The Love Scrolls

While sitting in a park, a small group of boys, all teenagers and all members of the same gang, witness an accident involving what appears to be an old man.

Author: Edward Theodore Hayes

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781434348852

Category: Family & Relationships

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While sitting in a park, a small group of boys, all teenagers and all members of the same gang, witness an accident involving what appears to be an old man. He is not really an old man, however, but an alien from outer space. Like a number of other witnesses, the boys run to where the accident occurred; however, to their and everyone else's amazement the old man is nowhere to be found. It's as though he disappeared. After leaving, the boys walk over to their clubhouse. In the middle of their meeting they hear a loud crash coming from the bedroom. While searching the room, they discover the alien taking shelter. Realizing that he is on the edge of death, the boys discuss the matter and agree to call the police. However, after overhearing their discussion, the alien pleads with them not to do that. After inquiring as to how they can help, the alien instructs the boys on just what to do. Although astonished at his bazaar instructions on how to help heal him, the boys agree and do as he asked; after the 24th hour of administering aid and to the boys' astonishment, the alien is restored to health.In return for their help, he agrees to be a sort of teacher and mentor to the teenagers for a period of one year.The alien is called the Pedagogy. With the Pedagogy by their side, these boys will face a series of challenges that will test to and call forth their strength of character and quality of mind.

The Love Scrolls

The Love Scrolls I searched the deep valleys and mind To recover what in the
heart I could find. Deeply I found hidden in a dark crevice seven scrolls That
contained the secrets of love—T he Love Scrolls. Discovering these scrolls
became the ...

Author: Edward Hayes

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781434346926

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2003 & 2005 Poet of the Year & Shakespeare Award of Excellence recipient The Love Scrolls Seven The Love Scrolls is an epic to literally sweep you off of your feet. I love therefore, I'm forever. As Shakespeare shall write of his kings, so I shall write of mine. We shall cover the ground with love's growth, and upon the earth with love's tree we shall sod, Spreading its fruit in abundance unto a lover, unto our brother, unto each other, and unto God. Shore up your works, with faith and love guild, For these are the only eternal substances from which mankind is allowed to build. Cover artist: April Sampson Graphic artist: Tate Krupa

The Love Inspiration Ascension Pathway

In addition to the teachings at this level, there is also an appendix at the end of
this ebook called 'The Thirteen Scrolls Of The New Love Consciousness' to use
as you complete your Ecliptine Light levels. Downloaded clairvoyantly from Spirit

Author: Love Inspiration

Publisher: Love Inspiration


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The Love Inspiration Ascension Pathway helps to accelerate the transition from an old ego-ic based consciousness into a new 'unified' or love based consciousness. As you progress through this ebook, you will guided towards receiving many energetic upgrades, uplifts and ascension based attunements that will help to bring about a deepened sense of love, light & purity in your life. May you enjoy these free ascension based healing energies and may they help to bring much love, light & happiness into your life!

The Ancient Scrolls


Author: Connor Resource Group


ISBN: 096062967X


Page: 152

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Scrolls of Love

The Hebrew verbs bati, ariti, akhalti, shatiti, “I have come, I have gathered, I have
eaten, I have drunk,” indicate a completed action and make it clear that the
couple's love has been consummated. I have begun with these examples in
order to ...

Author: Peter S. Hawkins

Publisher: Fordham Univ Press

ISBN: 9780823225712

Category: Literary Collections

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Scrolls of Love is a book of unions. Edited by a Christian and a Jew who are united by a shared passion for the Bible and a common literary hermeneutic, this volume joins two biblical scrolls and gathers around them a diverse community of interpreters. Respectful of traditional biblical scholarship, the collection of essays moves beyond it; alert to contemporary trends, the volume returns venerable interpretive tradition to center stage. Most significantly, it is interfaith, bringing together two communities that have read their Bibles in isolation from one another, in ignorance of the richness of the others traditions.

The Future Scrolls

He'll love those long curls. Hurry up before Bismarck has a fit.” “Does he have a
girlfriend here, too?” “Nope. He has about two dozen girlfriends. Each time I
come up here all the owners of lady cats lock up their pets.” Dani traced her
fingers ...

