The New York Yankees of the 1950s

The 1950s marked a transformative period in postwar American history. In baseball, one dynasty was the story during the decade. The New York Yankees played in eight World Series from 1950 to 1959, winning six of them.

Author: David Fischer

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The 1950s marked a transformative period in postwar American history. In baseball, one dynasty was the story during the decade. The New York Yankees played in eight World Series from 1950 to 1959, winning six of them. Yankees icon Joe DiMaggio retired following the 1951 season, but a new super star, Mickey Mantle, took over in Yankee Stadium’s center field in 1952. Mantle, the powerful switch-hitter who blasted tape-measure home runs, often tortured by leg ailments, was the number one box office draw in baseball. He was the American League’s most valuable player in 1956 and 1957, putting together a triple crown season in 1956. Mantle came into baseball when TV was just beginning to stir, and with the Yankees reaching the World Series and appearing on national TV seemingly every season, he became the face of the game during the decade. Mantle joined with his pals, pitcher Whitey Ford and infielder Billy Martin, to form a hard-partying trio that would be a joy and a pain to management. The author of several books on the Yankees, David Fischer will bring expertise and a knack for great story-telling to the saga of the most dominant decade in the annals of sport, set during a defining moment in U.S. history.

1950s American Style A Reference Guide soft cover

... Philadelphia Athletics at Shibe Park until 1955) New York Yankees Yankee Stadium in the Bronx Washington Senators ... Tigers Kansas City Royals Los Angeles Angels Minnesota Twins New York Yankees Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners ...

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Facets of the Fifties. A reference guide to an iconic Decade of Movie Palaces, Television, Classic Cars, Sports, Department Stores, Trains, Music, Food, Fashion and more

The New York Yankees in Popular Culture

The Yankees in the 1950s reflected two true, parallel—sometimes conflicting—american realities: the desire, on the one hand, to support the underdog and vanquish the “bully” (stan isaacs, in a 1959 Newsday article, ...

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How did Reggie Jackson go from superstar to icon? Why did Joe DiMaggio’s nickname change from “Deadpan Joe” to “Joltin’ Joe”? How did Seinfeld affect public perception of George Steinbrenner? The New York Yankees’ dominance on the baseball diamond has been lauded, analyzed and chronicled. Yet the team’s broader impact on popular culture has been largely overlooked—until now. From Ruth’s called shot to the Reggie! candy bar, this collection of new essays offers untold histories, new interpretations and fresh analyses of baseball’s most successful franchise. Contributors explore the Yankee mystique in film, television, theater, music and advertising.

New York Yankees Openers

The New York Yankees dominated baseball in the 1950s like no team had done before or is likely ever to do again. They won eight pennants and six World Series in that ten-year span, all under the leadership of Casey Stengel.

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The New York Yankees are baseball's most storied team. They first played at Hilltop Park, then moved to the Polo Grounds, then Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium, back to the renovated Yankee Stadium, and now in the new Yankee Stadium. They also frequently opened the season in Boston's historic Fenway Park, fondly remembered Shibe Park in Philadelphia, Griffith Stadium in Washington, and all around the expanded leagues after 1961. This book details every opening-day celebration and game from 1903 to 2017, while noting how each was affected by war, the economy, political and social protest, and population shifts. We see presidents and politicians, entertainers, celebrities, and fans, owners, managers, and most of all, the players.

Historical Dictionary of the 1950s

38 BROKEN ARROW for the FBI , his confession came just eleven days before the statute of limitations ran out on the ... During the 1950s , the Brooklyn Dodgers , along with the New York Yankees , was a professional baseball franchise ...

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The 1950s

This kind of do - it - yourself artistry constituted but a small part of a much larger 1950s phenomenon . It appealed to an innate urge to create ... as did Mickey Mantle with the New York Yankees . At the same time , Joe DiMaggio ...

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This volume presents a nuanced look at an often romanticized yet surprisingly complex time in American popular culture.

Biographical Dictionary of American Sports G P

The 6 - foot 2 - inch , 200 pounder played first base and outfield for the New York Yankees ( AL ) from 1962 to 1969. He brought a 1960s image to a New York Yankee team which embodied the colorless , efficient 1950s .

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A standard source of first referral, Porter's Biographical Dictionary of American Sports now adds a long-awaited revised and expanded edition of the popular 1987 Baseball volume and its supplements.

The New York Yankees

-Bob Considine , New York Mirror Hall of Fame lineup also includes Miller Huggins , Lefty Gomez , Ed Barrow ... One of fifteen team histories commissioned by G. P. Putnam's Sons in the 1940s and 1950s , The New York Yankees traces the ...

Author: Frank Graham

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In January of 1903, American League president Ban Johnson, “his pince-nez riding precariously on the bridge of his nose,” raised a glass to toast his young baseball league, which had just received permission to purchase the Baltimore organization and establish a team in New York City. That marked the genesis of the fabulous Yankee franchise (known in 1903 as the Highlanders) as well as the opening chapter of Frank Graham’s The New York Yankees: An Informal History. One of fifteen team histories commissioned by G. P. Putnam’s Sons in the 1940s and 1950s, The New York Yankees traces the most successful team in either league from the beginning through their 1943 World Series victory over the Cardinals, ending with a quick synopsis of the 1944 season. In Yankee (and baseball) history, of course, Babe Ruth stands above all the rest, but he is flanked by such legends as Joe DiMaggio and Lou Gehrig. Wee Willie Keeler is there, too, joined by fellow Hall of Famers Charlie “Red” Ruffing, Herb Pennock, and Bill Dickey. The Hall of Fame lineup also includes Miller Huggins, Lefty Gomez, Ed Barrow, Joe McCarthy, Tony Lazzeri, Waite Hoyt, and Earle Combs. In his foreword, Leonard Koppett writes that Graham’s “New York Sun columns called ‘Overheard in the Dugout’ delighted me as I was growing up; but what I learned later, when I got to work alongside him, was that they were as good and as reliable as court transcripts. He didn’t take a lot of notes. He just absorbed what was being said—and what it meant in the right context—and reproduced it in graceful prose and natural speech. It is this style of narration through dialogue that makes his books come so alive.” Twenty-four black-and-white Yankee photographs enliven Graham’s informal history.

The Postwar Yankees Baseball s Golden Age Revisited

The “Boys of Summer” Dodgers played to just over a million fans per season during the 1950s. During their two pennant-winning seasons in 1951 and 1954, the New York Giants averaged just 1.1 million fans per season.

Author: David G. Surdam

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Baseball Players of the 1950s

He told me, 'We just traded you to the New York Yankees.' “I said to him, 'You're kiddin' me. Why would a club trade for me while I'm on crutches?' He just told me to call New York and talk to George Weiss, their general manager.

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The playing and post-playing careers of all 1,560 players who appeared in a major league box score between 1950 and 1959—the “golden age,” many say—are profiled in this exhaustive work. From Aaron to Zuverink: this treasure-trove of anecdotes, many gathered from personal interviews, is full of historical facts, controversy, and trivia. Readers will be reminded, that Milwaukee Braves pitcher Humberto Robinson was asked by a gambler to fix a game against the Phillies (he refused), Joe Adcock chased Giants pitcher Ruben Gomez around the field with a bat, Bob Turley reached the top of the corporate ladder after his playing days, Casey Wise became an orthodontist, Bobby Brown became a heart surgeon and president of the AL, and that Chuck Conners became an actor. All of this and much more can be found here.