The Moral of the Story

Content, Process, and Reflection in Moral Education Through Narratives John H. Lockwood. Without the fortitude or personal integrity to do right, all moral action may be lost. ... Honesty Honesty is a moral in many stories.

Author: John H. Lockwood

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The problem this project attempts to solve is to develop a workable moral education in light of the clash between religious forms of moral education and U.S. Supreme Court decisions concerning them. The concept of story and storytelling has been suggested as a unifying focus for disparate prescriptions for moral education. Several recent approaches to moral storytelling have been proposed. The approaches of William Bennett, Nel Noddings, and Herbert Kohl are among those which have attempted to combine moral education and storytelling within the last decade. Bennett is identified with other theorists whose primary concern is the moral content of a story. Noddings is identified as a process theorist, whose primary concern is the process of moral storytelling, not the content. Kohl is identified as a reflection theorist, whose approach challenges tradition in the hope of creating a more moral society. Each one of these three approaches attempts to provide a comprehensive program of moral education, but they fall short of that goal. The purpose of this project, then, is to construct a storytelling moral education program that improves upon earlier approaches. Using the three levels of moral thinking posited by R.M. Hare, a three-level approach to moral storytelling is proposed. The intuitive, critical, and meta-ethical levels of moral thinking that Hare refers to are used to frame a new, three-level, approach to moral storytelling. The three-level approach combines content, process, and reflection into a unified prescription for moral education. Thus, a more comprehensive plan for moral education through storytelling is developed, one that respects traditional forms of moral education while remaining within the parameters set by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Moral of the Story

A Division of The McGraw-Hill Companies THE MORAL OF THE STORY Published by McGraw-Hill, a business unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10020. Copyright © 2003 by The McGraw-Hill Companies ...

Author: Nina Rosenstand

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This popular text uses examples from fiction and film to show how ethical theories can be applied. By linking abstract theory to “real life” through storytelling and story analysis, Rosenstand offers a remarkably effective way of helping students understand and evaluate moral issues.

The Morals Of Marcus Ordeyne

“ Mr . Locke tells his story in a very true , very moving and very noble book . If anyone can read the last chapter ... “ Well written , and with a strong moral purpose carefully subordinated to the artistic exigencies of a romance .

Author: William J. Locke




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The Morals of History

Translator's Note The original title of this work — Les Morales de l'histoire — is a play on the phrases “ the moral of the story ” and “ the morals of history , " that is , the moral lessons we can learn from the past .

Author: Tzvetan Todorov

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

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The celebrated theorist Tzvetan Todorov offers here a thought provoking study of the complex relationship between 'ethics' and 'history'. In exploring such issues as how one practices and assesses equality among different societies, Todorov confronts topics ranging from the conquest of America and nineteenth-century colonialism, to democracy and conflicts of the Self versus the Other.

Morals of Legitimacy

D'Antonio did not need , nor was he asked , to explain the moral of the story . Some local politicians later commented that they hoped he really had meant what he had said , and did not expect them to act in accord with the first ...

Author: Italo Pardo

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With the growing fragmentation of western societies and disillusionment with the political process, the question of legitimacy has become one of the key issues of contemporary politics and is examined in this volume in depth for the first time. Drawing on ethnographic material from the U.S., Europe, India, Japan, and Africa, anthropologists and legal scholars investigate the morally diversified definitions of legitimacy that co-exist in any one society. Aware of the tensions between state morality and community morality, they offer reflections on the relationship between agency - individual and collective - and the legal and political systems. In a situation in which politics has only too often degenerated into vacuous rhetoric, this volume demonstrates how critical the relationship between trust and legitimacy is for the authoritative exercise of power in democratic societies. Italo Pardo is Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Kent.

The Story of the World

Narration Exercise , Anansi and Turtle Ask the child to retell the story in his own words . An acceptable narration might be : “ Anansi the Spider didn't ... What was the moral of this tale ? Don't be greedy – eat what you're given .

Author: S. Wise Bauer

Publisher: Peace Hill Press

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Provides sample questions and answers, recommended readings, maps, and activities.

Narration Identity and Historical Consciousness

And though Freud2 warns just as insistently against succumbing to the pleasing rhetoric of impressive stories, ... 4 The “moral” of an everyday narrative may be expressed in such phrases as “my mother always treats me unfairly like ...

Author: Jürgen Straub

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A generally acknowledged characteristic of modern life, namely the temporalization of experience, inextricable from our intensified experience of contingency and difference, has until now remained largely outside psychology’s purview. Wherever questions about the development, structure, and function of the concept of time have been posed – for example by Piaget and other founders of genetic structuralism – they have been concerned predominantly with concepts of "physical", chronometrical time, and related concepts (e.g., "velocity"). All the contributions to the present volume attempt to close this gap. A larger number are especially interested in the narration of stories. Overviews of the relevant literature, as well as empirical case studies, appear alongside theoretical and methodological reflections. Most contributions refer to specifically historical phenomena and meaning-constructions. Some touch on the subjects of biographical memory and biographical constructions of reality. Of all the various affinities between the contributions collected here, the most important is their consistent attention to issues of the constitution and representation of temporal experience.

Study and Investigation of the Federal Communications Commission

This is a religious story ! Mr. TABET . Yes . Mr. GAREY . There is a moral in the story , isn't there , Doctor ? Mr. TABET . Yes , there is . Mr. GAREY . Tell the committee what the moral of that story is , as you conceive it to be .

Author: United States Federal Communications Commission, Select Committee to Investigate the


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Your Story Well Told

Creative Strategies to Develop and Perform Stories that Wow an Audience Corey Rosen ... “The moral of the story nice to your quirky cousins” “The moral of the story is...appreciate the family and friends you have around you” ...

Author: Corey Rosen

Publisher: Mango Media Inc.

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So You’ve Got a Story to Sell “Corey Rosen's book is a great resource. I know I will return to it again and again for ideas, inspiration, and entertainment.” ―Samantha Harris, cohost of Dancing with the Stars and Entertainment Tonight and author of Your Healthiest Healthy #1 New Release in Speech and Public Speaking Learn the art of telling stories and make the sale, land the client, propose a toast, or impress a date. Corey Rosen is an Emmy-award winning writer and actor with years of experience as a skilled story telling coach. His book, Your Story, Well Told, is Jam-packed with some of the best story telling strategies out there. Telling stories well is a skill we all need. We’ve all got stories to tell─but how do you make your story the best? In his book, Moth veteran and master teacher Corey Rosen inspires you to get on stage and tell your story. Using the best storytelling techniques from improvisational theatre, Rosen designs an accessible guide for all ages and skill levels. Crafted to help ordinary people tell extraordinary stories, this laugh out loud handbook covers everything from how to tell a good story to going off script. Learn how to sell yourself through the art of telling stories. The best story telling uses improvisation to enthrall, entertain, and keep audiences on edge. Laugh along with tales of performance triumphs (and disasters) and explore ways to tell your story with confidence and spontaneity. From brainstorming and development to performance and memorization techniques, you’ll learn how to tell a good story with: • A variety of structures and editing approaches to bring out your best story • Improv exercises to stimulate creativity without feeling foolish • Quick and easy lessons on building stories • Resources for putting on a showcase to tell your story If you’re ready to sell the story straight or enjoyed books like Stories That Stick, Long Story Short, or Storyworthy, then you’ll love Your Story, Well Told.