, and platforms for, diverse ideas and creative expression, including fluid masculinities, digital cultures, new media, and fashion. They question the terms on which the Nordic region’s indigenous peoples, the Sámi and the Greenlandic Inuit, as well as stateless people such as the Kurds, are brought into Nordic discussions of diversity, citizenship, and agency, and analyze the implications of particular neo-nationalist and patriarchal discourses that have emerged since the turn of the century. The book draws from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and interdisciplinary fields, and will spark productive and critical conversations among all with an interest in the national and regional cultures, subcultures, and social dynamics that inform modern life in the Nordic region.

The Colony of Good Hope

In The Colony of Good Hope, Kim Leine explores what happens when two cultures confront one another. In a distant colony, under the harshest conditions, the overwhelming forces of nature meet the vices of man.

Author: Kim Leine

Publisher: Picador

ISBN: 1529014336


Page: 480

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An immensely powerful epic of colonialism, set in eighteenth-century Greenland, about the great forces of nature, the meeting of cultures and fathers and sons. 1728: The doomed Danish King Fredrik IV sends a governor to Greenland to establish a colony, in the hopes of exploiting the country's allegedly vast natural resources. A few merchants, a barber-surgeon, two trainee priests, a blacksmith, some carpenters and soldiers and a dozen hastily married couples go with him. The missionary priest Hans Egede has already been in Greenland for several years when the new colonists arrive. He has established a mission there, but the converts are few. Among those most hostile to Egede is the shaman Aappaluttoq, whose own son was taken by the priest and raised in the Christian faith as his own. Thus the great rift between two men, and two ways of life, is born. The newly arrived couples - composed of men and women plucked from prison - quickly sink into a life of almost complete dissolution, and soon unsanitary conditions, illness and death bring the colony to its knees. Through the starvation and the epidemics that beset the colony, Egede remains steadfast in his determination - willing to sacrifice even those he loves for the sake of his mission. In The Colony of Good Hope, Kim Leine explores what happens when two cultures confront one another. In a distant colony, under the harshest conditions, the overwhelming forces of nature meet the vices of man.

Nordic Cooperation

In 2013 the Danish writer Kim Leine won the prize for his postcolonial novel on the Danish colonization of Greenland in the eighteenth century, Profeterne i Evighedsfjorden, 2012 (The Prophets of Eternal Fjord).

Author: Johan Strang

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317626954

Category: Political Science

Page: 226

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The recent crises in global economy and in European integration have caused a considerable revival of interest in the Nordic Welfare Model. However, less attention has been given to the ways in which the nations that form Scandinavia or ‘Norden’ are connected through various forms of inter- and transnational cooperation. With contributions from a team of experts in the field, this volume analyses Nordic cooperation in a European perspective and argues that this special form of transnational cooperation has been crucial in the development of the Nordic Welfare Model. In addition, it also contends that the Nordic model of transnational cooperation is a relevant case study when pondering the present problems of European integration. This text will be of key interest to students, researchers and policy makers studying the Nordic Model and transnational cooperation and more generally to those interested in European studies, Scandinavian studies, welfare studies, international relations and regional integration.

German Representations of the Far North 17th 19th Centuries

The Prophets of Eternal Fjord, translated by Martin Aitken, London: Atlantic Books. —. 2018. Rød Mand/Sort Mand, Copenhagen: Gyldendal (French edition: L'homme rouge et l'homme en noir, tr. Alain Gnaedig, Paris : Gallimard, ...

