The Mirror of the Sea

... he is too strong for small artifices; there is passion in all his moods, even in the soft mood of his serene days, in the grace of his blue sky whose immense and unfathomable tenderness reflected in the mirror of the sea embraces, ...

Author: Joseph Conrad

Publisher: Classic Books Company

ISBN: 9780742696204

Category: Seafaring life

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Concordances to Conrad s The Mirror of the Sea and The Inheritors

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Author: Todd K. Bender

Publisher: Routledge

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Originally published in 1983, this volume follows others in the series. For each work, this volume provides a Verbal Index, a Word Frequency Table, and a Field of Reference. The user may look to the Word Frequency Table to see how often the word in question occurs. In the Verbal Index they will find its location(s) listed by page and line number. The Field of Reference provides page and line numbers which allow them to find the word in its context(s).

The Sea and the Mirror

Arthur Kirsch's edition of this work is a fine addition to the canon of Auden scholarship. This book will fascinate all readers of Auden, and of Shakespeare."--Nicholas Jenkins

Author: W. H. Auden

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691123844

Category: Literary Criticism

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Written in the midst of World War II after its author emigrated to America, "The Sea and the Mirror" is not merely a great poem but ranks as one of the most profound interpretations of Shakespeare's final play in the twentieth century. As W. H. Auden told friends, it is "really about the Christian conception of art" and it is "my Ars Poetica, in the same way I believe The Tempest to be Shakespeare's." This is the first critical edition. Arthur Kirsch's introduction and notes make the poem newly accessible to readers of Auden, readers of Shakespeare, and all those interested in the relation of life and literature--those two classic themes alluded to in its title. The poem begins in a theater after a performance of The Tempest has ended. It includes a moving speech in verse by Prospero bidding farewell to Ariel, a section in which the supporting characters speak in a dazzling variety of verse forms about their experiences on the island, and an extravagantly inventive section in prose that sees the uncivilized Caliban address the audience on art--an unalloyed example of what Auden's friend Oliver Sachs has called his "wild, extraordinary and demonic imagination." Besides annotating Auden's allusions and sources (in notes after the text), Kirsch provides extensive quotations from his manuscript drafts, permitting the reader to follow the poem's genesis in Auden's imagination. This book, which incorporates for the first time previously ignored corrections that Auden made on the galleys of the first edition, also provides an unusual opportunity to see the effect of one literary genius upon another.

The Mirror of the Sea

Landfall and Departure mark the rhythmical swing of a seaman?s life and of a ship's career.

Author: Joseph Conrad

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783748132868

Category: Fiction

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Landfall and Departure mark the rhythmical swing of a seaman?s life and of a ship's career. From land to land is the most concise definition of a ship's earthly fate. A "Departure" is not what a vain people of landsmen may think. The term "Landfall" is more easily understood; you fall in with the land, and it is a matter of a quick eye and of a clear atmosphere. The Departure is not the ship's going away from her port any more than the Landfall can be looked upon as the synonym of arrival. But there is this difference in the Departure: that the term does not imply so much a sea event as a definite act entailing a process-the precise observation of certain landmarks by means of the compass card.

Joseph Conrad

(The M irror of the Sea). Falcohhurst . ... (“ Falk ” ; 'Tm'xt Land and Sea ,' The Mirror 0/ the Sea ,' S ome Reminiscenees). S.S. Rot ale B-elges . ... (Che/ace ,' The Mirror of the Sea; Some R emtm'scences) . SS. Adowa .

Author: R. Curle

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The Mirror of the Sea And A Personal Record

The Mirror of the Sea: Published in 1906. Conrad explores his vast knowledge of the sea in an era when the sailing ship gave way, after thousands of years, to steam.

Author: Joseph Conrad

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0192817299

Category: Novelists, English

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The Mirror of the Sea offers, in Conrad's own words, "a very intimate revelation...of my relation with the sea." This imaginative piece of non-fiction passionately explores ships and their captains, storms, oceans, and all other aspects of a sea-going life that Conrad experienced for twenty years. A Personal Record, Conrad's autobiography, provides invaluable insight into the thoughts of a writer whose experience of repression in Poland and whose love and knowledge of the sea formed a basis for his novels and tales of adventure.

A Critical Study of Joseph Conrad

( 3 ) The Mirror of the Sea is a work which , although written by Ford from Conrad's dictation over two years , must have been born out of Conrad's secret need of a change of subject . Already he has got some changes , in which ...

Author: R.N. Sarkar

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist

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The Book Studies Conrad S Mostly Unconscious Psychological Promp¬Tings Behind His Adopted Method Of Treatment Of Themes, At One Stage One Kind At Another Stage Another Diffe¬Rent Kind, With The Corresponding Changes In His Stylistic Pattern. All These Variations Are Found To Conform To A Well-Related System In The Author S Discernments Arranged In Four Parts And Nineteen Chapters.

Writing London and the Thames Estuary

A few years after the publication of Heart of Darkness, Conrad was to return to the same relationality in an essay called 'The Faithful River' published as part of The Mirror and the Sea (1906). Here too Conrad imagines the Roman's ...

Author: Len Platt

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004346666

Category: Literary Criticism

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Drawing on a broad range of cultural materials including novels, film, theatre and tourist literature, Writing London and the Thames Estuary by Len Platt traces the making of the Thames estuary as margin by the London metropolis.