The Lost Prime Ministers

The LOST PRIME MINISTERS Macdonald's Successors Abbott , Thompson , Bowell , and Tupper MICHAEL HILL The LOST PRIME MINISTERS The LOST PRIME MINISTERS Macdonald's Successors. Front Cover.

Author: Michael Hill

Publisher: Dundurn

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After John A. Macdonald’s death, four Tory prime ministers — each remarkable but all little known — rose to power and fell in just five years. From 1891 to 1896, between John A. Macdonald’s and Wilfrid Laurier’s tenures, four lesser-known men took on the mantle of leadership. Tory prime ministers John Abbott, John Thompson, Mackenzie Bowell, and Charles Tupper headed the government of Canada in rapid succession. Each came to the job with qualifications and limitations, and each left after unexpectedly short terms. Yet these reluctant prime ministers are an important part of our political legacy. Their roles were much more than caretakers between the administrations of two great leaders. Personal tragedy, terrible health issues, backstabbing, and political manipulation all led to their eventual downfalls. The Lost Prime Ministers is the dramatic saga of these overlooked Canadian leaders.

The Prime Ministers

He lost the only election he fought as party leader and prime minister in 2010 or, more precisely, he did not win it. The election led to a hung parliament. Already politically ambitious, Theresa May was active in the Oxford ...

Author: Steve Richards

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'Fascinating, revealing and entertaining.' John Humphrys 'A pure pleasure to read.' Polly Toynbee 'Extraordinary.' Kirsty Wark A landmark history of the men and women who have defined the UK's role in the modern world - and what makes them special - by a seasoned political journalist. At a time of unprecedented political upheaval, this magisterial history explains who leads us and why. From Harold Wilson to Theresa May, it brilliantly brings to life all nine inhabitants of 10 Downing Street over the past fifty years, vividly outlining their successes and failures - and what made each of them special. Based on unprecedented access and in-depth interviews, and inspired by the author's BBC Radio 4 and television series, Steve Richards expertly examines the men and women who have defined the UK's role in the modern world and sheds new light on the demands of the highest public office in the land.

The Prime Ministers Craft

The New Zealand government alone is in a position where prime ministers are likely to govern with institutionalized minorities. Prime ministers have a problem unique in Westminster systems in managing parliament.

Author: Patrick Weller

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192540751

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Prime ministers are presented as ever-more powerful figures; at the same time they seem to fail more regularly. How can the public image be so different from the apparent experience? This book seeks to answer this conundrum. It examines the myth that prime ministers are growing more powerful or that prime ministerial government has replaced cabinet government, and explores the way that prime ministers work and how they use the available levers of power to build support across the political system. Prime ministers have the potential to exercise extensive power; to do so they need to exercise the skills and opportunities available: that is, they need to develop the prime ministers' craft. Using evidence from four countries with similar Westminster systems, Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand, the analysis starts at the centre by examining how prime ministers reach office and how they understand their new job — those who win elections see it differently from those who replace leaders from the same party. The book then analyses the support prime ministers have from their Prime Ministers Offices and the Cabinet Offices, exploring their relations with ministers and the way they run and use their cabinet, and explains how governments work and why prime ministers are so central to their success. The book then explores their role as public figures selling the government to the parliament and the electorate and to the international community beyond. The Prime Ministers' Craft concludes by assessing how success can be judged and identifies how the different institutional arrangements have an impact on the way prime ministers work and the degree to which they are accountable.

Gimson s Prime Ministers

He lost the vote, called a general election and lost that too. Salisbury came back in as prime minister, but had to make Lord Randolph Churchill, who was only thirty-six, leader of the Commons and Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Author: Andrew Gimson

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A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER A concise, sharp-witted and illuminating account of the lives of Britain’s prime ministers from Walpole to May, illustrated by Martin Rowson. For the reader who has heard of such giants as Gladstone and Disraeli, and has drunk in a pub called the Palmerston, but has only the haziest idea of who these people were, Gimson’s Prime Ministers offers a short account of them all which can be read for pleasure, and not just for edification. With Gimson’s wonderful prose once again complemented by Martin Rowson’s inimitable illustrations, this lively and entertaining aide-memoire and work of satirical genius brings our parliamentary history to life as never before. PRAISE FOR GIMSON'S PRIME MINISTERS: 'The most engaging and insightful account of PMs to have been published' Arthur Seldon, Standpoint 'Learned witty and wise, and splendidly illustrated' Tibor Fischer 'Hugely enjoyable' Tom Holland Gimson's Kings and Queens is also available.

New Zealand Prime Ministers

After the election, he lost the Health portfolio, instead becoming Minister of Justice and Attorney General. In these roles, he supported the retention of the death penalty for murder - New Zealand's last execution was carried out in ...


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Biographical Dictionary of British Prime Ministers

Thus while the breach with the Canningites lost him support on one side, Catholic emancipation lost him significant sympathy on the other. While Wellington is rightly seen as an opponent of parliamentary reform - and one whose ...

Author: Robert Eccleshall

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134662302

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The Biographical Dictionary of British Prime Ministers is a wide-ranging, comprehensive guide to the political lives of Britain's prime ministers from Sir Robert Walpole to Tony Blair. Written by some of the leading authorities on British politics this authoritative dictionary provides essential information about each premiership, including facts and analytical debate. Each entry has been written to the same formula and contains: * brief biographical information outlining career history and significant dates and events * a brief summary of the significance and peculiarities of a particular prime minister followed by a more descriptive and interpretative account of his or her political life and impact on British politics * references and further reading. The Biographical Dictionary of British Prime Ministers addresses many of the key themes to understanding the role and impact of particular prime ministers such as: the political context; party management and reform; intra-party intellectual debate; and where relevant the evolution of the office of prime minister.


Remarkably, she discovered that 15 of the 24 prime ministers who served during that period had lost one or both parents when they were children: 62% compared with a modern day average of 1% of adults. Jeremy Paxman, in The Political ...

Author: Nick Inman

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The ultimate quirky reference work for voters, studentsand those in the Westminster village. It is ideal foranyone looking to discover where their vote (and money!)actually go, or for those looking for quotes andfascinating titbits. The book aims to capture theentertaining essence of politics without taking up toomuch of the reader's ......

Genius and Eminence

The second problem relates to the social classes from which prime ministers were drawn . Prime ministers have come , for the most part , from the upper and upper - middle strata of society and it would be wrong to compare their rate of ...

Author: Robert S. Albert

Publisher: Psychology Press

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A fascinating introduction to the research into, and theories, of exceptional achievement. Topics covered include the arguments around personal dynamics and biological processes, the IQ issue, and how family and learning experiences are related to achievement.

The Prime Ministers Who Never Were

The Prime Minister's authority was also seriously affected as he proved unableto galvanisethe country and reenthuse the national spirit. Tory MPs whohadcheered himearlier inthe summer nowsighed that they had lost the confidenceofthe ...

Author: Francis Beckett

Publisher: Biteback Publishing

ISBN: 9781849541428

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Each of these chapters in this book of political counterfactuals describes a premiership that never happened, but might easily have done had the chips fallen slightly differently. The contributors, each of them experts in political history, have asked themselves questions like: what shape would the welfare state and the cold war have taken if the Prime Minister had been Herbert Morrison instead of Clement Attlee? What would have been consequences for Northern Ireland had Norman Tebbit succeeded Margaret Thatcher? How would our present life be different without New Labour - a name we would never have heard if either Kinnock or Smith had become Prime Minister and not Tony Blair? Each of the chapters in this book describes events that really might have happened. And almost did.