The Peacemaker s Path Multifaith Reflections to Deepen Your Spiritualit

... not as a call to “peace” as the mere avoidance of all conflict. Knowing that there can be no true peace apart from justice and right relationship, help us to pray for peace and to work for. 176 THE PEACEMAKER'S PATH.

Author: Jerry Zehr

Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Publishers

ISBN: 9781506469126

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Now more than ever, people are painfully divided politically, religiously, and culturally. Through daily readings that explore the tenets, teachings, writings, and prayers of the world's major religions, The Peacemaker's Path shows us that we have much more in common than what divides us.

The Peacemaker s Path

The Peacemaker's Path brings together wisdom from the world's major religious traditions, including Bahá'í, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Native American spiritualities, Sikhism, Taoism, and Zoroastrianism, ...

Author: Jerry Zehr

Publisher: Broadleaf Books

ISBN: 9781506469133

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Now more than ever, people are painfully divided politically, religiously, and culturally. And yet, there is a commonality in our faith traditions that can help us turn away from polarization and create a greater sense of community in which our differences are honored. The Peacemaker's Path brings together wisdom from the world's major religious traditions, including Bahá'í, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Native American spiritualities, Sikhism, Taoism, and Zoroastrianism, showing that we have much more in common than what divides us. Through daily readings that explore the tenets, teachings, writings, and prayers of these diverse faith traditions, you will gain new insight, understanding, and connection with people from different religious backgrounds. Each day offers a reflection, scripture passages from the world's religions, questions to contemplate, a call to action, and a closing prayer. May we realize the tremendous importance of building bridges of peace in our own lives, our communities, and our world. Loving our friends is easy; loving the "other" will bring shalom.

The Path of a Peacemaker

I pray God uses this book to guide many people to step onto the path of peace.” Ken Sande, author of The Peacemaker and founder of Relational Wisdom 360 “Winsome as always! Brian is a clear and compelling communicator about how the ...

Author: P. Brian Noble

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781493417636

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Conflict is inevitable, but peace, especially among Christians, is essential. When conflict turns into peace, frustration becomes clarity and turmoil becomes unity. When conflict turns into peace, God is glorified. But how do we find peace without ignoring our problems? How do we pursue unity without compromising on our principles? The Path of a Peacemaker offers a simple, proven path to a lifestyle of peace. It guides you through an examination of your own personal story, identifying the origins of your hopes and fears. It invites you to understand and embrace God's approach to conflict, take responsibility for your own part in conflict, and connect with others in a spirit of humility as you learn to listen first, ask for forgiveness, and move forward, even if the conflict remains unresolved. Pastors, counselors, and anyone who is dealing with conflict at home, work, church, or with friends will find this book a vital tool.

The Path and the Peacemakers

The idea made perfect sense to the middle - class youth of the Path who knew nothing about farming , but it struck the Quechuas as loathsome . ... The senderistas often condemned town fathers as ' enemies of 32 The Path and the Peacemakers.

Author: David Miller

Publisher: Evangel Author Services

ISBN: STANFORD:36105110372211

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The Shining Path was once one of the most feared guerrilla movements in the world & gripped Peru--and international headlines--for almost twenty years. The Path follows the story of four groups of people, including a missionary family who survived a traumatic Shining Path kidnapping and later encountered one of their captors. These stories intertwine so that, by the end, the reader has gained a number of varied perspectives on the Shining Path insurrection. The Path chronicles the suffering of Christians in that area and the remarkable strides that were made toward peace and healing in the midst of a harsh civil war.

Evangelical Peacemakers

Why did Jesus take this path? Harper writes: [I]n the faces of the chief priests, and their slaves, and the Roman soldiers, and Caesar himself, Jesus saw the image of God . . . How could Jesus strike down the image of God?

