The Journey Home

“I told him to wait until we got here,” said the angry outlaw. “Did the sheriff go with them, or is it just the two of them?” he demanded. “Sheriff hasn't been in town for a week. Only a deputy here, but he didn't go with them.

Author: Robert Butler


ISBN: 9780557025039


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"The Journey Home" is the story of two young lovers in the 1890's who run away to get married but are pursued by a family friend. It is the journey home that brings the three together, creating a friendship amidst the trials and adventures that they face together along the trail. Tragedy, pain, joy, and all the emotions of life change them from teenagers into adults as they travel. It is a story that will touch your heart, make you laugh, and remind you that life is for living, not just existing.

THE OUTLAWS OF THE WILD WEST 150 Westerns in One Edition

her old friend in her own bridal travelling gown for her journey. She had not brought a lot of things for her journey because she did not want to be bothered, but she could easily get more when she got to a large city, ...

Author: Zane Grey

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788027229734

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This carefully edited collection has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Contents: Introduction Story of the Cowboy Story of the Outlaw Novels & Stories Riders of the Purple Sage Saga (Zane Grey) Ohio River Trilogy Dan Barry Series (Max Brand) The Virginian (Owen Wister) Lin McLean Leatherstocking Series (James F. Cooper) Flying U Series (B. M. Bower) Cabin Fever Rimrock Trail (J. Allan Dunn) Breckinridge Elkins Series (Robert E. Howard) In a Hollow of the Hills (Bret Harte) Roughing It (Mark Twain) Outcasts of Poker Flat Call of the Wild (Jack London) Heart of the West (O. Henry) White Fang Wolf Hunters (James Oliver Curwood) Gold Hunters Last of the Plainsmen Border Legion Smoke Bellew Country Beyond Lone Star Ranger Ronicky Doone Trilogy Riders of the Silences Three Partners Man of the Forest Lure of the Dim Trails Tennessee's Partner Covered Wagon (Emerson Hough) Luck of Roaring Camp Rustlers of Pecos County Pike Bearfield Series O Pioneers! (Willa Cather) My Ántonia Log of a Cowboy (Andy Adams) Two-Gun Man (Charles Alden Seltzer) Short Cut (Jackson Gregory) Astoria (Washington Irving) Ungava (R.M. Ballantyne) Valley of Silent Men Black Jack Whispering Smith (Frank H. Spearman) A Texas Cow Boy (Charles Siringo) Trail Horde Golden Dream (Ballantyne) Blue Hotel (Stephen Crane) Long Shadow Girl from Montana (Grace Livingston Hill) Hidden Children (Robert W. Chambers) Where the Trail Divides Desert Trail (Dane Coolidge) Bride Comes to Yellow Sky Hidden Water…

Dark Journey Home

Somehow the mention of these western outlaws seemed much more mysterious and dangerous, however, she figured they were wellprotected, as she had seen the driver and his partner and these two were definitely a far cry from greenhorn kids ...

Author: Cherie Shaw

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781329590618

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Action, adventure, and romance! Beautiful, but prim and proper, Lady Olivia Worthington, and her uncle, Lord Beckford, are on their way from England to America to visit the Texas ranch they own but have never seen. On their way, Olivia discovers the badly hurt cowboy, Logan Wakefield. As Olivia and Logan both try to deny their growing feelings for each other, danger awaits them at the Triple B Ranch. When Logan and his friend, Ricardo, go undercover to discover the secrets of the ranch, a dangerous former suitor has his own ideas regarding Olivia.

The Journey of Princess Anna

I couldn't simply travel on from Hapwood to Oak Hills. The Duke wouldn't allow that. So I had Strawbeard find out how we might contact the outlaws of the dukedom.” “Outlaws? Why should you want to contact outlaws?

Author: Robert Collins

Publisher: Robert Collins


Category: Fiction


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Princess Anna takes an interest in fighting at an early age. She grows up to become a skilled and renowned warrior. But there’s little place in her kingdom for her, seeing as she’s also the youngest of three children. She chooses to leave her kingdom and explore the surrounding region. She hopes to learn more to benefit her father the King and her brother, the Prince and heir to the throne. Anna quickly finds war, injustice, and slavery. She refuses to let good folk suffer at the hands of bad rulers. She vows to fight for what is right, even if she must side with outlaws and common villagers. She also finds her affections challenged in a most unexpected way. Princess Anna journeys not only away from home but away from the life she was certain she’d lead…

Journey to the Catskills

Roland's forces moved forward after the outlaw retreat. They found over four hundred dead and captured about sixty, many of them wounded, whom the reminder of outlaws had abandoned in their rout. After the outlaws were corralled, ...