Author: Fern Michaels

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 9781420127102

Category: Fiction

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For the first time in paperback—New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels presents the compelling tale of two strangers thrown together in a desperate race to save an innocent child. . . THE FUTURE SCROLLS To Manhattan editor Dani Arnold, it might have sounded like something out of a novel. But when she impulsively comes to the aid of a lost child, she finds herself plunged into a mystery more dangerous than anything on the city streets—with an enigmatic stranger who threatens everything she believes in. . .yet fascinates her in a way no other man ever has. . . Dr. Alex Mendenares will do anything to keep his daughter safe. Anything except reveal the potentially devastating secret that has been guarded by his family for centuries. But he never bargained on meeting someone like Dani Arnold, who instantly captures his little girl's heart—and lights an unexpected spark in his own. Now, against the most deadly odds, Alex must place his trust in a woman he barely knows. . .but would like to know much better. . . Praise for FERN MICHAELS "A fun read. . .will keep readers on tenterhooks." —Booklist on KENTUCKY RICH "A tribute to the author." —People on PLAIN JANE


When the veil of the Temple was rolled up, the priests used to say, "Behold, your
love before God is like the love of male and female" (B. Yoma 54a), This
explanation was shared by Christianity, making Christ the husband of the new
Israel, ...

Author: Eugene Seaich


ISBN: 9781300213284

Category: Religion

Page: 80

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Just how do ancient documents discovered in the Middles East in the mid-twentieth century relate to Latter-day Saint beliefs? In this intriguing discussion, Latter-day Saint scholar Eugene Seaich answers that question and many others as he explores the fascinating connections among the Dead Sea scrolls, the Nag Hammadi texts, and the teachings of Mormonism. He shows us conclusively that those connections do indeed exist and that they support the mission and message of Joseph Smith. The very doctrines revealed by Joseph Smith to a startled world a hundred and fifty years ago have begun to reappear in the writings of the early Jews and Christians.

The Ten Scrolls The Journey of Trust

My love for them, much like my love for their creations, hinders me from undoing
everything. My hope is that by shedding faith, hope, and love into the hearts of all
creation that it will find the strength within itself to cast the shadow Aeon from ...

Author: Gilbert Martin II

Publisher: Gilbert Martin

ISBN: 9780620464390

Category: Fiction

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Their time has joined with ours. All the magical things you believed in as a child and others you never heard of, are about to come to life. It appears that all is lost. Soon the magical veil of belief that protects and hides their world from ours will fade and Aeon will take dominion over all of creation. The mighty will of Aeon controls and overpowers the people of Auril. Across the veil, the Earth is erupting, great winds of change move across the face of your planet, it defends you, like a mother, from the evil that sets it will against your existence. From within the magical city of Turin, a light shines, calling once more the races of Auril to unite and to save the very existence of life. The scrolls of time are open and the truth of your world is before you. My child, you are the beacon that will change the history of this world and ours. Remember, as you once did when you were a child, for that is all that can undo the destruction surrounding us all.

Jewish Christian and Islamic Mystical Perspectives on the Love of God

... mysticalliturgical direction, when the“visionof theChariot” appears
intheSongsofthe Sabbath Sacrifice thatwere found among the DeadSea Scrolls.3
The sacred mystical liturgy pertaining to the heavenly sanctuaries describes in
anenigmatic ...

Author: S. Hidden

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137443328

Category: Religion

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A collection of essays in which the possibilities of a deeper dialogue, by means of the contemplative traditions of the Abrahamic Faiths is explored. The book expounds an ageless, profound means of overcoming religious hatred and violence and awakening the beauty of unity in diversity.

The Love of Neighbour in Ancient Judaism

In The Love of Neighbour in Ancient Judaism, Kengo Akiyama traces the surprisingly complex development of the mainstay of early Jewish and Christian ethics "Love your neighbour" in the Second Temple period.

Author: Kengo Akiyama

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004366886

Category: Religion

Page: 264

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In The Love of Neighbour in Ancient Judaism, Kengo Akiyama traces the surprisingly complex development of the mainstay of early Jewish and Christian ethics "Love your neighbour" in the Second Temple period.

The Dead Emcee Scrolls

I love y'all more than words. I can't say it enough. Shit, so much I've made
expressing that love my hustle, my daily bread. And, nah, NGHs may not be
broken, but I've sure been broke (Big shout out to the heads that be helping me
manage my ...