Author: David P. Gushee

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781625641151

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"This book contains fifteen essays originally presented at a conference on evangelical Christianity and global peacemaking held at Georgetown University in September 2012, together with a critical analysis of the collection by the editor, David P. Gushee. The essays fall into two categories: the first four essays primarily engage theoretical issues in the ethics of war and peace, considering pacifism, just war, and just peacemaking approaches, all in contemporary US context. The other eleven essays offer glimpses into current evangelical peacemaking efforts being undertaken by individuals, congregations, parachurch organizations, and global evangelical bodies. The collection as a whole gives considerable attention to Christian-Muslim relations and offers a number of extraordinary accounts of evangelical peacemaking with Muslims and efforts to engage Islam as a living religious tradition. The concluding essay suggests that while evangelical peace and war thinking cannot escape the paradoxes and challenges that have always bedeviled Christian theorizing about war, contemporary evangelical peacemaking efforts reflect substantial progress in implementing the radical love of Jesus Christ in some of the most challenging contexts and conflicts in our world today. Contributors include: David P. Gushee Lisa Sharon Harper Eric Patterson Glen Stassen Geoff Tunnicliffe Mark C. Johnson Joseph Cumming Douglas M. Johnson Jr. David W. Shenk Lisa R. Gibson Sami Awad Bob Roberts Jr. David Beasley Jim Wallis Rick Love "

Tales of the Peacemaker

A hard path not without it's pain was chosen. I chose it again. Again and again we have chosen this path. Long sought hard path now we find it. Traveling cross space and time. To worlds long forgot. Peacemakers to those gone before.

Author: Ashley Hall

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781796018547

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These are a 21 interactive subset of the Tales of the Peacemaker series. As on might expect they all whitness some events. Only the events important to them do they record in their stories. If you read all 21 stories you will see parts that you have read in others but also there are some different things woven into the stories. They tell it as it occurred to them. Angela Atom is the one to create new objects.

Conflicted are the Peacemakers

Tamar Hermann and David Newman, “A Path Strewn with Thorns: Along the Difficult Road of Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking,” in John Darby and Roger MacGinty, eds, The Management of Peace Processes (New York: St. Martin's Press, 2000), ...

Author: Eric N. Budd

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781441151667

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The 1993 Oslo Accords were a key attempt to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict whose failure was largely attributed to extremists on both sides. The book challenges this conventional wisdom by examining the role of Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers themselves in derailing the peace process. Looking at the role of moderates before and after Oslo, the different agreements and peace proposals they negotiated, and their rhetoric, the book shows that these peacemakers retained an inherent ambivalence toward the peace process and one another. This prevented them and their constituents from committing to the process and achieving a lasting peace. This unique survey shows how the people who drive the peace process can not only undermine it, but also prevent its successful conclusion. By dealing with such an important aspect of negotiation, the book will foster a better understanding of the role of moderates and why peace processes may falter. It will fill a gap in the literature and be a valuable research tool for anyone studying conflict processes, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and Middle East politics.

On the Trail of the Peacemakers

... satisfied in that realm - yet with all this accomplished , which seems like an impossible dream , still another cloud is to be seen on the horizon , and humanity must yet find its path through the social and industrial struggle .

Author: Fred Burton Smith


ISBN: NYPL:33433081612487

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Peacemaking From Practice to Theory 2 volumes

Some of these are unrelated to our role as peacemaker; some might be highly relevant and, if left unexamined, could become ... In the mid-1980s, when I realized I was about to walk the peacemaking path, I took this inner inventory and ...

Author: Susan Allen Nan

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313375774

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In a world where conflict is never ending, this thoughtful compilation fosters a new appreciation of the art of peacemaking as it is understood and practiced in a variety of contemporary settings. • Contributions from an international, interdisciplinary team of 48 experts who bring together insights from peace and conflict resolution studies, anthropology, sociology, law, cultural studies, and political science • First-person narratives detailing the experiences of prominent peacemakers • Offers access to an ongoing, Internet-based, practice-to-theory project • An extensive bibliography of resources about peacemaking and related fields

Christian Paths to Health and Wellness

... but from the grace of God, only then are you able to set others and yourself free through forgiveness: Peacemaker Ministries is a nonprofit Christian organization committed to helping people find forgiveness and reconciliation.

Author: Peter Walters

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781450424547

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Christian Paths to Health and Wellness, Second Edition, helps readers embrace the concepts and lifestyle choices of health and well-being as part of the Christian life. This text contains the latest information about nutrition, physical fitness, and emotional wellness plus practical tools and inspiration to help readers make gradual and permanent change.