A Bow Elk Hunter Nightmare

But I was in new hunting country and all I knew was to head south to our camp. But I wanted to avoid the swamp so I followed the edge. I didn't get very far alone. I only weighed 110 pounds, and that buck was over 200 pounds.

Author: Clyde G. Schultz

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595889242

Category: Fiction

Page: 110

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This story could very well have happened while hunting elk in Colorado. When I approached two men dressed in street clothes and oxfords. It was strange to see them in 14 inches of fresh snow but there big smiling faces left me to believe every thing was OK. They told me that they had been stuck for four days and I offered to help them out. They apparently had no money to pay for the damaged chains on my vehicle. Later that night I had a terrible dream that they took me prisoner and held me against my will for 72 hours in a poorly constructed 16x20 cabin on Elliot Ridge. The drug runners had a plantation up there, and a clearing big enough to land a helicopter. The last two chapters of the book are fictional, my dream, in thirty years I've had a lot of strange and ironic events during elk hunting, but not tragic. But it could have been when 3 men took my bull elk at gun point in 1973. They threatened me to step out of my truck. I did not provoke them, I said that "If I come out it won't be empty handed".

The Nightmares Hunter

A STEAMPUNK NOTEBOOK: FEATURES: 150 Pages / 75 Sheets Format 6" x 9" - cm 15,24 x 22,86 Cover Finish Glossy Dot Grid Paper and now... SCROLL TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE AND SELECT "ADD TO CART" BUTTON

Author: Steampunk Lord


ISBN: 1676250220


Page: 152

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A STEAMPUNK NOTEBOOK: FEATURES: 150 Pages / 75 Sheets Format 6" x 9" - cm 15,24 x 22,86 Cover Finish Glossy Dot Grid Paper and now... SCROLL TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE AND SELECT "ADD TO CART" BUTTON

Monster Hunter Siege

How in the world could a handful of Hunters survive a land of shifting nightmare fog that made your worst nightmares come to life, for nearly two weeks? Even if by some miracle they were still alive, they were beyond our reach.

Author: Larry Correia

Publisher: Baen Books

ISBN: 9781625796011

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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#6 in multiple New York Times bestseller Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter series. GO BIG OR GO HOME When Monster Hunter International's top hunter, Owen Zastava Pitt, was given a tip about some hunters who had gone missing in action, he didn’t realize their rescue mission would snowball into the single biggest operation in MHI's history. Their men are being held prisoner in a horrific nightmare dimension, and the only way to reach them is through the radioactive ruins of a monster-infested war zone. As if that wasn't bad enough, it’s also the home base of the powerful creature behind the devastating attacks on the Last Dragon and Copper Lake. It turns out ancient gods of chaos really hate trespassers. But this god picked a fight with the wrong crew, and now MHI wants payback. Calling on their allies, a massive expedition is formed, and with the odds stacked against them, a legion of hunters goes to war. It’s D-Day at the City of Monsters. About Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter series: “[E]verything I like in fantasy: intense action scenes, evil in horrifying array, good struggling against the darkness, and most of all people—gorgeously flawed human beings faced with horrible moral choices that force them to question and change and grow.”—Jim Butcher “…once it grabs a hold of you it can be a tough fight to put [it] down.” –iGeekOut “[A] no-holds-barred all-out page turner that is part science fiction, part horror, and an absolute blast to read.”—Bookreporter.com “If you love monsters and action, you’ll love this book. If you love guns, you’ll love this book. If you love fantasy, and especially horror fantasy, you’ll love this book.”—Knotclan.com “A gun person who likes science fiction—or, heck, anyone who likes science fiction—will enjoy [these books]…The plotting is excellent, and Correia makes you care about the characters…I read both books without putting them down except for work…so whaddaya waitin’ for? Go and buy some…for yourself and for stocking stuffers.”—Massad Ayoob “This lighthearted, testosterone-soaked sequel to 2009's Monster Hunter International will delight fans of action horror with elaborate weaponry, hand-to-hand combat, disgusting monsters, and an endless stream of blood and body parts.”—Publishers Weekly The Monster Hunter Series Monster Hunter International Monster Hunter Vendetta Monster Hunter Alpha Monster Hunter Legion Monster Hunter Nemesis Monster Hunter Siege Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge The Monster Hunters (Omnibus contains Monster Hunter International, Monster Hunter Vendetta, and Monster Hunter Alpha) **

Hunter s Legion

Your nightmares, have you seen him?” “Not exactly. He has a humanoid shape at least, but...” I wipe a hand down my face and shudder, recalling the blood covering me that had prevented me from seeing Cain.

