The Night is for Hunting

A year of war.

Author: John Marsden

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781782061281

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 288

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A year of war. A year of terror. And a year of loss. Twelve months have passed since the invasion. Ellie has lost friends, she has taken many lives and she is still as disgusted by violence as she is determined to stand up to the invaders. Now the friends find themselves back in their sanctuary of Hell, caring for a band of feral children whose lives have been destroyed by the war. Meanwhile, the conflict intensifies and the enemy draws closer...

Hunting Dogs

THE NIGHT HUNTING DOG - HIS ANCESTRY . D OGS of almost any breed , from the nondescript mongrel to the bred and developed hound may be taught to hunt in the woods at night . However , their success is , in a general way , in proportion ...

Author: Oliver Hartley





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The Life of James II King of England Etc

1696 . had been ended ; I owne that had the Prince passed in the night , it had not been a hard matter to haue done ... but only asked him to giue me notice when the Prince of Orange went a hunting , pretending I had a mind to see him ...

Author: James-Stanier Clarke


ISBN: ONB:+Z168233303



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The Querulous Effect

“In a couple of days' time,” the professor continued, “we'll have a night-hunting expedition. If you agree, Jay, I'll visit your aunt tomorrow to see if you can stay overnight here that evening, which would make it easier.

Author: Arkay Jones

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781783065332

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 144

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WANTED Enthusiastic young assistant to help with top secret experiments Must like animals – and insects Must be fast worker and team player ENQUIRE WITHIN When Jay, on holiday in 'boring' Frimpton, sees an advertisement seeking a young assistant to help with 'top secret experiments', he could never have guessed that it will lead him on a quest that will take him from rural England to deep within the Arctic Circle. Along the way, Jay meets Professor Theobald Ricardo and makes new friends, the studious Tim and Ella with her faithful terrier, Chip. Together, the three children encounter a range of engaging characters and face many exciting and scary experiences. As problems mount from the Professor’s secret experiments they leave the safety of England in an attempt to solve the mystery of the Querulous Effect. Written in the style and spirit of a classic children’s adventure, the book also examines the challenges and dangers of cutting-edge bio-science and its interaction with global ecosystems. The Querulous Effectwill entertain, amuse and absorb children from the age of nine upwards, whilst stimulating their interest in the world around them.

Sorceress Hunting

The night of the town-wide masquerade I was attacked by creatures called the Riven. ... The only reason I'm not one of them is that there was something else in the forest that night hunting them.” More silence.

Author: Lisa Blackwood

Publisher: Lisa Blackwood Books

ISBN: 9781990608049

Category: Fiction

Page: 370

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Some victories feel more like defeat. Lillian and Gregory may have defeated the demonic Riven, but human authorities are now aware that something equally as intelligent but far more deadly shares their world. To the Avatars’ dismay, this is not just a guns in the woods, boots on the ground kind of hunt. Scientists are spearheading this pursuit, and Lillian and Gregory are their intended targets. If that wasn’t complication enough, Lillian’s little brother, Shadowlight, saves the life of a female soldier and now he must hide his pet human from the other fae for her own safety. Corporal Anna Makenzie is no pet, but she’ll be the first to admit, she feels fiercely protective toward the lonely young gargoyle, and if anyone messes with the kid, she’ll go full metal b*tch all over their ^ss. The Gargoyle and Sorceress novels have a continuing story arc and should be read in order: Sorceress Awakening Sorceress Rising Sorceress Hunting Sorceress at War Sorceress Enraged Legacy of the Sorceress Sorcery & Firedrakes Scion of the Sorceress Sorceress Eternal

Hunter trader trapper

Francis Grady , Deer Creek , Ill . Caughha louh Gorge vold by Million Jenter les COON HOUNDS 33 As fine as live , sent on ten days trial . New book , Night Hunting , the greatest work on the subject ever published , combined with ...



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Creatures of the Night

Night after night, the cubs, sometimes under the protection of both their parents, and sometimes under the protection ... Lagging behind the rest of the family, as in single file they moved homeward after a long night's hunting in the ...

Author: Alfred W. Rees

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783732680818

Category: Fiction

Page: 196

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Reproduction of the original: Creatures of the Night by Alfred W. Rees

Wit ch War

The night spent hunting as a sniffer of the Great Western Reaches had stirred Kral's blood like no other hunt. Even now his heart beat faster, and his manhood stirred with the memory. Before this night, he had used the hides and skins ...

Author: James Clemens

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780748120895

Category: Fiction

Page: 720

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In her hands, the young wit'ch Elena holds the awesome energies of blood magick - and more. For the fate of all Alasea hinges on her recovery of the Blood Diary, a potent talisman forged five hundred years ago, then locked away behind wards too strong for any mage to break. Only with the secrets recorded in its pages can Elena defeat the Dark Lord, but the diary lies hidden in A'loa Glen and from that terrible land no traveller returns ... Immortal magic and infinite vengeance - the new epic fantasy classic continues. For more information on James Clemens visit the Orbit website at