Beyond the Workshop

"Within the sixteen chapters you will find a balance of both theory-driven and practice-driven essays, and the journey you take as a reader will lead you from what a workshop is to how it is practised and what it may become"--Back cover.

Author: Paul Perry


ISBN: 1899999523

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"Within the sixteen chapters you will find a balance of both theory-driven and practice-driven essays, and the journey you take as a reader will lead you from what a workshop is to how it is practised and what it may become"--Back cover.

Beyond the Writers Workshop

Oddly enough, poetry, especially the poetry written toclay, is more like creative
nonfiction than like poems from the nineteenth century or the first half of the
twentieth century; that is, the poet wants to reveal his or her take on some given ...

Author: Carol Bly

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 9780307778208

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An innovative new approach to teaching and writing creative nonfiction from veteran teacher and critically acclaimed author Carol Bly. Teachers and writers everywhere are facing the limits imposed by the prevailing models of teaching: community or MFA “workshops” or, at the high-school level, “peer review.” In Beyond the Writers' Workshop Carol Bly presents an alternative. She believes that workshopping’s tendency to engage in wry scorn and pay exaggerated attention to technical details, causes apprentice writers, consciously or unconsciously, to modify their most passionate work. Inspired by a philosophy of individuality and moral rigor, Bly combines ideas and techniques from social work, psychotherapy, and neuroscience with the traditional teaching of fresh metaphor, salient dialogue, lively pace, and analysis of other literary work in her pioneering new approach. She also includes exercises and examples in an extensive practical appendix.

Beyond the Canon

A number of previous workshops was devoted largely to the major Hellenistic
poets . This recent workshop explores what the poets beyond the canon ' of
Callimachus , Theocritus and Apollonius Rhodius had to offer and it discussed ...

Author: Annette Harder

Publisher: Peeters Publishers

ISBN: 9042918136

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This volume contains the papers of the 'Seventh Groningen Workshop on Hellenistic Poetry: Beyond the Canon' (Groningen 2004). During the workshop a first draft of each of the papers was commented on by an international group of specialists in the field of Hellenistic poetry. A number of previous workshops was devoted largely to the major Hellenistic poets. This recent workshop explores what the poets 'beyond the canon' of Callimachus, Theocritus and Apollonius Rhodius had to offer and it discussed questions of canonicity in Hellenistic poetry on a more general level. The papers in the present volume deal with a large range of authors and genres: Herondas, Lycophron, Euphorion, Hermesianax, Cercidas, Crates of Thebes and Alexander Aetolus, and the didactic poetry of Aratus, Nicander and Ps.-Scymnus, the later bucolic poems of Moschus and Bion and the pattern poems of Simias. At the same time special attention is given to the hexameter in inscribed Hellenistic epigram, which is compared to that of poets in the environment of the Museum of Alexandria. This volume is part of a series. Every two years a 'Workshop on Hellenistic Poetry' takes place at the University of Groningen, the papers of which are published in 'Hellenistica Groningana'.

Beyond the Glitter

The forms, textures, and colors which so fascinated Art Nou- veau jewelers
appear in Silva's word painting as "Taller moderno" invites the reader into the
inner sanctum of the poet's workshop (27-28). As Art Nouveau jewelers
experimented ...

Author: Rosemary C. Lo Dato

Publisher: Bucknell University Press

ISBN: 0838753949

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The influence of the plastic arts, especially painting and sculpture, upon the Hispanic literary movement known as Modernismo is well-documented. Although numerous studies have referred to gems, Beyond the Glitter focuses upon the significance of gems and jewels in elaborating Modernismo's complex aesthetics. The role of gems and jewelry is discussed in the poetics of three prominent Modernista writers: Ruben Dario, Ramon del Valle-Inclan, and Jose Asuncion Silva. The conclusion underscores how the rich and varied symbolism associated with jewelry and precious gems enriched the poetics of Modernista writers because it enabled them to articulate their quest for ideal beauty, expressive of a sublime state of mind and spirit.