Author: Nicole Zoltack

Publisher: Nicole Zoltack


Category: Fiction


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Rebel has had her revenge... Or has she? The ones responsible for killing Rebel's brother are dead but not before unleashing a terrible evil on the world. It's up to Rebel to vanquish that evil. But she won't be able to do it alone. She'll need a legion. Too bad she's made far more enemies than allies...

Defenders of Light Hunter s Quarry

“Do you remember how Papa used to take our nightmares away? Do you remember how it made us feel better?” Kristine placed her small hands on top of her brother's. She nodded. “I'm going to make the nightmare go away, okay?

Author: Elisa Parmley

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781300202684



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The City of Nightmares

Not once had Zayne seen magic capable of producing such a beast. None of the Witch Hunter's mentors mentioned coming into contact with something like Edvard or Valakia. The nightmare changed from Edvard to the sight of ...

Author: Blaise Ramsay

Publisher: 4 Horsemen Publications, Inc.

ISBN: 9781644502419

Category: Fiction


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On the night of the Hunter’s Moon, all fell silent as cracks between the cobblestone flooded with streams of red. Monsters who once were men moaned and wailed in the winding alleys of the walled city... Two years ago, Zayne Bishop, the last Witch Hunter, was thrown through a Black Mirror by a vindictive Dark Witch obsessed with using the blood of a dead dark god to enhance her magic. Left half-dead in San Francisco, Zayne met the dhampyre warlock Logan Myre, and the two teamed up to get Zayne home, only to find the answers he sought were in the very world he found himself. Peace is shattered when Zayne receives an invitation from an anonymous client wishing to meet with him. According to her, war is coming between the vampires and witches. Vampires are being slaughtered, their organs stolen. Fae blood is being harvested, leaving husks in their wake. Fear runs rampant in an already unstable Supernatural world. To combat the unrest, Zayne must once again team up with Alexis, Logan, and the newly recruited Wood Elf Ciri to journey to the birthplace of his nightmare and confront another of the Black Circle of Seven: a powerful Necromancer with the ability to control monsters starving for blood bent on tearing Europe apart to find the macabre Book of the Old Blood. To do this, Zayne will need to delve into the darker realm of his history, agree to a deal with a dangerous Fae queen, and face the demons created by the one who founded the Witch Hunters—the mysterious Grand Master. Zayne and Logan’s budding relationship is put to the test...

The Plant Hunter

... a freezer full of venison from my hunting season the previous fall . ... families across the globe were living the nightmares of bringing sick relatives to the hospital , only to be separated from them at the door , never to be seen ...

Author: Cassandra Leah Quave

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781984879127

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

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A leading medical ethnobotanist tells us the story of her quest to develop new ways to fight illness and disease through the healing powers of plants in this uplifting and adventure-filled memoir. Plants are the basis for an array of lifesaving and health-improving medicines we all now take for granted. Ever taken an aspirin? Thank a willow tree for that. What about life-saving medicines for malaria? Some of those are derived from cinchona and wormwood. In today's world of synthetic pharmaceuticals, scientists and laypeople alike have lost this connection to the natural world. But by ignoring the potential of medicinal plants, we are losing out on the opportunity to discover new life-saving medicines needed in the fight against the greatest medical challenge of this century: the rise of the post-antibiotic era. Antibiotic-resistant microbes plague us all. Each year, 700,000 people die due to these untreatable infections; by 2050, 10 million annual deaths are expected unless we act now. No one understands this better than Dr. Cassandra Quave, whose groundbreaking research as a leading medical ethnobotanist--someone who identifies and studies plants that may be able to treat antimicrobial resistance and other threatening illnesses--is helping to provide clues for the next generation of advanced medicines. In The Plant Hunter, Dr. Quave weaves together science, botany, and memoir to tell us the extraordinary story of her own journey. Traveling by canoe, ATV, mule, airboat, and on foot, she has conducted field research in the flooded forests of the remote Amazon, the murky swamps of southern Florida, the rolling hills of central Italy, isolated mountaintops in Albania and Kosovo, and volcanic isles arising out of the Mediterranean—all in search of natural compounds, long-known to traditional healers, that could help save us all from the looming crisis of untreatable superbugs. And as a person born with multiple congenital defects of her skeletal system, she's done it all with just one leg. Filled with grit, tragedy, triumph, awe, and scientific discovery, her story illuminates how the path forward for medical discovery may be found in nature's oldest remedies.

