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Albert, patriarch of Jerusalem, gave them a life rule (1206-1214) which, at the time of their expulsion by the Saracens in 1247, was adapted to new circumstances by pope Innocent IV. In consequence, the mystical space of Carmel with its ...

Author: Kees Waaijman

Publisher: Peeters Publishers

ISBN: 9042907738

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Mount Carmel, viewed as a holy place by Jews, Christians and Muslims, is where the prophet Elijah is venerated. For many centuries hermits have followed his example and monks regard him as their Father. During the crusades, around 1200 A.D., a small group of hermits settled around the spring of Elijah to lead a contemplative life there in silence and solitude. To the first Carmelites this geographic location was a mystical space in which to live in the presence of God alone. Albert, patriarch of Jerusalem, gave them a life rule (1206-1214) which, at the time of their expulsion by the Saracens in 1247, was adapted to new circumstances by pope Innocent IV. In consequence, the mystical space of Carmel with its contemplative life is experienced wherever they are given a place and God calls them. The commentary presents the Carmel as a spiritual model which is ideally suited as accompaniment on the spiritual journey of all who know themselves called to a life in God's presence in the desert of their life.

Mysticism and Space

"To understand both the theological and spatial parameters, Davis considers the mystical experience as being not only an exclusively "inner" apprehension but also an embodied one that takes place in what she designates as "mystical space.

Author: Carmel Bendon Davis

Publisher: CUA Press

ISBN: 9780813215228

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"To understand both the theological and spatial parameters, Davis considers the mystical experience as being not only an exclusively "inner" apprehension but also an embodied one that takes place in what she designates as "mystical space." In conception mystical space is analogous to the literary figure of the mise en abyme, an impression of infinite regress that duplicates within all its layers the qualities of the larger, initiating structure without. Such a conception acknowledges that space has been widely conceptualized through the centuries, and it allows both medieval and contemporary theories of space to be employed in examining the mystics' lives and works".

Carmelite Prayer

Kees Waaijman, The Mystical Space of Carmel's A Commentary on the Rule;
trans. John Vriend (Leuven: Peeters, 1999), 98-100. See James Boyce, "The
Liturgy of the Carmelites," Carmelus 42 (1995), 15. 8. Giovanni Helewa, "The
Word of ...

Author: Keith J. Egan

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 0809141930

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Essays on the major themes of Carmelite spirituality.


Complete agreement between the beloved and the Beloved still occurs only in
mystical love ( mahabba ) and mystical knowledge ( ma'rifa ) , the ... 180 Here we
will follow the text edition used in K. Waaijman , The Mystical Space of Carmel .

Author: Kees Waaijman

Publisher: Peeters Publishers

ISBN: 9042911832

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This textbook is a systematic guide to the extensive field of spirituality. Kees Waaijman charts the multiform phenomenon of spirituality: the spirituality of ordinary people, the great spiritual traditions and the force of counter-movements. From the foundation of this survey he answers questions like: What exactly is spirituality? What forms can a scholarly approach take? Finally, the book provides methodic access to the study of spirituality, focusing on the following questions: Which are the different forms of spirituality and how can we describe them? How can spiritual texts be given a reliable reading? Which themes can be distinguished in the field of spirituality and what would be a meaningful way to address them? What do we mean by spiritual guidance and what can we learn from it? This textbook has no equal. It is indispensable to scholars wishing to study the subject, but also to others who want to learn about spirituality.

The Carmelite Tradition

The Mystical Space of Carmel: A Commentary on the Carmelite Rule. Fiery Arrow
Series. Leuven: Peeters, 1999. mary and elijah in the Carmelite Tradition
Ackerman, Jane. Elijah: Prophet of Carmel. Washington, DC: ICS Publications,

Author: Steven Payne

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 0814639534

Category: Religion

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Eight hundred years ago, Albert of Jerusalem gave the hermit-penitents of Mount Carmel a way of life to follow. Since then, this rule has inspired and formed mystics and scholars, men and women, lay and ordained to seek the living God. In The Carmelite Tradition Steven Payne, OCD, brings together representative voices to demonstrate the richness and depth of Carmelite spirituality. As he writes, Carmelite spirituality seeks nothing more nor less than to 'stand before the face of the living God' and prophesy with Elijah, to 'hear the word of God and keep it' with Mary, to grow in friendship with God through unceasing prayer with Teresa, to 'become by participation what Christ is by nature' as John of the Cross puts it, and thereby to be made, like Therase of Lisieux, into instruments of God's transforming merciful love in the church and society." The lives and writings in The Carmelite Tradition invite readers to stand with these holy men and women and seek God in the hermitage of the heart. Steven Payne, OCD, of the Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, is a member of the Carmelite Friars' formation team at the Monastery of St. John of the Cross near Nairobi, Kenya, and director of the Institute of Spirituality and Religious Formation (ISRF) at Tangaza College, a constituent college of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) in Nairobi. He is the past editor of ICS Publications and of Spiritual Life magazine and the author of several works in philosophy of religion, theology, and Carmelite spirituality. He is a member of the Carmelite Forum and of the Carmelite Institute in Washington DC, of which he is a past president. "

Community Identity

(1999), Land of Carmel: The Origins and Spirituality of the Carmelite Order (
Leominster: Gracewing). O'Donnell ... Waaijman, K. (1999), The Mystical Space
of Carmel: A Commentary on the Carmelite Rule [The Fiery Arrow Collection] (
trans. ].

Author: Sebastian Kim

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780567031570

Category: Religion

Page: 286

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Examines the influence of religious identity on the wider social community from the perspective of theology and religious studies.

