Designing and Building Security Operations Center

This is where most modern Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) systems really prove their value. By taking logs from different systems that appear unrelated and correlating them together to generate something new can be a very ...

Author: David Nathans

Publisher: Syngress

ISBN: 9780128010969

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Do you know what weapons are used to protect against cyber warfare and what tools to use to minimize their impact? How can you gather intelligence that will allow you to configure your system to ward off attacks? Online security and privacy issues are becoming more and more significant every day, with many instances of companies and governments mishandling (or deliberately misusing) personal and financial data. Organizations need to be committed to defending their own assets and their customers’ information. Designing and Building a Security Operations Center will show you how to develop the organization, infrastructure, and capabilities to protect your company and your customers effectively, efficiently, and discreetly. Written by a subject expert who has consulted on SOC implementation in both the public and private sector, Designing and Building a Security Operations Center is the go-to blueprint for cyber-defense. Explains how to develop and build a Security Operations Center Shows how to gather invaluable intelligence to protect your organization Helps you evaluate the pros and cons behind each decision during the SOC-building process

Security Operations Center

Maintaining and improving such systems is the primary responsibility of the security systems engineering and operations teams within the SOC. In our experience, the amount of effort required is often underestimated.

Author: Joseph Muniz

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Security Operations Center Building, Operating, and Maintaining Your SOC The complete, practical guide to planning, building, and operating an effective Security Operations Center (SOC) Security Operations Center is the complete guide to building, operating, and managing Security Operations Centers in any environment. Drawing on experience with hundreds of customers ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to large military organizations, three leading experts thoroughly review each SOC model, including virtual SOCs. You’ll learn how to select the right strategic option for your organization, and then plan and execute the strategy you’ve chosen. Security Operations Center walks you through every phase required to establish and run an effective SOC, including all significant people, process, and technology capabilities. The authors assess SOC technologies, strategy, infrastructure, governance, planning, implementation, and more. They take a holistic approach considering various commercial and open-source tools found in modern SOCs. This best-practice guide is written for anybody interested in learning how to develop, manage, or improve a SOC. A background in network security, management, and operations will be helpful but is not required. It is also an indispensable resource for anyone preparing for the Cisco SCYBER exam. · Review high-level issues, such as vulnerability and risk management, threat intelligence, digital investigation, and data collection/analysis · Understand the technical components of a modern SOC · Assess the current state of your SOC and identify areas of improvement · Plan SOC strategy, mission, functions, and services · Design and build out SOC infrastructure, from facilities and networks to systems, storage, and physical security · Collect and successfully analyze security data · Establish an effective vulnerability management practice · Organize incident response teams and measure their performance · Define an optimal governance and staffing model · Develop a practical SOC handbook that people can actually use · Prepare SOC to go live, with comprehensive transition plans · React quickly and collaboratively to security incidents · Implement best practice security operations, including continuous enhancement and improvement

Modern Theories and Practices for Cyber Ethics and Security Compliance

Computer Security Incident Handling Guide Recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. doi:10.6028/NIST.SP.800-61r2 Ernest and Young (EY). (2014). Security Operations Centers — helping you get ahead of ...

Author: Yaokumah, Winfred

Publisher: IGI Global

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In today’s globalized world, businesses and governments rely heavily on technology for storing and protecting essential information and data. Despite the benefits that computing systems offer, there remains an assortment of issues and challenges in maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of these databases. As professionals become more dependent cyberspace, there is a need for research on modern strategies and concepts for improving the security and safety of these technologies. Modern Theories and Practices for Cyber Ethics and Security Compliance is a collection of innovative research on the concepts, models, issues, challenges, innovations, and mitigation strategies needed to improve cyber protection. While highlighting topics including database governance, cryptography, and intrusion detection, this book provides guidelines for the protection, safety, and security of business data and national infrastructure from cyber-attacks. It is ideally designed for security analysts, law enforcement, researchers, legal practitioners, policymakers, business professionals, governments, strategists, educators, and students seeking current research on combative solutions for cyber threats and attacks.