Author: Jan Borm

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527562769

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 300

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German travellers, explorers, missionaries and scholars produced significant new knowledge about the Arctic in Europe and elsewhere from the 17th until the 19th century. However, until now, no English-language study or collective volume has been dedicated to their representations of the Arctic. Possibly due to linguistic barriers, this corpus has not been sufficiently taken into account in transnational and circumpolar approaches to the fast-growing field of Arctic Studies. This volume serves to heighten awareness about the importance of these writings in view of the history of the Far North. The chapters gathered here offer critical readings of manuscripts and publications, including travelogues, natural histories of the Arctic, newspaper articles and scholarly texts based on first-hand observations, as well as works of fiction. The sources are considered in their historical context, as political, religious, social, economic and cultural aspects are discussed in relation to discourses about the Arctic in general. The volume opens with a spirited preface by Professor Jean Malaurie, France’s most distinguished Arctic specialist and author of The Last Kings of Thule (1955).

Romantic Norths

Leine, Kim, Profeterne i Evighedsfjorden [The Prophets of Eternal Fjord] (Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 2012). Lewis, Matthew Gregory, Tales of Wonder (London, 1801). ———, The Monk (London, 1796). Linnaeus, Carl, Iter Lapponicum, eds.

Author: Cian Duffy

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319512464

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 281

View: 640


This book explores various forms of cultural influence and exchange between Britain and the Nordic countries in the late eighteenth century and romantic period. Broadly new-historicist in approach, but drawing also on influential descriptions of genre, discipline, mediation, cultural exchange, and comparative methodologies, these essays not only constitute a substantial and innovative contribution to scholarly understanding of the development of romanticisms and romantic nationalisms in Britain and the Nordic countries, but also describe a pattern of cultural encounter which was predicated upon exchange and a sense of commonality rather than upon the perception of difference or alterity which has so often been discerned by critical descriptions of British romantic-period engagements with non-British cultures. The volume ought to appeal to a broad and genuinely international academic audience with interests in eighteenth-century and romantic-period culture in Britain and Scandinavia as well as to undergraduates taking courses in eighteenth-century, romantic, and Scandinavian studies.

Arctic Modernities

“The Specter of Danish Empire: The Prophets of Eternal Fjord and the Writing of Danish-Greenlandic History. In New Dimensions of Diversity in Nordic Culture and Society, edited by Jenny Bjørklund Introduction: Environmental, ...

Author: Heidi Hansson

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527506916

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 362

View: 155


Less tangible than melting polar glaciers or the changing social conditions in northern societies, the modern Arctic represented in writings, visual images and films has to a large extent been neglected in scholarship and policy-making. However, the modern Arctic is a not only a natural environment dramatically impacted by human activities. It is also an incongruous amalgamation of exoticized indigenous tradition and a mundane everyday. The chapters in this volume examine the modern Arctic from all these perspectives. They demonstrate to what extent the processes of modernization have changed the discursive signification of the Arctic. They also investigate the extent to which the traditions of heroic Arctic images – whether these traditions are affirmed, contested or repudiated – have continued to shape, influence and inform modern discourses. Sometimes the Arctic is seen as synonymous with modernity itself. Sometimes it appears as a utopian space signalling a different future. However, it still often represents the continued survival within modernity of the past as nostalgia, longing, dream and myth.

The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2017

Fortune Smiles: Stories, Adam Johnson The Prophets of Eternal Fjord: A Novel, Kim Leine, translated by Martin Aitken The Tsar of Love and Techno: Stories, Anthony Marra The Sympathizer: A Novel, Viet Thanh Nguyen This Is the Life: A ...

