The PLAIN ENGLISH Writer s Workbook

The PLAIN ENGLISH Writer's Workbook explains writing concepts in simple terms. It's written for fiction and memoir writers of all levels, from beginners to previously published. The workbook is divided into six sections: 1.

Author: Sandy Tritt

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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The PLAIN ENGLISH Writer's Workbook explains writing concepts in simple terms. It's written for fiction and memoir writers of all levels, from beginners to previously published. The workbook is divided into six sections: 1. Getting Ready to Write (Advice for Beginners); 2. The Basics (Understanding Plot, Characterization, Setting, Dialogue, and Point of View); 3. Advanced Techniques (Understanding Pacing, Flashbacks, Foreshadowing, Cutting the Flab, and Adding Muscle); 4. Self-Editing (Grammar, Punctuation, Proofreading, and Editing); 5. The Next Step (Applying for a Copyright, Writing a Query Letter, Writing a Synopsis, Understanding Self-Publishing, Finding an Agent, and Tax Deductions for Writers); and 6. Reproducible Worksheets with Detailed Instructions (Novel Summary Worksheet, Memoir Summary Worksheet, Chapter Summary, Character Trait Chart, Juvenile Trait Chart, Personality Components Worksheet, Character Growth Chart, Character List, and Setting List). Additionally, three appendices are included: List of Genres, Glossary, and Writing Resources. The generous 8.5 x 11" size allows for easy reproduction of the worksheets. This workbook gives you the techniques you need to bring your writing to the next level--and it's written in PLAIN ENGLISH. Tips give reminders of important concepts in just a few words. Nine worksheets with detailed instructions help you plot, create memorable characters, and edit your own work like a pro. Throughout the workbook, generous samples are given to show the right and wrong way to perform various techniques. SAMPLE TIPS: Replace dialogue tags with action or body language. This, alone, will bring your writing up a level. Any word that doesn't add value to your prose detracts from it. Make a scene feel complete by ending it with the focus on the viewpoint character. If multiple viewpoints are used in a manuscript, the current viewpoint character should be the first character named in each scene. Avoid the temptation to explain. Readers are smart--they will "get it." Never name an emotion. Use body language and dialogue (internal or spoken) to show the emotion. ** EVERY WRITER NEEDS THIS BOOK.

The Creative Writing Workbook

It must be evident from the words I've used so far that contemporary English is in
fact a mix of plain and polished. When I speak of 'vast oceans' I'm using an
AngloSaxon word, 'vast', reintroduced into the language by Shakespeare, and ...

Author: John Singleton

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 9781137147226

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This is a companion to The Creative Writing Handbook - now in its second edition. It is very much aimed at the individual writer, based on the idea that real writing comes from within and that writing is a craft, skill with determination, art with attitude. The book is filled with useful ideas and inspiring techniques for exploring and exploiting resources available, both within and without. It focuses on three major areas - the writer's roots (family, class and gender), the writer's resources (memory and language) and the writer's art (form and technique). Chapters focus on many topics, including how memory shapes a writer's material, the pro-creative force of words and the ambiguities of art and artfulness. Many examples of established writers' works are cited to give the fledgling writer much practical help.

Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Plain English exercises . Book 4 . Cumulative review , Tests . AA100768 . SEE
Walsh , J. Martyn . WALSH , Anna Kathleen , joint author . Plain English exercises
. Book 4 . Teacher's answer book for Cumulative review . AA100767 . SEE Walsh

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Includes Part 1A: Books and Part 1B: Pamphlets, Serials and Contributions to Periodicals

Becoming a Public Relations Writer

A Writing Workbook for Emerging and Established Media Ronald D. Smith. Plain
Anglo-Saxon English is better than a string of jargon and 10-dollar words. It is
also the language of emotion.

Author: Ronald D. Smith

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136593376

Category: Business & Economics

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Becoming a Public Relations Writer is a comprehensive guide to the writing process for public relations practice. Using straightforward, no-nonsense language, realistic examples, easy-to-follow steps and practical exercises, this text introduces the various formats and styles of writing you will encounter as a public relations practitioner. A focus on ethical and legal issues is woven throughout, with examples and exercises addressing public relations as practiced by corporations, non-profit agencies, and other types of organizations both large and small. In addition, the book offers the most comprehensive list of public relations writing formats to be found anywhere---from the standard news release to electronic mail and other opportunities using a variety of technologies and media. The fourth edition has been updated to reflect significant developments in the public relations field, including: New chapter on multimedia and social media releases New chapter on websites, blogs, and wikis Expansion of the chapter on direct mail and online appeals Updated examples of actual pieces of public relations writing A companion website including writing exercises, PowerPoint presentations, and relevant links Through its comprehensive and accessible approach, Becoming a Public Relations Writer is an invaluable resource for future and current public relations practitioners.

Estate Planning in Plain English

When I first began writing the Law (in Plain English)® series more than four
decades ago, my goal was to educate ... We searched for a book to assist with
this problem and were unable to find one that we believed would be useful for
our ...

