The New Mormon Challenge

Written by a team of respected Christian scholars, it is free of caricature, sensationalism, and diatribe. The respectful tone and responsible, rigorous, yet readable scholarship set this book in a class of its own.

Author: Zondervan,

Publisher: Zondervan Academic

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Current facts about Mormonism: Over 11 million members. Over 60,000 full-time missionaries—more than any other single missionary-sending organization in the world. More than 310,000 converts annually. As many as eighty percent of converts come from Protestant backgrounds. (In Mormon circles, the saying is, “We baptize a Baptist church every week.”) Within fifteen years, the numbers of missionaries and converts will roughly double. Within eighty years, with adherents exceeding 267 million, Mormonism could become the first world-religion to arise since Islam. You may know the statistics. What you probably don’t know are the advances the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) is making in apologetics and academic respectability. With superb training, Mormon scholars outclass many of their opponents. Arguments against Mormon claims are increasingly refuted as outdated, misinformed, or poorly argued. The New Mormon Challenge is a response to the burgeoning challenge of scholarly Mormon apologetics. Written by a team of respected Christian scholars, it is free of caricature, sensationalism, and diatribe. The respectful tone and responsible, rigorous, yet readable scholarship set this book in a class of its own. It offers freshly researched and well-documented rebuttals of Mormon truth claims. Most of the chapter topics have never been addressed, and the criticisms and arguments are almost entirely new. But The New Mormon Challenge does not merely challenge Mormon beliefs; it offers the LDS Church and her members ways to move forward. The New Mormon Challenge will help you understand the intellectual appeal of Mormonism, and it will reveal many of the fundamental weaknesses of the Mormon worldview. Whether you are sharing the gospel with Mormons or are investigating Mormonism for yourself, this book will help you accurately understand Mormonism and see the superiority of the historic Christian faith. Outstanding scholarship and sound methodology make this an ideal textbook. The biblical, historical, scientific, philosophical, and theological discussions are fascinating and will appeal to Christians and Mormons alike. Exemplifying Christian scholarship at its best, The New Mormon Challenge pioneers a new genre of literature on Mormonism. The Editors Francis J. Beckwith, Carl Mosser, and Paul Owen are respected authorities on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the authors of various books and significant articles on Mormonism. With contributors including such respected scholars as Craig L. Blomberg, William Lane Craig, J. P. Moreland, and others, The New Mormon Challenge is, as Richard Mouw states in his foreword, “an important event for both Protestant evangelicals and Mormons” that models “to the evangelical community what it is like to engage in respectful and meaningful exploration of a viewpoint with which we disagree on key points.”

The New Mormon Challenge

Written by an international team of respected Christian scholars, this freshly researched rebuttal of Mormon truth will aid those sharing the gospel with Mormons and those investigating Mormonism on their own.

Author: Carl Mosser

Publisher: Zondervan

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Written by an international team of respected Christian scholars, this freshly researched rebuttal of Mormon truth will aid those sharing the gospel with Mormons and those investigating Mormonism on their own. It will help readers to accurately understand Mormonism through biblical, historical, scientific, philosophical, and theological discussions.

Exploring Mormon Thought

8 1 Francis Beckwith, “Moral Law, the Mormon Universe, and the Nature of the Right We Ought to Choose,” in Francis Beckwith, Carl Mosser, and Paul Owen, eds., The New Mormon Challenge (Grand Rapids, Mich: Zondervan, 2002), 219-41.

Author: Blake T. Ostler

Publisher: Greg Kofford Books


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In volume 2 of the series, Exploring Mormon Thought: The Problems of Theism and the Love of God, Blake Ostler explores issues related to soteriology, or the theory of salvation. He argues that the commitment that God loves us and respects our dignity as persons entails that God must leave us free to choose whether to have a saving relationship with him. He explores the “logic of love” and argues that the LDS doctrine of a "war in heaven" embodies the commitment that God leaves us free to choose whether to enter into relationship with God. He explores the nature of inter-personal prayer and the contributions of LDS beliefs to a robust prayer dialogue. He offers a view consistent with LDS commitments that makes sense out of asking God to assist others, to alter the natural environment and to grow in relationship with God. He then turns to the concept of grace and argues that the traditional views lead to insurmountable problems. He argues that though God does not owe any obligation to us to give us grace, God does so out of love. However, because divinity arises from loving relationships, he argues that God could not fail to give sufficient grace to all persons and remain a loving God.