Author: Sarah Janssen

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781600572074

Category: Reference

Page: 1008

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Get thousands of facts right at your fingertips with this essential resource. The World Almanac® and Book of Facts is America's top-selling reference book of all time, with more than 82 million copies sold. Since 1868, this compendium of information has been the authoritative source for all your entertainment, reference, and learning needs. The 2017 edition of The World Almanac® reviews the events of 2016 and will be your go-to source for questions on any topic in the upcoming year. Praised as a "treasure trove of political, economic, scientific and educational statistics and information" by The Wall Street Journal, The World Almanac® and Book of Facts will answer all of your trivia needs—from history and sports to geography, pop culture, and much more. Features include: • 2016—Top 10 News Topics: The editors of The World Almanac® list the top stories that held the world's attention in 2016. • 2016—Year in Sports: Hundreds of pages of trivia and statistics that are essential for any sports fan, featuring complete coverage of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, the 2016 World Series, and much more. • 2016—Year in Pictures: Striking full-color images from around the world in 2016, covering news, entertainment, science, and sports. • 2016—Offbeat News Stories: The World Almanac® editors found some of the strangest news stories of the year. • World Almanac ® Editors' Picks: Time Capsule: The World Almanac® lists the items that most came to symbolize the year 2016, from news and sports to pop culture. • 2016 Election Results: The World Almanac® provides a comprehensive look at the entire 2016 election process, from the roller coaster of the early primaries to state and county presidential voting results and coverage of House, Senate, and gubernatorial races. • The World at a Glance: This annual feature of The World Almanac® provides a quick look at the surprising stats and curious facts that define the changing world. • World Almanac ® Editors’ Picks: The Best Teams That Never Won It All: In light of Golden State's unprecedented regular season success and eventual downfall in the NBA Finals, The World Almanac® takes a look back into sports history for the best teams that fell just short of championship glory. • Statistical Spotlight: A brand-new feature highlights statistics relevant to the biggest stories of the year. These data provide context to give readers a fresh perspective on important issues. • Other New Highlights: Newly available statistics on sexuality, student loans, overdose deaths, state minimum wages, and much more.

Greenland s Economy and Labour Markets

The specter of Danish empire: The prophets of eternal fjord and the writing of Danish-Greenlandic history. In J. Björklund & U. Lindqvist (Eds.), New Dimensions of Diversity in Nordic Culture and Society (pp. 151–173).

Author: Laust Høgedahl

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000414332

Category: Science

Page: 186

View: 333


This book explores structural changes in Greenland’s economy and labour markets due to the transformative effects of climatic changes and growing international attention. It offers multidisciplinary perspectives from economists, sociologists, and political scientists to demonstrate how the Greenlandic economy works. Due to an increasing focus on the Arctic area and Greenland in particular, the book seeks to understand the functioning and dynamics of Greenland’s labour economy, as well as the challenges that arise from the melting ice and internationalisation. It fills a substantive gap in the existing literature by compiling research on these critical subjects and exploring current and future opportunities for labourers. Today, Greenland is reliant on large financial subsidies from Denmark to provide for a large share of its national budget. This fuels Greenland’s political ambition to gain greater independence from Denmark, which requires more private sector growth to develop a sustainable economy. This book thus contains an exhaustive introduction to important business development themes such as macroeconomics, markets, labour supply, labour market policies, and institutions and considers Greenland’s colonial past, great Inuit heritage, and unique geography and nature to re-shape its economy and labour markets. Informed by a lucid writing style, each chapter casts light on different economic and social issues of Greenland. This is the first international book on Greenland’s economy which discusses its geopolitical importance and prospects for the Arctic region. It will be a valuable point of reference for students and academics of economics, Arctic research and political economy.

Green Ice

Prophets of Eternal Fjord. New York: Liveright Publishing Corporation. Lund, K. A. 2013. Experiencing Nature in Nature-based Tourism. Tourist Studies 13(2): 156–171. Lund, K. A., and K. Benediktsson 2011. Inhabiting a Risky Earth: The ...

Author: Simone Abram

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137587367

Category: Social Science

Page: 121

View: 353


This book presents lively case studies of tourism developments in the European High North from diverse perspectives. It compares views of the changing political ecology of a fragile region shaped by climatic and cultural factors. In exploring the mutual relations between new developments in Arctic travel narratives and tourism practices. Green Ice: Tourism Ecologies in the European High North pays particular attention to the changing discourses that produce, and are in turn produced by, encounters between contemporary Arctic peoples and territories. Questions of gender and nationality are considered alongside a comparison of texts and practices in different languages, examining the politics of language and its significant role in tourism. This title pays attention to the changing symbolic value of Arctic discourses in environmental movements, in order to consider the close connections between global forms of environmentalist discourse and action and local cultural responses. An engaging and timely work, this book will be of great interest to scholars of Geography, Anthropology, and Arctic Tourism.