Listening Up Writing Down and Looking Beyond

These workshops were, perhaps, the only part of the weekend that was not
entirely successful. I invited all of the poets to lead their own sessions, a mistake
because not every poet's practice lends itself to transmission in a workshop
setting, ...

Author: Susan Gingell

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9781554583928

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Listening Up, Writing Down, and Looking Beyond is an interdisciplinary collection that gathers the work of scholars and performance practitioners who together explore questions about the oral, written, and visual. The book includes the voices of oral performance practitioners, while the scholarship of many of the academic contributors is informed by their participation in oral storytelling, whether as poets, singers, or visual artists. Its contributions address the politics and ethics of the utterance and text: textualizing orature and orality, simulations of the oral, the poetics of performance, and reconstructions of the oral.

Beyond Art A Third Culture

Co - initiator of the " Poets Workshops " and the " Concerts of rarely heard music .
" In the 1980s , he moved to Dawson City , Canada , and intensified his work as a
cognitive scientist . In the 1990s , he was a professor at the Dusseldorf art ...

Author: Peter Weibel

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3211245626

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A new theory of culture presented with a new method achieved by comparing closely the art and science in 20th century Austria and Hungary. Major achievements that have influenced the world like psychoanalysis, abstract art, quantum physics, Gestalt psychology, formal languages, vision theories, and the game theory etc. originated from these countries, and influence the world still today as a result of exile nurtured in the US. A source book with numerous photographs, images and diagrams, it opens up a nearly infinite horizon of knowledge that helps one to understand what is going on in today’s worlds of art and science.

Beyond Baroque Foundation Publications

If interested submit 5 poems . $ 46 for 15 ... Workshops READINOS BEYOND
BAROQUE CENTER , 1639 W . . Washington Blvd . ... PARKSHOP is an open
poets ' . workshop that aims to splurge on poetry in Ocean Park . All poets , would
- be ...

Author: Beyond Baroque Foundation


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Chips from a German Workshop by Max M ller

Mr. Kelly takes it for granted that the poets of the Veda knew a tree similar to the
tree Yggdrasil -a world tree , or a cloud ... As to the tree Ilpa - or more correctly ,
Ilya — nothing is known of it beyond its name in one of the latest works of Vedic ...

Author: Friedrich Max Müller


ISBN: IBNN:BN000616778


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Chips from a German Workshop

This is proved by another verse of the same poet : ' Not the palmwine , no , it is
love which runs through the veins , and enraptures even by sight . ” Nay more ,
Love is a fire beyond all fires . And this also is proved by a verse of the poet : “ If I
fly ...

Author: Friedrich Max Müller


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Beyond Tish

What Gerry is talking about is what I call the “ downtown poets . " They were there
. In fact the downtown poets and the Tish poets got in touch very fast . Gladys
Hindmarch : There was also about a year of Writers ' Workshops , where people ...

Author: Douglas Barbour

Publisher: Newest Publishers

ISBN: UOM:39015054448629

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Presents new writng by those associated with the first nineteen issues of Tish, as well as interviews and critical essays on the recent writing of the best known among them.

Beyond the Great Wall

Arcellana was one of our panelists in the 1990 UP Summer Writers ' Workshop .
That year , I was fortunate enough to be a writing fellow of the Creative Writing
Center , and my co - fellows were very dedicated young writers who had been ...

Author: Mario Miclat


ISBN: UOM:39015064740163

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Beyond Forgetting

Author: Holly J. Hughes

Publisher: Literature & Medicine

ISBN: STANFORD:36105132282836

Category: Poetry

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This is a literary collection that illuminates the darkness of Alzheimer's disease. It is a unique collection of poetry and short prose about the disease written by 100 contemporary writers - doctors, nurses, social workers, hospice workers, daughters, sons, wives, and husbands - whose lives have been touched by the disease.