Author: Saul Williams

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416523048

Category: Poetry

Page: 208

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In the underground labyrinths of New York City's subway system, beneath the third rail of a long forgotten line, Saul Williams discovered scrolls of aged yellowish-brown paper rolled tightly into a can of spray paint. His quest to decipher this mystical ancient text resulted in a primal understanding of the power hip-hop has to teach us about ourselves and the universe around us. Now, for the first time, Saul Williams shares with the world the wonder revealed to him by the Dead Emcee Scrolls. I have paraded as a poet for years now. In the proc ess of parading I may have actually become one, but that's another story, another book. This book is a book that I have been waiting to finish since 1995. This is the book that finished me. The story I am about to tell may sound fantastic. It may anger some of you who have followed my work. You may feel that you have come to know me over the years, and in some cases you have, but in others...well, this is a confession.

Rumi on Change by Love and Reason

SCROLLS The purpose and the aim of reading the scrolls is to strengthen the
faculties of love and reason. As mentioned before, essential truth, capable of
strengthening love and reason, are presented in the form of metaphors, stories,
poems, ...

Author: Fariborz Arbasi

Publisher: Fariborz Arbasi


Category: Self-Help

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Rumi's teachings have two essential bases, namely, love and reason. In this book these faculties are explored, and used in conjunction with other, more modern psychological techniques, in order to be strengthened and enhanced. With love we can overcome any obstacles, reach any goals and make any great dreams come true. According to Rumi, the faculty of love has special and effective abilities. Love is an alchemy which brings out our positive talents. Loving is an art and a skill which is capable of being taught. Rumi considers reason in the same way as love, to be the faculty by which we progress on the path to perfection. The specific quality of reason is “foresight". This foresight causes happiness. Reason, not only, is capable of detecting the path and removing the obstacles with foresight, but also is a director of our thoughts and emotions, which manages and makes them organised. It is a guide, whose duty is to control the quality and application of thoughts, emotions and regulate acts, accordingly

Fostering the Love of Reading

For instance , in the theme of Asian art and literature , art projects may begin with
any one of the following : Asian scrolls , fans , dragons , kimonos , fish prints , or
kites . If the production of a Chinese scroll initiated the project , students discuss ...

Author: International Reading Association, Newark, DE.

Publisher: Newark, Del., USA : International Reading Association

ISBN: UOM:49015002260611

Category: Education

Page: 277

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Representing current thinking about a wide range of issues related to reading motivation, this book offers a look at how to create classroom cultures that foster in students the love of reading. The book is about teachers and the critical role they play in helping children develop into motivated, active, engaged readers who read both for pleasure and information because they find it to be personally satisfying and rewarding. After an introduction ("Developing Lifelong Readers" by Eugene H. Cramer and Marrietta Castle), chapters in the book are: (1) "Reading and Society: Lessons from the World Out There" (Lloyd W. Kline); (2) "Toward a Model of Reading Attitude Acquisition" (Michael C. McKenna); (3) "The Insatiable Appetite" (Victor Nell); (4) "Who Reads What and When?" (Peter J. L. Fisher); (5) "How Teacher Attitudes Influence Reading Achievement" (Edward J. Dwyer and Evelyn E. Dwyer); (6) "A Portrait of Parents of Successful Readers" (Dixie Lee Spiegel); (7) "Promoting the Reading Habit: Considerations and Strategies" (Jerry L. Johns and Peggy VanLeirsburg); (8) "Literature and the Visual Arts: Natural Motivations for Literacy" (Richard Sinatra); (9) "Instilling a Love of Words in Children" (Nancy Lee Cecil); (10) "Connecting in the Classroom: Ideas from Teachers" (Eugene H. Cramer); (11) "Helping Children Choose Books" (Marietta Castle); (12) "Values, Agendas, and Preferences in Children's and Young Adult Literature" (June D. Knafle); (13) "Response to Literature: Models for New Teachers" (Camille L. Z. Blachowicz and Cathryn A. Wimett); (14) "Affect Versus Skills; Choices for Teachers" (Betty S. Heathington); (15) "Coordinating Teacher Read-Alouds with Content Instruction in Secondary Classrooms" (Judy S. Richardson); (16) "Writing Novels for Discouraged Readers...and Why We Must" (Irene Schultz); and (17) "Educating Teachers Affectively: Client-Centered Staff Development" (Cara L. Garcia). An epilogue ("The Need for Affective Literates" by Larry Mikulecky), concludes the book. Contains 93 references. (RS)

The Five Exotic Scrolls of the Hebrew Bible

The lovers display anguish at being separated , and joy in each other ' s physical
attraction . Touching , smelling , hearing , and eroticism blend with lavish
compliments . " Here is an excerpt from Ostracon 25218 : The love of my sister is
on ...