Rethinking National Literatures and the Literary Canon in Scandinavia

In Kim Leine's Profeterne i Evighedsfjorden [2012; The Prophets of the Eternal Fjord], the events are set in the eighteenth century in Copenhagen and on Greenland, places where Leine, born in Norway but writing in Danish, ...

Author: Ann-Sofie Lönngren

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443885034

Category: Scandinavian literature

Page: 245

View: 460


The literary field and canon in the Nordic countries are under constant negotiation and transformation, with various alternative literatures having evolved alongside the majority literatures of these nations in recent decades. These new phenomena, constructed around perspectives regarding language, ethnicity, sexuality, gender and social class, have been categorised as migration, minority and queer literatures. Rethinking National Literatures and the Literary Canon in Scandinavia highlights these literatures and their histories, roles and impacts on both the literary establishment and (post)modern societies in the Nordic region. It also discusses how the constructions of national literary canons today are challenged by the influence of various critical perspectives, including postcolonial theories, and queer, indigenous, ethnic literary and gender studies. On a broader level, the book showcases the position literature has in the building of national identities in Nordic nation-states, and, in the process, demonstrates that the plurality of perspectives in literary studies has the potential to question the fundamentals of the literary canon, canon formations, national self-understanding, and identity. The book is composed of nine articles authored by literary scholars in Finland, Sápmi, Sweden, and Denmark. It addresses issues such as methodological nationalism in literary scholarship, the uses of concepts such as “transnational” and “immigrant” literature, the ways in which traditional Sámi features are employed in contemporary Sámi poetry, postcolonial representations in Nordic literature, and the ways that political processes of “Othering” are made visible in contemporary literature’s uses of traditional Scandinavian folklore. Read together, these articles provide an overview of some of the challenges and changes in Nordic literature today.

Cold Rush

... 1–63 Kristensen, C. and Rahbek-Clemmensen, J., Greenland and the International Politics of the Changing Arctic (Abingdon: Routledge, 2017) Leine, K., The Prophets of the Eternal Fjord (New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2016) McGhee, ...

Author: Martin Breum

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781838608156

Category: Political Science

Page: 264

View: 670


The Arctic is heating up. While China, the US and Russia are militarizing the North pole - sending submarines and ice-breakers - the ice itself continues to recede creating new trade routes and new opportunities for mining gas and oil. What is quietly unfolding in the polar north is a `great game' for territory and for resources, all against the biggest backdrop of all: the destruction of the Arctic caused by climate change. And then last year things took a strange turn. The Kingdom of Denmark, through its colonial claim on Greenland, declared ownership of the entire European hemisphere of the Arctic. Its claims on a territory larger than Scandinavia overlap over 500 sq. km with Russia's, who have planted a flag on the ocean floor underneath the North Pole. Investigative journalist Martin Breum has been at the front-line for a decade, and brings this secret story to life. He reports on researchers discovering Russian submarines beneath the ice, spy plane pilots flying over environmental research boats and uncovers the stories of the inhabitants of sleepy Greenland who are waking up to their new place in the universe - between the great aggressive military powers of the world. Thrillingly written, Cold Rush reveals a secret world in which the future of our planet is being decided.