T Byte Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

... Within the Modern SOC Engage & Enable Sumo Logic, the leader in continuous intelligence, announced the acquisition of JASK Labs, Inc. (JASK), a provider of cloud-native autonomous security operations center (ASOC) software.

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This document brings together a set of latest data points and publicly available information relevant for Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Industry. We are very excited to share this content and believe that readers will benefit from this periodic publication immensely.

CCNA Cybersecurity Operations Companion Guide

Politics and National Security ( It is not just businesses that get hacked. In February 2016, a hacker published the ... become a defender in the cybersecurity arena. The Modern Security Operations Center (1.2.1) In this topic, you.

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CCNA Cybersecurity Operations Companion Guide is the official supplemental textbook for the Cisco Networking Academy CCNA Cybersecurity Operations course. The course emphasizes real-world practical application, while providing opportunities for you to gain the skills needed to successfully handle the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of an associate-level security analyst working in a security operations center (SOC). The Companion Guide is designed as a portable desk reference to use anytime, anywhere to reinforce the material from the course and organize your time. The book’s features help you focus on important concepts to succeed in this course: · Chapter Objectives—Review core concepts by answering the focus questions listed at the beginning of each chapter. · Key Terms—Refer to the lists of networking vocabulary introduced and highlighted in context in each chapter. · Glossary—Consult the comprehensive Glossary with more than 360 terms. · Summary of Activities and Labs—Maximize your study time with this complete list of all associated practice exercises at the end of each chapter. · Check Your Understanding—Evaluate your readiness with the end-of-chapter questions that match the style of questions you see in the online course quizzes. The answer key explains each answer. How To—Look for this icon to study the steps you need to learn to perform certain tasks. Interactive Activities—Reinforce your understanding of topics with dozens of exercises from the online course identified throughout the book with this icon. Packet Tracer Activities—Explore and visualize networking concepts using Packet Tracer. There are exercises interspersed throughout the chapters and provided in the accompanying Lab Manual book. Videos—Watch the videos embedded within the online course. Hands-on Labs—Develop critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills by completing the labs and activities included in the course and published in the separate Lab Manual.

Microsoft Security Operations Analyst Exam Ref SC 200 Certification Guide

The alert is intended to bring the event(s) to the attention of an operator or a Security Operations Center (SOC) analyst: • Example: Whenever that same door is slammed opened or slammed shut, ...

Author: Trevor Stuart

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Remediate active attacks to reduce risk to the organization by investigating, hunting, and responding to threats using Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, and Microsoft 365 Defender Key FeaturesDetect, protect, investigate, and remediate threats using Microsoft Defender for endpointExplore multiple tools using the M365 Defender Security CenterGet ready to overcome real-world challenges as you prepare to take the SC-200 examBook Description Security in information technology has always been a topic of discussion, one that comes with various backgrounds, tools, responsibilities, education, and change! The SC-200 exam comprises a wide range of topics that introduce Microsoft technologies and general operations for security analysts in enterprises. This book is a comprehensive guide that covers the usefulness and applicability of Microsoft Security Stack in the daily activities of an enterprise security operations analyst. Starting with a quick overview of what it takes to prepare for the exam, you'll understand how to implement the learning in real-world scenarios. You'll learn to use Microsoft's security stack, including Microsoft 365 Defender, and Microsoft Sentinel, to detect, protect, and respond to adversary threats in your enterprise. This book will take you from legacy on-premises SOC and DFIR tools to leveraging all aspects of the M365 Defender suite as a modern replacement in a more effective and efficient way. By the end of this book, you'll have learned how to plan, deploy, and operationalize Microsoft's security stack in your enterprise and gained the confidence to pass the SC-200 exam. What you will learnDiscover how to secure information technology systems for your organizationManage cross-domain investigations in the Microsoft 365 Defender portalPlan and implement the use of data connectors in Microsoft Defender for CloudGet to grips with designing and configuring a Microsoft Sentinel workspaceConfigure SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) in Microsoft SentinelFind out how to use Microsoft Sentinel workbooks to analyze and interpret dataSolve mock tests at the end of the book to test your knowledgeWho this book is for This book is for security professionals, cloud security engineers, and security analysts who want to learn and explore Microsoft Security Stack. Anyone looking to take the SC-200 exam will also find this guide useful. A basic understanding of Microsoft technologies and security concepts will be beneficial.