Author: Jerry A. Gladson

Publisher: Robert M. W. Kempner Collegium

ISBN: STANFORD:36105124183455

Category: Religion

Page: 486

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This work is a comprehensive, advanced introduction to the five books or scrolls in the Hebrew Bible that constitute the Megilloth, a distinctive minor collection within the canon of the Hebrew Bible.

Shalom My Love

The Story of a True Love That Bridges Heaven and Earth Sunny Ariel. of
confusing dreams...where a lion ... And suddenly he comes upon seven oil jars
and seven lamps, and within each jar are scrolls. The captain orders that the
scrolls be ...

Author: Sunny Ariel

Publisher: Sunny Ariel

ISBN: 9780932482907

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 191

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Shalom My Love is a story of true love that bridges heaven and earth. This amazing true story unfolds as a series of "time loops", flash-backs, and flash-forwards triggered by conversations with Gadi after his death. Written with humor and passion, the author ruminates on sexuality, her Jewish upbringing, life in Israel, and inevitably in this context, the Holocaust, all from the unblinking point of view of eternity.

The Five Scrolls

Both are works of art dealing with love , the one with the love of man for woman ,
the other mostly with the love of man for man . In the Song of Songs , sex love ,
both in its common and noblest forms , reigns supreme ; in the Book of Ruth , love

Author: Israel Bettan


ISBN: STANFORD:36105041247714

Category: Bible

Page: 252

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The Empyrean Scrolls

Scroll of Man Michael Ortiz. “What is this you have done?” the Most High
thundered, addressing her. The Woman felt a short burst of wind shoot forth
towards her but again could not see anything and was frightened. “The serpent
deceived me ...

Author: Michael Ortiz

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479704408

Category: Fiction

Page: 184

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All that is was not how it was. Empyrean was the highest realm of the twenty-four realms and were collectively known as Celestia. Other manifestations of light were brought forth. Certain manifestations of the Great Light became servants, guardians, and witnesses to the unfolding events. It began when the Great Light initiated the twenty-fourth realm. Not all light was created in the same spectrum and not all possessed the honorable wings of legend. The beings of light marveled at the Great Light's numerous revelations. However, there was one who rose in his pride and broke all the laws that kept the balance. This is that one which came to be known as the Adversary

Text Thought and Practice in Qumran and Early Christianity

... New Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls: the double love command in Matt
22:34–40 (cf. Mark 12:28–31; Luke 10:25–28) and 1QS 1:1–12; and the exegesis
of Amos 9:11–12 in Acts 15:13–21 and 4QFlorilegium 1:10–13.1 In both cases, ...

Author: Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature. International Symposium

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004175242

Category: Religion

Page: 326

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The 13 papers comprising this volume represent the fruits of the first Orion Center Symposium devoted to the comparison of the Dead Sea and early Christian texts. The authors reject the older paradigm which configured the similarities between Qumran and early Christian literature as evidence of influence from one upon the other. They raise fresh methodological possibilities by asking how insights from each of these two corpora illuminate the other, and by considering them as parallel evidence for broader currents of Second Temple Judaism. Topics addressed include specific exegetical and legal comparisons; prophecy, demonology, and messianism; the development of canon and the rise of commentary; and possible connections between the Gospel of John and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Judaean Scrolls

They applied three tests or standards in these studies : the love of God , the love
of virtue , and the love of mankind . Thus they afforded numerous examples of the
meaning of the love of God by life - long purity , by abstinence from oaths and ...

Author: Godfrey Rolles Driver

Publisher: Schocken

ISBN: UVA:X000126039

Category: Dead Sea scrolls

Page: 624

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