Sami Art and Aesthetics

... The Prophets of Eternal Fjord and the Writing of Danish-Greenlandic History. In: Björklund J. and Lindqvist, U. (eds.). New Dimensions of Diversities in Nordic Culture and Society. Newastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Author: Svein Aamold

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 9788771845051

Category: Art

Page: 250

View: 801


During the last five decades we have witnessed an increase in activity among artists identifying themselves as Sami, the only recognised indigenous people of Scandinavia. At the same time, art and duodji (traditional Sami art and craft) have been organized and institutionalized, not least by the Sami artists themselves. Sami Art and Aesthetics discusses and highlights these developments and places them in historical and contemporary contexts for an international audience. At stake are complex, changing terms regarding the creative and the political agencies. The question is not how indigeneity, identity, people, art, duodji, and aesthetics correspond to conventional Western ideas, rather it is how they interact with the Sami and their neighbouring cultures and societies. The volume is written by some of the foremost art historians and literary scholars in Sami art, craft, architecture, culture, and indigenous studies. Artists presented include Johan Turi, Ivar Jaks, Outi Pieski, Folke Fjellstrom, Katarina Pirak Sikku, Geir Tore Holm, and Silje Figenschou Thoresen.

the latter day saints millennium star

... they do not criticise thus if he can obtain eternal life through the traditions to which they have been Him “ who ... but counted among the faithless “ who they think the error is all on the part reject the prophets , ” simply to ...



ISBN: OXFORD:555009175



View: 410


The Day of rest

A HOUSEHOLD LITANY On Carmel , too , God heard the prayer Of that same prophet - son , While Baal's prophets in ... us all the days of our life , and , above all these things , thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift of eternal life ...



ISBN: OXFORD:590290284



View: 294


Improvement Era

I know that Joseph Smith is one of the greatest prophets that has do , because I know that he will not been upon the earth . ... I ship in all things , we will work out our am willing to follow President David O. eternal exaltation .



ISBN: WISC:89067405217

Category: Mormons

Page: 1146

View: 940


Descriptive Catalogue of Books Contained in the Lending Library

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1901 edition. Excerpt: criticism.

Author: London Bishopsgate Institute


ISBN: 1230157271


Page: 748

View: 570


This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1901 edition. Excerpt: criticism. Wicksteed (P. H.) Four lectures on Ibsen CONTENTS-The poems. "Brand." "Peer Gynt." The social plays. Also in Prophets of the century edited by Rickett, K 206; Tweedie (Mrs. A.) Winter jaunt to Norway, M 048. Icarians. In Nordhoff (C.) Communistic societies of the United States...... D 466 Ice. LOOK UNDER Curling. Glaciers. Skating. Iceland: --Howell (F. W. W.) Icelandic pictures... M 662 NOTE--Historical and descriptive of the country and towns; with illustrations of the important buildings and various phases of life and scenery. Leith (Mrs. D.) Three visits to Iceland... M 663 Comprising a pilgrimage to Skalholt, and visits to Geysir and the Njala district in 1894-96. McCormick (W. T., Rev.) Ride across Iceland in the summer of 1891...M 664, M 665 NOTE--Account of the author's 300 mile ride during a holiday trip. Oswald (E. J.) By fell and fjord M 666 Ida's secret. By Giberne (A.) F 3296 Idalia. By Ouida. F 6537, F 6538 Iddesleigh (S. Northcote, Earl of) Belinda Fitzwarren F 4607 Ideal common-wealths. LOOK UNDER Commonwealths, Ideal. Ideal life. By Drummond (H.) C 491 Ideala. By Grand (S.) F 3417 Idealism: --D'Arcy (C. F.) Idealism and theology... B 120 NOTE--Reviews the fundamental doctrine of the christian religion from the standpoint of modern idealism Fichte (J. G.) Vocation of man B 37 NOTE-Gives a history of mind in its various phases of doubt, knowledge, and faith, and isan attempt to explain to man his restless and unconquerable desire to win the True and the Eternal. Watson (J., Prof.) Corate, Mill, and Spencer. B 384 FOR NOTE. LOOK UNDEll Philosophy. In Balfour (Rt. Hon. A. J.) Foundations of belief B117, B 118 NOTE--Analyses and refutes transcendental idealism. ALSO LOOK UNDER Berkeley (G., ...