To Everyone an Answer

When subjected to critical scrutiny it has been shown that the Mormon worldview has great difficulty grounding the ... “Moral Law, the Mormon Universe and the Nature of the Right We Ought to Choose,” in The New Mormon Challenge: ...

Author: Francis J. Beckwith

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830877508

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In a society that believes "anything goes," the Christian worldview faces aggressive opposition. Francis J. Beckwith, William Lane Craig and J. P. Moreland assembled the essays in this book—covering all major aspects of apologetics—to help you make a more coherent defense for the Christian faith.

Mormon Apologetics A Losing Battle

The sameconclusionis conveyed more powerfully inTheNew MormonChallenge: Responding tothe Latest Defensesofa FastGrowing Movement. Intruth, theevidence will never be persuasive, and the reasonisbecause biblical revelation istrue inan ...

Author: John Weldon

Publisher: ATRI Publishing

ISBN: 9781937136666

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This book for laymen attempts to examine LDS apologetics to see if they make their case. Mormonism claims to constitute an authentic divine revelation; to be a genuine Christian religion (actually the only true Christian religion on earth); to believe in Jesus Christ & the Bible & in salvation by grace—& to have truth on its side.

The Rise of Mormonism

Harold Bloom, The American Religion: The Emergence of the Post-Christian Nation (New York: Simon & Schuster, 992), 0. 33. ... Carl Mosser, “And the Saints Go Marching On: The New Mormon Challenge for World Missions, Apologetics, ...

Author: Rodney Stark

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231509916

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Will Mormonism be the next world faith, one that will rival Catholicism, Islam, and other major religions in terms of numbers and global appeal? This was the question Rodney Stark addressed in his much-discussed and much-debated article, "The Rise of a New World Faith" (1984), one of several essays on Mormonism included in this new collection. Examining the religion's growing appeal, Rodney Stark concluded that Mormons could number 267 million members by 2080. In what would become known as "the Stark argument," Stark suggested that the Mormon Church offered contemporary sociologists and historians of religion an opportunity to observe a rare event: the birth of a new world religion. In the years following that article, Stark has become one of the foremost scholars of Mormonism and the sociology of religion. This new work, the first to collect his influential writings on the Mormon Church, includes previously published essays, revised and rewritten for this volume. His work sheds light on both the growth of Mormonism and on how and why certain religions continue to grow while others fade away. Stark examines the reasons behind the spread of Mormonism, exploring such factors as cultural continuity with the faiths from which it seeks converts, a volunteer missionary force, and birth rates. He explains why a demanding faith like Mormonism has such broad appeal in today's world and considers the importance of social networks in finding new converts. Stark's work also presents groundbreaking perspectives on larger issues in the study of religion, including the nature of revelation and the reasons for religious growth in an age of modernization and secularization.

This Is My Doctrine The Development of Mormon Theology

Hales, Brian C. Modern Polygamy and Mormon Fundamentalistm: The Generations after the Manifesto. ... Haze, Craig J. “The Apologetic Impulse in Early Mormonism: The Historical Roots of the New Mormon Challenge.” In The New Mormon ...