Releasing the Hunter Mills Boon Nocturne

She'd been born into the hunting community. Her dad had been a hunter when he'd met her mother. He'd actually met her while chasing down a rogue priest who'd been possessed by a strong wrath demon. Ivy's mother had been in the wrong ...

Author: Vivi Anna

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781472006776

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 177


Their passionate alliance could destroy them both!

Hunter s Purpose

As Chubby opened his eyes and stretched, he couldn't quite shake the uneasy feeling that had failed to fade with the nightmares of the evening before. He tried to focus on that horrible dream from last night, but only scat— tered ...

Author: Renie Shoemaker

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595416516

Category: Fiction

Page: 188

View: 180


Hunter's Purpose explores the role that animals can play in our lives. This work of fiction deals with parallel worlds, in which dogs can speak, hear, and understand humans, despite the fact that the people aren't aware of this ability. When two dogs, named Hunter and Chubby, are chained outside during a harsh winter in Pennsylvania, they must try to survive while obeying the orders of their owner, Charlie Davidson. Hunter is a devoted hunting dog whose purpose in life is to accompany Charlie. Chubby is Hunter's close friend. Both are living with the disturbing, but true, knowledge of 'the rule for their kind', which predicts when they may possibly die. In Hunter's Purpose the rule comes true for Hunter and he must save the man who caused his demise. Hunter's Purpose is a race against time and disasters that befall Charlie and the people close to him. Hunter becomes a helper, which is a different type of guardian angel. He must not only save Charlie, Debbie and Susie; but he must open up Charlie's heart and mind for the greatest hunt of his life, the hunt for the road to salvation.

Hunter s Hope

She'd had bad dreams for years about somebody from the Institute hunting her down to carry her back to that hell, and she was only now finally free of the nightmares. Please, let this not bring those back.

Author: Alyssa Day

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

ISBN: 9781649371034

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 114


Hunter Evans risked his life again and again as a firefighter until the night he died saving a child...only to be reborn as a vampire. Now the man who lived his life as the quintessential “nice guy” must find a way to conquer the deadly urges that threaten to turn him feral. When his own actions put a beautiful woman in danger, he vows to protect her...even from himself. Alice Darlington has a secret of her own: she sees ghosts. She thought she’d done a good job of keeping it under wraps—until now. A terrible threat from her past is hunting her down in order to use her power for dark purposes. Now she’s on the run and doesn't know who to trust or where to go. When Hunter and Alice team up to battle the dangers coming at them from all sides, they’re forced to rely on each other. But Hunter doesn’t know how long he can keep the beast inside him away from the woman it craves... The Vampire Motorcycle Club series is best enjoyed in order. Reading Order: Book #1 Bane's Choice Book #2 Hunter's Hope

Bad Behavior

Ignoring Grant's shaking head, Hunter asked, “So the nightmares have returned?” A forlorn expression crossed Grant's face, and he looked down. “I just can't have any more nightmares,” he admitted. “At least not while I'm in the same bed ...

Author: Jennifer Lane

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781936305667

Category: Fiction

Page: 307

View: 421


Grant Madsen's got issues. He's still battling his Mafia family and doing everything possible to keep his loved ones safe. With the cruising season coming to an end, he has to find another job soon or he'll rejoin his father in prison. And he's trying to convince his rebellious teenage nephew to stay away from their criminal relatives (you can imagine how that's going). But worst of all, Grant's parole officer has mandated that he attend therapy. The only saving grace is that they're couples sessions with his girlfriend, Sophie Taylor, a fellow parolee who's struggling with a few issues of her own. Sophie desperately hopes her past with Grant's brother won't destroy her future with him. There's a sleazy professor at work who revels in sexually harassing women in the psychology department. And her father still hates Grant. Their psychologist has his work cut out for him. When Grant's ruthless father hints at a plot to get out of prison, Grant must use everything he's learned in therapy and beyond to try to stop him. It's a race against time -- and a race to rescue Sophie from the Mafia's clutches once again. But this time McSailor and Bonnie refuse to play victims. This time the cuffs are coming off.

Hunter s Oath

The nightmare went flying into the plaster wall and crashed into the office next to us. “Go!” the Gentry repeated. I went. Gentry versus Greater Fae like the nightmare was a roughly even fight, one that Kelly would probably win—but one ...

