The Nature of Their Bodies

Women and Their Doctors in Victorian Canada In 1864 a woman was admitted to the Toronto asylum and diagnosed as suffering from ' mania , ' a not uncommon diagnosis for women , a step beyond ' hysteria . ' The cause cited by doctors for ...

Author: Wendy Mitchinson

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802068405

Category: Medical

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In documenting the changing nature of interventional medicine, Mitchinson considers the medical treatment of women within the context of what was available to physicians at the time.

Marx the Body and Human Nature

but carry into the public realm and that they often wear blatantly on their faces. ... Because of the nature of their bodies, women far more than men cannot help but confound [the] distinctions [of nature versus culture] every day.

Author: John Fox

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137507983

Category: Philosophy

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Marx, the Body, and Human Nature shows that the body and the broader material world played a far more significant role in Marx's theory than previously recognised. It provides a fresh 'take' on Marx's theory, revealing a much more open, dynamic and unstable conception of the body, the self, and human nature.

An Essay on the Nature of the Human Body and that singular respect and veneration shown to it after death among all people in consequence of which on the growing evil of profaning and defiling Kirks and Kirk Yards By a ruling Elder of the Church of Scotland

Lord cited the text I am going to produce ; and a feet , impudent as they were , it confounded and silenced upon the point , --- I am the God of Abrabam , the God of Ifaac , and the God of Jacob ; --- which , as our Lord thewed them ...



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Understanding the nature of the body model underlying position sense

Participants were first introduced to the name and locations of 10 landmarks on their hands: the 5 tips and 5 knuckles (metacarpophalangeal joint) of each finger. To avoid any ambiguities in showing landmarks on the hand, ...

Author: Aurelie Saulton

Publisher: Logos Verlag Berlin GmbH

ISBN: 9783832544607

Category: Psychology

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Accurate information about body structure and posture is fundamental for effective control of our actions. It is often assumed that healthy adults have accurate representations of their body. Although people's abilities to visually recognize their own body size and shape are relatively good, the implicit spatial representation of their body is extremely distorted when measured in proprioceptive localization tasks. The aim of this thesis is to understand the nature of spatial distortions of the body model measured in those localization tasks. We especially investigate the perceptual-cognitive components contributing to distortions of implicit representation of the human hand and compare those distortions with the one found on objects in similar tasks.

Body Alignment

Although separate form Nature, spirit remains its driving force. This is what those who proudly calls themselves materialists find hard to grasp. Reality to them is only what they see — their activities and the fruit of their desires in ...

Author: Monica S. (Monica Sylvia) Palmer

Publisher: Self Express Pub.

ISBN: 0968334911

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