The Power to Write

"Much more than a practical guide to writing — this book is an exercise in ... Caroline skillfully shows us that the power to write lies in uncovering our ...

Author: Caroline Joy Adams

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN: 1573248096

Category: Education

Page: 192

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Writing teacher and artist Caroline Joy Adams knows the tremendous power of the written word. And she has made it her mission to put into action her belief that everyone can experience and enjoy this power. Many can write, but few do. Caroline believes that everyone has stories to tell, and she provides the inspiration and tools to help you get started and keep writing. Book jacket.

Writing with Power

Outlines several approaches to writing, editing, and rewriting, discusses the relationship between the writer and his or her audience, and attempts to define the nature of voice in writing

Author: Peter Elbow

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195120189

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 384

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Outlines several approaches to writing, editing, and rewriting, discusses the relationship between the writer and his or her audience, and attempts to define the nature of voice in writing


Begin writing. Sit in a comfortable position and take a deep breath to center yourself. Start the timer and begin writing. Never approach stream of ...


Publisher: LIG Inspire Enterprise


Category: Self-Help

Page: 100

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This book is dedicated for all that wanted to make a change in their lives. Self Empowerment using the Power of Choice. Did you realise that your life is dictate by making choices everyday? How those around you affected your decision making? Realising that freedom is just an illusion where it will affect our decision making. Making more money or power doesn’t mean we are REALLY happy. Discover and understand how Power of Choice works “Every time we move forward we make choices, every time we went backwards we make choices, yet the most important thing in everything is that your choice is your own no one else because it is you, your life” - Iskandar Isham Ismail -

The Power of Digital Affiliate Marketing How Authors Can Write More And Earn Passive Income

Merchants achieve this goal bу leveraging the power of affiliates who create visibility to the products and services. By creating visibility to products and ...

Author: Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Publisher: Digitalmehmet


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 118

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You may ask why another book for affiliate marketing now. Good question! I know the importance of passive income for authors in this economic climate; thus, I designed this book to guide you so you can create a new revenue stream. I author this book for a specific audience: freelance writers, including published and indie authors, bloggers, and other content creators because affiliate marketing can be a godsend for them. This book will make affiliate marketing so easy to understand that you can succeed if you apply the knowledge in it.

A Woman s Write Strong and Free

Poetry from Womankind Womankind Creative Writing Authors. (7% :pouéz Wal— The task ahead is never as great as the power behind us. And what a power it is ...

Author: Womankind Creative Writing Authors

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469732572

Category: Poetry

Page: 268

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This collection of poetry and prose from women in recovery is a fire walk: a searing, barefooted dash over the hot coals of desperation, despair and self-destruction. Startling, often hypnotic photographs, supplied by one of the writers, drift through the text like sparks from the embers. These women have been burned into blessedness. Duane Tucker, Actor, Writer for Screen and TV, Passenger Magazine Poet of the Year 2002 As a recovering alcoholic, A Woman's Write Strong and Free reminded me of my own struggles and haunting past. I could relate to every poem and was enthralled with the quality, honesty and raw emotion the authors brought to each piece. Thought provoking and educational, I will read it again and again. Josie Penny, author of So Few on Earth twelve months on the Dundurn Publishers bestselling list. Words to Live By - by Susan Clairmont, The Hamilton Spectator The women call it freefall. Words, moving quickly from head and heart through to pen and paper. Silence, but for the scratching of raw poetry emerging on pages. Some are lost in it. Focused. Energized. Words flow fast. Others struggle. Thoughts trickle. It is Monday night in a sparse basement room at Womankind, an addiction service operated by St. Joseph's Healthcare. A dozen women are around the table. An unlikely group who, in most ways, have little in common. What they do have in common connects them immediately and powerfully. They are all recovering addicts. Some are alcoholics, some are drug users, a good number are both. And they are all authors. A Woman's Write: Strong and Free is a collection of poetry capturing the experience of women learning to understand themselves as they come to terms with addiction.

Write from the Heart

Unleashing the Power of Your Creativity Hal Zina Bennett. meals, always perfectly prepared gourmet food, and a masseuse who arrived every afternoon to give ...

Author: Hal Zina Bennett

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 1577318323

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 272

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In his first edition of Write from the Heart, Hal Zina Bennett presented a spiritual approach to writing that showed both beginners and seasoned authors how to overcome blocks, unleash their creative voice, and see their books in print. In this edition, he gives readers an even more interactive experience by incorporating exercises he's developed during his many years conducting workshops. An all-new chapter on supportive critiquing shows readers how to make contacts in the all-important community of writers and how to get help with the process of writing and refining. This revised edition also includes an updated section on getting published that addresses print-on-demand, electronic books, and the Internet.