Author: Charles R. Harrell

Publisher: Greg Kofford Books


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The principal doctrines defining Mormonism today often bear little resemblance to those it started out with in the early 1830s. This book shows that these doctrines did not originate in a vacuum but were rather prompted and informed by the religious culture from which Mormonism arose. Early Mormons, like their early Christian and even earlier Israelite predecessors, brought with them their own varied culturally conditioned theological presuppositions (a process of convergence) and only later acquired a more distinctive theological outlook (a process of differentiation). In this first-of-its-kind comprehensive treatment of the development of Mormon theology, Charles Harrell traces the history of Latter-day Saint doctrines from the times of the Old Testament to the present. He describes how Mormonism has carried on the tradition of the biblical authors, early Christians, and later Protestants in reinterpreting scripture to accommodate new theological ideas while attempting to uphold the integrity and authority of the scriptures. In the process, he probes three questions: How did Mormon doctrines develop? What are the scriptural underpinnings of these doctrines? And what do critical scholars make of these same scriptures? In this enlightening study, Harrell systematically peels back the doctrinal accretions of time to provide a fresh new look at Mormon theology. “This Is My Doctrine” will provide those already versed in Mormonism’s theological tradition with a new and richer perspective of Mormon theology. Those unacquainted with Mormonism will gain an appreciation for how Mormon theology fits into the larger Jewish and Christian theological traditions.

The Mormon Image in the American Mind

'a change in the process' if we want to prevent Mormonism from becoming one of the larger worldwide faiths at our expense. ... Not surprisingly, Craig Blomberg remembered that New Mormon Challenge's appearance “created a significant ...

Author: J.B. Haws

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199897643

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What do Americans think about Mormons - and why do they think what they do? This is a story where the Osmonds, the Olympics, the Tabernacle Choir, Evangelical Christians, the Equal Rights Amendment, Sports Illustrated, and even Miss America all figure into the equation. The book is punctuated by the presidential campaigns of George and Mitt Romney, four decades apart. A survey of the past half-century reveals a growing tension inherent in the public's views of Mormons and the public's views of the religion that inspires that body.

Explaining Mormonism

Blomberg, Craig L. “Is Mormonism Christian?” In The New Mormon Challenge, edited by Francis J. Beckwith, et al., 315–33. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2002. Bloom, Harold. The American Religion: The Emergence of the Post-Christian Nation.

Author: Gregory Steven Dundas

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781666741834

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Explaining Mormonism is a thoughtful and wide-ranging discussion of the Mormon belief system. Unlike previous surveys of Latter-day Saint beliefs, Explaining Mormonism not only outlines Mormon doctrines but provides an in-depth exploration of some of their most distinctive doctrines regarding the nature of God, the purpose of life, the value of suffering, and even human sexuality. The author himself is a self-described “skeptic both by nature and by nurture,” who nevertheless converted to Mormonism as a young man. He takes the reader on an exciting journey through one of the world’s most controversial and perplexing religions. For Latter-day Saint readers, Explaining Mormonism will aid in strengthening their faith through its in-depth examination of the compelling logic behind the Mormon world view. For the skeptical outsider, it situates Mormon beliefs in a broad context of history, theology, philosophy, and social science and demonstrates Mormonism’s ability to provide bold and compelling answers to the most fundamental questions of human existence. And for the serious student of Mormonism, it furnishes insights that only an insider can bring to some of the Latter-day Saints’ most peculiar teachings.

Fast Facts on Mormonism

Section II: The Book of Mormon 1. Joseph Smith as cited in Francis J. Beckwith, Carl Mosser, and Paul Owen, eds., The New Mormon Challenge (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2002), p. 7. 2. Orson Pratt, The Seer, January 1853, pp. 15-16. 3.

Author: John Ankerberg

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736935791

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Respected authors John Ankerberg and John Weldon use their unique question-and-answer style to look candidly at Mormon teachings that are clearly incompatible with orthodox Christianity. Readers discover answers to questions such as-- Was God ever a man? Were Jesus and Lucifer brothers? Are we saved by what we do? Does Mormonism include occult practices? Clarifying the terms Mormons use as well as their views on the Bible, the authors reveal the huge chasm between what Mormons and Christians believe. "Fast Facts(R) on Mormonism "is a clear, well-written guide that will help readers comprehend one of the world's fastest-growing belief systems in light of the clear teaching of the Bible. Perfect for individual study and group discussions.