Author: Glynn Stewart

Publisher: Faolan's Pen Publishing

ISBN: 9781989674000

Category: Fiction

Page: 282

View: 513


From one Court, two are born… as a new Lord is crowned in glory But a murderer risks all their secrets… bringing shadows could burn everything down Jason Kilkenny is a quarter-human Vassal of the Queen of the Fae and the neutral arbiter of supernatural affairs around the Fae Court in the Canadian city of Calgary. He has spent half a year building relationships with the existing power structure—but all of that is thrown into chaos when the Fae leadership dictates that Calgary’s Court split into Seelie and Unseelie factions. Backed by the highest authority, the new Lord Andrell is there to build an Unseelie Court from nothing, and he will brook no interference, no challenges. Meanwhile, a rogue Fae launches a vicious slaughter at Calgary’s largest public event, and Jason is dragged into an investigation and pursuit of a monster far more powerful than he is. The rogue’s Unseelie heritage brings him into conflict with Lord Andrell, and the city’s peace is threatened. One wrong step could unleash civil war between the new Courts and Jason’s own secrets could lead to lighting the embers of a civil war amongst all Fae—embers that have slumbered since before his birth. If only he knew what those secrets were…

Narrative Design and Authorship in Bloodborne

It is the Hunter's Nightmare, domain of beasts and hunters, an endless battle where peace cannot be found. Carefully, you make your way through this alien landscape, until you come across a man who still has his wits about him, ...

Author: Madelon Hoedt

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476672182

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 214

View: 185


In the vein of their cult-classic dark fantasy titles Demon's Souls (2009) and the Dark Souls franchise (2011, 2014, 2016), game developers FromSoftware released the bleak Gothic horror Bloodborne in 2015. Players are cast in the role of hunters in a hostile land, probing the shadowy city of Yharnam in search of "paleblood." The game achieved iconic status as both a horror and an action title for its rich lore and for the continuity of story elements through all aspects of game design. This first full-length study examines Bloodborne's themes of dangerous knowledge and fatal pride and its aesthetics in the context of other works on game studies, horror and the Gothic. The book's three parts focus on lore and narrative, the game's nightmarish world, and its mechanics.

Legacy Of Hunters Ridge

The nightmares taunted her relentlessly. They told her she still, on some level, believed the fire was her fault. When she came to terms with the fact it was an accident, when she really believed that, the dreams would stop.

Author: Sarah Barrie

Publisher: HarperCollins Australia

ISBN: 9780857992918

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 701


She dazzled with Secrets of Whitewater Creek, now Sarah Barrie kicks off a brand–new trilogy about small towns, secrets, and the love that saves lives. Successful horse trainer Alissa Morgan–Jones has the world at her feet, until a tragic fire destroys everything. Widowed, in debt and under suspicion for arson, Alissa's life is in tatters. Her mother–in–law's isolated farm gives her the opportunity to pull her life back together and get herself back on her feet. Four years after fleeing the city and the scandal that ruined his career, disgraced lawyer Cameron Blakely has a successful new business and a new life. When his neighbour, Mavis Littleton is diagnosed with a terminal illness he volunteers to handle her affairs – and her farm until her daughter–in–law arrives to take over. When Alissa finally shows up, he's drawn to her immediately. But there's more to his new neighbour than her big blue eyes and lost expression. If only she'll open up and let him in. But there are secrets in both Alissa's past and Hunters Ridge – secrets that jeopardise far more than Cameron's fledgling feelings. Lurking in the isolated wilderness is a danger that neither anticipates – but one that threatens everything: the town, their love, and their lives.

The Dragon Hunter

He wanted to see his hunters again, know they had all escaped the nightmare he'd led them into. He wanted to beg them for forgiveness, but he had no idea where to even begin. After Vorgon landed in the gully, he'd tried to carefully ...

Author: A. C. Fox

Publisher: Etopia Press

ISBN: 9781944138868

Category: Fiction

Page: 245

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Once Upon a Nightmare

He looks around, momentarily confused, then recognizes he's in his bed at home and says, "I had the worst nightmare of my life last night. I — " "Hunter darlin', I'll admit we may have rushed into this but I hope you don't consider what ...