Hear Me Write

The Power of Your Love Even to recall the darkness that once plagued my life The tears would fill my eyes I could not see that I would make it out alive I ...

Author: Donnamichelle

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781441557100

Category: Poetry

Page: 80

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When I wrote my first book "Something for Your Journey" I was completely focused on sharing all I had learned through the Bible and how it changed my life. All I wanted at the time was for those who were expecting changes in their life through faith to know was that their faith was the key and that God was absolutely with them. No matter what it seemed to look like. It has proven to be a great tool in spiritual growth and I love the feedback I have received from it. "Hear Me Write" is a compilation of moments in time. Moments that made a difference in my life or in the life of another. I have enjoyed looking back while putting this book together. I have also enjoyed the reminder of how very beautiful life can be as we grow and overcome the obstacles in our way. Most importantly I have enjoyed the view from my book of endless possibilities that lie ahead. I am truly proud to present to you my second book of poetry "Hear Me Write".

Bloom s How to Write about Gabriel Garci a Ma rquez

Perhaps the most obvious of these is the theme of power. What does the story of this ageless tyrant imply with regard to political ambition and the ...

Author: Eric L. Reinholtz

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 9781438127668

Category: Criticism

Page: 273

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Known for his poetic transformation of New England and nature, Robert Frost has retained his position through the years as one of the essential American poets of the 20th century. This book explores his classic works, including The Road Not Taken, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, and The Death of the Hired Man.

Reading to Write

This organizing plan reflects a critical decision for a number. The Role of Task Representation in Reading-to-Write 43 The Power of the Organizing Plan.

Author: Linda Flower

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195345142

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 280

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The Social and Cognitive Studies in Writing and Literacy Series, is devoted to books that bridge research, theory, and practice, exploring social and cognitive processes in writing and expanding our knowledge of literacy as an active constructive process--as students move from high school to college. This descriptive study of reading-to-write examines a critical point in every college student's academic performance: when he or she is faced with the task of reading a source, integrating personal ideas, and creating an individual text with a self-defined purpose. Offering an unusually comprehensive view of this process, the authors chart a group of freshmen as they study and write in their dormitories, recording their "think-aloud" strategies for reading, writing, and revising, their interpretation of the task, and their broader social, cultural, and contextual understanding of college writing. Flower, Stein, and colleagues convincingly conclude that the legacy of schooling in general makes the transition to college difficult and, more important, that the assumptions students hold and the strategies they use in undertaking this task play a significant role in their academic performance. Embracing a broad range of perspectives from rhetoric, composition, literacy research, literary and cultural theory, and cognitive psychology, this rigorous analysis treats reading-to-write as both a cognitive and social process. It will interest researchers and theoreticians in rhetoric and writing, teachers working with students in transition from high school to college, and educators involved in the links between cognition and the social process.

The Power of Babel

Chi nese children learn to write on squared paper ; American children use guide
line for the formation of lower and upper casi letters ; Russian copy books have a
diago nal line to guide the slope of the letter . Many children learn to write at ...

Author: Edwards, Viv

Publisher: Trentham Books Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015045627778

Category: Children of minorities

Page: 88

View: 127


Multilingual classrooms are becoming increasingly common throughout the English-speaking world. The Power of Babel describes initiatives for promoting linguistic and cultural diversity in the classroom.

The Write Stuff

A Boy wiTh The Power To Fly and Save People By JD. Mulligan One day I was walking in The park and There were Two dogs. They were Trying To geT me.


Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595393497

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 84

View: 991


Write this Way

How Modeling Transforms the Writing Classroom Kelly Boswell ... allow me to share some tips that will help you as you unleash the power of modeled writing.

Author: Kelly Boswell

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 9781625219329

Category: Education

Page: 152

View: 692


Modeling is one of the most effective of all teaching strategies and yet many teachers overlook this powerful tool in writing instruction. When teachers think aloud and then craft a piece of writing in front of their students, they give student writers a peek into what is possible in their own writing. In this book, Kelly Boswell shows you how to transform student writers by infusing short bursts of purposeful teacher modeling. As students watch an adult writer think, talk, and write, they can develop the skills needed in order to create writing that is both polished and purposeful. Tony Stead, educator, internationally known literacy specialist and author, says, ""Finally! Not just another book about how to teach writing, but one that targets the power of modeled writing. What a delight it is to read this professional resource that highlights the importance of this strategy as the cornerstone to successful teaching and learning of the writing process.

Writing in Elementary School Social Studies

But , most important of all , they developed power , because they had made a connection to Congressman Badillo . All because of doing some writing as a part ...

