Anthropology of the North

Anthropology of northern China . Publications , Royal Asiatic Society , North China Branch , Extra vol . 2 . 1925. Anthropology of eastern China and Kwangtung Province . Royal Asiatic Society , North China Branch , Publications , Ēxtra ...



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A Master Plan for the North Shore Trail

The state trail passes through this soil association north of Duluth, and skirts the edge of the association all the way along the North Shore. The rock outcrops are mostly basic igneous rocks. The light colored Ontonagon soils are ...



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The North Korean Economy

would amount to an addition of over 500 calories per person per day in the North Korean diet— equivalent, in fact, to over a quarter of the presumed daily calorie supply for the North Korean populace in 2003–04.

Author: Catherine Cavanaugh

Publisher: Routledge

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Viewed from afar, North Korea may appear bizarre, or positively irrational. But as Nicholas Eberstadt demonstrates in this meticulously researched volume, there is a grim coherence to North Korea's political economy, and a ruthless logic undergirding it--one that unreservedly subordinates economic welfare to augmentation of political power. Thus, paradoxically, even as official policies and practices consign the DPRK economy to a perilous realm between crisis and catastrophe, the country's leadership maintains unchallenged domestic control and has actually managed to increase its international influence.Through painstaking collection of hard-to-uncover data and careful analysis, Eberstadt provides a quantitative tableau of North Korea's terrible failure in its economic race against South Korea; its stubborn adherence to policies all but guaranteed to stifle growth and undermine economic performance; and the longstanding official effort to ignore, or mitigate, pressures for economic reform.Eberstadt is skeptical of optimistic accounts from South Korea and elsewhere suggesting that the North Korean leadership is interested in resolving the current nuclear impasse, and getting on with the business of reform and development. So long as Pyongyang's rulers entertain the ambition of reunifying the Korean peninsula on its own terms, Eberstadt argues, economic reforms worthy of the name will be subversive of state authority--and vigilantly resisted by Pyongyang's rulers. This authoritative volume has received widespread attention from Asian specialists, well as those concerned with nuclear proliferation and world peace, and international relations professionals in general.

Noir in the North


Author: Stacy Gillis

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

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What is often termed 'Nordic Noir' has dominated detective fiction, film and television internationally for over two decades. But what are the parameters of this genre, both historically and geographically? What is noirish and what is northern about Nordic noir? The foreword and coda in this volume, by two internationally-bestselling writers of crime fiction in the north, Yrsa Sigurðardóttir and Gunnar Staalesen, speak to the social contract undertaken by writers of noir, while the interview with the renowned crime writer Val McDermid adds nuance to our understanding of what it is to write noir in the North. Divided into four sections – Gender and Sexuality, Space and Place, Politics and Crime, and Genre and Genealogy – Noir in the North challenges the traditional critical histories of noir by investigating how it functions transnationally beyond the geographical borders of Scandinavia. The essays in this book deepen our critical understanding of noir more generally by demonstrating, for example, Nordic noir's connection to fin-de-siècle literatures and to mid-century interior design, and by investigating the function of the state in crime fiction.

Archaeology in the North

Report of the Northern Archaeological Survey Northern Archaeological Survey, P. A. G. Clack, P. F. Gosling. - - - - - BIBLIOGRAPHY Bowen - Jones , H . ed . (

Author: Northern Archaeological Survey

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Government Activities in the North

Review of 1965 Operations Plans for 1966 Operations decrease in aircraft activity and and the increased activity associated with the Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources places the latter Department in the leading role ...

Author: Canada. Advisory Committee on Northern Development


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The North Fights the Civil War

Northern women seemed particularly changed by the experience, as female diarists began filling their journals with ... of war jolted Americans — North and South — out of their localistic sensibilities into contemplating heretofore ...

Author: James Matthew Gallman

Publisher: Ivan R Dee

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Describes the traditions the North relied on in preparing for war, the adjustments that were made, and how the status of women and Blacks changed during the war

Viking Burial in the North of England

1, Oslo Phillips P (1989), Archaeological Landscape Studies in Northern Lincolnshire, BAR British Series 208, part 1 , Oxford Phillips D & Heywood B (1995), Excavations at York Minster, vol. J, From Roman Fortress to Norman Cathedral, ...

Author: Angela Z. Redmond

Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Limited

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'It is one of the most remarkable aspects of Viking Age England that... there are very few Viking grave" - Richards (2000). This study, by examining all the evidence for Viking settlement, and by looking at burial practices within the entire English social milieu aims to understand why this might be. For comparative purposes it also looks at evidence for burial practices in Viking Age Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man.