The Guide to Writers Conferences

Writers Conferences Index 257 MASTER INDEX About Books , Inc . 35 Academy
of American Poets , 229 Act 1 ... 119 Bay Area Writers Workshop , 10 Bellagio
Study and Conference Center , 225 Bennington Writing Workshops , 154 Beyond



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The Crafty Poet II A Portable Workshop

Each of these thirty craft tips is followed by a Model poem and a Prompt based on the poem. Each model poem is used as a mentor, expressing the underlying philosophy of the book that the best teacher of poetry is a good poem.

Author: Diane Lockward

Publisher: Terrapin Books

ISBN: 9780997666670

Category: Poetry

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The Crafty Poet II is organized into ten sections, beginning with "Revising Your Process." That section is followed by one on "Entryways into Poems" which considers how a poet might get going with a poem and how a poet might pull in a reader with humor and enticing titles. There is in-depth discussion of the importance of choosing the right words; using syntax, line breaks, and spacing to advantage; and enhancing the music of poems. There is a meaty section on how to add complication to your poems, another on how to divert or transform your poems from their original intention, and another on special forms of poems. In "Expanding the Material" three poets consider how to write poetic sequences using paintings, photographs, and history. The final section, "Revision," moves beyond the usual advice to "get rid of adjectives" as one poet offers ways to revise via sound, another offers a series of expansion strategies, and, finally, poet Dick Allen issues a warning against excessive revision. All ten sections include three craft tips, each provided by an experienced, accomplished poet. Each of these thirty craft tips is followed by a Model poem and a Prompt based on the poem. Each model poem is used as a mentor, expressing the underlying philosophy of the book that the best teacher of poetry is a good poem. Each prompt is followed by two Sample poems which suggest the possibilities for the prompts and should provide for good discussion about what works and what doesn't. Each section includes a Poet on the Poem Q&A about the craft elements in one of the featured poet's poems. Each section concludes with a Bonus Prompt, each of which provides a stimulus on those days when you just can't get your engine started.

The Word and Beyond

To be sure , a lot of the poet - editors of this period dropped acid , but so did
Henry and Clare Booth Luce . ... It was only after the people in the Detroit Artists '
Workshop were harrassed repeatedly by the police and repeatedly busted for ...

Author: Dick Higgins


ISBN: STANFORD:36105011932162

Category: American essays

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Beyond the Legacy

Sanskrit poetry and drama reached great heights , with the poet Kalidasa writing
his famous plays and lyrical poems and the ... The image was created in a
workshop at Mathura , south of Delhi , a major artistic center that , during the rule
of the ...

Author: Thomas Lawton

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: UOM:39015049633863

Category: Art

Page: 352

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Together the Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery at the Smithsonian Institution form the national museum of Asian art for the U.S. Featuring those gift and purchases honoring the 10th anniversary of the Sackler and the 75th anniversary of the Freer, this sumptuously illustrated volume traces not only the evolution of this country's perception of Asia, but also the evolution of the museum and its role. Essays by Thomas Lawton, former director of both galleries, and Thomas W. Lentz, deputy director, detail the separate but interrelated histories and directions of the two galleries.

Beyond Lament

Poets of the World Bearing Witness to the Holocaust Marguerite M. Striar ... He
has led the Washington Poets Workshop since 1977 . He has also recently
translated a book of poems by Bulgaria ' s leading poet , Nikolai Kantchev .

Author: Marguerite M. Striar


ISBN: UOM:39015045658468

Category: Poetry

Page: 565

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Challenging Theodor Adorno's famous statement that "writing poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric," Beyond Lament is a rich and varied anthology consisting of new and previously published poems about the atrocity of the Holocaust. Marguerite M. Striar has arranged the nearly 300 poems by the likes of Paul Celan, Nelly Sachs, Czeslaw Milosz, Dannie Abse, and Robert Pinsky, as well as many others, to tell the story of the Holocaust.

Beyond the Blues

New Poems by American Negroes Rosey E. Pool, Ithiel de Sola Pool. many
poetry ... for instance , has an interesting ' Harlem Writers ' Workshop ' , of which
Sarah Wright is an active member , and a highly original talent . In 1959 I opened
in ...

Author: Rosey E. Pool


ISBN: STANFORD:36105003946303

Category: African Americans

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