Author: Barry K. Beyer

Publisher: Social Science Education consortium

ISBN: STANFORD:36105032687431

Category: Education

Page: 209

View: 463


This book is designed to provide elementary school teachers with information, suggestions, and models for using writing in the social studies, from early primary to middle grades. There are four major chapters to the book. Chapter I is titled "Research on the Teaching of Writing." The articles in this first section move from a survey of research in writing to a survey of classroom practice in the use of writing in elementary school social studies and finally to a specific classroom study that integrates the two areas and presents specific implications for the study and teaching of writing. Chapter II is titled "Developing Readiness in Writing." The first two articles stress two important aspects of a classroom environment that nurtures and supports student writing. The remaining five articles describe techniques such as interviewing, exploring the past, and brainstorming that teachers can use to initiate writing. The title of Chapter III which contains seven articles is "Using Writing to Learn Social Studies Content." The articles describe ways in which writing can be used to help students learn social studies information or develop social studies generalizations. Another describes how writing can be used to conduct simulated field trips in the social studies classroom. The title of Chapter IV is "Combining Writing with Social Studies." Discussed are three essential supports for a successful program: a detailed curriculum guide, inservice teacher training, and cooperative teacher/administrator assessment procedures. The book also cites related resources in the ERIC system. (Author/RM)

How to Write a Country Western Song A Concert With a Plot

She sings “The Power of No.” The others will join her.) SONYA THERE'S A POWER IN THE DARKNESS, WHEN THE LIGHT HAS LEFT THE SKY – THERE'S A POWER IN THE ...

Author: Carolyn Gage

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781300540144

Category: Fiction


View: 296


A five-woman “concert with a plot.” Two sets of lovers, both former bandmates, struggle with recovery on the eve of a concert. Show combines country-western, punk rock, hip hop, gospel, and blues... using a concert stage for the set. CD available.

How To Write A Page Turner

Power. of. Images. I have always adored a particular painting by famous French surrealist painter René Magritte. The one in question features a brown pipe ...

Author: Jordan Rosenfeld

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440354502

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 240

View: 564


Infuse Your Fiction with the Powerful Tug of Tension! Tension is the heart of conflict, the backbone of uncertainty, the hallmark of danger. It keeps readers guessing and characters on their toes. When you've got tension in place, stories leave readers breathless and wanting more. When it's missing, scenes feel inconsequential, plots drag, and characters meander. Learning the craft of writing can sometimes feel like a paint by numbers approach--connect compelling character A to plot event B. To avoid writing that's formulaic, predictable, and slow, How to Write a Page Turner will help you sew the threads of tension tight for an unforgettable story. You'll learn how to: • Recognize the essential tension elements of danger, conflict, uncertainty, and withholding, and add them to your fiction • Create levels of tension in your characters through flaws, dialogue, power struggles, and more • Build tension at energetic markers throughout the plot • Use intimate imagery, strong sentences, and well-chosen words to build tension in exposition While this book walks you through the key areas that need tension building, from character to plot, it also delves deeper, analyzing exceptional examples from contemporary fiction's most gripping page-turners. So as you dive into the inner conflicts of a character's deepest psyche, to the mechanics of how you reveal information to the reader, you'll also discover how to craft a story your readers can't put down!

Developmental Aspects in Learning to Write

De groene schoenen 5.2 The power of plural, Case II: Findings In this study, we distinguished between five categories of verbal adjectives, ...

Author: L. Tolchinsky

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401007344

Category: Psychology

Page: 201

View: 625


Developmental Perspectives on Writing LILIANA TOLCHINSKY University of Barcelona, Spain The advent of the sixties is considered a crucial moment for the discovery of writing as an object worthy of intellectual inquiry (Havelock, 1986). A number of books, which came out in that decade, set the stage for this turn-to-writing. One of them was the Preface to Plato by Eric Havelock. This book, published in 1963, was to become a milestone in the discovery of literacy as a field of research (Bockheimer, 1998). Havelock (1986) referred to three more works that came out at the same time, and Bockheimer suggested adding other publications; for example La pensee sau vage by Levi Strauss (1962); The consequences of literacy by Jack Goody and Ian Watt (1963) and La geste et la parole by Laroi -Gourham (1964/65). The authors of these books were anthropologists, philosophers and sociologists who coincided in highlighting the significance of writing for human development and, more specifically, for language development. They maintained that many insti tutions, ideas, beliefs, opinions and convictions of the Western world were a by product of an 'alphabetized mind'. Writing was for them one of the pillars of subjec tivity, responsible for the rise of consciousness, for our conception of words and for our notion of true and false. Amazingly linguists, psycho linguists, psychologists and educators did not participate in the turn-to-writing. The firstl, did not give any atten- 1 There were some exceptions to this generalization.