Author: William F. Lee

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452009438

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 467


Hunter Kerrigan, a superbly skilled and highly decorated Force Recon Marine Officer, and son of a former CIA Station Chief is aggressively recruited from the Corps to pursue a career in The Agency. After training at The Farm in Virginia, his first assignment is to find and terminate a former CIA agent and defector turned international assassin, code name Pisces. While tracking Pisces, Hunter faces ambushes by covert agents from three foreign governments. These attacks are peculiarly set up by his own agent runner, sensuous Samantha McGee and her two high echelon CIA bosses. While enmeshed in the hunt for Pisces, three of Kerrigan's former lady friends are hideously murdered with no apparent connection other than he had dated them in the past. The police in three US cities believe it's a serial killer, however, Hunter is convinced it's a means of revenge, and is Pisces' at his most evil. Hunter continues his tenacious search and termination mission, and while doing so becomes involved with a steamy Israeli Mossad operative, Dvorah. Closing on his target, Hunter then discovers that Pisces is also the murderer of his father years before in London. Further, Dvorah is assassinated for assisting him. After tracking Pisces through San Francisco, London, Pisa and the Amalfi coast, he finds the recurrently vanishing Pisces on the Isle of Capri under another alias and living with the widow of a man he murdered early on. Here the mission comes to an end...or does it? And Pisces is terminated...or is he?

The Hunters of Artemis

His blade began to cover in black energy and dark red lightning crackled around it, then with one massive lunge he shouted; “Nightmare Slash!” A giant wave of black and red energy hit the dryad smashing it to bits, the energy engulfed ...

Author: Giorgio Groom

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781649839756

Category: Fiction

Page: 230

View: 683


“Honour gets you killed, cunning keeps you alive” – Hypnos, God of Sleep Following the events of The Legions of Athena, Maximus and his friends soon find themselves in the lush green forests of ‘Diana’ the country ruled by Artemis the Olympian goddess of the Hunt. But for reasons unknown to them, they are greeted by a less than warm welcome by the famed Hunters of Artemis. The forests of Diana not only hosts a variety of dangerous monsters but has also acted as the well tested hunting grounds for Artemis over the centuries. Soon Artemis and her Hunters begin a new hunt with Max and his friends as their prey.

The Gardella Vampire Hunters Starter Set

Victoria Gardella Vampire Hunter Books 1-3 (Urban Fantasy Paranormal Historical) Colleen Gleason. if she'd been shaking her. “My lady. My lady, you must awaken.” Victoria sat up abruptly, the last vestiges of the nightmares dissolving ...

Author: Colleen Gleason

Publisher: AVID PRESS

ISBN: 9781944665128

Category: Fiction

Page: 900

View: 841


LIMITED TIME ONLY: This starter set is only available through August 30, 2016 Starter Set includes the first three full-length novels of New York Times bestselling author Colleen Gleason's Gardella Vampire Hunters series. Read the international bestselling series that's been translated into eight languages, and has received rave reviews from paranormal romance authors and national publications alike! The award-winning, New York Times bestselling author Colleen Gleason's International Bestselling Gardella Vampire Hunter Series. "Sophisticated, sexy, surprising!" —J.R. Ward "One of my favorite vampire series!" —Jeaniene Frost "Colleen Gleason’s irresistible…series is deliciously dark and delightfully entertaining." —Chicago Tribune "Gleason’s publishing debut turns vampire stories—and romances—on their ear." —Detroit Free Press Beneath the glitter of dazzling nineteenth century London Society lurks a bloodthirsty evil… Vampires have always lived among them, quietly attacking unsuspecting debutantes and dandified lords as well as hackney drivers and Bond Street milliners. If not for the vampire slayers of the Gardella family, these immortal creatures would have long ago taken control of the world. In every generation, a Gardella is called to accept the family legacy, and this time, Victoria Gardella Grantworth is chosen, on the eve of her debut, to carry the stake. But as she moves between the crush of ballrooms and dangerous moonlit streets, Victoria’s heart is torn between London’s most eligible bachelor, the Marquess of Rockley, and her dark, dangerous duty. And when she comes face-to-face with the most powerful vampire in history, Victoria must ultimately make a choice between duty and love. This boxed set starter collection includes: The Rest Falls Away Rises the Night The Bleeding Dusk All five books are now available. ---------- Praise for The Gardella Vampire Hunters Series "The Rest Falls Away, Gleason's publishing debut...turns vampire stories--and romances--on their ear with a decidedly dark, decidedly unsentimental Regency heroine who stakes the undead with the best of them." —Detroit Free Press "The undead rise to great heights through Gleason's phenomenal storytelling. She creates a chilling world with the perfect atmosphere of fear and sexual tension." —Romantic Times "Gleason keeps upping the ante with each novel, weaving the characters around her readers with each engaging conversation and narrative, every stage set of all the appropriate gothic gloom and melting beauty." —Book Fetish "...Above all, the writing is what recommends this book most. Gleason's writing is sharp and taut, which makes for excellent action sequences, and a plot that travels quickly from the start. The writing strength alone gives me ample reassurance that this potentially plot-heavy series is in the right hands. I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment." —Smart Bitches, Trashy Books