Cloud Native Security Cookbook

... 331-336 infrastructure registry on, 110-118 log anomaly alerting, 98-102 Security Operations Center on, ... 486-488 supply chain security, 484 zero trust models, 484 goal of modern security, 7, 484 measuring impact of, ...

Author: Josh Armitage

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

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With the rise of the cloud, every aspect of IT has been shaken to its core. The fundamentals for building systems are changing, and although many of the principles that underpin security still ring true, their implementation has become unrecognizable. This practical book provides recipes for AWS, Azure, and GCP to help you enhance the security of your own cloud native systems. Based on his hard-earned experience working with some of the world's biggest enterprises and rapidly iterating startups, consultant Josh Armitage covers the trade-offs that security professionals, developers, and infrastructure gurus need to make when working with different cloud providers. Each recipe discusses these inherent compromises, as well as where clouds have similarities and where they're fundamentally different. Learn how the cloud provides security superior to what was achievable in an on-premises world Understand the principles and mental models that enable you to make optimal trade-offs as part of your solution Learn how to implement existing solutions that are robust and secure, and devise design solutions to new and interesting problems Deal with security challenges and solutions both horizontally and vertically within your business

ISC 2 CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional Official Study Guide

For modern IT environments, the security operations center does not have to be physically located inside the data center itself or even on the same campus. A security operations center for an enterprise with many different branches and ...

Author: Ben Malisow

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The only official study guide for the new CCSP exam (ISC)2 CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional Official Study Guide is your ultimate resource for the CCSP exam. As the only official study guide reviewed and endorsed by (ISC)2, this guide helps you prepare faster and smarter with the Sybex study tools that include pre-test assessments that show you what you know, and areas you need further review. Objective maps, exercises, and chapter review questions help you gauge your progress along the way, and the Sybex interactive online learning environment includes access to a PDF glossary, hundreds of flashcards, and two complete practice exams. Covering all CCSP domains, this book walks you through Architectural Concepts and Design Requirements, Cloud Data Security, Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security, Cloud Application Security, Operations, and Legal and Compliance with real-world scenarios to help you apply your skills along the way. The CCSP is the latest credential from (ISC)2 and the Cloud Security Alliance, designed to show employers that you have what it takes to keep their organization safe in the cloud. Learn the skills you need to be confident on exam day and beyond. Review 100% of all CCSP exam objectives Practice applying essential concepts and skills Access the industry-leading online study tool set Test your knowledge with bonus practice exams and more As organizations become increasingly reliant on cloud-based IT, the threat to data security looms larger. Employers are seeking qualified professionals with a proven cloud security skillset, and the CCSP credential brings your resume to the top of the pile. (ISC)2 CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional Official Study Guide gives you the tools and information you need to earn that certification, and apply your skills in a real-world setting.

Getting Started with Elastic Stack 8 0

We looked at some of the objectives of a modern security operations center to effectively protect your organization from security threats. This section describes the necessary technology or tooling investments required to achieve these ...