Islam Christianity and the Mystic Journey

Davis, Carmel Bendon, Mysticism and Space: Space and Spatiality in the Works
of Richard Rolle, The Cloud of Unknowing Author, and Julian of Norwich (
Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America Press, 2008). del Gaudio,
Antonio, ...

Author: Ian Richard Netton

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748688135

Category: Religion

Page: 232

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This distinctive comparison of Islamic and Christian mysticism focuses on the mystic journey in the two faith traditions.

The Carmelite Rule 1207 2007

... the background . In this contribution first we will describe , on a theoretical level
, six types of open spaces ( gaps or Leerstellen ) as articulated in modern ... 5 K .
Waaijman , The Mystical Space of Carmel , ( Louvain 1999 ) , pp . 5 - 6 , 39 , 55 ...

Author: Evaldo Xavier Gomes


ISBN: UOM:39015080712139

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"At the invitation of the Institutum Carmelitanum, scholars from around the world gathered in Lisieux in July 2005 to study the formula vitae which St. Albert of Jerusalem bestowed on the Latin Hermits of Mount Carmel eight centuries ago"--P. [11].

Spirituality and Interfaith Dialogue

The Ladder of the Divine Ascent by John Climacus as quoted in the The Mystical
Space of Carmel ( p . 228 ) , speaks of silence as follows : Intelligent silence is
the mother of prayer , freedom from bondage , custodian of zeal , a guard on our



ISBN: UOM:39015082653612

Category: Christianity and other religions

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New Catholic encyclopedia

K. WAUMAN, The Mystical Space of Carmel (1999). J.WELCH, The Carmelite
Way: An Ancient Path for Today 's Pilgrim, (New York 1996). B. ZIMMERMAN,
Monumenta historica carmelitana, v. 1 (Lérins 1907). [P. T. MCMAHON]

Author: Catholic University of America


ISBN: UOM:39076002331788

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Ascending the Mountain

... Rule of Carmel : New Horizons ( Rome : Editrice “ Il Calamo ” , 2000 ) ; and the
masterly study , Kees Waaijman , The Mystical Space of Carmel : A Commentary
on the Carmelite Rule ( Leuven : Peeters [ The Fiery Arrow Collection ] , 1999 ) .

Author: Eltin Griffin

Publisher: Columba Press (IE)

ISBN: STANFORD:36105114671188

Category: Religion

Page: 138

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Comprising the papers from a conference held in Dalgan Park, Ireland in August 2002, these papers give insights and information not hitherto accessible in English.

Anchorites Wombs and Tombs

Author: Liz Herbert McAvoy


ISBN: UOM:39015062586014

Category: History

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A volume of essays exploring the phenomenon of anchoritic enclosure in the Middle Ages and its effect on established religious communities and the laity.

Towards Mystical Union

A Modern Commentary on the Mystical Text The Interior Castle by St. Teresa of
Avila Julienne McLean. 025 Teresa of Avila ... Waaijman , Kees . The Mystical
Space of Carmel – A Commentary on the Carmelite Rule , Peeters , Louvain ,
1999 .

Author: Julienne McLean


ISBN: 0854396616

Category: Mysticism

Page: 319

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A manual for spiritual direction, this guide is also intended to be a contribution to the interface between modern depth psychology, contemplative prayer and the Christian mystical tradition. It has been written in response to an increasing hunger for spiritual direction and discernment from a holy Mother, which St Teresa can provide.

Spirituality Face to Face with Globalization

3 ) . Duquesne University , Pittsburgh , PA 1980 . The Academy of Management .
P Gopinath . Waailman , Kees . The Mystical Space of Carmel – A commentary
on the Carmelite Rule , Uitgeverij Peeters , 1999 . Watson , Tony J. In Search of ...



ISBN: UOM:39015082653547

Category: Globalization

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The Land of Carmel

The mystical perspective of the convenire in medio has been stressed in our days
by the Jewish philosopher and ... in the midst of fraternity , leaving space
between us that belongs ' to nobody ; it is the moment wherein the other donates

Author: Paul Chandler

Publisher: Edizioni Carmelitane

ISBN: NWU:35556021864640

Category: Religion

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Mystics Quarterly

51 . i 1 Cf. Carmel Bendon Davis's recent conceptualization of mystical space , on
the model of mise en abîme , as a space including ( or we could say a place for )
all spaces : “ mystical experience ... [ is ] not only an exclusively ' inner ...



ISBN: UIUC:30112108427169

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analyzed the relation between space and mysticism , she therefore delineated
three levels . ... As he wrote to Tristan Tzara , the youngest member of the Dada
circle , in the summer of ( 20 ) Carmel BENDON DAVIS , Mysticism and Space .



ISBN: UCBK:C107744707

Category: Classical philology


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Mysticism and the Mind

Second Edition . New York : AMS Press , 1970 . Cupitt , Don . Mysticism After
Modernity . Oxford , UK : Blackwell Publishers , 1998 . Davis , Carmel Bendon .
Mysticism & Space : Space and Spatiality in the Works of Richard Rolle , The
Cloud of ...

Author: Colleen Marie Pauza




Page: 614

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The Low Countries

Waaijman , Kees The mystical space of Carmel : a commentary on the Carmelite
rule / by Kees Waaijman ; transl . [ from the Dutch ) by John Vriend . Leuven :
Peeters , 1999 . VI , 279 p . ( The fiery arrow collection ; I ) Transl . of : De
mystieke ...

Author: Stichting Ons Erfdeel


ISBN: UOM:39015047886885

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