The Magic of Dolphins

It is not surprising then , when we look at dolphins , that we admire the way in which they blend so naturally with their ... For many people it is the combination of power , grace and beauty that makes the magic of the dolphin .

Author: Horace E. Dobbs


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An edition of the Dolphin Man's best-selling introduction to the life of dolphins.

Our Dolphin Ancestors

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Author: Frank Joseph

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781591432326

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Reveals the shared ancestry behind our affinity with dolphins and our shared destiny • Explains how we are both descendants of the aquatic ape and still share many physiological features with dolphins that set us apart from other primates • Explores dolphins’ communication with other species and how dolphin therapy has miraculous effects on people with autism, cancer, stroke, and depression • Explores the connections between dolphins and Atlantis and Lemuria Wild animals avoid contact with humans, but wild dolphins seek us out to play and socialize, even going so far as to voluntarily rescue people from drowning. What explains this remarkable natural affinity? Revealing the evolutionary basis for our special relationship with dolphins, Frank Joseph explains how we are both descendants of the same ancient branch of human-ity. Building upon the aquatic ape theory, he details how we both began on land but devastating floods forced our distant ancestors into the seas, where humanity developed many of the traits that set us apart from other primates, such as our instinctive diving reflex and our newborns’ ability to swim. But while some of the aquatic apes returned to land, later evolving into modern humans, some remained in the cradle of Mother Ocean and became our dolphin cousins. Integrating scientific research on dolphin intelligence, communication, and physiology with enduring myths from some of the world’s oldest cultures, such as the Aborigines, Norse, Greeks, and Celts, the author examines our physical commonalities with dolphins, including their vestigial thumbs and legs, birth processes, and body temperature. He explores dolphins’ uncanny ability to diagnose disease such as cancer in humans and how dolphin therapy has had miraculous effects on children with autism, victims of stroke, and those suffering from depression. He provides evidence for dolphins’ different attitudes toward men, women, and children, their natural affinity with cats and dogs, and their telepathic communication with other species, including ours. He explores dolphins’ mysterious role in the birth of early civilization and their connections with the Dog Star, Sirius, and Atlantis and Lemuria--a bond still commemorated by annual gatherings of millions of dolphins. As Frank Joseph shows, if we can learn to fully communicate with dolphins, accessing their millennia-old oral tradition, we may learn the truth about humanity’s origins and our shared future, when humankind may yet again quit the land for a final return to the sea.

Dolphins Doctors of Our Soul

He recounts the anguish of the Iki Island dolphin massacre and the joy of Rocky's successful release from the Morecambe dolphinarium. ______. Dance to a Dolphin's Song: The Story of a Quest for the Magic Healing Power of the Dolphin.

Author: Olivia de Bergerac PhD

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982290290

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When you swim with Dolphins in the wild, they uplift your spirit, heal you in ways you had never thought possible, and leave a lasting impression on you that you will treasure forever. In this book, Olivia recounts her personal and professional adventure in Australia with the Dolphins. She describes the different methods she has used to study what she calls the Dolphin Within, that uplifting effect wild Dolphins have on humans. As a Neuroscientist, she studied human brainwaves, but also human heart rhythm before and after Dolphins encounters. She has found scientific evidences of and possible explanations for changes in human mind, body and spirit after such experiences. Reaching your Dolphin Within could free yourself of fears, phobias, addictions, grief, depression and more. Could the Dolphins be Doctors of our Soul? Could the Dolphins show us a way to speed up our evolution and live in a world of peace, love and respect for the planet?

Hawaiian Surf and Dolphin Magic

Lani and Tim were suspended atop the surface, looking down at the dolphin. The gold around the magic dolphin grew more intense and pulsated underwater against the green and blue backdrop of the sea. Everything got brighter and brighter, ...

Author: Lani E. Lowell

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477163504

Category: Juvenile Fiction


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LANI MORGAN AND THE MAGIC DOLPHIN™ Lani and her parents move to Hawaii from Mt. Shasta. Unable to relate to the loud surfers her age, Lani longs for a magical experience. She has mysterious dreams where she communicates with dolphins. She explores the Hawaiian Spinners Dolphins habitat and meets the magical dolphin from her dreams who takes her on fantastic adventures beneath the waves. Lani follows the stars underwater to a magical crystal kingdom where she develops clairaudience and clairvoyance. Lani's friend Tim joins her in exploring the melodies of the underwater rainbows and the abundant free energy sources at the depths of the ocean. AUSTRALIAN DREAMTIME SURFCATS AND THEIR DOLPHIN BUDDIESÔThe Australian Dreamtime Surfcats™ is the story of Auzzie the Australian Dreamrider with pet Dolphin Dreaming. They teach Surfcats Cherub, Laka and Magicat the Wavereader about the secrets of riding the dreaming waves down under. They learn a new way of body surfing the song lines of the ocean waves.

Dolphin Healing

The extraordinary power and magic of dolphins to heal and transform our lives Horace E. Dobbs. Selected. Reading. Alpers, Antony, Dolphins, John Murray, 1970 Asaoka, Koji, The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ki Energy, ...