Author: Asjad Athick

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

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Use the Elastic Stack for search, security, and observability-related use cases while working with large amounts of data on-premise and on the cloud Key FeaturesLearn the core components of the Elastic Stack and how they work togetherBuild search experiences, monitor and observe your environments, and defend your organization from cyber attacksGet to grips with common architecture patterns and best practices for successfully deploying the Elastic StackBook Description The Elastic Stack helps you work with massive volumes of data to power use cases in the search, observability, and security solution areas. This three-part book starts with an introduction to the Elastic Stack with high-level commentary on the solutions the stack can be leveraged for. The second section focuses on each core component, giving you a detailed understanding of the component and the role it plays. You'll start by working with Elasticsearch to ingest, search, analyze, and store data for your use cases. Next, you'll look at Logstash, Beats, and Elastic Agent as components that can collect, transform, and load data. Later chapters help you use Kibana as an interface to consume Elastic solutions and interact with data on Elasticsearch. The last section explores the three main use cases offered on top of the Elastic Stack. You'll start with a full-text search and look at real-world outcomes powered by search capabilities. Furthermore, you'll learn how the stack can be used to monitor and observe large and complex IT environments. Finally, you'll understand how to detect, prevent, and respond to security threats across your environment. The book ends by highlighting architecture best practices for successful Elastic Stack deployments. By the end of this book, you'll be able to implement the Elastic Stack and derive value from it. What you will learnConfigure Elasticsearch clusters with different node types for various architecture patternsIngest different data sources into Elasticsearch using Logstash, Beats, and Elastic AgentBuild use cases on Kibana including data visualizations, dashboards, machine learning jobs, and alertsDesign powerful search experiences on top of your data using the Elastic StackSecure your organization and learn how the Elastic SIEM and Endpoint Security capabilities can helpExplore common architectural considerations for accommodating more complex requirementsWho this book is for Developers and solutions architects looking to get hands-on experience with search, security, and observability-related use cases on the Elastic Stack will find this book useful. This book will also help tech leads and product owners looking to understand the value and outcomes they can derive for their organizations using Elastic technology. No prior knowledge of the Elastic Stack is required.

Microsoft Security Compliance and Identity Fundamentals Exam Ref SC 900

Chapter 11, Describing the Security Capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel, describes the capabilities of a modern security operations center and how Microsoft Sentinel can be used for SIEM and SOAR capabilities for integrated threat ...

Author: Dwayne Natwick

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781801814959

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Understand the fundamentals of security, compliance, and identity solutions across Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and related cloud-based Microsoft services Key Features • Grasp Azure AD services and identity principles, secure authentication, and access management • Understand threat protection with Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Defender for Cloud security management • Learn about security capabilities in Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender, and Microsoft Intune Book Description Cloud technologies have made building a defense-in-depth security strategy of paramount importance. Without proper planning and discipline in deploying the security posture across Microsoft 365 and Azure, you are compromising your infrastructure and data. Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals is a comprehensive guide that covers all of the exam objectives for the SC-900 exam while walking you through the core security services available for Microsoft 365 and Azure. This book starts by simplifying the concepts of security, compliance, and identity before helping you get to grips with Azure Active Directory, covering the capabilities of Microsoft’s identity and access management (IAM) solutions. You'll then advance to compliance center, information protection, and governance in Microsoft 365. You'll find out all you need to know about the services available within Azure and Microsoft 365 for building a defense-in-depth security posture, and finally become familiar with Microsoft's compliance monitoring capabilities. By the end of the book, you'll have gained the knowledge you need to take the SC-900 certification exam and implement solutions in real-life scenarios. What you will learn • Become well-versed with security, compliance, and identity principles • Explore the authentication, access control, and identity management capabilities of Azure Active Directory • Understand the identity protection and governance aspects of Azure and Microsoft 365 • Get to grips with the basic security capabilities for networks, VMs, and data • Discover security management through Microsoft Defender for Cloud • Work with Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Defender • Deal with compliance, governance, and risk in Microsoft 365 and Azure Who this book is for This book is for cloud security engineers, Microsoft 365 administrators, Azure administrators, and anyone in between who wants to get up to speed with the security, compliance, and identity fundamentals to achieve the SC-900 certification. A basic understanding of the fundamental services within Microsoft 365 and Azure will be helpful but not essential. Table of Contents • Preparing for Your Microsoft Exam • Describing Security Methodologies • Understanding Key Security Concepts • Key Microsoft Security and Compliance Principles • Defining Identity Principles/Concepts and the Identity Services within Azure AD • Describing the Authentication and Access Management Capabilities of Azure AD • Describing the Identity Protection and Governance Capabilities of Azure AD • Describing Basic Security Services and Management Capabilities in Azure • Describing Security Management and Capabilities of Azure • Describing Threat Protection with Microsoft 365 Defender • Describing the Security Capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel • Describing Security Management and the Endpoint Security Capabilities of Microsoft 365 • Compliance Management Capabilities in Microsoft • Describing Information Protection and Governance Capabilities of Microsoft 365 (N.B. Please use the Look Inside option to see further chapters)