Author: Leonard D. DuBoff

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781621537274

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"An invaluable tool to help you collect the information your attorney needs." —Michael Cragun, Utah State Tax Commissioner An Accessible Guide to Estate Planning With Estate Planning (in Plain English)®, readers will learn to comprehend the legal jargon and navigate the complex rules involved in preparing one’s estate. The authors provide clear information and cite actual cases to help readers approach the process with the confidence and knowledge they need to make the best decisions for their heirs. Chapters discuss important topics such as: Estate plans, wills, and a variety of trusts Guardians, powers of attorney, advance directives, and other essential documents Life insurance Digital assets Gifts Tax considerations Avoiding probate Identifying and caring for estate property Settling business assets Finding a lawyer An invaluable reference for those preparing their estates and for their families, Estate Planning (in Plain English)®will enable readers to take the necessary steps to preserve their legacies.

Complete IELTS Bands 5 6 5 Workbook Without Answers with Audio CD

... outside the circle — such as a newspaper — they can rediscover the knack of
Writing reasonably plain English. ... It is almost as though the purpose of such
writing is not to be clear: that the writer is recording research in order to prove to ...

Author: Mark Harrison

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107401969

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Complete IELTS Bands 5-6.5 Workbook without Answers features 8 topic based units for homework and self-study which cover reading, writing and listening skills, further practise in the grammar and vocabulary taught in the Student's Book and an Audio CD containing all the listening material for the Workbook.

Plain English

Introduction Plain English developed out of an idea that began in the Open
University's South West region. There, some years ago, five part-time arts-faculty
tutors joined with me to produce a set of workbooks for students who had been
out of touch with formal education for some time and who wanted to revise or
develop some basic writing abilities. Those workbooks were known as Open

Author: Collinson, Diane

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335156757

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Plain English meets the needs of all students who wish to improve their writing skills. The book opens with an introductory quiz, which gives a broad idea of the subject matter covered and helps readers to identify those sections which will be of most use. The quiz is followed by sections on punctuation, spelling, grammar, style, references and bibliographies. Each section deals step by step with basic difficulties and provides exercises to help test the readers' understanding. Answers are provided for all the exercises. Plain English is user-friendly and may either by read from beginning to end, or simply dipped into for selected sections.

Modern Method Cursive Writing Part 7

20 ENGLISH SERIES Now Easy Grammar - I to VII ☆ New Method English
Workbook - I to VII ☆ English ( H . L . ) Grammar & Composition - V to X ☆
Wonder World of English ( Coursebook ) - I to V Butterfly Readers - 0 to V ☆ Now
Easy ...


Publisher: Jeevandeep Prakashan Pvt Ltd

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Wadsworth English Workbook

10C PLAIN ENGLISH , PLEASE A writer has to be able to get a point across
clearly and directly to the reader . Every writer has to learn to clear the way — to
do without pretentious words , awkward repetition , unnecessary machinery .
Each of ...

Author: Hans Paul Guth


ISBN: PSU:000006637026

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Radiant English Grammar Workbook With Creative Writing 6

This poem is mainly about a . fairies b . beauty of nature C. cattle d . moving train
B. Find from the poem , words to complete these . 1 . means to climb with difficulty
. ( verb ) 2 . means hollow dug in the ground . ( noun ) 3 . means leading an ...


Publisher: Allied Publishers

ISBN: 9798177648989



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Mississippi Program for the Improvement of Instruction

Tressler , J. C. , English in Action , Practice Book for Books II , III and VIII ; D. C.
Heath and Co. , 1934 . ... Walsh , J. M. and Walsh , A. H. , Plain English
Handbook , The McCormick - Mathers , Co. , 1935 . ... Wilson , Gordon ; Rubado ,
Clarence A .; and Scoville , Magnolia ; Forward Steps in Thinking and Writing ,
Workbook for ...

Author: Mississippi. State Department of Education


ISBN: IND:30000114475993

Category: Education

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Bulletin No 1 Mississippi Program for the Improvement of Instruction

Tressler , J. C. , English in Action , Practice Book for Books II , III and VIII ; D. C.
Heath and Co. , 1934 . Tressler , J. C. ... Walsh , J. Martyn and Walsh , Anna
Kathleen , Plain Way English Exercises , The McCormick - Mathers Co. , 1936 . ...
Wilson , Gordon ; Rubado , Clarence A .; and Scoville , Magnolia ; Forward Steps
in Thinking and Writing , Workbook for Sixth Grade , Silver , Burdett and Co. ,
1933 .

Author: Mississippi. State Department of Education


ISBN: OSU:32435018941898

Category: Education


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Broadcast Writing Workbook

Good broadcast writers make sure every word in a script is there for a reason .
Simple English When you ' re attempting to convert a cliche into an original
phrase and don ' t have time to fashion one , use plain , unself - conscious
English .

Author: Daniel E. Garvey

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman Limited

ISBN: 0582281717

Category: Broadcasting

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Plain English Handbook

Workbooks to accompany Plain English Handbook PLAIN ENGLISH 1 PLAIN
ENGLISH 2 PLAIN ENGLISH 3 PLAIN ... form or by any means , electronic or
mechanical , including photocopying , without permission in writing from the
publisher .

Author: James Martyn Walsh

Publisher: Random House Children's Books

ISBN: STANFORD:36105044051626

Category: English language

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A handbook of rules for English usage and grammar.