Author: Dan Pinckney

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462070051

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In Mexico City a biologically engineered strain of the Ebola virus has been released by terrorists and quickly begins to spread, claiming innocent lives worldwide. As the United States attempts to deal with the consequences, a second attack is launched. Nuclear bombs are launched, exploding in Baghdad, Moscow, and Washington, DC. The death toll rises exponentially. National infrastructures fail, and governments collapse. In the ensuing chaos, those who survive are forced to live their lives in a world without rules. When information about the location of a cure of the virus is released by the CDC, a mass migration of millions of fearful and infected survivors begins. A small group of survivors led by a unit of the Massachusetts Army National Guard are the fi rst to arrive at the research facility, where they immediately find themselves charged with distributing the cure. But those driven by good intentions are not the only ones who come in search of the cure; a confrontation seems imminent. Only time will tell what kind of world the survivors of the disaster will manage to create together.

The Long Journey and Other Stories

He then reached into his pocket and turned an old baseball and said to himself, "Maybe we can find a new wrinkle or twist to that Ol' Poppy Pitch. After all, we've got several months before the Outlaws ride again.

Author: D. Mills

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781457501203

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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About the Cover This simple sketch is over 100 years old. It hung in the farm house I was raised in as a small boy. The artist was a relative on the Jackson side of my family tree. The original sketch now hangs in the cabin where I live. My grandmother tried to explain the meaning of the sketch to me when I was eight years old, but it was way over my head. Now that I have entered the final chapter of my long journey, I look at the sketch a lot differently than I did when my grandmom talked to me about it so long ago. The old man is not only old but very wise. The sweet, mellow smell from his pipe is now an integral part of him. The fragrance of Spring completely surrounds the young girl. As she tells him about his upcoming long journey, you can see the slight smile on his face. He knows his next journey will be soon and very short. I suspect that he will give her very little advice. He knows that unraveling the mysteries and finding your own answers are what make our long journeys worthwhile. Poppy About the Stories You may find some of them are sad, some funny, and some a little mysterious. However, I hope they rekindle and stir emotions you have hidden deep inside you-for a very long time.

Lora S Journey

There was one bit of recent news: Pete had seen one of the outlaws ride out of the woods alone and head for the Boggs shack. Later, the strange son had come along to the shack. Shortly after, both had ridden out.

Author: Edith Webster

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491770139

Category: Fiction

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Lora Fitzgerald gets word from her parents attorney, Mason Kile, that she must cross the Oregon territory and return home. While Kile is reluctant to send for Lora, he sees no other way: He is only seeking to fulfill the last will and testament of the Fitzgeralds. Good intentions wont make the journey for Lora easier, but she does have a mountain man from Montana and a blacksmith-turned-farmer who is closer than a brother as traveling companions. Although shes reluctant to go, she travels from grassland to seashore, by stagecoach, barge, and railroad as she bravely seeks to get to her final destinationFitz Landingthe home her deceased parents so carefully tended. Even if she arrives unharmed, it will be an unfamiliar world inhabited by seamen who are capable of killing just for the fun of it. Plus, a swarthy old man named Boggs wants nothing more than to destroy Lora once and for all.

The Journey

The first one to come up off the floor caught a fist driven to the wind and as he grabbed himself, Sim jerked his knee up and slammed the outlaws face into it with a solid crunch. The other outlaw was grabbing for his gun when Sim shot ...

Author: Ray E. Murray

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1477279644

Category: Fiction

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What a shock. Leaving your homeland because you fear for your life and coming to the young and growing United States. There is romance and adventures awaiting the four main characters as the journey begins. We follow the families as they solve many problems that they face and discover that, after many years, they meet the people we first met in the story of Moses' Rod. Following God's leadership helps with the many decisions made along the way, as it should for all of us.

Ride the Razor s Edge

On Saturday morning the outlaws abandoned their horses and continued their journey afoot in that land of lakes and swamps . Their progress was slow and painful . Cole was wounded in the thigh and Bob in the elbow , but they received no ...

Author: Breihan, Carl W.

Publisher: Pelican Publishing

ISBN: 1455611271

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Provides profiles based on family interviews and personal records

Riding the Outlaw Trail

Russian Ride was interesting. It told the story of a woman's 2,500 mile trek across Russia with Cossack horses. I wrote to Barbara Whittome's publisher seeking her ideas and help. Well, why not?

Author: Simon Casson

Publisher: Eye & Lightning Books

ISBN: 9781908646279

Category: Travel

Page: 305

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Inspired by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Simon Casson and Richard Adamson follow on horseback the trail of their boyhood heroes. They ride 2,000 miles through America's toughest and most treacherous terrain, crossing deserts, mountains, canyons and the high-plains of the 'Old West'. They have to endure harsh conditions and cope with natural hazards and in so doing bring the exciting and violent lives of the Wild Bunch vividly to life. This dramatic, inspiring adventure provides an insight into America's past and present.