The performance of the artist Marina Abramovi in the MoMA Museum of Modern Art N Y as a mirror of zeitgeist

The performance of the artist Marina Abramović in the MoMAMuseum of
Modern Art, N.Y. as a mirror of zeitgeist in the seminar: Lecturer: SS 2010
Europauniversität Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder Author: Felicitas Aull Master of
European Studies ...

Author: Felicitas Aull

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ISBN: 9783640896431

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Seminar paper from the year 2010 in the subject Art - Installation / Action/Performance Art / Modern Art, grade: 1,0, European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), course: Performing Arts and Spectacles in a Contemporary Multicultural World , language: English, abstract: A woman is sitting on a chair. 7 hours a day. Almost 3 months. What is this about? The description is confusing. The simplicity stumps the spectator, and meanwhile arouses the curiosity what could be behind that simple concept. 1.565 persons sat in front of Marina Abramović, getting an impression of the spectacle, and much more persons even just watched the whole scenario. But what is it exactly that catches our intention, that brought so many journalists and the media in motion to speak and write about it? Is it simply our curiousness or is there something more deep and secret to be seen. What is a body, even a body that is not moving, just sitting, possible to tell us? How is it transporting the things it want to say, or the mind behind the body intends to tell. And how can we understand the speech we are going to see? „My work became through times more simple and thus more difficult. Three months keeping that mental status, face to face with the public, feels like opening your soul.“ Marina Abramović Maybe it is that citation that sets an inkling of what is happening through this piece of performance. There is a human being, opening its soul in the middle of New York, a city with 8 million inhabitants, more than 20 different nations, 12 languages and a status that we can call multiethnic megacity, a symbol for a globalised world that opens its limits and seems to become one fast and continuous movement. The following paper tries to analyse the performance piece The Artist is Present by Marina Abramović in context to our contemporary multicultural world, its forces and debilities, considering to contemporary aims and changes as the meaning of time, presence, humanity and the sense of human being in a complex system regarding the performance art history and intentions.

Posthuman Spiritualities in Contemporary Performance

“The Artist Is Present. The Performance of the Artist Marina Abramović in the
MoMAMuseum of Modern Art, N.Y. as a Mirror of Zeitgeist.” In Proceedings of
the Seminar: Performing Arts and Spectacles in a Contemporary Multicultural

Author: Silvia Battista

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319897585

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This book provides an interpretative analysis of the notion of spirituality through the lens of contemporary performance and posthuman theories. The book examines five performance/artworks: The Artist is Present (2010) by Marina Abramović; The Deer Shelter Skyscape (2007) by James Turrell; CAT (1998) by Ansuman Biswas; Journey to the Lower World by Marcus Coates (2004); and the work with pollen by Wolfgang Laib. Through the analysis of these works the notion of spirituality is grounded in materiality and embodiment allowing the conceptual juxtaposition of spirit and matter to introduce the paradoxical as the guiding thread of the narrative of the book. Here, the human is interrogated and negotiated with/within a plurality of other living organisms, intangible existences and micro and macrocosmic ecologies. Silence, meditation, shamanic journeys, reciprocal gazing, restraint, and contemplation are analyzed as technologies used to manipulate perception and adventure into the multilayered condition of matter.

On Repetition

The Artist Is Present is prolific in this sense and demonstrates that Taves'
suggestion is a necessary scholarly perspective ... The Performance of the Artist
Marina Abramović in the MoMAMuseum of Modern Art, NY as a Mirror of
Zeitgeist', ...

Author: Eirini Kartsaki

Publisher: Intellect Books

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On Repetition aims to unpack the different uses and functions of repetition within contemporary performance, dance practices, craft and writing. The collection, edited by Eirini Kartsaki, explores repetition in relation to intimacy, laughter, technology, familiarity and fear – proposing a new vocabulary for understanding what is at stake in works that repeat. Drawing on psychoanalysis, philosophy, linguistics, sociology and performance studies – and employing case studies from a range of practices – the essays presented here combine to form a unique interdisciplinary exploration of the functions of repetition in contemporary culture.