As I Write These Words

Loot, brought back from the birth of man, ancient and holy in strength: The power to postpone, the power to hasten, The power to control the speed, ...

Author: Samir Georges

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469773759

Category: Poetry

Page: 264

View: 326


Every poem in "As I Write These Words" seeks to take the reader on a journey with author Samir Georges. This very personal collection of poetry, begun by Samir at the age of ten and completed on his twentieth birthday, offers an invitation to travel across the tapestry of emotion and experiences he weaves. Raised in a culture that values and nurtures poetry, Samir first began writing poetry in his native language without any training. His need for expression spurred him on. From the emotion of "He Whistles as He Walks, This Man" to the charm of "Lady," he improvises every poem, writing before he thinks; to him, emotions are felt like flint and stone in the hand, long before thought sparks from between. "As I Write These Words presents an offer to dream, journey, and grow-an offer made with an open hand that is there for the taking. Contemplating quietly and fluently is he Not with speech but by mind and precision in every degree, Congratulate those who assimilate to those around them with decree. But he who cares not for the throng knows better than to be bound by such wrong, For judgment is to be awarded by deeds best unknown to the judge, Not as a tool to be handed down from a man to fool.

The Imperative to Write

not contained in the object itself but in the subject as a rational being, in reason (whose power and grandeur are identified with an object only “by ...

Author: Jeff Fort

Publisher: Fordham Univ Press

ISBN: 9780823254705

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 440

View: 518


Is writing haunted by a categorical imperative? Does the Kantian sublime continue to shape the writer’s vocation, even for twentieth-century authors? What precise shape, form, or figure does this residue of sublimity take in the fictions that follow from it—and that leave it in ruins? This book explores these questions through readings of three authors who bear witness to an ambiguous exigency: writing as a demanding and exclusive task, at odds with life, but also a mere compulsion, a drive without end or reason, even a kind of torture. If Kafka, Blanchot, and Beckett mimic a sublime vocation in their extreme devotion to writing, they do so in full awareness that the trajectory it dictates leads not to metaphysical redemption but rather downward, into the uncanny element of fiction. As this book argues, the sublime has always been a deeply melancholy affair, even in its classical Kantian form, but it is in the attenuated speech of narrative voices progressively stripped of their resources and rewards that the true nature of this melancholy is revealed.

The Will to Write

In the end, the Southern point of the compass has always taught my people that love has the power to create or destroy, so we must be careful with the power ...

Author: Reg. B. Cornejo

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781546272229

Category: Political Science

Page: 148

View: 589


After I finished writing this book, I found myself noting or recognizing the stories, essays, and poems found in this book tell the story of my life. The book in short provides a look into my philosophy of life and the wisdom I use (and have used) to survive and live in a white man’s world, without going crazy or giving up. As the public reads my short essays, stories, and poems, I hope the message found in my written works will help them see and feel why I stay connected to my people and their wisdom, a wisdom that has taught me to always stay connected to mother earth and my people’s “Red Road.” I want to note the stories, essays, and poems found in my book come from both published works and works I never sent in to get published. I hope the wide range of topics found in this collection will not only touch my readers but they will also challenge them to see life under a new light, a “modern-day Red-Man’s light.” Since this book is a collection of many published and unpublished works, I felt it was best to not separate this book into chapters. I made this choice because I feel each essay, story, prose, and poem is powerful enough to stand on its own. As my readers work their way through my book, I hope they will take the time to stop and think about the message found in each written work and hopefully, in some cases, find themselves reconnecting with the land that is America and my people’s wisdom that says, “We are one with mother earth,” and “we are all born to die because life is a circle like the Native American Medicine Wheel.”

Listen Write Present

POWER. OF. POSITIVE. COMMUNICATION. What you say, how you say it, and why you say it speak volumes. Make sure that the words coming from your mouth and the ...

Author: Stephanie Roberson Barnard

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300177916

Category: Reference

Page: 192

View: 183


Even the best ideas have little value if they are not explained clearly, concisely, and convincingly to others. Scientists, engineers, health care professionals, and technology specialists become leaders in their fields not just by way of discovery, but by communication. In this essential book, two seasoned communication consultants offer specific, focused advice to help professionals develop, improve, and polish their interpersonal communication, writing, and presentation skills. The authors explain exactly how to manage multiple projects and interactions, collaborate with colleagues and others, gain support for ideas through presentations and proposals, and much more.