Author: Horace E. Dobbs

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780349412689

Category: Health & Fitness

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Internationally renowned dolphin expert Dr Horace Dobbs tells the incredible story of over two decades' work with dolphins and reveals new research that shows how dolphins can inspire us not only with their beauty and intelligence; they can also heal us physically and emotionally. Dobbs explores possible scientific explanations for the healing power of dolphins which he supports with many heart-warming tales of personal transformation. These stories include that of Bill who, after swimming with dolphins, was completely cured after 12 years of depression; Lilo who's terminal cancer regressed; and the incredible story of Eve, a severely autistic girl who uttered her first word, 'good', after meeting a dolphin. The book also examines the success of organised dolphin healing around the world including the work of the famous Dolphin Healing Centre in Kyoto, Japan. Inspiring and deeply moving, Dolphin Healing heralds a breathtaking new development in communications between humans and dolphins.

The Bottlenose Dolphin

“Dolphins.” John Murray, New Zealand and London. 251 pp. Anthonioz, R. (1967). Les Imraguens pécheurs nomades de Mauritanie (El ... Risso's dolphin in New Zealand waters, and the identity Of "Pelorus Jack. ... "The Magic Of Dolphins.

Author: Stephen Leatherwood

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780323139618

Category: Science

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Because of their exposure in marine parks, movies, and television as well as their presence in tropical and warm-temperature waters around the world, bottlenose dolphins are among the most familiar of marine mammals. Since they are relatively easy to obtain and they thrive in captivity, these dolphins have been used in a great variety of studies. Work with the bottlenose has provided insight into the sensory mechanisms, communication systems, energetics, reproduction, anatomy, and other aspects of cetacean biology. This volume presents the most recent biological and behavioral discoveries of bottlenose dolphins from different regions and compares bottlenose dolphins as a group with other species of animals.

Pearl s Ocean Magic Dolphin School 1

Echo sent out a burst of magic energy. One of the shrimp moved a few steps toward ... Instead, she felt the magic energy stop. ... Dolphins weren't supposed to push other creatures unless it was absolutely necessary. “I didn't mean to!

Author: Catherine Hapka

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9780545940818

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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Pearl is a magical dolphin of the Salty Sea, and today is her first day of school. Her classmates Echo and Splash make great new friends! Together they start learning dolphin skills like magic, music, and jumping. But another student, Flip, just won't stop bragging. And when he accepts a dare from an older student, he ends up in terrible danger from a shark! Can Pearl and her friends save him? It's an exciting first day at Dolphin School!

In Defense of Dolphins

However, the primary reason that the dolphins are overwhelmed is that they are, in effect, acoustically blinded. ... So when we think of releasing dolphins from a tuna seine, we must contrive not to destroy the magic envelope, and then, ...

Author: Thomas I. White

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470469699

Category: Philosophy

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Have humans been sharing the planet with other intelligent life formillions of years without realizing it? In Defense ofDolphins combines accessible science and philosophy, surveyingthe latest research on dolphin intelligence and social behavior, toadvocate for their ethical treatment. Encourages a reassessment of the human-dolphin relationship,arguing for an end to the inhuman treatment of dolphins Written by an expert philosopher with almost twenty-years ofexperience studying dolphins Combines up-to-date research supporting the sophisticatedcognitive and emotional capacities of dolphins with entertainingfirst-hand accounts Looks at the serious questions of intelligent life, ethicaltreatment, and moral obligation Engaging and thought-provoking

The Magic of Shapeshifting

The left - hand water animal is the dolphin . Shapeshifting dolphin legends are found pretty much everywhere that dolphins are found . Particularly common are the legends that involve people turning into various species of freshwater ...

Author: Rosalyn Greene

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 1578631718

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Shapeshifters are people with animal medicine, people who can connect with and use their animal powers. Those with access to this magical power can shift mentally, astrally, or even physically into their power animal or totem. Rosalyn Greene's ability to shift, both mentally and astrally, combined with her extensive study of the secret shapeshifting folklore, has resulted in this fascinating examination of all aspects and forms of shifting. In The Magic of Shapeshifting, Rosalyn Greene guides us through the levels of reality that lie outside our physical world and into the infinite universe that exists both within and beyond the limited boundaries of our senses. We read about opening to our inner animal self--normally dwelling within the subconscious--and letting it pervade more of our conscious waking mind. Detailed explanations and exercises teach shifters about their animal side, the animal spirit guide, and how we can become shifters. She shows us how to distinguish powerful visions, anxiety attacks, and imagination from real shifting, as well as how to recognize the warning signs of an imminent shift. Since there can be dangers and risks on both the mundane and psychic levels when we pursue the path of a shifter, many of the potential dangers associated with specific practices are carefully outlined. Shapeshifting links us with both the fundamental power of animals and with the higher self, our true being, the soul. We learn to release self-limiting ideas of our true nature and expand into a clear, conscious connection with the divine, eternal soul, whose reality is beyond whatever mind (or even body) we happen to possess at the moment. Shapeshifting is a spiritual journey, a very tough one, but very rewarding. It has a purpose and reality far beyond simply using shifter abilities for earthly benefits. It can lead us through the unseen veil that seems to separate us from our Selves.

Dolphin Magic

you into a dolphin,” said Nova really excited to go there. ... We'll just take her to the cave and when we arrive there she can take the snorkeling gear off and get in the magical water,” Nova explained the plan.

Author: Narda Suteesopon


ISBN: 9781387679966



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